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Epilogue - First Date

"Oh God Elena. I'm so nervous" Bonnie said as she walked up and down in her bedroom.

"Bonnie, its only Damon. You've been on dates with him"

"I know, but this is different Elena. This is a real date"

"Where is he taking you?" Elena asked.

"I don't know, he just said dress nice" Bonnie explained. In the morning Damon had called her and said that he'd be picking her up at 9 and that she should dress nice. He hadn't even asked her if she would go on a date with him.

"You know I still cant believe it!" Elena said. "I don't know how the hell I didn't see this, and it was there right in front of me. You know when Damon was all moody yesterday it never crossed my mind that it might because of your date with Tyler. But Stefan saw it and he didn't tell me!"

"Stefan was always the observant one" Bonnie said chuckling, then checked her time. "Only an hour left, and he'd be here"

"Don't worry you'll be fine, the date would be perfect and you'd look great. I don't know why you're worrying?"

"I don't know, maybe because its Damon and he doesn't do dates?"

"Maybe he wants you to forget the date you had with Tyler and only remember his one?"

Bonnie didn't know why she was nervous. No, she actually did. She was fearing this date would fail too. Last night during her date with Tyler, she had thought how it was really boring and dry, and in the back of her mind she knew a date with Damon would be exquisite, she feared now that they were going on an actual date, it would pale in comparison to the ones in her dreams.

"Anyway, I gotta go now and let you to get ready but I want to say this before I go, and I know I should probably say this to Damon and not you, and that Stefan should say it, but I'm gonna do it anyway-"

"What Elena?"

"Don't hurt Damon"

"Are you serious?" Bonnie asked incredulous, unable to hide her smile.

"Yes, I am. Damon is a vulnerable person and once hurt he doesn't heal easily, it destroys him. So be careful, or I swear Stefan would hunt you down" Elena said and then both girls burst out laughing.

"But really I am serious, because somehow I think Damon would be the one who would hurt most" Elena said, once they were able to talk again.

Bonnie hugged Elena and said, "I'll keep that in mind"

Finally Bonnie was ready. She left her hair in curls, and had decided to wear the black flowing dress. She didn't even think of choosing another, that one was perfect for her, she applied little make up, wore her heels and she was done.

Just as she was checking her time, she heard the doorbell, and went to open it.

Her breath caught at the sight in front of her, Damon was wearing a navy shirt that enchanted his eyes and a black trousers.

Damon smiled devilishly when he looked at Bonnie, and his eyes brightened. Without saying a word he pulled Bonnie to him and gave her a kiss that accelerated her heart further and left her boneless. Breaking away from the kiss he pulled her hand and lead her to the car.

"Where are we going?" Bonnie asked, as she settled herself in the car.

"Surprise" was all Damon said.

Through the car ride Damon didn't talk and Bonnie was getting more and more nervous. Finally the car came to a halt and they were out in a flash.

They were deep in the woods.

"The woods?" Bonnie asked, unable to believe.

Damon took her hand and nodded. "Yep"

"Why?" Bonnie asked as she walked with him, trying not to trip.

"Because this is my nature Bonnie. This is part of where I belong, and part of where you belong. What better place?"

True, Bonnie thought. As she came to a brighter part of the wood she gasped. There was blanket laid on the floor.

"You planned this?" she asked and Damon nodded. "Why aren't there any food?"

"Because we're not gonna eat here, I mean I have food in the car if you want, but I doubt will get to eating"

"Well then, why are we dressed like this? Why did you ask me to dress nice?"

Damon shrugged. "I wanted to see how you'd dress for me" Damon said coming towards her. "And I like it. I like the dress, I like your hair. Fiery curls, just like you, my fiery little fury" he said and kissed her again.

"You know I don't usually do these things, and I wont again, it's a one off thing. So I figured I'd make it perfect for you. Something in the middle"

"What do you mean?" Bonnie asked.

"Well, dates are a time for couples to get to know each other right? See if they like each other, learns things?"


"So that's what we're going to do" Damon said and made Bonnie sit on the blanket with him, facing each other.

"Ok" Bonnie said, but still not knowing what they're going to do.

"First kiss?" Damon asked.

"When I was 11, a boy who lived next door"

"Hmm, I thought you've never been with anyone because you was too caught up in the mutt"

"I haven't been with anyone, but there has been the rare kisses here and there. Your first kiss?"

"1858, she was a girl at my school"

"Wow, you remember that?"

"Something's you do. Best kiss?"

Bonnie dropped her head a bit as she felt herself blush. "I have two" she said and Damon urged her to go on. "One was at the party, when we were dancing. It had seemed so real that kiss, not pretend, so intense-"

"That was real Bonnie. I kissed you that day because I wanted to, because I needed to. Not because Tyler was there. That would've been my best but you ruined it for me later. The other one?"

Bonnie beamed. "Last night"

Damon smiled. "Mine too"

"Really? You've lived for that many years and last night was the best?"

Damon nodded. "Yep. I've kissed many girls but they weren't you. Favourite movie?"

"Gone With The Wind"

"Lost Boys. Book?"

"Wuthering Heights. Food?" Bonnie asked.

"Anything Italian" Damon answered, smirking.

"Vegetable soup"

Damon look at Bonnie, surprised. "Really?"

"Yep. Most painful memory? Emotionally"

Damon paused. "When my mother died….and when I thought I had lost Katherine back in 1864"

Bonnie felt a ting but she ignored it, they were being honest with each other. "Watching my mother leave my father and me, and losing grams"

"I'm sorry" Damon said, kissing her forehead.

"Its ok"

"Alright. Enough of this lame, human questions things. Its time for the other one" he said and scooted closer to Bonnie. "You're going to use your powers now. Can you do it?"

"What am I going to do?"

"Not much. It shouldn't take too much power and drain you. You're just going to go through my memories" he explained.


"I want you to know who I am Bonnie. I want you to know what you're getting yourself into. I want you to see my painful memories, the things that I have done that I'm not proud of, everything. I want you to see and decide for yourself"

"There's no need to Damon, I already know-"

"No you don't. You think you know. All you know is the tip of the iceberg, and I want you to see it all, so that if something comes up in the future it wont shock you and upset you. Its better if we lay our cards from the beginning"

Finally Bonnie gave in. "Ok"

"You know what to do?" Damon asked.

Bonnie nodded, and put her hands on Damon's head, and started chanting in Latin. She felt Damon relax and slowly she started seeing beyond the darkness. The darkness that was surrounding Damon. First she saw a small boy with raven black hair and startling blue eyes. She saw the boy witness his mothers death, and saw him cradling a little baby. But the feelings she was feeling that moment was hatred, contempt, anger, fear. Quickly a new memory came. This time she was seeing a big house and a very young Damon, with a very young Stefan. It seemed like a graduation. Young Stefan was graduating for the first time, and the feelings now were, love, pride, protectiveness. Then she felt envy, and slight jealousy mixed with pride and love and she saw Stefan being hugged and kissed by an old man whilst Damon watched. She guess this was the father. Then she saw Katherine, and felt lust, love, appreciation, longing. Hatred, jealousy and anger returned and she saw Damon watch Katherine and Stefan. Huge grief, and sadness as she saw Damon see Stefan get shot just a second before he was. Confusion, shock, disbelief came when she saw Damon awakening to life as a vampire. And then the memories went by quickly. All she felt was bitterness and anger, and all she saw was blood. Always blood. Blood splattering from his victims necks, drinking blood. For an instance she felt the bloodlust, how it felt to crave blood, and she felt sorry for him and Stefan. Damon still drank human blood via a blood bank but Stefan denied it, and she thought it must be so hard for him to resist it. Then she felt more darkness, more anger, more bitterness and more blood. Women, men, brunette, blonde. All kinds of different peoples. She was glad she never saw any child amongst them.

With a gasp, Bonnie came out of the memories and found herself within the woods again. She looked into his eyes, and saw fear there. Fear that she'd reject him. "Damon. You've been through so much" she said and kissed him, then broke the kiss, "Your turn" she said.

"Are you sure?" he asked.

Bonnie smiled. Damon had trusted her and opened himself up to her in a way he never did to anyone. And she wanted to do the same.

Damon went behind Bonnie and sat behind her, her back facing him. He removed her hair aside, and placed his hands on her head. Bonnie started chanting again, but froze when she felt Damon's lips on her nape. She shuddered as Damon's lips travelled to her shoulder, and then back to her nape.

Bonnie closed her eyes in bliss. "Damon" she sighed.

"Bonnie" he breathed on her neck causing her to shiver again.

Bonnie couldn't stop the moan that escaped her lips when she left Damon's tongue on her lower back.

She felt Damon's arm wrap her and pull her closer to him. Pulling her hair aside again, he kissed the column of her neck. He kissed and nibbled, and Bonnie shuddered when she felt his fangs run along her neck.

Damon, mixed with the cool night air and the scent of trees was exhilarating to Bonnie.

Damon continued teasing and kissing Bonnie's neck as his hands kneaded her stomach and breasts. Damon smiled as another moaned escaped Bonnie she was slowly becoming limp less.

Bonnie felt a gust of wind and suddenly Damon was back in front of her, slowly laying her down on the blanket. He started kissing her jaw line, eye lids and slowly travelled his hands up and down her body, finally going under the dress, and placing them on her thigh. He captured her lips and kissed her, and Bonnie put her hands under his shirt and ran her hands up and down his back. She smiled in satisfaction when Damon hissed in pleasure.

Damon was taking Bonnie's dress off when she stopped him. "Damon, the spell? You didn't see my memories"

Damon smiled then kissed the tip of her nose. "I don't need to see them. I'm not going anywhere. You got me under your spell witch and its unbreakable"

Bonnie chuckled. "Well you got me under your compulsion vampire" she said and leaned to kiss him.

Bonnie sighed in satisfaction. This was where she wanted to be, where she needed to be. Right in the middle. In between the supernatural and normal. Right on that fine

line, and with Damon. Tonight was the perfect date for her. Better than she could've ever imagine.

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