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Warning: This story contains incest and light BDSM content.

Do You Dream About Me?

He had been away from home for past two months and he was sad to say he wasn't doing so well. Of course he was succeeding in school. Even though it was a lot harder then he had expected it to be. Mainly because the professors didn't teach anything but Justin had always thrived in the face of educational adversity. The actual problem was that Justin was lonely. At the end of every day he would go back to his single dorm room, microwave his frozen tv dinner, eat, and study until it was time to go to bed. Then he would repeat the process the next day. But that wasn't even the worst part.

The worst thing about his new life was the dream he had every night lying in this lonely single bed. The exact same dream every single night with out fail. It started out with him sitting at a desk in the type of clothes he wore to class every day. A dress shirt tie and khakis because he felt it was important to make a good impression. The first few times he had the dream he had thought he was waiting for a professor but that didn't make sense. Why would he be sitting at his professor's desk? Now he knew why he was sitting at the desk though. It was because he was waiting for her. Every night she would come into the room wearing a catholic school girl uniform and every night the same thing happened.

She walks in the room all huffy cursing under her breath and plops down in the chair. Then they talk about what a bad little girl she is. The tension mounting between them as they argue until it feels like a physical presence in the room. Standing up he walks over to her and pulls her up onto her feet before bending her over his desk. Confusion sparks in her eyes as he runs his hand up her smooth thigh until he reaches her panties, gripping them then ripping them off, flipping her skirt up to expose her, and laying a firm hard smack on her cheeks with his bare hand . Because she is a naughty little girl and she needs a spanking. He's definitely the man for the job.

When her ass is so red that he thinks it might hurt for her to walk he stops and leans over her to whisper in her ear. One hand drifting over her stomach down to her soaking wet pussy as he says, "Do you want me to fuck you?"

A soft breathy voice replies, "Yes please." then in an instant his pants are down and his cock is inside her fucking her. He fucks her in every position his limited brain function can imagine until he comes. Falling back onto the desk with her in his arms they kiss. Then she whimpers out. "Justin"

Suddenly he looks up at her face but it is a blur. Someone familiar he can't quite place. That's when he always wakes up. Alone. In a cold sticky wet bed. It was driving him crazy.

That's why he had decided he couldn't take it anymore. He was going to solve his little problem. Apparently he had a thing for bad girls that needed to be punished. So all he needed to do was find a bad girl to punish and problem solved.

Being Justin, instead of following the obvious normal route and going out to a bar or club, he did something different. Besides he really didn't know if there was any way to work 'do you ever feel like you are so bad that you need a spanking?' into a conversation. After spending all night on the internet he had found his solution. Dream Lovers. It was an exclusive privately owned club that specialized in fantasy scenarios. The way it worked was when applying for membership you had to fill out a long detailed profile about yourself and your deepest desires. After extensive background checks to make sure you weren't crazy of violent you became a member. Then you requested an appointment. The club took care of finding another member that fit you specifications. The only thing paid for was a rental fee for the room which was split between both parties. It was completely anonymous. They even provided masks, costumes, and condoms.

Justin was very nervous about having sex with a complete stranger, but he had to get this monkey off his back. Besides if he felt uncomfortable at any point he could just back out. His appointment was today and as soon as he got out of class he would be heading over to the club. His stomach twisted with anxiety as the clock ticked by. He almost wished it would slow down.

Alex was in abject misery. She hated school, she hated being at home, and she really missed Justin. Home life without Justin was unbearable. She hadn't really noticed it before but he totally buffered the craziness and annoyingness of the rest of the family. Plus now she had no one to harass or argue with. Everything just bounced right off Max because he didn't have a care in the world. She didn't even want to bother with her parents. She knew that if she tried to prank them they either wouldn't get it or just use it as an opportunity to spend "quality" time with her.

That was the reason why she was skipping class. She had to go see Justin and convince him to move back home. It didn't even make sense for him to be living in a dorm room. He was going to NYU which was definitely close enough to the sub shop for him to live at home instead of a stuffy dorm room. She didn't know what was wrong with him. He had been gone two months and he hadn't come to visit home once. Alex constantly complained about Justin shirking his duties at the shop but her mom had just told her college was difficult and they had to give Justin time to adjust before expecting him back at work. Then she had forbidden Alex to go down there and bother him.

She was on her way to the campus right now. She knew he was in his last class of the day because when she had been rifling through his room she had found a copy of his schedule. After looking up a map of the campus on-line to make sure she would have no problems finding it, she was almost exhausted by the effort. She usually never put forth an effort towards anything. What was happening to her? But she didn't want to miss him. Last week she had stood outside his dorm building for an hour trying to get him to buzz her up and he had never answered. He may not have been home but if she knew Justin, and she did, there would be no way that he would miss his class.

Just as Alex's destination came into sight she began to quicken her pace her eyes locking onto her target with determination. She was just about five yards away from the entrance when the door burst open and Justin quickly strode out. She reached up her arm to wave at him and shouted out his name but before she could get his attention he quickly turned and started walking in the opposite direction. Crap his class wasn't supposed to let out for another ten minutes.

She stood there for a moment and called out his name trying to get him to notice she was there but the image of him just kept getting smaller and smaller. Damn, was he running? Didn't he hear her calling him? She took one longing look at the bench next to the side walk before breaking into a sprint.

Class had let out a little early and Justin tore out of there as if his life depended on it, The only thing he could think about was his little appointment and he was afraid, if anyone stopped him and innocently inquired about his plans for the afternoon, his head would turn into a giant tomato and burst all over the room. Well not literally but probably something similar. He was the first one out the door. He was the first one out the building. And he was probably two blocks away by the time anyone else got out of the building. He hadn't meant to seem so panicked. The situation was making him paranoid and delusional. He could have sworn he had heard someone calling his name and he just ran.

What was he feeling so guilty for? He wasn't doing anything wrong. He had read the brochure from the club about twelve times. This was not prostitution. There was no money exchange for sex just two people fulfilling each other's needs. Nothing could be more natural. So why did it feel so wrong. He slowed his pace down to a walk. Deep down he knew. He knew that he didn't just want some random girl to play lead in his fantasies. He wanted that girl. The one from his dreams. It wouldn't truly be his fantasy unless she had the starring role. Every night in his sleep when he heard her whimpering his name after she came he knew that she was the only one.

When he finally reached the club he had made his decision. He just couldn't go through with it. If his dream girl was out there, which he really hoped she was, then he should at least try to wait for her. He stepped into the club and pulled out his wallet. He would have to pay a hefty fee whether he went through with it or not so he might as well get over with it. A gray haired lady that looked creepily similar to his grandmother greeted him at the front desk.

"Hello! Welcome to D.L. Incorporated! How may I help you today?" she said enthusiastically.

Justin shifted his feet nervously and tried not to look at the grandma impersonator. "Uh. Yeah. Hi, I'm Justin Russo and I would like to cancel my appointment."

"Okay just give me a moment to look it up on the computer." she said squinting as she put on her glasses and began tapping at the keyboard. "Oh. I'm sorry Mr. Russo but in order to cancel your appointment you have to notify us at least twenty four hours in advance."

Justin scratched his head in confusion. "Well can't I just pay both halves of the rental fee? I mean I've decided I don't want this…"

"You certainly don't have to do anything you don't want to do. The only thing is if you do not cancel twenty four hours prior to your appointment we are not held responsible for informing the other party of the change. We sent you an email to confirm this appointment and you agreed to the terms just yesterday. If you want to avoid the two hundred dollar late cancellation fee then you will have to tell the other party yourself. You see a lot of people can get displeased in this situation and it is unfair to our employees to have to bare the brunt of the customer's displeasure." The lady informed him.

Crap. He didn't have two hundred extra dollars lying around. "Okay. I'll stay and tell her myself." he said. This was definitely going to be the most awkward conversation he ever had.

"Great! Now I just need you to put on this mask! Oh and you had better take some condoms! Do you want the catholic priest costume? Just in case you change your mind?" she shot out each statement while pushing him towards a red door.

"Wait! I said I had changed my mind I don't need any of this stuff!" he shouted out trying to be heard over her yammering.

"Look kiddo most people almost chicken out their first time here but for the majority of them once they get into their own private room they end up going through with it. Now whether you do or not is none of my business but it is important to maintain anonymity either way. So put on this mask take these condoms and get in that room. She should be here soon. Her safe word is platypus." she said with enough authority to make Justin feel like a scolded child.

He accepted the items she shoved into his hands and stepped through the red door. "Holy shit!" he muttered to himself. It looked like the room in his dreams. Very minimalist, a big leather chair behind a sturdy wooden desk with a little plastic blue chair facing front side of the desk. Justin walked around the desk and plopped down in the leather chair.

He opened one of the desk drawers and dropped everything he was holding in before reaching for the mask and putting it on. He wouldn't need anything else. The mask covered most of his face. It was black and it started right above his upper lip and went all the way up to his hairline. He had to admit the mask was a good idea. The last thing he needed was to run into some pissed off chick who was ready to tell the world about his fetish.

He leaned back in the chair preparing himself for the wait when the door opened. In stomped the school girl in full uniform plus a white satin mask much like his except it hung down a little lower and muffled her speech. She immediately dropped down into the blue chair and huffed out, "Why the fuck did I have to run all the goddamn way here. You could have just turned your ass around for ten seconds but no, now I'm in this weird little office so tell me what the hell is going on."

His eyes connected with hers and heat sparked within his veins. He reached out subtly and opened the drawer secretly grabbing a condom and slipping it into his pocket.

Alex was completely out of breath by the time she saw Justin dart into a large nondescript building. She slowed down and tried to calm her breathing. Was Justin trying to avoid her or had he purposely been leading her here? She guessed that he could have just not heard her calling out to him but she didn't think it was very likely. She felt like she had run across the whole city and she was pretty pissed off when she walked through the door.

"Welcome to-" the elderly lady at the front desk greeted but Alex just rudely cut her off.

"Justin. Justin Russo, where is he? I'm here to see him." Alex demanded. The old woman looked at her strangely.

"My, aren't you awfully eager. You even came in costume but you aren't supposed to know your partner's name. That lousy Brenda must have messed up the confirmation emails. I wonder how much confidential information she let slip out." the woman said scornfully. "Well, never mind just make sure you don't call him by name. He might be angry if he finds out we told you his personal information. Put on this mask. He is behind the red door." she pointed down the hallway.

Alex was very confused by what this woman had said. Was she crazy or something? She looked down the hallway at the red door then back at the lady. "What is this? A weird cosplay convention?" she asked seriously.

The woman just laughed. "Yeah, something like that." she said cheerily before waving her off.

Alex slipped on her mask and walked down the hallway. When she opened the red door and saw a masked Justin lounging in a big comfy leather chair her anger renewed itself. She had run halfway across town to find him relaxing in a leather chair. She stomped across the room and slammed down in the tiny plastic chair that was the only seat left available.

"Why the fuck did I have to run all the goddamn way here. You could have just turned your ass around for ten seconds but no, now I'm in this weird little office so tell me what the hell is going on." she spat out glaring at him.

She looked up to the two holes of his mask and saw his eyes shining with an unfamiliar light that sent fire spiraling through her system.

"I'm very disappointed in your language young lady" Justin said as he came around the desk and leaned on it staring down at her. "You know what you did or else you wouldn't be here. Now what do you want? You want me to fix your problems? Well, what is it this time?" he questioned. He didn't really know what he was doing or saying. He had just looked at her and that had been all it took to change his mind. She was beautiful. Her hair was wildly in disarray scattered around her mostly covered face. A few strands were caught on her red pouty almost angry looking lips. The tresses hanging down past her shoulders seemed to be directing his vision down to her heaving chest. The thin white blouse she was wearing was doing absolutely nothing to conceal the tiny demi-bra that looked like it could burst at any moment. He was lost.

Alex was already majorly pissed about having to chase him all the way here and the strange way he was addressing her was not helping to calm her frayed nerves. "What the hell is wrong with you? Why are you talking like that? 'Young lady' my ass! I guess you must have found out about me almost burning down the school and being transferred to Sister Donovan's School for Troubled Youth. Look it was just an accident! If you really want to help me out you can get me out of there somehow." She looked up at him to try and see if she could find shock or prior knowledge of what she had just told him in his eyes. All she found was a hot glazed over look. Was he staring at her breasts?

Justin saw her glance down at her chest and quickly averted his gaze. He had been only half listening to her. She said something about setting fire to a school. What a crazy thing to make up. He took a moment to think up his next move before speaking again. "What I think you really need, what will really help you is a little discipline. You are out of control. Someone needs to take you firmly in hand." he said sternly as he stood towering over her.

Alex stood up extremely irritated at the crazy talk that was coming out of her brother's mouth. "And who do you suggest to 'take me firmly in hand'? You? I'd like to see you try." she said harshly and she reached out with both arms to shove him.

Justin quickly grabbed up both of her hands before they could make contact with his chest. In an instant he had maneuvered her so that she was bent over the desk with both hands pinned down on the hard surface. "That can definitely be arranged." he snickered into her ear and placed a soft kiss on the back of her neck.

One second ago she had been about to shove Justin and now she was pushed up against the desk. She struggled against his grasp but could not free herself. When had her brother become so strong? She felt him pressing his soft warm lips on her neck and she froze. The sensation shot through her like a current of electricity down her spine settling between her legs. Hesitantly she relaxed a bit. She didn't know what was going on but Justin would not hurt her. His lips were still just barely touching her skin and she could feel hot moist breaths hitting her neck as one of his hands left her wrists and moved down her body slipping under her skirt, sliding up her leg until it wedged between the fabric of her panties and her hip.

His head shifted a bit and he whispered into her ear. "Relax, sweetie and spread you legs for me a little." he said in a hypnotic and commanding tone Alex had never heard before. She mindlessly obeyed and was rewarded a string of kisses along her jaw line. His tongue slipped out to taste the tender skin on her neck and she shivered. She had never realized how big his hands were until now. His left hand was holding both of her slender wrists down and his right was soothingly kneading her hip. Strangely his dominant position over her made her feel safe rather then threatened. She felt almost drunk with the sensation of love and security rolling through her. The presence of his thick erection pressed against her bottom didn't even seem wrong. She pushed back her ass slightly swaying it from side to side to rub against his twitching cock. They both moaned.

"It looks like someone is ready to be a good girl and accept her punishment" Justin said huskily snapping her out of her daze.

Punishment? He was going to punish her? Alex renewed her struggles. There way no way she was going to let him punish her like a naughty little child.

Justin chuckled as he looked down at the squirming girl in his arms. "You can't let this be easy can you?" he questioned smiling into her hair. The hand he had on her hip moved to grip her panties and swiftly yanked. They tore off easily and he looked down at the sheer white material for a moment before placing them in his pocket. "That's good. I don't really like easy anyway. If something is too easy what's the point."

Justin flipped up her skirt and Alex could feel the cold air on her exposed pussy and ass. She felt so vulnerable. She couldn't move she couldn't cover herself. She was stuck. The only choice left to her was to surrender to whatever Justin meant to do to her. She must be going crazy because the thought was making her incredibly hot. She could feel her pussy start to heat and become wet. Justin had maneuvered himself to her side still holding her wrists to the desk. Was he about to let her go? She didn't know whether she wanted that or not.

Justin looked down at his captive with hot eyes. She had a sexy little ass and he was about to paint it red. He almost wanted to bypass the spanking and go straight to the sex. Her pussy was already wet and glistened in the light from her juices. "Okay, baby its time for you to take your punishment." when she stiffened at the last word he ran his hand softly over her behind and began squeezing her cheeks trying to reassure her. "Don't worry sweetheart. It won't hurt… Well not in a bad way." and with that said he lifted his hand high in the air then brought it down hard with a loud 'smack'.

Alex yelped in surprise at the first stinging swat to her bottom. It was promptly followed by another and another. Fire spread through her ass and the abused flesh tingled. She couldn't believe what was happening. Here she was bent over a desk in a strange room, her butt sticking up in the air legs spread and her pussy was fully exposed. Her brother was spanking her. And the craziest thing of all… she was so wet! She could feel the liquid heat dripping down her thighs. She was now the emperor of crazy town.

Justin continued to swat the naughty girl's ass. He had removed his hand from her wrists and had slid it under she belly to support her. She looked a bit unsteady on her feet but she had begun arching her backside into each spank. He felt mesmerized staring at her undulating body movements. He could just picture himself behind her pumping himself into her hot little body. With that thought he stopped the swatting and took a few moments to rub her bright red bottom smiling when she moaned and pushed her ass back against his palm.

"Now that's a good girl. Did you learn your lesson sweetie?" he crooned as his hand moved down to her pussy lips and slid one finger inside her. He teasingly stroked her entrance while his other hand moved from her stomach to her mound, his palm grinding into her sensitive clit.

"Yes!" Alex cried out frantically. "Just help me! Please!"

"Help you? Help you how, baby? What do you want me to do?" Justin said with a deceptive tone of sweetness.

"Make me come! Please, I need it." she said hoping he would end her torture.

"Okay sweetheart I'll make you come but you can only come when I say you can. If you don't have my permission I'll have to punish you again. Now, before I help you I need you to tell me what you want. So say it. I want to hear it." Justin said waiting patiently for her reply.

He was playing with her she knew it but she was so desperate at this point she didn't care. His finger felt so thick inside of her rubbing back and forth and her clit was so hard and swollen it felt like it was pulsing out morse code to her brain saying 'fuck him! Fuck him now!'

"I want you to fuck me… fuck my pussy." She whimpered out and Justin smiled in victory.

He couldn't help teasing her one last time. "You want me to fuck you?" he questioned her.

Alex thought about reaching back there and socking him in the face but she was worried if she did that she might not get what she wanted. "Yes please." she whispered out in and irritated voice.

Justin chuckled at her tone but quickly moved behind her before she could change her mind. He pulled his pants down and rolled the condom onto his erect cock before positioning himself at her entrance. He reached up and tangled one fist in her hair pulling to angle her head back to look at him. He stared into her dark chocolate eyes capturing her lips in an intense kiss as he thrust deep.

She squealed into the kiss. For a moment she had been in heaven. The kiss had melted all her senses and she was floating. Then she had a hot thick rod shoved into her and she crashed back down to earth. She felt like her pussy was so tight around him that it was trying to force him back out. Were all guys this big? Was this normal? Despite her slight discomfort she still liked the feeling of him inside her. She began to rock her hips against him to test out the sensation.

Justin broke off the kiss groaning in a tortured pleasure. He grabbed her hips and stilled them. "Don't do that baby. I'll lose control. God you're so tight! Why didn't you tell me you hadn't done this before?" he panted out breathing heavily. His shoulder muscles strained, his jaw tightened and his face reddened a vein appearing at his temple.

Alex smiled devilishly at her brother's tense features. "What? That I had never been spanked or I had never been fucked? Neither really came up in conversation." she said smartly. Then she flexed her inner muscle's squeezing his cock inside her.

Justin moaned his hips jerking sharply against her bottom. She could feel his heart pounding against her back and amazingly he stared breathing even harder. Alex chuckled to herself. If they both made it through this alive she was totally going to use this to make Justin her slave.

Justin tugged on the girl's hair again positioning her for another kiss. When their lips connected it calmed him some. He needed something to focus on other than the tight little pussy strangling his cock. Releasing the curls gripped in his fist he yanked on her blouse causing the buttons to spring from their places. He roughly squeezed one breast and the girl beneath him gasped. Keeping one hand on the desk to support himself he used the other hand to push her breasts out of her bra cups. With that accomplished he began torturing her nipples. Justin felt her wiggling impatiently in his arms as she moaned into his mouth. She began moving her hips again and he couldn't stop himself. He thrust inside of her hard and fast. Her breathing was just as labored as his. When he couldn't take it anymore he reached down and pinched her clit.

Alex screamed. Stars shooting behind her closed eyelids as she came. Her pussy convulsing around Justin's thrusting cock.

"Fuck!" Justin shouted out as he stilled inside her his whole body tensing. "Fuck! Baby you're so good!"

Alex collapsed on the desk and sleepily looked back at Justin. He was pulling himself from her body and disposing of the condom. Walking around the desk he sat in the leather chair and closed his eyes as if he were sleeping. Alex watched disappointedly as his penis deflated.

Alex pulled herself into a sitting position on top of the desk facing him. When he finally opened his eyes and looked at her she spoke. "Well. I guess we are done here huh? We should go?"

Justin just looked at her like she was crazy. "What? No! We just got here! I haven't even seen you naked yet besides if it's up to me we will never be done. We might not ever leave either just depending on if we can stop fucking long enough to work up the strength to go. Now come sit in my lap!" he reached out and grabbed her pulling her to his chest.

Alex giggled happily and entwined her arms around Justin's neck pressing her mouth to his. When the kiss ended Alex looked dreamily up into his eyes and asked. "So, what do we do now?"

Justin smiled back at his mystery girl and began tugging at her clothes. "Well first we have to get you out of these clothes" she eagerly helped him remove every stitch until she was curled up on his lap naked. Justin's eyes glazed over as he stared down at her. She was perfect. His eyes scanned her body committing it to memory. Long legs, a smooth flat little tummy, breasts that were just the right size and shape to make his mouth water. Her dark hair wound down past her shoulders where one lock spilled onto her breast teasing one pink nipple.

Alex watched Justin's head as he leaned down and took her breast in his mouth. She gasped when he sucked hard and began nibbling on the center. Her hand ran through his hair and she pulled his head away. A dark red nipple popped out of his mouth and she pushed his head over to her other breast moaning and arching her back as his mouth closed over her.

She felt his cock hardening underneath her and she reached out fumbling to position it so she could take it inside her. Before she could sink down onto him he picked her up by the waist and set her back down on the desk.

Alex opened her mouth to protest but her mouth closed and she began to giggle when he leaned forward and started pressing kisses on her mound. "That tickles!" she laughed out as she watched him.

Justin glanced up at her with a mocking look on his face. "Oh it tickles? Does this tickle?" he said before swiping his tongue through her folds. Her body jerked and fingers dug into the edge of the desk. He smirked up at her knowingly and mumbled into pussy. "Yeah I didn't think so." the vibrations causing her to cry out.

Justin tongued her clit before sucking it into his mouth. Alex let out a desperate whimper and tunneled her fingers through his hair forming her palms to his scalp and pulling him closer.

"Mmmmhhmmmm," he hummed out his pleasure at the taste of her filling his mouth. Dipping into her entrance be began slowly fuck her with his tongue. He smiled to himself when he felt the grip on his head tighten and her pussy began rocking against his face. Using his thumb he circled her clit until she was frantic roughly thrusting her lower body against him as he licked and nipped her soft flesh.

"J-J-just-in! Oh God!" she yelled out. Looking down she saw his head still buried between her thighs her legs tightly wrapped around him covering his ears her hands balled into fists clutching his hair. She released him and he stood up taking a deep breath and licking his swollen lips. The sight was so incredibly erotic to her she pulled him close kissing his lips and licking the wet and sticky skin on his chin. She tore at his clothes until she managed to fumble him out of them and he stood before her naked.

Looking at him naked was kind of amazing in a way. He looked so sexy, strong, and powerful. How had that escaped her attention for so long? She had known him her whole life and she had never noticed how hot he was. Wrapping her arms and legs around him she pressed as much of her body against his naked flesh as she could reveling in the the hot hard masculine body next to hers.

Justin's senses were overwhelming him. Feeling her soft sexy body pushing up against him as she placed kisses all over his neck and chest was intoxicating. His mind filled with fog and his instincts took over. Grabbing onto her hips firmly he shoved his cock deep inside her. He felt her arms tighten around him her nails digging into his back. She moaned out in pleasure and he began thrusting sharply within her listening as the moans escalated into screams.

Alex's head lolled back and her eyes drifted shut as Justin jack-hammered into her. Her hips pumped erratically trying to keep up with his pace. Frantic cries fell from her lips as the pressure built up inside her. This was so good! Why had they wasted so many years not doing this? She was almost there when he ripped himself away from her and fell back into the leather chair.

"No! Don't stop! Why did you stop?" she whined out it a breathy tone as she stared at him rifling through a desk drawer. He was breathing hard his face red and agitated. Alex glanced down to his still erect cock. It was a dark ruddy color and it glistened from her juices. She pulled her lower lip into her mouth and scraped her teeth over it thoughtfully before making her decision. Flinging herself from her sitting position on desk she landed on Justin's lap causing the chair roll backwards until it hit the wall. While Justin was disorientated by the sudden movement she positioned him and sunk down engulfing him in her pussy.

"Fuck!" Justin grunted at the unexpected impact of the girl's body hitting his. He felt her pushing down on his shoulders as she spread her legs and took his cock inside her rocking her hips slightly against him. "Shit!" he tried to get up but she only pinned him back down. "I forgot to put on a condom!" he yelled out thinking that would get her attention.

She never stopped moving the lower half of her body only leaned down and bit his ear. "Mmmhhyum… mom put me on the pill when I started dating and … I trust you." she said softly into his ear.

Justin's sex crazed brain heard 'the pill' and his body just took over. He reached out grabbing her ass lifting her up until just the tip off his cock remained in her before slamming her back down.

"Ohh!" Alex screamed out in surprise as she arched into him.

Justin held their lower bodies still looking up at her evily. "You liked that didn't you?" her breasts were level with his face and her sucked one into his mouth scraping his teeth across the sensitive skin.

"You know I do!" Alex grumbled out in an irritated voice pressing her breasts closer to his hot mouth.

"I want to hear you say it." he mumbled around a nipple.

"Fine!" she spat out. "I don't like it. I love it! I love the feel of your hard thick cock pounding into me! It's like a drug! Is that what you wanted to-… Fuck!" before she could finish he lifted her up and slammed her back down. Repeating the movements over and over again.

Alex grabbed onto the top of the chair for some stability. It just rocked back and forth like it was getting ready to either break of throw them both to the floor. She didn't care. They were both bucking wildly against each other and that was the only thing that she was concerned about right now. She was so so close and as the chair snapped free of its rolling base and fell to the floor she came. Her pussy spasming uncontrollably.

Justin just lay there holding her feeling every flex and squeeze of her inner muscles. When the tremors began to die down he carefully slipped out of her and picked her up carrying her over to the desk he laid her out before climbing up after her.

Alex looked up at Justin moving towards her his cock still erect and a hungry gleam in his eyes. He finally sat on his knees between her parted legs and grabbed her thighs pulling her to him. Lifting her hips slightly he thrust into her roughly. With her insides still feeling very sensitive from their last coupling she came instantly clenching down on him and causing him to buck into her harder.

Alex was extremely overwhelmed. The tension in her body was just building and building. When she let it erupt he would just unrelentingly built it again. She wanted relief but she felt like she was at the precipice and she didn't know whether to jump or just let it crumble beneath her. She looked up at her brother to see him looking intensely down at her and she realized it wasn't really her decision because if he said jump she would jump. In this moment he had control of her and nothing else mattered.

Justin leaned forward trailing kisses up her chest and neck before claiming her mouth as he continuously drove into her. The end was coming and he wanted to be as close to her as possible when it arrived. He felt her body begin to tighten and strangely two words just slipped out of his mouth.

"You're mine." the words rang through Alex's ears sending her over the edge. Her whole body trembled as her insides began clamping down on his erection milking an orgasm from his body.

Seed spewed from his body into hers. When he finished emptying himself into her he shifted to his side and lay next to her. A fine sheen of sweat covered his body, his muscles were sore, and stinging scratches ran over his back and shoulders. He felt great! Reaching over he pulled his masked lover into his arms and kissed her deeply.

When he pulled away from her he looked into hazy eyes and smiled at her until she opened he mouth and his name floated out of it. He jerked up off the desk and stood there looking down at her

"Justin" the breathy word had came out of her mouth before she could even think to stop herself. She had figured out not long after she arrived that she wasn't supposed to be here. Justin obviously didn't know that it was her. She needed to get out of here quickly but before she could open up her mouth and let a lie roll out Justin reached out and pulled off her mask.

"Alex!" Justin stared in shock at his little sister. The girl he had just thoroughly fucked. The girl who had just let him thoroughly fuck her. He was an idiot! Her voice had been muffled by the mask but all the signs had been there. Her acting like she didn't know what was going on. The weird things she had talked about. One of the things she had said came flashing into his mind. 'Mom put me on the pill when I started dating' he had thought she meant to say my mom but it became clear now "Alex, what are you doing here?"

Alex pulled herself into a sitting position. Yanking off Justin's mask she strangely avoided looking at his face as she spoke. "I followed you. I wanted to talk to you. I kept calling your name but you wouldn't stop. Why are you here?"She finally looked up at him accusingly.

"That's a stupid question Alex. You should know by now why I'm here. Why didn't you stop me?" he said looking away from her guiltily. He tried to act calm but he really felt like he was being stabbed in the heart. As he had made love to this girl he had felt things he had never felt before. Things that he hadn't really thought he could feel. Now all those emotions were shriveling up in his chest because he knew she was never meant to be his.

She ignored his question and attacked him with an accusing tone. "You came here to fuck some whore! Just say it!"

"Look, it's not like that. It's really more like a matchmaking service." He picked up his shirt and draped it over her naked body. "Now stop acting like you're jealous. It's kind of ridiculous."

Alex flung his shirt off of her as she stood and yelled out in rage. "It's not ridiculous! It's not! Because I am jealous. You came here to see someone else and I don't like it. You want to know why I didn't stop you? I didn't stop you because I didn't want you to stop. I wanted you to do it to me and the more I got the more I wanted. I've always wanted you! I just didn't realize it until now."

By the time she was done with her tirade she was in tears and Justin's resolve to do the right thing was cracking. He reached out and hugged her to himself ignoring the feel of her naked body pressed against his. When he pulled away from her he set her back on the desk and stood away from her trying to look stern. "Do you know how wrong what we did is, Alex?"

She looked up at him her eyes flooded with tears as she asked him. "Are you mad at me for what I did? Not stopping you? Do you wish it hadn't happened?"

Justin could plainly see the pain and rejection written across her face and he just couldn't do it. He couldn't lie to her. He knew his life was about to change and he knew it would be difficult but no matter what happened in the end it would be worth it. "No. I'm not mad at you Alex. If I had to do it over again I wouldn't change anything because… I love you."

Alex flew into his arms sobbing. "I love you, too Justin!"

He cradled her close to him as she stretched up on her toes to kiss him. The kiss infused him with a sense of warmth and well being. He sat down on the desk pulling Alex into his lap and began raining soft kisses down on her tear stained cheeks.

"Uh Justin?" Alex said sounding guilty. "Have you been having any strange dreams lately?"

Justin stopped his ministrations and glared at her suspiciously. "Why do you ask?" "Well. I really wanted you to move back home so I put a spell on your pillow to make you have nice dreams about me. I thought maybe if it worked you would miss me and want to come home. But I guess I messed it up. It never worked." she explained to him.

Justin abruptly stood up and Alex slid out of his lap. "What book did you get this spell from?"

"Uh I don't know? It was little and pink and the writing was in gold." she said dismissively.

"Alex! That book is 'Spells for Lovers'! Didn't you even read the cover!" he said exasperated.

"What does it matter it didn't even work!" she huffed out. She grabbed her boot up off the floor and pulled out a torn sheet of paper. "See here is the spell. It didn't work!"

Justin snatched the paper from her hand opened it up reading it aloud. "Sweet Dreams. Place this spell on a pillow and it can cause the person using it to have sweet dreams about you."

"See!" Alex said triumphantly. "There is nothing wrong with that!"

"That's not all it says! Let me see…" he skipped over the spell and began reading the smaller print. "This spell causes the sleeper to have highly erotic dreams about the spell caster. The dreams will become more vivid every night until the sleeper and the spell caster reenact them in real life. If they fail to reenact the dream on their own the spell will create a situation that will cause them to reenact it. Note: this spell will only work on lovers or those meant to become lovers in future." as Justin finished reading the room around them began to dissolve and they found themselves standing in his dorm room their clothes neatly folded and stacked on a chair.

"Wow! That was part of the spell! That's so cool." Alex gushed enthusiastically.

Justin just looked at her his eye twitching with irritation.

"What are you so pissed off about anyway? As far as I'm concerned this just confirms we were meant to be together. No harm done." she explained to him.

"No harm done! Do you realize I have been having wet dreams about you every night for the past two months? Do you know how much money I had to pay to have my sheets cleaned? I had to buy extra sets just so I wouldn't have to go to the cleaners every day! Not to mention the dirty looks they gave me every time I came in with a bag full of stained sheets!" Justin ranted.

Alex just walked up to him giggling and wrapped her arms around his neck. "Every night for the past two months?" she smirked up at him arrogantly. "That's sixty-one wet dreams…and all of them about me!"She stretched up and bit his bottom lip. "I guess I should apologize for putting you through that…"

"Well you were a very bad girl but I just don't know if an apology is good enough." Justin said with mock seriousness as his arms snaked around her.

"I don't know. Maybe you should just punish me." Alex suggested.

"I guess I could spank you." Justin said innocently.

"I was hoping you would say that." Alex giggled madly as Justin picked her up carrying her over to the bed. He sat down and pulled her over his lap so her bottom was sticking up in the air. She looked back at him over her shoulder and an evil gleam entered his eyes.

"I just don't know what I'm going to do about the other five punishments." he said snickering.

"Other five?" she asked confusedly

"Yeah. I told you that you couldn't come unless I gave you permission. I don't recall ever giving it. You came five times Alex. I counted." he told her as he landed the first swat on her ass.

Alex squeaked out in distress. Why did she suddenly feel like she was in over her head?

Author's Note: For now this is a one-shot. I might add a second part to it later but I'm not sure right now. I hope you guys enjoy it. I tried to make it sexy but I'm not sure if I pulled it off. Thanks for reading and have a great day!