Girl's Day Out – Jo, Camille, and Katie

Katie never had many friends. She preferred to spend her day thinking up ways to get money. And friends just got in the way of her goal. But, when Jo and Camille asked if she wanted to hang out that day, she decided to say yes, just that once.

"They're all really cute," Camille's saying to Jo.

"Oh, yeah, but I don't have time for a boyfriend," Jo answers. Katie's been looking at shoes, but picks up on the key word here: boyfriend.

"You want a boyfriend?" she demands disgustedly.

"Yes," Camille sighs.

"No," Jo insists. Katie shakes her head, letting the information she's just gathered sink in. Camille and Jo go back to talking about whatever they're talking about. "Katie! Tell us about the guys," Jo commands. Katie sighs; she didn't actually want to talk about her brother and his friends today as she went out to escape them.

"Which one?" she asks.

"Um, all of them," Camille says, smiling.

"Well, Kendall's my brother. He's kind of the leader. He's stubborn, headstrong, competitive, and really, really, really loyal. He loves to take risks – they all do, except Logan. He's the second least childish, with Logan being the first. He wants to play hockey when he grows up. Logan's smart, mature, and can cook. He wants to be a doctor when he grows up. James is obsessed with his hair, skin, and how he looks. I mean, he has a lucky comb. This is his dream. Carlos is fun-loving, childish, risk-taking, but totally fun. He always wears a helmet. Um, yeah…" Katie finishes, turning back to the purses she was examining.

"I call Logan!" Camille exclaims.

"I want nothing to do with this," Jo replies. Katie smirks; she already knows what's going to happen.