I got this idea right after watching the episode ... it didn't come out exactly as I wanted it to, but that's how it almost always happens. Anyways, I wanted to get this up by Halloween and I barely even did. lol Happy Halloween everyone!


Pairing: Captain Entenille/Zack

Warnings: Slash and mentioned rape.

Description: Why did the ghost haunt Zack out of everybody else on the ship?

Based off of the Suite Life on Deck episode "The Ghost and Mr. Martin."

Zack was typing up his assignment on his laptop, when all the sudden the sentence,

'You're mine.'

Kept typing it's self onto the page. Zack was freaking out. The electricity was fucked up, creeping him out even more.

What the hell was going on?

For the rest of the day Zack's been getting the feeling of being watched and more weird things have been happening to him … and only him! Zack just didn't get it, why was he the only one being haunted? It wasn't fair! Why him?

Zack woke up startled. He noticed two things, one he was naked and two he was really sore. He slowly and carefully got out of bed and went into the bathroom. He gasped as he looked at himself in the mirror. He had marks all over his body. He turned around so his back was facing the mirror and looked over his shoulder to see deep red scratch marks running down each of his shoulder blades.

What the hell happened to him?

He thought over the facts.

He woke up naked.

He had suspicious marks all over his body.

And lastly, his ass was fucking sore.

Zack's eyes widened in horror as realization struck him … He was raped in his sleep! Zack suddenly got dizzy and fell to his knees, grabbing his head with both of his hands, his eyes clenching tightly shut.

How? How could he have been raped without feeling it and waking up? Who? Who raped him? He always locked his door before he went to bed and the only person that had a key besides him was Cody, and he knew for a fact that his brother would never do that to him … so who?

His eyes snapped back open as realization struck him a second time. Could it have been that captain ghost that has been haunting him?

He's interrupted from his thinking when he hears his cabin door open and his brother's voice calling his name. Zack wanted to go over to his brother for comfort, but he couldn't move. He wanted to call out to his brother for help, bur he couldn't speak.

So all he did was hope that Cody would find him.

And he did, a couple minutes later, he heard footsteps outside of the bathroom door and the door opened.

Zack heard a gasp and then he felt arms wrap around his naked, shaking body.

"Z-Zack, what happened?" His brother asked with panic and fear in his voice.

Zack let go of his head and looked up at his younger brother with teary eyes. Yes, Zack Martin was crying. Sure, he wasn't one to cry, but he had every right to cry right now.

He was scared, so very, very scared.

"I-I was … r-r-r-ra-ra-raped." He choked out in sobs.

A look of a mixture between devastation and horror crossed Cody's face as his brother uttered those words. His eyes darkened and tears of his own came to his eyes. His arms tightened around Zack and he pulled him closer, in a protective hold.

"W-who?" He asked shakingly as he cried into his brother's hair.

"The-the ghost that I told you about … the one who has been haunting me." Zack answered, whimpering.

Even though Cody didn't believe Zack about being haunting by Captain Entenille, he didn't even believe in ghosts period, but for some reason he believed him now.

"Oh my God, Zack … I-I'm-I'm so sorry, I didn't believe you." Cody cried.

Maybe, if he would have just listened to his brother, this wouldn't have happened.

Zack didn't reply, he just kept on crying into his brother's chest.

"Shh, everything will be alright, Zack. I'll protect you. I won't let that ghost hurt you again … I promise." Cody said softly as he stroke his brother's long, dark blonde hair.

Cody slowly got up, bringing Zack with him as he clung onto him and dragged him out of the room, and into his and Woody's room. He laid him down on his bed, pushing back the hair on his face.

"You're sleeping here tonight, no questions."

Zack gave him a small, shaky smile. Cody leaned down and gave him a gentle kiss on his forehead. Zack grabbed Cody and pulled him down onto the bed with him, cuddling up to him. Cody wrapped his arms protectively around Zack.

They both drifted off into uneasy sleep.

Zack woke up with a heavy weight on top of him. He rubbed the sleep out of his eyes with a fist, before he looked up to see what was on him.

It was Woody.

"Woody … what are you doing?" Zack asked in confusion, but if you listened closely you could detected the fear creeping into his voice.

"Did you enjoy last night, Zacky my darling?" Woody said in a creepy, deep voice that wasn't his own.

Fear consumed Zack, his face paling, because he knew this wasn't really Woody, that it was Captain Entenille possessing Woody's body.

"W-what?" Was all he could manage.

The possessed Woody leaned down and brushed his lips against Zack's paled cheek.

"You were so tight, my boy. I forgot how good it felt … it had been so long. And, if I must say, you are a very heavy sleeper … but even though you slept through the whole thing, you still made the most delicious reactions." He breathed onto his cheek in a low, husky voice.

Zack started shaking as he felt something hard poking at his stomach.

"W-w-why me?"

Captain Entenille looked down at him, laughing in a way that sent chills down Zack's spine.

"Why you? Why not? You are beautiful … the most beautiful person I've seen since Jesse Belle and I know you Zack, you're something else … something special."

Zack looked at him with wet, wide eyes, lower lip trembling uncontrollably.

"H-how do you – how do you know me?" He asked in a whimper.

A wicked grin crossed his face as he answered the frightened boy.

"I've been watching you longer than you think."

Zack gasped, his eyes widening even more.

"W-what do you want from me?"

"It's very simple really, what I want is you, my boy. I want you to come with me." The captain answered coolly.

"W-where?" Zack asked barely above a whisper.

"To my ship and spend the rest of eternity with me."

"What? But, you're ship is under water! I'll drown!" Zack cried, but when the meaning to the captain's words sunk in, he whimpered out, "You're going to kill me … aren't you?"

The captain's wicked smile just grew.

Zack Martin was never seen again.

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