All right, so I have decided to start with a story on Alessandra. After this is done, though, I'm thinking I'll do the other story I described in the Author's Note in 'Paradise'. Just can't get enough of that Robin/Starfire/Slade love triangle. Oh, the fun!

Anyway, here's an attempt at this new story. Give me your thoughts.

P.S. Due to the start of the school year, I will not be updating as much as I did during the summer. Like, REALLY not.

"Alessandra. Get up! You do not wish to be late for your flight!" Alessandra jerked awake at the yelling of her mother. She groaned and climbed out of her warm royal blue silk covers and shuffled over to her closet. She opened it, only one outfit present, considering all of her apparel was currently packed up in her father's Escalade, ready to travel all the way to Ridgefield, Connecticut. Fall was quickly coming around the corner, and she was starting up at Perse Academy, a pristine boarding school of which her parent's had recommended two years ago. Back then was her freshman year, and she was not all too happy to hear that her parents wanted to send her away, but a lot had changed in a couple of years and she finally felt like starting up a life on her own. She had spent so much of her life training with her father hand to hand and with her mother through mutual powers, she just wanted to get away and do 'normal' things; like, oh, partying? So now, at sixteen, she was ready to make that life happen.

"Fucking hell, it's six in the morning."

She took her clothes off of the hangers and threw them on, going over to finish up with makeup and hair. She was wearing a simple light blue shirt dress, light brown oxford wedges, a gold watch, and a Mulberry messenger bag, simply curling the ends of her light hair and a neutral makeup look. She hurried out of her bedroom within the Venice Estate and went down the two flights of stairs; her room being on the next floor up to her parent's. She walked into the kitchen and took a seat next to her mother at the island, tapping her fingers on the counter. Starfire smiled at her daughter and passed her a poppy seed bagel with cream cheese. She happily took it and started to tear it apart.

"All right, I'm up. When are we leaving?" Her mother laughed and stroked her daughter's hair.

"As soon as your father gets off the phone with his latest client. It should only be a few more minutes. And you also know him; when he comes out he will be giving you one of his famous lectures." Alessandra laughed and rolled her eyes.

"Oh, of course. But, hey, that's what happens when your father is an assassin.." Her mother nodded and then looked over to the kitchen entrance, a smile finding its way to her face.

"Good morning, girls." Alessandra turned around and looked up at her father, smiling.

"Good morning, father. Are we ready to leave?" Slade walked over and sat down next to her, his face stoic.

"Yes, we are ready to leave Alessandra, but you must remember who you are when you are at that school. You never really know someone, no matter how much you think you do, and considering our lifestyle, I wouldn't be surprised to find out someone tried to kill you while you were away. I'm sure you get the point, my dear. I taught you well enough." She nodded and stood up, looking over to her mother.

"All right, I'm ready to leave. Are you coming to the airport with us?" Starfire smiled and nodded, standing up.

"Of course I am, my bumgorf. Come, now, it is time for our departure." Alessandra nodded and followed her parents out to the SUV, climbing in the back to get some shut-eye before her flight. The drive was not long, the airport only being about fifteen miles away from their home. Wintergreen was already out of the car unpacking her things when she stepped out. Her mother and father were out next to the car, Starfire going over and giving her daughter a hug.

"Have fun at your new school. Make many friends!" She smiled and nodded, pulling away and going over to her father. He nodded in her direction.

"I expect the best, my dear. We will be waiting for you during your winter break." With that, they got back into the car, with Wintergreen already sending her luggage away with an employee, and Slade started the car, driving off. Starfire waved out the window and Alessandra returned it, turning to start toward the building.

Alessandra walked through the airport, crowded with bussling Italians and tourists. This wwas no problem for her, due to her heightened navigation skills. She made her way to her section of the airport.

"Prossimo volo: Conecticut, Stati Uniti." She immediately recognized the Italian and quickly boarded her flight, sitting down in her first class seat. She pulled out a book for the long flight.

Alessandra looked up at the large academy, peering up at the window of her apparent dorm. She looked over at the valet and motioned for him to follow her with her bags. She climbed up the marble steps to the large cherry wood doors, pulling them open and walking in, the man trailing behind her. She stopped to look around the first floor, which seemed to be some sort of living room. She told motioned for the man to take her things up to her room, handing him a small key. She knew he would deliver it back no problem, considering he knew who her father was; no one double-crossed Slade Wilson. She waited for him to come back down to return her key, and then ventured farther into the room.

The quarters consisted of two couches and a variety of elegant chairs surrounding a large glass coffee table. There was a fireplace on the far left wall, and a plasma screen television on the back wall. There were elegant Botticelli paintings adorning the many walls, ans she went over to further examine them. She heard quiet steps behind her, too quiet for the normal ear to hear. She turned abruptly to the surprise of her visitor. She came face to face with a tall girl with long dark brown hair, her eyes a clear hazel. She was dressed in a white collared shirt tucked into short leather shorts, a brown belt around her waist and black suede wedges on. She had a Prada messenger bag draped around her, showing that she had just come back from class. She smirked at Alessandra.

"Well, hello there. You must be the new girl. Alessandra Wilson?" Alessandra nodded and smiled.

"That's me. And you are..?" The girl sauntered over to her and held out her hand.

"Nadia Vanceuvor." Alessandra shook her hand and looked toward the stairs.

"Well, it was nice meeting you, but I have to go unpack." She started toward the stairs, but noticed that the girl was following. She turned and rose an eyebrow, at which she just smiled.

"It's my room too. Welcome, roomie. I did room with another girl, but she ended up going away for 'mental reasons'." She rolled her eyes. "Come on." She walked past Alessandra and up the stairs. Alessandra sighed and followed, stopping at her door. Nadia turned to her.

"Here, I'll help with your bags." They both carried in the assorted bags and Alessandra had them placed over on her side near the bed as she started unpacking. Nadia sat on her own bed and pulled out some red wine and two crystal glasses.

"Want some?" Alessandra glanced over and nodded.

"Just set it on the dresser." She heard the faint sound of the drink swishing in the glass as she sat it down. Nadia leaned back slightly, watching her unpack. She smirked.

"Well, I think I should start out by telling you about this specific dorm area. You have been welcomed into the most pristine of the academy, pretty much a sorority of sorts. We knew you were coming, and we know who your father is. Very mysterious, I might add. What exactly does he do?" Alessandra smirked to herself, going over to her closet to put some clothes on the wood hangers.

"Sorry, family secret." Nadia nodded and grinned.

"Fair enough. So, as I was saying, you had caught our eye. Trust me, you should be happy. We have the best parties, special privileges, and so forth." Alessandra rolled her eyes while still facing the closet.

"Well, thanks for the ego boost. I'm sure I'll like it here." Nadia nodded.

"Oh trust me, you will. Now hurry up, dinner is soon and then you can meet the rest of the girls." Nadia left the room and trudged down the stairs, wine glass left behind, no doubt going to the dinner hall. Alessandra finished unpacking and sat down on her bed, sipping the wine. Oh, she was going to have fun here. They had no idea what they were in for.

All right, that's it for now folks. Don't know when I'll update. I actually have the beginning part of the first chapter for the other story written as well, and the beginning of a fun Halloween one-shot for Robin and Starfire (yes, I realize it's September).