Chapter Six

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The day Suzie Costello returned to the land of the living was one that would remain etched into Jack Harkness' memory for a very large portion of his long life. Suzie herself wasn't the main reason for that, and neither was the frantic race to stop that second-hand bullet from slicing deeper and deeper through Gwen's brain. It was the things that Jack learned about Ianto Jones which he would carry around with him.

It was in Ianto's purred comments about that well-loved stopwatch in the midst of the painful chaos of dragging corpses back to life, words that sank into Jack's skin and while he fought to stop himself reacting, he felt the young man's smirk burn into him as Jack leaned over the autopsy table.

It was in the brilliant dexterity with which Ianto found them a phone signal, shrugging nonchalantly as he explained that he'd simply used the water tower as a relay – something even Tosh hadn't thought of. Jack had let his gaze linger on him in that moment, and his simple utterance of "nice work, Ianto" was filled with a sufficient degree of awe.

When it came down to it Ianto was cool in a crisis, despite previous evidence to the contrary, far more intelligent than his modesty would ever allow him to truly show, and, as it turned out, a gigantic flirt.

Jack was feeling weary and ashamed as he strode through the morgue towards Ianto with his hands shoved deep into his pockets. He'd let Suzie down – again – and now a young man who had more experience filling out death certificates than anybody ever should was clearing up his mess for him. As far as he knew, the regenerated Suzie and Ianto hadn't even spoken. Come to think of it, Suzie and Ianto had barely said ten words to each other in their entire time as colleagues. He supposed it was little wonder that the young man was now scribbling down her details with a formal and detached manner about him.

"Thanks for doing this" Jack murmured, glancing at the white bodybag that once again housed his late teammate. Ianto glanced at him, mildly surprised.

"Part of my job, sir" he explained.

"No, I should be doing it" Jack replied, offering no excuse as to why he wasn't. He sighed heavily, and leaned against the drawers which contained everybody he had ever worked alongside at Torchwood. At least those who had ended up with bodies to contain. "One day we're going to run out of space."

Ianto thought carefully about his next words. His comfort in Jack's company grew by the day, as did his acceptance of their newly intimate friendship. He had begun to think of special little things to do for him, small things such as the occasional flavoured oil in his coffee (the hint of orange had made him groan obscenely and throw his head back as if in ecstasy), paying closer attention to the organisation of his desk and the upkeep of his coat. It wasn't that he was trying to prove anything – far from it – it was a desire to make every day just a little easier for a man who suffered behind the brilliant grin. Ianto knew the feeling well enough, and the small but heartfelt smiles he was offered in reply to his little kindnesses had the same effect on himself. They made his life seem just a little more tranquil.

"If you're interested…" he began, finding Jack's solemn face, "I've still got that stopwatch."

Jack was predictably blank for a moment. "So?"

Ianto smirked. "Well, think about it… lots of things you can do with a stopwatch."

Jack thought about it for a second, his natural inclination to smut kicking in and overriding the ache in his soul the day had caused. "Oh yeah" he chuckled, flashing his teeth. "I can think of a few."

"There's quite a list" Ianto said softly, his eyes heavy-lidded and warm. Jack was at once ludicrously turned on and deliriously grateful to the young man for knowingly offering a distraction.

"I'll send the others home early, see you in my office in…" he checked his watch, "ten."

"That's ten minutes…" click "and counting."

Ianto could have kicked himself as his words about the glove caused Jack to lose his smile and form a deep frown of concern, but still the Captain walked quickly to his office and still Ianto finished the certificate and filed Suzie away as quickly and efficiently as possible.

"Right on time" Jack beamed as Ianto slid gracefully through his office door.

"Four seconds late actually, sir" Ianto replied with an exaggerated puppy-dog look of apology. It had the desired effect – Jack laughed, rising from his chair and moving around the desk, perching on the edge with his feet crossed and reaching to take Ianto's hand. He played with those fine-boned fingers as Ianto stood in front of him with his jacket open, other hand in his pocket, drawing Jack's eye to below the belt.

"So… you called me 'captain' today… you've never called me that before" Jack began in a soft, seductive drawl as he tickled Ianto's palm.

Ianto blinked slowly as his smile grew, eyelashes throwing shadows across his cheekbones in the low light.

"It seemed like one of those ego-boost moments. You were looking so helpless with the Hub in lockdown that I thought you needed it."

"You took pity on me?" Jack raised his eyebrows.

"If you want to word it like that, sir."

"That's another thing… we're back to sir. Now, I'd like to think that it's not out of any kind of discomfort…" Jack trailed off, a smile playing on his lips though his concern showed in his eyes.

"No Jack, it's not."

"Well, the other option is that you're just being a cocktease…"

Ianto laughed and rolled his eyes simultaneously, lightly kicking Jack's feet apart so he could stand between his legs, whilst removing his free hand from his pocket to slide it up Jack's arm.

"It worked, then" he murmured, voice quiet and rough, giving Jack the almost tangible sensation of sinking into warm gravel.

Jack felt a fresh bolt of lust flood his body and he grabbed Ianto's hips, pulling him flush against him.

"You know it did" he growled back, and reaching up to run his fingers through the short hair at the back of Ianto's neck, he pulled him in for a searing kiss.

"Eight seconds. Eight seconds to tie a simple Windsor knot? You're slipping."

"You have to allow time for perfection" Ianto argued, one last sweep of his thumb smoothing the final crease in the loop.

"You need more practice."

"I'm used to tying it around a neck."

"Hey, this was your idea…"

"It suits you."

"And only you would know it was there."

"Do you want it tightened a little?"

"No, no, it's fine as it is… I've always appreciated the intimate caress of silk."

"It is… quite something" Ianto replied, admiring his work. "Shame it's dry clean only."

"So you wouldn't want me to get this dirty…"

"I don't know… might be worth it."

"It seems to be tightening a little by itself."

"Extraordinary, sir."

Jack laughed an utterly filthy laugh, his face aglow and his hair in more angles than Ianto had ever seen it. Their games had started reasonably innocently, timing a kiss without the need to separate (Jack cheated), how long it took to undress (Jack cheated), and it spiralled from there as they took their activities down into Jack's bedroom. The captain continued to cheat.

Now Ianto knelt above Jack's prone form as he slowly wound the silky tapered half of his tie around the length of Jack's erection and using both hands, began to stroke. Jack sighed contentedly, watching the graceful hands work, allowing pleasure to unfurl from the warm pit deep in his abdomen.

"What exactly is it about the button on the top?" he asked, idly stroking Ianto's thighs and hissing softly as the fabric rubbed relentlessly at the ultra-sensitive tip of his profusely weeping cock.

Ianto smiled before looking into Jack's eyes. "It's the way it yields to the pressure of the thumb with such a satisfying click" he replied in a purr, squeezing ever so slightly.

"Wow" Jack whispered.


"Even I've never come across that fetish before…"

"You will soon" Ianto replied, fighting the urge to snigger. Jack laughed again, the sound only cut off by a groan when Ianto's hands began to twist in opposite directions.

"Jesus, Ianto" Jack bit out, the motion becoming tighter and faster. He fought to keep his eyesight in focus as the glossy friction of shimmering burgundy silk threatened to take him over the edge.

"It's always the quiet ones… sir" Ianto murmured with a leer so disarming, Jack involuntarily arched his back and let out a long yell of absolute relief.

Ianto calmly loosened the knot and dropped the stained silk onto the floor, cleaning them both up with a tissue before Jack had even opened his eyes. His efficiency could have been seen as cold, if not for the pink flush that covered Ianto's cheeks and throat, his overly wide pupils, and over-engorged cock.

Eventually Jack's eyes slid open again and he stared at Ianto with a blissed-out grin.

"How do you think of these things, Jones?" his voice came out in a slightly cracked rumble before he licked his dry lips.

"It's a gift" Ianto glibly replied, his normally bright blue eyes darker than Jack had ever had the privilege to see. He quickly sat up, wrapping his arms around Ianto's back so as not to make him lose his balance, rubbing his lips against the young man's shoulder and neck. Ianto let himself be held, feeling Jack's scent sink into his skin with invisible tendrils. His own hands came up to gently caress the captain's spine, as much exploring as wanting to please.

"How do you feel about taking… this… a little further, Ianto?" Jack whispered, punctuating the question with a wide-tongued lick over his Adam's apple. Ianto had noticed before that Jack used his name more than most people did in conversation. He supposed it was part of the charm, making the person he was talking to feel special, feel like they held his attention. And it worked.

"Yes", was all he said. All of this was new, and that was perfect for him. Different was what he longed for, newness, nothing that reminded him of something else. Besides – it was exciting. He didn't fear Jack. Jack knew how to please, so anything that he could show him, he would enjoy; of that Ianto was certain. He wanted the comfort, the singular attention, and to feel reborn. Being alone with Jack gave him some kind of meaning again, and Jack clearly cared for him. He had never made a secret of it.

Jack inwardly grinned like a Cheshire cat, trailing kisses around Ianto's ear and down again, until he reached his mouth once more. To say that he'd never thought about fucking Ianto Jones would be a lie. To say he hadn't thought about it even more since they'd started these private stress-relief sessions would be a whopper. Ianto was stunning, a generous lover, and he made him laugh whilst his intelligence kept him rapt. He'd driven Ianto to madness with his tongue and his fingers, but now he wanted to show him the true delight two men could give to each other. The thought made him shiver and hold Ianto's lean frame more tightly, the young man being extremely patient though his cock throbbed against Jack's stomach.

Ianto cleared his throat, a fluttering of nerves appearing in his consciousness.

"Be gentle with me, yeah? I've never had sex with another man before" he said in a low and earnest tone. Jack simply kissed him in reply, a deep and sensual kiss that he hoped illustrated his ability to be gentle. The revelation excited him immeasurably. He'd assumed Ianto had never fucked another man, but he had no proof. The young man had a remarkably free approach to sex and he learned quickly by throwing himself into the moment. Whilst reserved at work, the mask came off along with his suit in the evening.

Feeling himself harden, Jack made a decision and broke the kiss, smiling at Ianto's decadently ruffled expression.

"Oh, Ianto… in my experience, you learn best by doing" he whispered lasciviously, falling backwards into the pillows once more and taking Ianto with him, adjusting their legs until Ianto was lying between his thighs.

Ianto quirked an eyebrow but he asked no unnecessary questions. He wasn't a man to waste words and if this was the way Jack wanted it, Ianto would comply. He pushed himself up on his palms and brushed his fingertips down Jack's chest, lower and lower until he grasped Jack's cock and stroked it firmly to full hardness. Jack bit back a groan and reached blindly under the pillow for the tube he knew he'd find there, batting Ianto's hand from his cock and pressing the lubricant into his palm.

"No need to be too gentle" he smirked. Ianto suddenly felt the pressure of having to please, especially for a man like Jack Harkness, who'd undoubtedly experienced pleasures Ianto couldn't even comprehend. He felt quite small and vastly inexperienced in comparison, and Jack caught the faltering look in his lust-blown eyes.

"Give me your hand" he murmured softly. Ianto drew up his knees for stability, and obeyed. Jack took the pale digits in his, removing the tube too and without words, coated Ianto's middle finger in a gel that warmed to the touch, leading it between his parted thighs. Ianto swallowed hard as Jack's tight body accepted the invasion, and he pressed up to the knuckle. Jack sighed happily which Ianto took as permission, and he moved his finger experimentally, watching Jack's face as he did. His lips spread into a perpetually dreamy smile that showed off his dimples, and he nodded his approval.

"Try another finger" he said, helping Ianto to apply more lubricant first. Ianto curled the two fingers in a tentative come-hither motion that had Jack's pelvis jolting upwards.

"There… just there, Ianto" he gasped, followed by a helpless chuckle when the young man rubbed that spot a little harder. "I'm starting to think you put some research into this" he teased, goosebumps rising across his torso.

"That's only just occurred to you?" Ianto asked, raising a brow. "I should be insulted…"

Jack threw his head back and laughed loudly.

"You've got a perfect balance of acquired knowledge and natural tal-" he was cut off as a third finger breached him, and he was vaguely aware of Ianto's smug smile.

"That's enough" Jack growled, tugging at Ianto's wrist and pulling him down on top of him once more. "Let's try this, for now… I want to watch you" he grinned.

"Jack, I need…"

"I'm clean."


"Definitely." Jack wasn't going to go into the reasons why he couldn't get ill, or be a carrier, though he had wondered many times whether Ianto already knew through extensive research and his time spent in the archives about Jack's immortal state. Beneath Ianto's probing gaze, he decided that yes, he must know. A man so fastidious about so many elements of his life would never have unprotected sex, let alone with someone like Jack.

"Me too" Ianto finally said, and Jack snaked his hand between them to place the head of Ianto's solid cock at the slick bud of his arsehole.

Maintaining eye contact, Ianto slowly surged forwards, watching Jack's eyelids flicker and his lips part as he slid through the first tight ring of muscle until he was buried deep. It felt incredible, and he was powerful, holding dominion over Jack's pleasure and now feeling oddly confident that he could grant it.

Jack raised his hips to encourage Ianto to move, and so he moved, building up a slow rocking rhythm that soon had Jack arching every time he pushed in to the hilt. They kept their eyes on each other, breath becoming laboured until Jack needed to kiss and slid his tongue between Ianto's soft lips. Ianto's whole body shifted with the force of Jack pulling him further down and his angle changed, forcing a shocked groan out of Jack at his next thrust.

"More" he demanded, and Ianto fought to repeatedly rub that ultra-sensitive place even as he shook with his own overwhelming pleasure. Jack's groans fell shamelessly from his lips, fingers grasping at Ianto's back and smooth buttocks as he attempted to pull him in deeper. Ianto raised his head with a long keening cry of desperation, a fine sheen of sweat illuminating his young face. He'd never looked more appealing to the man writhing beneath him.

"Can't… hold on… Jack" Ianto gasped, beginning to lose the tenuous grip he had on his restraint and plunging in with increasing strength, shoving the captain hard into the mattress.

Jack finally grasped his own aching cock in a sweaty palm and pumped at a ragged pace, growling "don't stop" through his teeth. Ianto threw his head back, his eyes tightly closed and mouth hanging open in rapture, and the sight pushed Jack into orgasm with a strangled cry of Ianto's name torn from his throat.

Jack's single regret was that he wasn't lucid enough in that moment to fully enjoy Ianto's complete loss of control as he followed suit and came deep inside Jack's body, but he was aware of the loud and utterly helpless string of groans, the spasming of his muscles and the throb of his cock as it erupted. And afterwards, the hot weight of a man who could no longer hold himself up, heavy breath against his neck, and a gorgeous scent of sex heavy in the air.

Laughter bubbled up in Jack and he couldn't help himself. He laughed until Ianto had regained the strength to push himself up on his hands once more and raise that single perfect eyebrow at him, then he laughed harder at his expression, before falling silent with a grin.

"Something funny, Jack?" Ianto asked in a voice made rough than usual by his growls of pleasure, carefully extricating himself from his lover's body until they were side-by-side with their legs tied in knots.

"Nothing at all" the captain beamed. "Just… extremely pleasing" he explained, pushing the short sweaty curls of Ianto's normally perfect hair away from his forehead. "How are you feeling?"

"Good, thank you" Ianto replied, the glaze in his eyes clearing slightly as he graced Jack with a genuine smile. "You?"

"Sensational" Jack replied in a light-hearted sigh. "You should sleep."

Ianto didn't need to be told twice. Exhaustion took him as if on cue and he snuffled his face into the pillow beneath his head. Jack watched him for a while, admiring his innocently contented face before he deftly and silently gave them both a quick clean. Then he pulled a blanket over them both and continued to act as guardian, thinking about what other delights he had to show Ianto and what other surprised Ianto would bestow on him. Shifting slightly, something hard and cold prodded into his ribs and he jerked away from it to reveal Ianto's stopwatch lying innocently beneath him. Jack smiled.

He really is quite extraordinary.