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I was walking in the alley trying to find help somewhere. I saw one of the late night guards patrolling the streets. I ran up to him. "Please i need help i just saw somebody hurt back in the dark alley" i cried out scared.

"Well show me the way little lady" i walked to the alley he went in front of me and looked around."Um nobody is here what are you talking about" he turned around to look at me.

I lunged at him and latched my fangs onto his neck and sucked his body dry. I dropped him to the ground i wiped the blood off my mouth and dragged the body out to the forest and disposed it in the forest.

Ok you're probably wondering what i am and who i am. Well my name is Isabelle Victoria that was my name I'm known as stupid Isabella Swan who lives in Forks,Washington.

My story is i was born in 1728 in Bavaria,Germany. Daughter of Carlisle and Gabrielle Larson.I have red hair and green eyes.

One night i was walking home from working in the fields i was only 17 getting married soon.I than saw a man with curly bronze hair and gray eyes.

He was looking at me but i kept looking away and speed up trying to get all of the sudden i felt something land on me i fell to the ground.

He started sucking all of my blood out i screamed out but he covered my mouth.

I felt myself slipping into darkness he let go of my neck and dragged me into the alley than left me there.

Than i saw a figure in front of me she ran inhumanely toward my dying saw me and frowned.

"Oh no you seem to important I'm not going to let you die Ms. Isabelle" she said in a bell like than bit into her wrist and held her bleeding wrist to my mouth.

What the hell why would i drink a drop of it fell into my mouth it tasted sweet and delicious.I grabbed her wrist and drank more after a while she pulled it away.

I was able to stand up i looked at her."Who are you" i asked in my German accent."My name is Katherine Pierce i saw what that man did to you so i shoved a stake in his heart and came to help you" she said in a soft voice.

She had chocolate curls that fell down her back and dark mocha eyes."What are you" i asked scared.

"I'm a vampire but don't worry i won't hurt you" she said reassuringly. I trusted her oddly."Can you turn me into one" i asked laughed at my excitement.

"Yes i can now that you have my blood in your system all you have to do is get killed than you come back to life as a vampire." I smiled at her with a plan in my mind.

"I want you to turn me tonight please" i asked her giving her the puppy dog look. She looked at me for a second than nodded. "Ok i will do it i have to tell Emily to make a ring tonight for you so you will be able to walk out in the day." I nodded enthusiastically.

"This is going to hurt just one fast snap than you will wake up and it will be like a world you never knew" she said with her flirty smile.

She put her hands on both sides of my face she than twisted my neck the other way. I fell into a peaceful sleep the beginning of my eternity.

I woke up the next night thirsty.I saw Katherine and an African woman looking at me with an expectant look.

"I'm thirst i need something to drink please" i said in than pulled a human man out from somewhere i smelt his sweet scent of his blood i lunged at him when my fangs elongated from my moment i got the first drop i went crazy.

Katherine pulled me away before i could kill him.I stopped and retracted my smiled at me brightly proud of my control."Very good Isabelle now we have your talisman all done for you."

That was the beginning of my eternity. A couple years ago i found this girl that committed suicide in her bedroom.I than took over her life.I wore a brunette wig and brown contacts which is really damn irritating.

Than i met a cold one a gay version of a thought i was a on my fake birthday i got a damn obviously one of them thought my blood smelled like some steak so he tried to take a chunk out of me.

He has been avoiding me ever since now he wants to take me on a walk in the woods.I followed him out to the stopped in the middle of the woods you could still see the house wow some walk what a romantic he you hear the heavy sarcasm dripping in my voice yup.

"We're leaving" he said i kept a straight face."What do you mean by we" i asked acting confused.

"My family and i" he said emotionless."Thank god i thought i was going to have to leave you guys here myself" i said acting like the real looked shocked."Bella what are you talking about" Eddie boy said shocked.

I lunged at him letting the veins pop out of my eyes and my fangs extended.I straddled him on the ground.

"Listen sparkles i am a vampire but way better than your stupid version of a vamp my name is not Bella Swan she died 2 years ago when she killed herself i decided to take ever cuz i had nothing better to do" i growled out at him.

He looked shocked and hurt but kept his mouth shut."I am 281 years old i can rip your head off in 5 seconds flat you will forget you ever heard this you never loved me none of you did you will move on and live the rest of your lives and forget Isabella Swan" i said using compulsion.

He agreed with me and left.I ran vampire speed to my house i ran in there and saw Charlie Swan.

"Isabella Swan is not alive she never came here you never had a daughter that is what you tell everyone else" i said using compulsion agreed yes i got all of my stuff together time to go back to Mystic Falls i guess hopefully Stefan and Damon aren't there.

I compelled the rest of Forks and La push to forget me.I ran all the way to Virginia in 2 hours.I stopped at the old Mansion out in the forest real far out and out of the way.

I put all of my stuff away and sat in my bedroom. I decided to go feed out in forest i ran out when i heard screaming.I ran to where i heard it.I still had my wig on but not my contacts.

I than saw the back of Stefan Salvatore he was drinking off a human last time i saw him he was feeding off animals.

In 1864 i went with Katherine to Mystic Falls with Pearl and Anna tagging along.I met the Stefan and fell in love with him but than i met Damon and i fell in love with him.

Katherine loved me to death and didn't want me dead so she took over and took the boys away from me while i just sat in the dark watching them.

After they became vampires i watched over them to make sure they were safe and didn't get killed especially during the newborn phase.

I ran up to him and ripped him off the dying was about to fight me till he saw my eyes.

I gave Stefan and Damon both a little of my blood and with some of Katherine's that is how they were able to turn.

I looked him in the eye."Stefan listen I'm here for you now i need you to calm down i will help you through everything i am not going anywhere i promise."

He looked me in the eye and nodded yes."Go back to the house i will be there when i handle this ok" i told him he nodded again and ran all the way back to the house.

I bit into my wrist and shoved it to the girl's lips she drank up i saw the neck wound healed up.I than compelled her to forget everything that happened and go home.

After she left i turned around to everyone i than saw the face that has haunted me for 146 years Damon Salvatore.

"Who are you" a human girl asked.I looked over at her and saw she looked like Katherine's twin."Hm my name is Isabelle if you ask Stefan and Damon they will tell you they never loved Katherine she compelled them they both loved me but Katherine didn't want me to get hurt so she took over."

I ripped my wig off and let my red hair fall out over my face."Miss me Damon" i asked with an evil glint in my green eyes.

"Izzy oh my god where were you when i needed you" he asked upset.

He hugged me tightly."I was always there you just didn't see i watched over you for years to make sure you were safe and ok."

"I think we should all go talk alone somewhere more private." I looked over at the girl who is my maker's doppelganger."We will but you should stay down stairs with Damon while i go and try to calm Stefan down and than i will help him get back on the animal stuff than i have to go feed."

"You feed off humans" the girl she is Elena Gilbert i remember i saw her before."Yes i do why are you offering" i joked around with her.

She smiled at me nicely.I think i will like this girl as long as she doesn't go anywhere near my what the hell with the my what is wrong with me god.

"Elena you should go home with your family while i go calm Stefan down" she nodded and walked away.

Me and Damon than ran to the Salvatore boarding house thank god i am older than Stefan or else i might be scared to face him but truth is he is the easiest to calm down.

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