Samus was tired, and in desperate need for a shower. After everything that had happened in the last three days a proper, hot solid meal and a real shower was all she could think of. It seemed that the last three times she landed on a planet it was not a landing, more of a crash, and then there were the repairs. She was getting her ship overhauled the moment she found a dock of the right size. She thought about gutting as much of the ship as possible, because there just had to be a beacon hidden in the ship, or some part of it was cursed.

As she pulled the under suit from her body she tried to start the shower, only there was no water. She sighed, sealing the suit again, moving back to the main cabin. She traced the rough path of the pipe through the walls, mentally complaining at the delay to one part of her plan to relax. As she removed the panels she saw that the pipe had been severed, an almost three metre section lost somewhere in the inner hull. What made this even more annoying was the fact the spares were two metres long, meaning she would have to cut one in half, and weld them together.

She muttered as she walked to the store room, finding she only had two pipes, and her fusion welder had to be recharged.

At least I can have a real meal she thought, glad she could at least have one of her desires at the moment. As she ate her first real meal, she kept an eye on the fusion welder, knowing that would also go in the overhaul. She'd replace as much as she could, lest some Pirate had sabotaged it somehow.

Finally the welder was fully charged, she measured and cut the first section of the pipe in two, then welder the two sections together. After welding the joining sections to pipes she lifted in into the place, the left end of the pipe resisting her attempts to join the two sections. She moved to that side, keeping her hand on the pipe, brushing the cut edge of the pipe in her ship. She cut her hand, the wound sealed from the heat from the cut in the pipe.

She studied the cut, and the pattern in the thick metal, knowing only Pirate cutting lasers produced that pattern. Suddenly a pair of armoured arms shot around her waist, trying to pull away from the wall. She tried to find a weak spot, but only found solid armour. She reached for the cable for the welder, turning it on and driving the flame into her attacker.

The Pirate screamed, letting her go. Samus backed up, drawing her pistol and firing twice at the helmet. The first rocked the head back, hopefully snapping its neck, before the second ripped through the softer layer underneath the chin. The blue bolt shot out of the back of the helmet, covering most of the interior of her cabin in a fine mist of blood and brains. She sighed, then noticed the foul stench that the air scrubbers could not remove. She walked over to the pilot's chair, bringing up the bill for the last two missions, adding another entry.

1000 Credits - Steam Cleaning of ship interior

In that moment she felt like she was the punch line in a cosmic joke, only it wasn't one she could understand.