disclaimer: pokemon not mine
dedicated: Bijouie. Your official request.
notes: even i don't know how i came up with this.


amaryllis wishes and forget-me-not kisses
(we had a Snow White story— you and I.)



Wally is young.

He is young and he is foolish and he's a boy in love. There's this girl, he sees, one with brown hair and blue blue eyes— who sings songs to the woodland creatures, her lovely cherry lips curved into a smile and her cheeks faint with a rosy maiden's blush.

She doesn't notice him that girl, but he notices her. The woodland creatures call her May, and that suits her just fine. Wally doesn't bother calling the beauty, because perhaps she might leave once she notices him.

And he doesn't want that to happen.


Wally is foolish.

Absently walking around in the forest where she sings her siren song—she meets him, smiles so wide and Wally feels like a king, but alas the smile wasn't for him. Wally sees another boy appear— one stronger, fiercer, gentler— Wally sees a knight.

And Wally knows that the King's Queen always falls in love with the Knight.


Wally is tired.

The doctors and nurses try to cheer him up, but Wally doesn't listen. Instead he travels back to forest and waits for her. He's tired of waiting— tired of watching from afar.

Just for once, Wally wants to sin.

And sin, he shall.


Wally is sinning.

Kissing her soft cherry lips; holding her with a soft embrace.

He kisses her and walks away— saying scary things, saying that he's not going to be here tomorrow so he might as well kiss the princess. He might as well have one thing to treasure. But that girl, she understands.

And allows him to hold her, and kiss her until dawn.


Wally is asleep.

Alone in the forest— the pretty girl has left, and all he see's are stars when he awakes. He is jolted awake as he coughs pools of red red sin, yet he extends his hand and reaches for the star and wishes.

Before falling asleep again— but this time, he thinks he's not going to wake up.


Wally is dead.

The girl noted that as she glances around to see if there are any spectators, before she kisses him. In the background she could hear a boy, faintly calling her name.

Taking one last look at the boy, she turns around and leaves, before sighing— Wally didn't wake up, even though his princess kissed her.

It seems as if their fairytale is over.

(and the amaryllis that surrounded them seem to wilt a little.)


the end