Stupid - Kogan

It's an hour later and it's absolutely murdering him. Katie sees the look on his face and knows that he's completely shattered. Jo saw them stumble in, drunk and kissing needily, fumbling with the buttons of each others shirts. Carlos heard them moaning, gasping, and crying out in pain – even through their alcohol-dulled nerves. And Camille walked in on them, for God's sake. And they're all thinking: How could he be so stupid? Not Kendall – because he's the one who hurt him – or James – because, honestly, he gets drunk and hooks up with anyone – but him. How the hell could he be so stupid? He knew this was bound to happen eventually. Knew he'd get hurt at some point, but stuck with Kendall anyway. Now he's crying, Carlos' arms around him, Jo rubbing his back, Camille pulling her fingers through his hair, and Katie hiding in her room, pretending she doesn't understand, while Kendall and James lay in bed, buzzed. How could Logan have put his heart out there like that?