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Author Note: So this is the last chapter of White Carnations. I hope you all like it, and I want to thank all of you for all the reviews, and all the messages that you sent me, that made writing this fic all the more better.

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"MOM! DAD! WHERE ARE YOU GUYS?" Ruka yelled as he entered the house.

He ran into his parents room without knocking.

"EWWW!" he screamed turning away.

Mikan and Natsume laughed. "Just turn around." Mikan told her son.

He turned and then relaxed when he saw that Mikan was sitting at her desk, and was not in bed with Natsume as he had initially thought. Natsume was sprawled on the bed and when he patted the bed and Ruka ran to him and jumped on it.

"So why were you screaming your head off?" Natsume asked, ruffling his son's hair.

Ruka beamed. "I won the race at the sports fest today." he said proudly.

Natsume smiled and hugged him. "Good job!"

Ruka laughed, hugged him back and then ran to give Mikan a hug as well.

"So the little bugger made it here already." Aoi said from the door.

Mikan laughed as she pulled her son onto her lap. "Yup!"

Aoi entered the room and plopped down next to her brother. "I swear he runs like a demon. One moment he was in the car with me, the next he was halfway into the house."

Natsume chuckled. "Moves like his father you mean. I never saw anyone run as fast as Ruka could whenever he needed to get out of trouble."

"Or get someone else into it." Aoi added.

Mikan and Ruka laughed. Then Ruka gave Natsume a sage look. "I never get anyone into trouble. I am just fast because I need to run away from Hotaru, or after her. Either way, its all because of her."

"Thats true. Its funny how many pictures of you she already has, and she is almost a year younger than you." Mikan said with a grin. Hotaru was the daughter of her best friend Kimi Imai, who was also her doctor. In a way Ruka and Hotaru were best friends. In a way. Mostly Ruka was Hotaru's slave and that relationship was not going to change anytime soon.

"So did Papa get you into trouble lots of times?" Ruka asked Natsume.

Natsume chuckled. "Not me. I was the one he helped escape, but I think a lot of our classmates never knew what hit them."

"Hmmm" Ruka said with a grin and Mikan smacked him lightly.

"Don't you hmm me. You already are troublemaker enough." she said sternly but the effect was ruined by the smile tugging at her lips.

"Sure sure." he said easily, sliding off her lap and then running off to his room. Mikan watched him go amused. He looked exactly like Ruka and almost had the same nature. Aoi smiled as she too got up. "I am going to take Yuka and Ruka out to play in the garden." Then she gave them a sly smile. "You two carry on. I would love to have more nieces and nephew's."

Natsume laughed while Mikan threw a cushion at her errant sister in law who ducked away laughing.

The next cushion hit Natsume square in the face.

"HEY!" he protested.

"Hay is for horses!" Mikan retorted as she turned back to her laptop and finished the email she was typing to Ava. Natsume came up behind her and she knew that he was smiling. Even after being married for more than five years, it still made his day when she signed her name anywhere. Mikan Nogi Hyugga. (She had chosen to get rid of the Sakura rather than the Nogi)

He placed his hands on her shoulders and rested his chin on top of her head. "Aoi's idea wasn't so bad."

Mikan chuckled. "Uh huh. I have a five year old son who apparently takes after both his dad's in being mischievous. A two year old daughter, who worships the ground her brother walks on, and tries to eat everything he touches. A 22 year old sister in law who takes the utmost pleasure in spoiling the both of them, and gets into as much trouble as both of them combined and a husband who only encourages all the troublemakers. Add me being pregnant again into all this, and it'll be a miracle if the house does not go up in flames."

"It survived the last two times." Natsume said with a grin. "It even survived when we renovated." Natsume was the one who had moved into Mikan's house, but they had added an extra floor to it, to make room for an office, a library, and extra rooms for when the kids grew up.

Mikan hit send on her email and turned to her husband.

"You are incorrigible." She told him calmly.

"You love me anyways."

Mikan laughed and stood up. "Definitely incorrigible!" she said with a grin as she kissed him.


They both looked at the door to see Aoi holding Yuka. While Ruka had the blonde hair and blue eyes of his papa, Yuka was an exact copy of Natsume, complete with raven hair and crimson eyes. Now she was struggling in her aunt's hold to jump to her mother. When Mikan took her, she glomped onto her.

Aoi laughed. "She takes after you a lot Onii-san."

Natsume grinned. "She sure does."

Ruka ran into the room and jumped onto Natsume, who caught him easily.

"No Daddy! Yuka is like me!" he told Natsume.

Aoi laughed as she and Mikan headed out to the garden. Natsume followed, his eyes lingering on the many pictures that lined the walls. There were now pictures everywhere and here in the living room were two large pictures of two separate weddings.

In one Mikan and Ruka stood facing each other, holding hands, and in the other, Natsume stood behind Mikan, his arms wrapped around her.

Natsume smiled as he yanked his son onto his shoulder, and walked out to the garden where his family was waiting for him. He might have stopped believing in happy endings once, but now he was just very very glad to have his own.