I do not own Harry Potter or Sherlock, they belong to their rightful creators.

WARNING: SLASH. That means a male/male pairing. ONE SHOT. Also, this is the 2010 BBC Sherlock. RANDOM. Not beta'd.

This is mostly from John and Molly's POV. A little conversation between the two.

Pairing: Harry/Sherlock

Molly seemed to rear back a little, gaining John's attention which had previously been on his phone. He followed her line of sight and realised that she was staring at his two friends.

Sherlock had his hand on Harry's lower back, while he himself towered over the smaller body. Harry was writing down whatever Sherlock was saying to him as the grey-eyed man typed on the keyboard of the computer.

John turned back to look over at the young woman standing by his side, her eyes large as she watched the two.

"I'm still surprised," John said conversationally, startling her, "about them. Sherlock told me that he was married to what he does. I guess that part doesn't include Harry."

"What?" Molly almost dropped her cup of tea. "I don't- I didn't-"

John gave Molly a confused look.

"They've been together long before I came along. I'm surprised you didn't know." Although, John silently admitted, he was sharing a flat with the other two men. He also noticed that whenever Harry was around, Sherlock became more human.

"They're serious?" Molly asked, sounding almost desperate.

"Yeah." John answered, quick to understand her behaviour, and he felt sorry for her because the person she wanted was unobtainable.

"Oh." Molly bit her lip, staring at the two men, watching as Sherlock's hand drifted to Harry's hip, briefly tightening his hold before pulling away to pick up the handbag that they were analysing.

"You like Sherlock." John added, leaning against the wall.

Molly jerked, her gaze flying up to look at John.

"No, I don't." She denied quickly.

John just raised an eyebrow, turning his attention back to the couple.

"I believe that Sherlock was never interested in anyone of the female variety." John spoke quietly. "The way that Sherlock looks at Harry sometimes... he never even glances at anyone else with even a glimmer of interest. But Harry is the one exception."

"Why?" Molly didn't bother to hide the pain in her voice.

"Because Harry understands Sherlock?" John suggested. "Or maybe because Harry is the one person Sherlock can never figure out? I honestly don't know."

"They look... good together." Molly reluctantly admitted.

"Harry's the only one who can completely understand Sherlock, and curb his more... sociopathic tendencies." John's lips quirked up into a smile.

"But not his experiments." Molly couldn't help but add absently, looking increasingly upset.

"I think Harry secretly enjoys them as well," John said, turning away from where Sherlock was looking into a microscope and Harry was now on his mobile.

"They really do sound like they suit."

"They do," John affirmed. "If you saw how they act around each other at home, you would understand."

Molly clutched her cup tighter, her pressed together in a thin line.

"I have to go," she burst out suddenly, loud enough to bring Harry and Sherlock's attention to her as she left.

John just shook his head when the other two men looked over to him questioningly.

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