Jasper/Bella M-violence.

disclaimer: BY THE WAY: I do not own these characters. It's just a fiction story for fun! Thanks

The Encounter: Mike hits Bella. What happens when Jasper finds out.

Jasper had been distancing himself from Bella since they met a few weeks ago at college. They had two classes together and she became best friends with his sister Alice. Every time Bella was close to Jasper his emotions kicked into overdrive feeling lust and love from her. He had never felt anything that strong before with anyone and it scared the crap out of him. He was afraid of being too close and then just wrapping her up in his arms and never letting go.

Bella and Alice walked in together to their last class for the day. Jasper slouched in his chair, hair falling over his face to hide it from peaking at Bella.

Alice giggled as they sat down, she sitting to Jasper's left and Bella on the other side of her. Alice knew Jasper needed some time to get control of his emotions for Bella. Bella leaned over talking to Alice when Jasper looked her way locking eyes, fire shocked through his body making him want to jump out his chair. She seem to always do that to him. He knew she was for him but he had to get control of these emotions in order to ask her out without just ripping her clothes off right there in front of no telling who.

Bella smiled at him "hey Jasper" eyes taking in how sexy he was she bit her lip.

"Morning Bella" his throat felt like closing up as he choked it out sensing her arousal for him.

Alice reached over grabbing his arm, "it's okay Jasper" she winked at him "soon". He knew what she meant by that. He smiled then looked back across at Bella.

Mike walked in and hurried to catch the other seat on the other side of Bella. Bella gave a fake smile at Mike then glanced over rolling her eyes at Alice. Jasper watched through squinted eyes seeing Mike sit down by her. He wanted to be the one right beside Bella "Bella" he spoke softly then she looked "good luck" he winked and laughed knowing how bad she couldn't stand Mike and now he had got a seat by her. She shook her head "thanks, if you my friend you would save me right now" she whispered across Alice to Jasper. Alice nudged jasper with her elbow.

Mike poked her to get her attention then began trying to get Bella go to La Push after class. Jasper listened in on their conversation. "Mike. I really don't think I should. I have some really important things I need to do after class. Thanks for the invite though." Bella turned and mouthed to Alice 'shopping after class' and she nodded yes.

All through class Mike kept bugging Bella. Bella leaned back in her chair with arms crossed looking bored and mad to be stuck by him.

Alice leaned over to Jasper "you have to get control of this Jaz. Just ask her out already."

He nodded "I know I'm trying. She drives me crazy, maybe too crazy" he chuckled. Alice giggled and playfully slapped his arm.

Class finally got over. Jasper, Bella and Alice walked out heading to the parking lot leaving. Mike followed in behind. Eric, Jessica and Angela came out running into Mike. Mike told them he has something else to do and wouldn't be joining them today.

Bella and Alice finally left meeting up at the mall. After a several hours shopping and laughing they decided to call it a day "Alice, see you in class tomorrow" Bella hugged her. Alice giggled "by the way Bella, Jasper has the mega hots for you and I know you like him too. He is just a little shy some times." Bella laughed "see you BOTH tomorrow." They left heading back to their homes. (Bella has her own home/does not live with Charlie)

It was getting late, 8pm now. Bella got out of her truck and slammed the door. She turned running right in to a hard body, "so shopping is more important than me?"

"Mike? What are you doing here?" Bella roughly said.

He grabbed her wrist shoving her against the truck door "I've waited and have been nice. What else do I have to do to make you go out with me?" he moved in closer trying to kiss her. She smacked him in the face with her free hand then pushed him back making a run for her door. Pushing a key in quickly he grabbed her wrist stopping her from turning it "no you don't. You just hit me!" He slapped her in the face, she screamed falling back against the door. He grabbed her throat "why don't you just go ahead and open the door Bella."

"No! I'm not going in there alone with you! You bastard!" She tried fighting him. He kneed her in the ribs "Bella, don't make me do this. It's all your fault. You messed with Newton's Law babe. I gave you a chance to come on your freewill but you haven't so I take what I want around here."

Her cell began ringing in her jeans pocket, his hand running into her pants pockets grabbed it seeing the caller id as Alice. He laughed "it's your best friend Alice. Maybe I should talk to her but then again you'll scream." he pushed the silent button watching her doubled over in pain, "why don't you open the door my dear Bella."

Whispering she mumbled "you're crazy Newton" and he kicked her again then leaned over grabbing her by her hair pulling her up then slamming her face against the door giving a nice black eye on that one "don't forget it Bells, Newton's Law." He grinned big, "I'll see you in class tomorrow then. You say anything and I'll be back for more." He smiled, "oh and we have a date tomorrow night. Better dress nice" with those words he let her go, ran to his car and left.

Alice tried calling again several times. She was sensing something strange but this time could not put her finger on it. Bella wouldn't answer the phone, she opened her door and locked it back. Running to her bathroom to see the damage to her face and ribs "geez…I can't go to my class like this. People are going to talk." She began crying "I hate Mike Newton."

The next day Bella didn't show up for class. Alice whispered to Jasper watching Mike's face looking angry "Jaz she wouldn't answer my calls last night, she's not here today and he looks extremely mad that she isn't here. It's really stra…" he looked at Mike then got up cutting her off, "I'll be back." He gathered his books and walked out right in the middle of class.

Bella was making some breakfast before she left to get out for the day hoping Mike wouldn't find her until she could think what to do *knock knock* she jumped. "BELLA?" It was Jasper's voice. She wasn't answering the door like this. "BELLA! I know you're in there! Open up please" he was standing outside sensing hurt and fear. He waited then knocked again "Bella your upset. Open up."

She paused walking from the kitchen toward to front door not sure whether she really wanted to open it.

"Bella. If you don't open up, I'm coming in anyway. I feel that you're hurt and you've been crying, come on darling..." he knocked one more time. "LAST CHANCE." She ran upstairs to her bedroom and locked the door. Running to the window staring at the tree, she opened it then ran to her closet grabbing clothes to change into before she climbed out and made a run for it.

A voice came from behind her "Bella?" she screamed dropping the arm load of clothes and turned facing Jasper who had just came through the window "Jasper! Just. The window?"

His face changed to anger seeing her face bruised "who did this?" He walked closer to her, she backed against her door taking her eyes off of him looking to the ground. His hand reached out walking to her softly touching her face. "Newton?" she nodded. He gently pulled her into his arms when she busted out in tears. Her face laid softly against his chest then buried her face in the crease of his neck, his fingers softly running through her hair "Bella. I will handle this. Tonight you're staying with me okay?" she nodded again against his neck.

His mind thinking of what he would do to Newton as soon as he found him.