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If you don't like slash or twincest, then don't read this story!

Some people say if one of the twins were gay it would be Cody, because he's more feminine and he acts more like a girl, that might be true ... but honestly, I think it would be Zack. Why? Because, Zack has many gay moments with his friends. Zack acts all tough and stuff, but we see him when he's all sensitive and vulnerable, and that makes me believe the tough guy act is nothing, but a cover up. So that's how Suite Love was born. I wanted to write about all those moments, but some of them are just from my imagination completely, like this one.

So, sorry this one is so short, but some of them are going to be and some will be pretty long, it depends. This idea just popped into my head out of nowhere ... I don't really like it much ... I might add on to it sometime in the near future, but for now, enjoy!

The Heat is On

Pairing: Zack/Cody

Warnings: Twincest and some sexual content

Description: Heat will make you do crazy things.

Based off the Suite Life on Deck episode "I Brake For Whales"

"What?" Cody asked to hot to be annoyed, but slightly embarrassed at the way his brother was staring at him.

He's been staring at him for ten minutes like he was some hot girl or something.

"Has anybody ever told you how beautiful you are?"

If he wasn't already flushed from the extreme heat, he would have blushed from the comment.

"Oh my god Zack is really losing it." Bailey exclaimed worriedly. "Maybe we should let him out."

Cody locked eyes with Zack's. His eyes were dilated and dark. He felt hot breath on his lips and jumped back startled.

When did Zack get so close?

Cody doesn't know what was going through his head, maybe the heat was getting to him, frying his brain … but Zack being so close, his hot breath hitting his lips was turning him on, and he closed the gap between them.

Zack's lips were dry and chapped, but so was his, it was because of the heat. But, it was still good. He felt sparks, felt things that he's never felt with Bailey or any other girl.

He moaned when Zack grabbed his butt, lifted him onto his lap, and smashed their hips together. Cody wrapped lazy arms around Zack's neck as the heat increased so much; they had to break the kiss, both panting heavily.

Cody let out breathy moans, resting his head on Zack's shoulder as Zack groped at his ass, grinding up against him, Cody rutted back against him desperately, never being this aroused in his life and needing to release so much it hurt.

Zack's head fell back, his eyes rolling to the back of his head, letting out breathless grunts at the immense pleasure, the delicious friction.

Cody lifted his head to trail open-mouthed, heated kisses from Zack's jaw to his neck, sucking and nibbling.

Zack moaned, removing his hands from Cody's ass to move them up into his hair, digging his fingers into his sticky, wet, golden strands.

Cody groaned. He was getting lightheaded again. He tried to fight it, because he didn't want this to stop … but it was too much and he went limp on his brother's lap, passing out from the extreme heat for the third time that day.

Coming up - A Marcus/Zack slash oneshot based off the episode Bon Voyage. I already finished writing it, I just need to type it up and make a few changes, then I'll post it. I'll try to have it up either sometime later tonight or tomorrow.