Title: Duplicity, Part 1

Fandom: Codename: KND

Characters: Rachel, Harvey, various others

Prompt: #88 (school)

Word Count: 184

Rating: K+ for some light swearsies.

Summary: Rachel is an ardent student of the human condition. The Mackenzie house is an excellent classroom.

Author's Notes: Part 1 of 3, I don't own the characters, etc.

The shouts came up through the floorboards.

"Maybe if you hadn't invested my savings into canned sandwiches, we wouldn't be in this situation!"

"YOUR savings? The pre-nups say that those were our savings, and I made an executive decision in investing them!"

"Executive decision? This isn't the goddamn presidency, you lazy piece of-," Rachel tactfully covered Harvey's ears at this point, ignoring his mumbled protest of "don't touch me" and began to hum in an attempt to block the argument from her ears. Homework lay forgotten on her bedroom floor; sure, she was a good student, but she learned more about humanity in her home than she ever did in a classroom.

Her mom was angry. Duh, she thought, her mom's hard-earned money was invested in canned sandwiches. Her dad was indignant. He had taken a gamble and lost, and now his wife was angry. Rachel idly noted that Harvey was becoming indignant, too- the touching was starting to get to him.

The argument kind of quieted down after that; school was done for the day. The homework? Get a moral out of that.