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Tifa stared down at the young Materia hunter disapprovingly.

"Yuffie, you know it's hard for Vincent to open up to people; why would you go and say such an awful thing about _?"

Said ninja ran up to the bar counter, slamming her hands down, she cried, "But it's true! I even saw her with Rufus!"

"Sit your ass down! I'm trying to enjoy happy hour!" Cid yelled, throwing his empty shot glass over Yuffie's head.

"Weren't you the one who introduced _ to Vincent?" Tifa asked, walking around the counter to pick up the shards of shattered glass.

"That was before I found out that _ was after Vinny's money!" Yuffie cried, flailing her arms around like some manic. This resulted in another glass being thrown in her direction.

Tifa heaved a weary sigh, "Go to your room Yuffie."

"I don't even live here!"


Streams of sun light danced across the sandy white beaches of Costa Del Sol, the sound of children running around, splashing one another could be heard all along the beach.

Cheerful laughter and smiles upon faces, was very common thing when vacationing at Costa Del Sol, that is... unless you awoke that morning to find your lover had taken your golden boots and gauntlet like poor Vincent had.

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