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Chapter 11 : Breathe In

Thank God for older brothers.

This situation was a tricky one, and she needed help. It involved a certain amount of mystery, possibly unlawful conduct, and one of the most incomprehensible and difficult to understand creatures on the face of the earth. A boy. A boy she liked, but didn't know all that well, and one whom she also wasn't entirely sure was operating under the strict letter of the law. That ruled out talking to Charlie. However, the problem was a little beyond what she thought she could deal with on her own. She needed some advice, which was exactly what prompted her to voluntarily go fishing with her dad, even if it meant sitting on a muddy dock for hours, her hair getting increasingly frizzy in the sticky humidity. So she watched Charlie and his pals get drunk on cheap beer, because fishing trips meant fishing buddies, and fishing buddies, to Charlie, meant Billy Black, and Billy, to Bella, meant Jacob.

Thank God for Jacob.

After she spent ten minutes in the bathroom trying to run a comb through her hair without breaking the teeth off in the puffy, tangled strands, and a further fifteen by the door scraping mud off her once-upon-a-time white shoes, Bella decided that enough was enough. She ducked out the front door, which squeaked in protest behind her as it slapped against the worn boards of the house, and trotted across the familiar landscape of the Black's back yard, dodging the semi-permanent mud puddles in Jacob's workspace by habit, and approached the ramshackle little red building that served as Jake's garage. The closer she got, the more clearly defined the off-color lyrics of some metal song became- probably something by Atreyu, or Anthrax, or one of those other bands named after a horrible 'A' disease- and she grimaced. Apparently, Jacob wasn't working alone. She really didn't want to do this with an audience.

The scene she encountered when she opened the door was about what she expected. Her big brother's bare, dirty feet and long legs were sticking out from under somebody else's vehicle, and mysterious clinking sounds were coming from somewhere inside the carriage. An oil-stained hand snaked out, groped on the ground for a wrench, and disappeared again. A lanky young man was half obscured by the raised hood, his ponytail in imminent danger of getting caught on something. A third, bulkier boy was slouched in the front seat, one leg propped on the dash, and the other sneakily shifting tools out of Jacob's reach with his big toe. The music was loud enough to cover the sound of her entry and any attempt at a greeting she might have made. Wincing at the pounding in her eardrums, Bella expertly threaded her way through the debris littering the floor and flicked off the radio. Silence rang, and she sighed in relief.

"What the hell ... ?" a voice said.

Bella turned around only to be faced with a grinning Quil, loping easily over to her and sweeping her up in a grimy hug. Her feet left the floor and the air left her lungs, yet she still managed to squeak, "Hey, Quil."

"Princess!" he shouted in her ear. "It's been too damn long. Where the hell have you been?"

"The friggin' sunshine state," she mumbled uncomfortably, squirming until he let her go. She still looked remarkably like a lobster for a good two weeks after she got back. "And don't call me that," she tacked on as a quick afterthought.

"Don't take it personal," came Embry's muffled voice from under the hood. "He doesn't mean you're prissy. He just means that Jake spoils you like an old lady with a pet shih-tzu."

"Shut the hell up, Call," Jacob snarled, slinking out from under the chassis and flicking his greasy rag at Embry's back. Embry twitched out of the way, only for his elbow to knock into the flexible rod that held up the hood. It fell with a thunk! onto the back of his head, and he clutched at it, letting loose a string of words that made Bella cringe. Quil doubled over, guffawing. Jacob's mouth quirked, then his eyes flicked to Bella, and he quickly covered his amusement with a scowl. "Don't use that kind of language around Bella, dumbass."

Quil snorted even as he flicked tears of merriment from his eyes. "You're one to talk, asswipe."

"That goes for you, too, Ateara." Jacob began to approach Bella, but when he got within a few feet of her, suddenly, he froze, nostrils flaring, before shaking his head like a dog shucking water. Mystified, Bella watched as he recovered and then grinned, opening his arms. Bella raised her eyebrows. Jacob paused. She pointed. He rolled his eyes. She tapped her foot and made an impatient noise, arms crossed. Jacob sighed, stripped off his T-shirt, used it to quickly wipe the majority of the oil and grime from his skin, and held open his arms again, this time for inspection.

"Better?" he asked sarcastically.

"Yep." She smiled with glowing approval before skipping forward for a bear hug.

"Nope." Embry snickered, tugging at his ponytail, which had finally become entangled on something in the cars depths the way that it threatened to do all morning. "Totally not a princess at all."

"Shut the hell up, Call," Bella parroted from her vantage point with her chin on Jake's shoulder and her feet off the ground.

"I think somebody's a bad influence on her," Quil chuckled. "Don't worry, Princess. When you get a little older, you might start liking your men dirty." Bella blushed, Embry fell forward in laughter, and Jacob growled so deep that Bella felt her chest vibrate. His fingers dug in at her waist until it was almost painful. She squeaked in discomfort, but he didn't seem to hear her.

"Dipshits," he muttered. Recollecting himself and reining in his ire with obvious effort, he shot a faintly anxious glance at Bella. "Er, you won't repeat that, will you, honey?"

"Which part?" she asked. His grip was still hard enough to be a little painful, and she wiggled until he let her down. He immediately went from pissed off to concerned and apologetic, until she opened her mouth again. "Asswipe, or dipshit?"

Quil an Embry both choked with hilarity, and Jacob actually blushed. Quil ambled over, hand outstretched for a high five, but Jacob snatched her back before Quil could get within six feet. Scowling, he chastised her from the side of his mouth. "Traitor."

For some reason, Quil and Embry were getting on his last nerve today. He was fuming, and Bella was baffled to see his upper lip and nose twitching, as if he smelled something bad. Before she could ask him what his problem was, he scooped her up a second time, dodging his best friends' quips like unfriendly fire, and setting her down on the half-collapsed fold-out bed he kept in the corner.

Bella perched expertly on the end that didn't have springs sticking out of it, and said, "You know, one day, you're going to have to let me walk across this floor on my own two feet."

Jacob snorted while bending down to fetch them both sodas. "Not today, I don't. I wouldn't trust you to walk across this garage without breaking something anymore than I'd expect an elephant to make it across a minefield without loosing a leg. "

"Dipshit." She swiped a soft drink from his hand.

"I told you not to repeat that."

"Fine. Jerk. Anyway," Bella pushed on, "I wanted to talk to you about something, Big Brother."

Jacob sprawled comfortably on the scuffed floor at her feet. "Shoot."

She smelled different today. He noticed it as soon as he approached her. It wasn't something he could identify immediately. Sitting close to her like this, watching as Bella's forehead puckered, and her eyes dropped while she tried to put her story into words, he breathed deeply, attempting to figure it out. Her normal, strawberry-like scent was there, but now it seemed deeper, richer ..., ripe? And there was a note of something else, something unsettling, something he knew, but had a feeling he didn't want to place.

He was shaken out of his contemplation as, with a serious frown on her face, Bella clicked her fingers in front of his nose. "Big Brother," she snapped. "Are you listening to me?"

"Yeah, of course. Sorry," he stuttered. "It's just that you kind of... um ... smell funny today." The look of indignant shock on her face was not prepossessing. "I mean, did you, um, start wearing perfume or something?"

"No," she scowled at him. "Are you trying to get me back for what I said when you woke up the other day? If I stink, it's probably because I just spent the whole day fishing- which I only did to come see you, by the way. You don't have to be mean about it. It's not my fault." She still looked angry, but her cheeks were reddening and her eyes were looking a little watery. Shit.

"Oh, honey, no. That's not what I meant. I didn't mean to say you smelled bad," he assured her frantically. "I just thought it was different, that's all. I'm probably just making it up. Smelling things." He laughed awkwardly at himself, because he simply could not stand that look of threatening tears in her eyes. She was being pretty moody today. "I'm sorry, Bells, really. I promise. How about this- why don't you just say what you were going to say, and I'll shut up, huh?"

Looking mollified, but still a little suspicious, Bella began. "Charlie took me to the grocery store the other day. Usually, when we go shopping he lets me pick out the food." Bella became the unofficial mistress of her parents' kitchen even before Renee moved away. "But he always sticks close. I mean, he tries to. But he's the chief, and everybody knows him, and so many people stop to talk to him that it's easier to just go on without him instead of waiting for him to finish up with everybody." Jacob nodded, pushing the mystery of her new smell aside for now in order to pay attention. He knew she was leading up to something. "So, I went by myself to get some Advil from the medicine aisle, and I saw this boy-"

"Ooh, are we getting to the good part?" Jacob pinched the bridge of his nose in exasperation, resisting the urge to beat his two best friends into grease stains. That particular urge was mysteriously stronger than usual today. Bella jumped, sloshing coke all over her fingers and down onto her shorts. She was so caught up in trying to tell her story that she didn't notice the two other boys sneak up. Jacob did, but he chose to ignore them in the same way that people tried to ignore a persistent itch in the vain hope that it would just go away.

"Just keep going, honey." He sighed without opening his eyes.

"Um, yeah." She sounded much less comfortable now that their private little bubble was popped and two brightly attentive, mischievous faces were locked in her direction. "Right, well, he looked familiar, but I couldn't place him. He was really jumpy, too, because when I accidentally ran into a display with my cart- " Jacob couldn't help it. He glanced sideways at her, and grinned. "Shut up," she murmured, flushing as Quil and Embry snickered. "Anyway, he jumped. But then I recognized him. It was Seth. You know, Seth Clearwater? I didn't know it was him at first because he cut his hair over the summer, I guess." Bella paused to sip her drink and Embry was keen not to miss his cue.

"They grow up so fast." He sighed, sprawling back on his elbows. "Face it, Jake. Soon your little girl's gonna be all adult and sucking face with Seth and shit." Bella gagged, and Jacob hurtled to his feet. The mental image of Bella- his Bella- "sucking face" with Seth, or anyone, was revolting, and he snarled. Before he had time to wring Embry's neck, however, he heard Bella start to choke on her soda. He glared daggers at his snickering friend while he gradualy lowered himself and tapped Bella lightly on the back as she coughed and spluttered.

"No! No, no, no!" she protested, eyes still watering. "I'm not talking about ... Just no, okay? I don't like Seth." scrunching up her face as if she tasted something sour, Bella took a calming breath, noticed Jacob's death scowl, and sighed. "I think ... I think he might be in trouble."

The atmosphere quieted noticeably. Even Quil and Embry's smirks faded a few notches. "What makes you say that, honey?" Now the he looked back under control, Jake's low, rumbling voice was soothing. It was so much easier to tell the story when the laughter stopped.

"He was wearing those really baggy cargo pants, with the huge pockets and when he jumped, something fell out. It looked like a box from the display, Big Brother. He seemed really panicky when he saw me, too, although he was trying to act all normal. But then Charlie called for me and he totally freaked out. He practically ran away, and he looked at me like he was begging me not to tell anyone." Her voice lowered as she worried at her lower lip. "I think he was stealing, Big Brother," she confessed, her dark eyes huge and concerned.

No one was laughing now. Bella had counted on Jake to listen and to help, but she was actually surprised by how serious Quil and Embry seemed to be taking this.

"How sure are you, Bells?" Jake asked, taking her hand. "This isn't something to joke about, honey. Seth's always been a great kid."

"I know," she said miserably. "I don't want to think it either, but the box that fell out of his pocket looked like one of the medicines on the display, and I can't think of why else he'd be so scared of meeting my dad. I mean, Harry is one of Charlie's best friends. It's not like Seth doesn't know him."

"Shit, man, this is not cool," Quil muttered. "If one of the elders' kids gets caught stealing and swigging cough syrup, it's gonna look real bad. Especially if it's a little golden boy like Seth."

"Swigging?" Bella frowned in incomprehension. Jacob's lightning fast glare of warning to Quil sailed right over the other boy's head.

"Yeah. Swigging. Getting buzzed."

"You mean getting high?" Bella squeaked. "You can get high on cough syrup?"

"You bet you can." Frowning, Embry pulled contemplatively at his oily ponytail. "Anything that messes with the chemistry can mess with your head."

Dammit. Bella went pale, and Jacob knew what she was thinking. Seth was her age, and she was so sheltered she tended to automatically trust people. She wouldn't want to believe something like that of the kid. "That can't be right!" Bingo. "I didn't even think to check if it was cough syrup! Can you maybe talk to him or something, Big Brother?" Bella pleaded. "Maybe he'll tell you what's really going on. He likes you."

Jacob pursed his lips. "I know, but I'm not part of his family, Bells. I don't know if I'm the best person for this. I could talk to his sister ... ."

"Better you do it than pass it on to her, Jake." Embry snorted. "Leah'll take a chunk out of his ass whether the kid's guilty or not."

"If you don't do it, I will," Quil volunteered.

"Oh, yeah, because some scared kid from a good family is so much more likely to explain to you if he's stealing and swilling than to the Eagle Scout over there." Embry scoffed.

"Who said anything about getting him to explain?" Quil snorted. "Seth should know better. I'm gonna tan his ass. We can talk after that."

Jacob still hadn't said anything, but when he looked up, it wasn't hard to read the apprehension rising in Bella's soft, brown eyes. Maybe interfering wasn't his place, but there was no way he could argue with that expression. He squeezed her fingers gently, but when he spoke it was with an authority that cut straight across Quil and Embry's squabbling.

"Don't worry," he said. "I'll take care of it."

"I don't get it," Bella moaned into the wolf's pelt. She was sprawled across his back, which was easily big enough for her to stretch over, and she lay belly-down, face buried in the long fur at the base of his neck. "Why would you want to do something like that? It's so stupid!" she whined. The wolf made a sympathetic noise, his great head curled around so she could see into his eyes if she looked straight down. That angle curved his spine in a way that made lying on top of him a little difficult, but Bella was, by now, the world's foremost experienced wolf lounger.

"But you know, I googled it. You really can get high on cough syrup." She huffed sullenly into his reddish-brown coat. "It's got a chemical called DXM, or DXN, or BXY, or something like that. But anyway, it really works. Unless you drink too much and you overdose on the stuff." She fisted the strands underneath her hands and groaned, her voice coming out muffled, "I was really hoping they were just kidding." The wolf stayed silent, but watched her with supportive understanding.

"Ugh!" she growled. Pushing up suddenly, she dug knees and palms into the wolf's back, bracing herself, before twisting her lower torso around and vaulting to the ground. She practiced this move so often that it was one of the few physical things she felt like she could do with any modicum of grace. She landed with a muted thump and started to pace. The wolf raised his head to follow her movements.

"I mean, you don't do that, do you? Wolves? You don't, I don't know, eat some kind of special berry, or- or hunt drunken forest animals to get a buzz, or anything, right? Why would a human even want to try it?" Eyes flashing with an unfamiliar fire, Bella turned to gauge the wolf's reaction, only to find him laughing at her, tongue wobbling and breath panting hard in an enthusiastic way that would've indicated not just the giggles, but gut-busting belly laughter in a human. Her jaw tightened, and she stamped her left foot so hard it hurt. "It's not funny!" The wolf tried to look repentant and rolled his tongue back into his mouth, but his tail was still giving telltale amused twitches.

"I mean it!" she snapped. Her eyes and voice lowered simultaneously as her shoulders slumped. "It'd kill Harry to find out Seth was doing something like that, and I like Harry! And then my dad would have to get involved because he's the police, and Seth's like a nephew or something to him, and he'd hate it. Plus, Seth's always really nice to me even though we don't talk much. He's so happy all the time. It doesn't make sense." She bit her lip, staring at the ground and blinking. "I don't want to believe it."

Suddenly, the wolf was there. Warm fur glided softly over her face when he brushed against her, and his soothing growl was rumbled in chest so hard that her hand vibrated when she put it on his flank. He rubbed his head against her, and licked her cheek. It wasn't one of his slobbery, playful slurps, but just the tiniest lap against her skin, his soft nose nuzzling her ear. Stretching her arms as far as they could go, Bella wrapped them around his neck and sighed, sinking into his familiar scent like a bath at the end of a bad day. Irritation drained out in a rush, leaving only a kind of regretful sadness in its wake.

"I'm sorry I snapped at you earlier," she mumbled. Out of her direct line of sight, the wolf winced at the memory. "I'm just worried about Seth. And my dad saw the Internet browser history and asked me if I was taking drugs. And, I guess this is what cramps feel like, because now my stomach really hurts." She sniffled a little, but tried to smile as she looked at him. "I think I'm having a bad day, Wolf."

The wolf peered at her knowingly for a long moment and then gave a soft bark of understanding. Nudging her commandingly, the wolf pushed at her until she lay prone on the ground, her head pillowed on one giant forelimb. He laid the other over her lower abdomen with care and precision. It acted like a fuzzy heating pad, and Bella was pleasantly surprised to find that the clenching ache there ebbed somewhat. She sighed in relief and stretched one hand straight up to scratch behind his ear. He lowered his head eagerly so that she could reach and that earned him a little chuckle. Adjusting his limbs around her as if he was a blanket, she squirmed until she got comfortable and slowly exhaled.

"Hey, Wolf?" she murmured. "If I take a nap here, will you wake me up before I get home too late?" He nodded. "You promise?" His neck straightened proudly and his muzzle lifted in resolve. She giggled. "Thanks." With one last lingering pat to his jaw, she settled against him and closed her eyes. "Love you, Wolf."

And then she slept for a little while.

Jake was going to do something unpleasant.

Today he was going to seek out and voluntarily have a conversation with Leah Clearwater. Leah was intelligent, driven, and generally considered as a woman with a mission. She also had a tongue as sharp as a diamond edged knife. Jacob actually liked her, and her boyfriend, Sam, was a great role model for a lot of the younger kids on the rez, but he wasn't looking forward to dealing with her reaction to his suspicions about her brother. Unfortunately, no matter what Quil and Embry said, Jacob just didn't feel right confronting Seth about any of this without some right to intervene, and hopefully, Leah would grant him that. He supposed that he could've just passed the whole thing on to her- she was more than capable of handling it- and it wasn't really his business.

Or it wouldn't be if not for Bella.

She actually shocked him when she first showed up to meet the wolf yesterday. Her face was red, her lips were locked in a snarl, and her scent was definitely not what he was used to. It hit him in the face as soon as she stomped into the clearing, and he sprang to all fours in a heartbeat. It was times like these that truly brought home how much more acute his senses were as a wolf than as a human. The smell that had puzzled him in the garage was nearly overwhelming him now, and just as with the stench of a vampire, the canine in him had an immediate and primal reaction to it. Her naturally fruity fragrance had lost some of its unripe tang, and had indeed developed a richer note or two, but what was shocking to him was the scent of her blood. The iron rich smell was painfully obvious to the wolf, and a growl boiled from his throat before he was even conscious of it. He was at her side in an instant, all five senses focused on her with one hundred percent concentration, trying to find where she was injured. He prodded his nose at her almost aggressively, attempting to get to the source while she squawked in protest, and tried to shove his head away. All she succeeded in doing was pushing herself around the clearing by using him as leverage. This did not seem to improve her mood. His nose led him like a homing missile to a part of her he'd never thought about before, and the wolf bayed in recognition.

"Stop it!" A mortified blush covered Bella's face. She dug her small fingers into his sensitive ear and yanked. Hard. He actually whimpered in pain, and immediately made a mental note to pay more attention to defending his ears the next time he fought a bloodsucker. The hurt tipped the balance in his brain, submerging the wolf, and raising Jacob like they were sitting on opposite ends of a seesaw. When his human conscience returned, so did the realization that he was now in big, big trouble.

"What do you think you're doing!" she screeched. A totally different instinct took over this time, and Jacob's tail was between his legs and his stomach hit the ground before he had time to actually think about it. "What's wrong with you!" she continued as he groveled. "Holy crow, why would you put your nose there?" Shit, shit, shit. The fur of his stomach flashed in the air as he scrambled onto his back. A contrite wolf could no further go. He craned his neck awkwardly to get an upside down view of her face. Her eyes were wet and now he could smell salt water in addition to the bloody scent that temporarily made him loose his mind. He was so screwed.

"First Jacob, now you. Did Florida make me stink or something?" Her face was devastated.

Jacob couldn't help it. He whined, cautiously rolling over, but not yet rising, and pawed at the ground anxiously. He didn't know how to convey his question to her in this form, and he was one second from phasing just so he could ask her who hurt her, tribal secrets be damned. She was glaring at him indignantly, arms crossed over her chest, and he whined once more, daring to nudge her again, although not nearly as frantically this time. Come to think of it, she wasn't acting terribly injured. But the smell ... . The smell seemed like it was coming from down ... there ... .

Oh. Fuck. Well, that explained the mood swings.

"-It's not like I've changed or anything- " Bella's voice, which didn't sound calm yet, abruptly cut off. "Um. Well, I guess one thing changed." Mortified, Jacob risked a glance at her face. It was the approximate color of a fire truck. "And I guess you can smell it, huh? Um." She was somehow turning redder, and Jacob was sure that, were he human, he would match her. "You know I'm not actually bleeding or anything, right? I mean, I'm bleeding, but I'm not ... I, er... . Look, it happened over the summer, and Mom said I was just a late bloomer, and ... ." He wasn't sure how much more either of them could take. "I'm not dying or anything, and I'm not a different person. I promise. So, can you back off a little and I can maybe stop talking about this now, please?" Thank you, God. Jacob was back peddling before the last word left her lips, but he kept his belly submissively to the ground, just in case.

They couldn't meet each others' gaze for a solid minute. Jacob's ears flicked nervously, and Bella squirmed in embarrassment. Finally, she cleared her hesitantly throat. "Um, hey, Wolf? I know you're kind of different than a normal wolf and all that, but you're not, like, a unicorn or anything, are you? I mean, you won't suddenly not want to hang out with me just because I'm ... older, right?"

Startled out of his mortification, Jacob crawled forward and wrapped his body around her in as close an approximation of a hug as he could give with all four limbs on the ground. Bella burrowed into him just like she always did. He felt her go lax with relief.

"So, definitely not a magical unicorn wolf, huh?"

The wolf shook his head emphatically.

"Thank God."

And then she'd told him all about Seth.

She'd just about exhausted herself waving her arms in the air as she spilled her guts to him. Jacob was having a hard time paying attention. It was like the smell of her menses was unhinging part of his brain, and the wolf was feeling desperately jealous and protective, and not at all happy to listen to her go on about another male. Luckily, the man in him knew he'd fucked up enough for one day and beat those feelings back. But when Bella got tired and made to grab his fur and climb onto his back, Jacob found a whole new issue to freak out about. He'd let his mind wander while she was talking, since he'd been there for half the story already. Plus, he was still processing the idea that his little Bella was growing up, while simultaneously trying to muzzle the wolf. The iron rich smell of blood was ridiculously distracting to his wolf side, but his human male side was totally loosing it at the thought of her bleeding on him. She was practically astride his back, and he had absolutely no idea how effective female devices were at containing that stuff. His closest encounter with the things had involved a few tampons stolen from his sister, Quil and Embry, and a locked stall in the boys' bathroom back in sixth grade. The principal had stuck them with cleaning the toilets for three weeks after that mess. While thedevice had certainly seemed pretty absorptive, Bella was new at this. What if she wasn't using it right? If she bled on his fur, he'd ... . Well, he didn't know what he'd do, but top on the list would probably be a three-hour shower, and after that would be therapy.

Luckily, he didn't have to figure it out. The afternoon passed and, as she lay napping between his careful paws, Jacob kept his eye on the sinking sun for her and thought. This situation with Seth was important to Bella. That made it important to him, despite the grumblings of the furry portion of his personality. Her problems were his problems. Plus, he genuinely liked the younger boy, and had always thought well of him. If there was a chance that this whole thing was just some kind of misunderstanding, he definitely wanted to know about it.

All of which led him to the community bonfire on Saturday night, shirking his work for once, with both eyes peeled for any of the Clearwater clan. The parents he wanted to avoid until he at least had a chance to talk to Seth, but he wanted to chat with Leah first.

He was only there thirty minutes or so, and was in the middle of accepting a drink an acquaintance pulled from a beat-up old cooler when he spotted one of his targets. Seth Clearwater was lurking on the outskirts of the party, just beyond where the light from the fire reached, talking to an older boy. As Jacob started to walk their way, trying to look relaxed and casual, the other guy glanced around, and Jacob caught sight of a familiar profile. He swore softly to himself. That was probably the answer to all their questions, right there.

If Paul was teaching the younger kids on the rez how to get high, Jacob was going to kill him.