Where am I? Bob thought. Oh. I'm back at the roller coaster...and I don't hurt at all now. He felt the coast climb. This time, he did not feel afraid as he did on the Serpent, that coaster he took shortly before his son was born, when he held on firmly to the rail. You can let go this time, a voice told him. God? Bob thought. Yes, came the reply. You are free now, Bob. Your cancer is no more.

Bob thought of Gayle, his wife, and their baby Brian, and his parents and brother. They'll be fine, God said, knowing his thought instantly. I hope so. Even though I'm fine again, I hope they don't grieve too long. No. You made your peace with them. Well done, My good and faithful servant.

For what? Bob asked. For finally getting it. You finally understood at the end, that it's not the years that count, but the moments; how you use each moment. You're right, God, Bob replied. He remembered in an instant, all the anger he had carried against his parents, especially against his father, for neglecting him during his childhood, his resentfulness at his father and brother for going into the "junk" business, instead of following him to California, for "higher" living. And the wisdom of Mr. Ho, the Chinese healer, that helped me back into his heart.

It had taken a terminal illness for him to finally "get it." What mattered was that he made peace with his family; that it was never too late to make it count, and he had. It was all alright now.

The coaster peaked, then began to descend. Bob lifted his face to the sun, smiling, and raised his arms. I am free. I am whole now. I am going home now. It's alright now. I am headed home, into the light.