Chapter 3

They could hear everything… "Carter we gotta go NOW! We have to find her now."

"We are tracing her phone now Dean. As soon as we get a location we are on our way."

"Why the hell would she go off by herself?" Ty asked. He ran his hand over his face. "If she was feeling uneasy about this guy she should have told us." "She told me." Dean said shaking his head. "She told me; and I told her that it would all be over soon." Carter walked over to Dean and Ty. Looking at Dean… "Its not your fault Dean. She knew what she was getting into. It's what we do." Just as he said that they got a location on her.

"Marcus please…." "Why not Jaimie? You're beautiful, why shouldn't I get to sample the merchandise like everyone else huh?" Jaimie was trembling. "Look Marcus I just wanted a day to myself; I need to think things through. Please! Just leave me alone and we can talk about it this later tonight over drinks. Okay?" Marcus began to laugh. "Right Jaimie. You're gonna have drinks with me tonight?" "Yes" She said in a ragged whisper.

Jaimie finally broke free of his grip and kneed him in the groin. She began to run as Marcus fell to the ground "YOU LITTLE BITCH….." The guys could hear everything. They were getting antsy. "Guys we have a location she's in Shae Park." Carter yelled as they jumped in Dean's Range Rover. While on their way, they could hear her running. She was struggling to pull out her phone from her pocket. "Dean? Dean are you there?" "Jaimie we're on our way! Where's your Glock?" "Dean?" "Jaimie? Jaimie? Where's your Glock?" He could hear her breathing heavily…. "I don't have it." She had to slow down. She was running out of breath. She was a good runner, but under these circumstances she was going faster than she had ever run and she didn't have running shoes on; at least she wore her Uggs. They were flat.

"This guy is fixated on her. We have to find her or he's gonna rape her; maybe even kill her." Ty said as he was driving. "She still didn't blow her cover. He has no idea she's undercover. Hopefully we get to him before he lays another hand on her." Carter said. Dean was sick about it. Davies was a pretty big guy. "How long do you think she can defend herself Carter? He's twice her size. He easily has 100 lbs on her." Dean said in a panicking voice.

Dean didn't hear her running anymore. "Jaimie? Jaimie…" She put the phone up to her ear. "I'm here. I have to stop for a minute and catch my breath." "Jaimie you have to keep moving. He's probably not far behind." Carter said. "I don't know how much longer I can run." "Jaimie listen to me…" Dean said. "We just pulled into the parking lot. GPS says you are going West. You need to turn and go North we will find you WHATEVER DO, DO NOT BLOW YOUR COVER! I want you to put your phone away and leave it on so we can hear you. Okay?" With a shakey voice…"Okay." She said and she slipped her phone back in her pocket. She began to head North.

Dean, Carter and Ty started running North into the deep acreage of the woods She started to pick up the pace again as she heard Davies yelling for her. "Jaimie if you come to me now I won't hurt you…but if I find you you'll wish you were dead. Just as he said that he saw her running. "Get back here you bitch." He caught up with her and he jumped her. She fell to the ground. He turned her around and hit her in the face. She was bleeding from where he split her cheek open. She struggled again to get away but he grabbed her by the back of the neck and turned her around and grabbed her by the vest she was wearing and pulled her close to him. He leaned in and kissed her on the lips. "Jaimie why are you running away from me. You're a prostitute. What do you care if I mark my territory? Huh?" She was stunned. She couldn't answer. All she kept thinking is "Why didn't I bring my gun…" He shook her. "I asked you a question…" He screamed at her.

"We gotta find her. We gotta find her fast." Ty said. They could hear him. They knew they were close. Really close. They each went in from a different direction with their guns drawn. Dean could hear Jaimie voice from his phone….she was struggling. "Marcus please….not like this. A man has NEVER force himself on me. PLEASE…..she pleaded. Dean had to stop for a second. He couldn't believe what he was hearing. He knew that Marcus was going to rape her.

Marcus threw Jaimie onto the ground. When she landed she hit her head on a rock she was now semi-concious. Marcus smiled….now I get to expierence you the way your gentlemen callers do. He bent down and started to unzip her pants. Jaimie couldn't even focus. All of a sudden Dean jumped out of nowhere and tackled Davies off of Jaimie. Davies got up and lunged for Dean but Ty and Carter both slammed him down to the ground. Looking at Dean "YOU'RE A COP?" He said looking stunned.

Dean ran over to where Jaimie was laying on the ground. Blood dripping down her face Her eyes were now closed. He kneeled down beside her. "Jaimie?" Dean shook her. "Jaimie?" She began to stir. She couldn't concentrate. Dean smiled. "Hey baby; think you can sit up?" "Yeah…." As she began to sit up she felt dizzy. "My head." She said as she put her hand up to the back of her head. She was bleeding. Carter and Ty walked over to Dean and Jaimie after restraining Davies. Ty went behind Jaimie and put his hand to the back of her head. "She's got a pretty big gash." Ty gently place a kiss to the top of her head. "You had us all scared sweetheart." Carter gently smiled at Jaimie. "Are you okay Jaimie?." She just looked at him in a daze. She didn't say anything. Carter looked at Dean and Ty. "She needs to go to the hospital." They gently helped her up. She was very shakey on her feet. Dean picked Jaimie up and carried her to the car. Carter had called an ambulance and while they were waiting for it to arrive they began to ask her what happened.

They had opened the tailgate to the back of the Range Rover and sat her down on it. Dean sat on one side of her Ty on the other. Carter knelt in front of her. "Jaimie what were you thinking? Why would you leave your room without notify any of us?" Carter asked. "Ummm, I just thought I would go for a walk. I didn't think that Marcus would follow me. Thought never crossed my mind." Dean looked at Jaimie. "Why wouldn't you take your gun with you?" She started to get agitated and tried to get up. She was still very wobbly on her feet. "Ut Ut. No you need to sit here until the ambulance comes." Ty said. "Jaimie I know your upset right now but we need to know what conspired before you left the building. "Dean said." "You know what happened Dean! You were there." She screamed at him. Dean got up and walked away. He couldn't take seeing Jaimie this upset. He figured he would let Ty deal with her. "Calm down Jaimie!" Ty said. "We just want to be clear on the details so we are all on the same page okay." She shook her head. Tears in her eyes. "I know. I'm just exhausted. I'm sorry." "It's okay." Ty said.

Davies was sitting on the ground in front of the Range Rover. Carter and Dean walked over to him and pulled him up. Dean leaned in real close to Davies "What were you going to do to her?" Davies smiled. "Same thing you did to her last night." He chuckled. Dean was about ready to punch him right in the face when Carter intervened.

"Dean he's not worth it. Don't risk him getting out on a technicality because you couldn't keep you temper in check." Dean shook his head. "For you information I held her last night. I held her so she could get a good nights sleep. Something she hasn't gotten since this whole case started." Carter pulled Dean aside. "Don't let this guy get under your skin too." Dean shook his head and walked away.

The ambulance had just arrived. Dr. Jameson from the ER had been doing a ride-a-long this evening so he and the paramedics began to check Jaimie over. Dean walked over to her just in time to hear what the paramedics had to say. They asked Jaimie what her name was. What time of day it was. What day it was etc. She seemed to be in a state of shock. She started to tremble a little it was a little chilly out. Dean reached in the back of his car and got a blanket for her. "Here ya go sweetheart."

Dr. Jameson pulled Dean and Ty aside. She has a deep laceration on her cheek. A cut on her forehead and a deep laceration on the back of her head. She is definitely gonna need stitches for her head. I can do that right here if she want's me to. Seems to me she's been through enough tonight. We could save her a trip to the ER. I can butterfly the cheek and forehead so they don't scar. She can go home but she shouldn't be alone." "I'll stay with her." Dean said. And with that the Doctor gently slapped him on the back of the shoulder. "Good man." Dean smiled.

Dr. Jameson, Dean & Ty walked back over to the ambulance. The parmedics were checking her vitals. Everything seems good. Her bloodpressure is slightly elevated but given the cirmstances….the paramedic said. "Jaimie….I was just telling your partners here that we can patch you up right here in the ambulance and you can go home from here. How's that sound. "Good." She said. "Let's get your wounds cleaned up and stitch you head up…okay." Dean got in the ambulance with Jaimie while she was being stitched up and Ty was filling in Carter about what the Doctor had said.

The doctor gave Jaimie some pain medication and released her. "You ready to go home?" Dean asked. She smiled at him a tired smile. "Yeah." Carter had told Dean that he and Ty would go collect Jaimie's belongings from the apartment that Davies had set up for her.

They arrived at Jaimie's apartment. Jaimie immediately went to her bed. She had a full length mirror on the bathroom door facing her. She looked in the mirror and couldn't believe how awful she looked. "Oh my God!" Touching her face. Dean walked up behind her. "You're gonna be fine." "Look at my clothes, look at my face, look at my hair!" Her face, clothes and hair were all covered in dirt and blood. She started to undress but stopped. "Dean could you help me? My arm and shoulder really hurt." "Sure." He said and he helped her get her sweater off. When he saw her arm and shoulder completely bruised he was shocked. He had no idea she had been thrown to the ground that hard. "Ummm maybe we should go to the hospital. Get you checked out." "NO!" Jaimie said. I just wanna be home. Okay." "Okay" He said. "Would you help me wash my hair. I can't do it." Sure will. Why don't I draw you a bath and I will wash your hair while you soak in the tub. Might sooth your aching muscles." "okay she said.