Love Haunts Us

This is the final chapter and the sequel will be up as soon as I get it done

WARNING;;;;;; The last chapter is pretty anti Della (Damon and Bella) but of course they will end up together because I want it that way I just wanted to put a little drama in here so it could be more interesting to you guys so enjoy the chapter

I felt the flames multiply a tenfold as the flames licked my left ankle causing a scream of agony to release from me. Damon pulled me to him holding me. The tears bloom from my eyes.

"Ah Help" I screamed out unintentionally. I than heard Stefan's booming voice come in through the fire, as a path suddenly cleared for us to get out. "Come on, we gotta get you all out of here" Stefan said worriedly. He picked me up bridal style as Damon leaned on him weakly. Soon enough we were able to get out soon enough.

HE set me down cautiously, but as soon as my legs touched the ground I fell to the ground coughing up the smoke stuck in my lungs. I was able to stand up and look at everyone. "I need to hunt, deuces" I said walking off not wanting to face Damon now.

I blurred off ignoring everyone else calling me. I soon made it to the woods when I started sniffing out. I than knew Damon was trying to sneak up on me. He thought I didn't know, but I blurred around and pinned him to a tree by his throat with my vampire face out.

I than pulled away from him with my fangs popped away with my vampire face back to the normal human looking face. "What do you want Damon" I asked angrily my hair cascading over my shoulder creating a curtain around me. "We need to talk about what's going on with us" he said simply.

"Nothing to say, you obviously lied when you said you loved me and I was the only one" I said simply when I sat on the ground. "That's not true you know I love you."

"Really than tell me one thing" I asked looking him in the eyes. He nodded his head for me to continue. "Do you have any more than friendly feelings for Elena" I drawled out lowly. I looked him in the eyes silently begging him to say no. "You do, don't you ever since you found out we weren't in the tomb Elena comforted you and you started to fall in love her" I stated out loudly.

He stared down at the ground not saying anything. "Well guess what you have loved me for over 145 years I'm not that hard to forget I was your first everything, so enjoy the little doppelganger hope you think of me when you fuck her" I whispered in his ear menacingly.

I than sped off trying to find someone to feed from. I saw Caroline Forbes Elena's best friend walking home alone. I than sped up in front of her with a predatory smile. "Omigod who are you" she asked fearfully. "Oh I'm a friends with Elena I wanted to meet all of her friends and she told me a lot about you so I thought we should meet face to face" I told her convincingly.

She smiled friendly believing every word coming out of my mouth. "Let's take a walk together get to know each other better" I said persuasively. I saw her freeze over as she heard those words escape my lips. "Oh no I'm sorry but I have to get home now my mom would be very mad if I didn't get home" she explained walking off quickly.

I cursed silently under my breath. There was no way in hell I would let my meal get away that easily. I blurred in front of her when she reached her car, causing a startled gasp to escape her. She was prepared to scream but I quickly covered her mouth with my hand.

"Listen blondie I was going to do this the nice way but you leave me no choice" I said venomously. "You will do as I say and let me do whatever I want with you, are we clear" I asked her pinning her by the throat to her car. "Yes" she agreed mechanically with a blank look across her features.

"Come with me now" I said dragging her in the alley. As soon as we hit the corner I attacked her neck savagely, wanting to drain her. But I than realized I needed her for my plan.

I felt my senses come to me as I drank from her. I pulled away from the open wound and felt upset with myself. I bent down licking the wound to seal it. I than turned her around to face me. My pupils dilated largely as I compelled her to forget about me and wear a scarf for the next couple weeks or so. I than left her walking home like she was before I came to almost kill her.

I knew that I had to talk to Damon about this I may have definitely blown things out of proportion before. I closed my eyes channeling the deep blood bond between me and Damon. I knew he was now at Elena's house, wonder what that could mean.

I blurred all the way to the Gilbert house knowing where it was already. I walked up slowly to the back porch, but stopped at the corner staring at Elena and Damon on the porch together. I felt my heart break right in my chest from what I saw. Damon and Elena….. Kissing. How could he do that to me.

I felt my heart break slowly as I saw it, "How could you" I yelled at him catching his attention. "I thought you loved me" I asked sadly as the tear overflowed. "Bella let me explain" he said quickly reaching out for me. "Fuck you" I spat out venomously as I blurred out to the woods still crying.

As I stopped in the woods I felt the click inside of me. The heartache and every emotion hiding in me all froze over as I felt a predatory smile come over my face. Game on Damon Salvatore will pay for this.

Short I know but it is finally finished enjoy this I will soon start working on the sequel Bella will have her emotion turned off for a while but than she gets a rude awakening of emotions coming back sometime in the sequel you will just have to wait and see what happens in Love Kills Slowly sequel to Love Haunts Us