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Love Crime

Chapter 1 - When A Woman Loves A Man

"Bonnie are you pining over Tyler again?" Elena asked as she sat next to Bonnie.

Bonnie sighed. Yes, she was. It seemed like it was the only thing she was ever doing when Tyler was around.

Bonnie was at Mystic Grille waiting for Elena when Tyler walked in and captured Bonnie's attention. Whenever they were in the same place Bonnie would be unable to look some where else other than Tyler.

"He looks good today don't you think?" Bonnie asked smiling.

Elena turned and looked towards Tyler, where he was at the corner playing pool with his mates.

"Yeah. I guess" she replied nonchalantly. "Bonnie you know he's a jerk-"

"Elena" Bonnie warned.

"He's a jerk, and you could do so much better. But you like him, and no matter what I'm beside you. Even when you love Tyler"

Bonnie smiled fondly. Even though her friend always voiced her displeasure at her affection for Tyler, she always supported her. And that was something Bonnie appreciated. Bonnie couldn't help it if she liked Tyler since she was a child. Though Tyler never took notice of her is something different. Bonnie couldn't explain why she liked Tyler, she just did.

"You know he doesn't even know you exist" Elena said.

"One day he will" Bonnie replied, firmly.

"Yeah only if you have a boyfriend" Elena retorted then paused. "Actually that sounds good" Elena mused.

"I don't understand. What do you mean?" Bonnie asked.

"Even though I don't like Tyler. I want you to be happy. And if that means you being with Tyler. Then so be it"

"And?" Bonnie urged Elena to continue, because she was sure there was more to this.

"And. Well I have an idea. If you really want to get Tyler's attention….Maybe you should be with someone else"

"I don't wanna be with someone else" Bonnie told Elena.

"Not for real…I mean pretend" Elena said, almost scared.

"Elena are you suggesting I pretend to be with someone else to get Tyler's attention?" Bonnie asked raising her brow. Not sure if should understood Elena right.


"No! No Elena. I don't want to engage in any games to get Tyler. I don't want him that way"

"It might work" Elena insisted.

"It wont"

"It worked with Vicki. Bonnie you know Tyler only noticed her because she was involved with Jeremy"

"Elena.." Bonnie started but fell silent. That was a sore subject for her. She was devastated when Vicki and Tyler had got together, and it was true that Tyler had only shown interest to Vicki when she was involved with Jeremy, but still.

"We could give it a try. At least for a few weeks. Look Bonnie if it works I want you to be happy. And if it doesn't I want you to finally move on"

Bonnie's resolve was wavering. Elena was right. She could try for a few weeks, see if it gets them anywhere, and if not, then she could finally accept the truth and finally move on. But the idea seemed so wrong to her, so…shallow, but the little girl inside of her was excited about the idea, eager. Well, they do say all is fair in love and war.

"Elena. I'm not too sure" Bonnie finally answered.

"Hi girls" they both heard Damon say.

"What do you want Damon?" Bonnie asked, already annoyed at Damon's presence.

"Just saying hi little witch. Elena where's my annoying little brother?" he asked Elena.

"Stop it Damon. And he's…feeding" Elena answered hesitantly.

Damon smirked. "You mean torturing poor little squirrels?"

"Which is better than draining humans dry like a homicidal vampire" Bonnie quipped.

"Funny. You know Bonnie you should taste human blood one day. I'm sure you'll love it. You have that dark side to you"

"I'd rather die before that happens"

"Oh you don't need to. I can feed off you alive as well"

"Damon stop it" Elena interfered.

"What? She started it" Damon said then turned to Bonnie again. "You need alcohol Bonnie, or sex. I can provide both. But I have to say the latter is my area of expertise" he said smirking.

"You're such a paedophile Damon. 170 something year old and flirting with 17 year olds" Bonnie retorted.

Damon's smirk didn't fade. "A hot 170 something year old at that"

Bonnie groaned in defeat. "Argghh. I'm leaving"

"No Bonnie don't" Elena stopped her. "Damon will leave in a bit. Wont you Damon?" she asked, motioning him to go.

"Maybe. Maybe not" Damon replied and made himself more comfortable.

After a few moments of silence Elena spoke startling both Bonnie and Damon.

"Damon!" she said a little too loudly. "Erm.. Bonnie wanted to ask a favour of you"

"I don't want a favour from him, what are you talking about?" Bonnie asked, confusing Damon.

Damon took a gulp of his drink.

"Could you be Bonnie's boyfriend?" Elena asked smiling pleadingly.

Damon spluttered his drink when he heard what Elena said.

"What?" they both said in unison.

"Hell no!" Bonnie refused immediately.

"My, my.. What a turn this night is taking" Damon smiled, observing the girls.

"Pretend boyfriend" Elena corrected.

"Elena. No!" Bonnie tried to get through to Elena, but Elena was trying to explain things to Damon.

"Damon. Its not gonna be real. Can you just for a few weeks pretend to be Bonnie's boyfriend?" she asked.

Damon became more confused. "Why?"

"None of your business. And forget it anyway" Bonnie cut in.

Damon turned to her. "Since I'm the one who's been asked to be your boyfriend, I do think it is very much my business little witch. Don't you think?"

"I didn't ask you anything like that. Look forget it ok? Elena's just being ridiculous"

"Oh I don't think I can forget. I'm really curious to know the reason now" Damon said.

"They say curiosity killed the cat" Bonnie said back.

Damon smiled. "Do I look like a cat? Plus curiosity didn't kill the cat. Stefan did"

"What- arghh" Bonnie sighed frustrated.

"Come on Elena spill" Damon commanded.

"Maybe this is not such a good idea after all" Elena said but continued when Damon urged her to go on. "Well…erm…Bonnie wants Tyler and.. You know what forget it Damon" Elena stopped. Bonnie was right, thinking of this plan was one thing, telling and asking Damon to participate was one thing.

"I get it. The mutt is not showing her any attention and she wants to make him jealous. So she wants a fake boyfriend" He turned to Bonnie. "Cant you get a boyfriend by yourself, without games. Oh wait you cant, since you're asking for my help. You must be desperate" Damon laughed at his own joke. He was enjoying this a lot.

"I swear to God Damon, if we weren't inside I would've burnt you here. Right now" Bonnie fumed.

"Luckily, we're inside. And how rude of you to threaten your boyfriend" he said snaking an arm on Bonnie's shoulder.

Bonnie shoved his arm of her. "You're not my boyfriend. Forget what Elena said. There's no way in hell something like this is happening with you. I rather not have Tyler than to pretend anything with you"

"Aww how cute"

Bonnie got up from her seat. "Thank you so much Elena. You helped me a lot. And Damon…just…just stay the hell away!" she said and left the Grille.

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