It was unusually dark. I was wearing my red dress from Romania. Someone was behind me. Was it Lucian?

They walked around me, circling me like a cat ready to pounce.

"I cannot resist any longer." The voice said, raspy and uncontrolled. I looked up, seeing eyes that were somewhat foreign. But I recognized them. It was Lucian. But his eyes weren't the same dark brown. They were red. They had turned red. They looked greedy and unsatisfied. Was this a dream?

He took a step towards me, wrapping both arms around my mid-section and pulling me tight against his chest. This was a fierceness I had never seen in him. His lips met my neck with intensity. I cried out.

"Please Lucian, please!" But it was no use. I could feel his breathing picking up. He kissed my neck in every place possible. I whimpered and cried out to him, begging him to stop. But he didn't. Instead he sliced his fangs into my soft skin. I gasped and cried out. Tears streamed down my cheeks.

Then, suddenly, everything got silent and dark. I heard a voice, the same voice that came to me in my nap during first period.

"Catalina, my daughter. Let him love you, for true love is hard to come across."

I shook my head replying, "No, I don't want to be like him."

"His love will get you through this hard time."

"I don't want to love him." I cried.

"Be strong my daughter. Soon you will see why we sent you away… so that you two could rejoin and have a new start…"

I awoke with a jolt. I was sweating like crazy. All the covers were off me. I panted for air. My eyes were wide awake and set with panic. A single tear was trailing down my cheek. I wiped it away, quickly getting up and looking out the window. It was raining.

I looked at the clock… 9:30. A nice morning swim in the indoor pool sounds nice…

Walking through my closet I picked out my dark violet bathing suit. It fit the best out of all of them and looked amazing against my fair skin.

I grabbed a towel and a dress to put on after, walking silently out the door. My mom and dad were at work. Adrian and Christian were probably still out from last night's partying. They'd left after I stopped playing piano.

I just hoped and prayed I wouldn't run into Lucian. Especially since all that was covering me was a towel and a string bikini… this also wasn't the best thing for my B-Cups.

But as I was walking down through the piano room to go out to the pool house there was still no sign of him. I thanked god and entered the pool house. The pool appeared before me, surrounded by granite floors and four roman-like columns.

But something felt strange as I waded into the pool. I looked up and sure enough Lucian was coming out of the bathroom… shirtless.

He stopped dead when he saw me, already half in the water. I stopped as well, surveying the scene before me. God, he was perfect. Perfect abs, perfect hair, perfect skin… perfect smile. I guess that's what you get for being immortal.

"Uh, what are you doing here?" I asked, going farther into the water, to hide my… assets.

"Just going for a morning swim," he grinned slyly. I didn't like the way he was looking at me. It was a gaze unlike any of the football players had given me and my dancing teammates. Of course he was a grown man basically. At twenty-one years old he was nothing to just flirt with.

Oh, and those muscles. You bet I was terrified when he got in the pool. His chest made me think he could kill with a flick of his wrist. Great for protection. Bad for me in general.

"You know, you're birthday is in three days." He said, wading over to me. We were still in the short end. The water only came up to my mid-section, which didn't even remotely hide the things I wanted to hide from him.

I kept moving back farther. "Don't remind me." I mumbled.

But he kept moving closer, until the water became too deep for me and he took his chance to grab me by the waist and drag me back towards him. I gasped, my hands landing on his chest.

He chuckled, "Why are you so nervous all of a sudden? You're my fiancée, and eventually you'll see everything anyway."

I didn't like the way he was so straightforward. I didn't want to see all that… at least not yet.

"And I think I deserve to see those curves of yours." His hand slid up and down my side.

I looked away from his piercing eyes. "Why do you insist on always saying that word?"

He raised an eyebrow.

"Fiancé?" I mumbled.

He laughed that same way that always sent shivers down my spine. "Because you are my fiancée." I flinched at that word.

The word just seemed so… adult. It was like I wasn't supposed to say it. I'm only… well… eighteen. I didn't even have a boyfriend at the time he waltzed into my house and decided to make me his bride. I went from single to engaged in a matter of hours. That's not normal.

Before I knew what was happening I was backed up against the pool wall. And his lips were on my neck again. My hands pressed softly against his chest. I felt the curves of his abs underneath my fingers. His skin was smooth, and unlike any guy I had ever hooked up with. You know jocks; the rough skin and all.

He sighed. "Soon you will be mine. Forever." He breathed against my neck, kissing me just below the jaw line. I shuddered. His? Forever?

I swallowed. "Why—why do you have to wait until I turn eighteen?" I asked timidly as his lips traced down to my shoulder and up to my ear.

"That was part of the promise, so there was a designated time to ensure that no one prematurely broke the agreement in any way." I felt the skin of my stomach touch his. It was strange really, feeling him pushed against me. Sure, my old boyfriends had rubbed against me while making out but this was different. He wasn't jumping into it. He was slowly trying to seduce me. No one had ever starting kissing me on my neck and body the way he did. Somehow I felt as if he had prior experience in that kind of… persuasion.

And I felt myself falling for it… sort of.

His lips found their way to mine. I was hesitant at first. He respected that and didn't push me far. There was no one to interrupt this time. I was left home alone on Saturday. It also kind of scared me. What if he tried to take it too far? No he wouldn't. He knew he couldn't.

But it looked like he was having enough pleasure just kissing me. When he deepened it I almost pulled away. He grabbed my thigh, hiking it up around his waist, doing the same with the other one. I found his hand on my substantial back end, running up and down my legs. I wrapped my arms around his neck.

Then I realized what was happening.

That feeling of a magnetic pull was taking me over again. And this time I couldn't get out.

He groaned deep in his throat. My heart was fluttering like crazy when he pulled away. I was panting for air.

"That is how you deserve to be treated." His deep, velvety voice resonated in my ear, "My Queen."

I looked up into those ebony eyes, the same ones that had changed color in my dream. They stared into mine with loving intensity.

I was still wrapped up in his arms as I whispered something with a nervous laugh.

"You know… I'm not really… experienced…" I was insinuating the honeymoon… if I couldn't find a way out of this…

He chuckled. "Oh, don't worry about that. I don't care. That makes it all the more pleasurable for me." He hummed a laugh deep in his throat, getting close to my ear. "I've never had a virgin before."

My eyes flared at that statement. He laughed, smiling at my nervous face. "Are you… scared?"

I hesitated, dropping my legs down from his hips. "No—I—I mean I—well… yeah… I've—I've been scared from day one. Why shouldn't I be? About this whole situation?"

"Don't be. Catalina, there is no need to fear me." His eyes made me think he was trying his best to calm me down. But in reality it didn't actually help.

"Now how about that swim?" He asked, pushing away from me and starting to swim towards the deep end. I pushed off too, and followed. We did at least ten laps. When we stopped I got out, almost running for my towel.

"Why don't we go to the mall?" I asked looking for something to do. I had to find a homecoming dress. "I was going to go look for a homecoming dress."

He smiled at the thought of showing me off. "That sounds like a good idea. I would love to show off my fia—."

"Don't even." I said, cutting him off.

He grinned, walking over to wrap his arm around my waist. "As you wish."

We walked back into the house, and up to my bedroom. I went to go get dressed, putting on a pair of black leggings, a loose, gray DKNY sweater and my gray Uggs. I dried my hair too, putting it up in a messy bun anyway. I put on some make up and hoop earrings.

Once I walked down the stairs with my Louie Vitton purse on my shoulder and my keys in hand I saw him waiting in the foyer. I walked out, my shoes clicking against the marble floor. As I walked into the garage I noticed that he didn't look half bad either, wearing a simple white t-shirt and dark wash jeans. He looked like a model. I think it was then that I realized. That was my fiancé. My fiancé is HOT.

He just managed to squeeze his six foot figure into my mini cooper. It was a funny sight to behold.

"Well I am used to tiny cars, but this one… this one takes the cake…" I laughed—just a little—pulling out of the garage and driveway, heading towards the local mall.