Pairing: Volkner/Jasmine, Alexandrianshipping

Rating: K+

a/n: this drabble was inspired by the quote "smile, especially if you don't mean it." short and sweet.


fortunate occurrences and beautiful beings

The girl, she was always smiling.

Under that whimsical smile, the smile that had captured the blond man's attention was a different being. That girl, that girl was a fairy of some sort. She was plucked out of children's tale and dropped into a world where flowers don't sing and the sky was never blue. She was dropped into a land of strife and rage, on a city where the waves rolled onto the shore.

She loved her city, for some demented reason. He never understood her affection for the place of her birth. It must have been some kind of secret, some untold story. The city of Olivine had enough room for fairies and witches, so why not wounded soldiers with broken hearts?

That had been his state of being when he first set foot on Olivine. His blue eyes had chanced upon the girl in white, the supernatural being that had appeared out of nowhere. Her eyes were the lightest brown, the shade of iced tea. But that didn't matter to Volkner; the girl had a smile on her face. It was a soft gesture, her lips turned up at the edges, and that beautiful smile, was directed to him.

He was sprawled on the sand, his blond hair sticking out in a comical fashion. The girl had long brunette tresses that flew in the wind, and was leaning over him. Concern was etched in her eyes.

She then quietly asked him if he was okay and Volkner, the shining shock star of Sunyshore, the Sinnoh transplant that had woken up in Olivine by luck and fate, kissed her.