The Past Never Dies

E/O Drabble challenge, challenge word: Unfortunate.

Set: After "Swan Song"

Summary: When an unexpected visitor shows up Dean knows that something huge is going to happen – he just doesn't know if it's good or bad...

A/N: May my compliments get wings and fly to my awesome sisters in crime, Shannz and BarbaraGER – when my mind seems as blank as a fresh sheet of paper it's you that keep it going (and if I'm right it's my turn for the little extra challenge, so tremble in anticipation, my lovelies ;-)

Her kiss was soft and the touch of her hands reminded him of the first time they'd pervaded the terrible numbness that had engulfed him.

He'd never feel whole again, but he loved her for making him feel home.

When the familiar sound of wings filled the air Lisa went limp in his arms.

"Did I come at an unfortunate time?"

"You could say so" Dean huffed, eying Cas.

He'd learned to read every emotion behind this bland facade. Now it flashed 'urgency' in neon letters.

Words fought a way around trembling lips.

"Sam! It's about Sam."

The angel nodded.