A/N: Ok...so here goes! A new story at last. As per popular request, I've decided to write a sequel to 'How Do We Fix This?', which should be a little interesting...So here goes, chapter 1...x

Aidensfield looked so peaceful at 5:30 in the morning. No-one, save Joe and the milkman were up at this hour, and Joe was mere coincidence. In fact, as he watched from the window of the flat as Henry Jefferson unloaded his cart, he felt slightly intrusive, like his watchful presence was somehow disturbing the regular morning events.

Joe watched Henry drop the milk off at his own front door across the street. It seemed a bit wasteful really. He never ate there any more. All he did was bring it over here from the Police House and stick it in the fridge, should they need it during the day. Still, it was part of the routine now. No point changing the routine.

The summer sun had just about risen. It was going to be a warm day, he could tell. He closed his eyes and leant back against the window frame. Ah, he loved summer.

A shattering ringing disturbed his peaceful thoughts. Without thinking he launched for the phone, desperate not to wake the sleeping figure in the bedroom.


"PC Mason?"

Bloody Hell. 5:30 A.M. Carol's house. It was Sergeant Bloody Miller. Great.


"I see that Wetherby has passed the message on?"

"Sorry sergeant?"

"The message. I assume that's why you're in Nurse Cassidy's house at this time in the morning?"

Wow. That was a relief. Play along Joe, play along. Innocence is bliss.

"Oh yes…sergeant….that's why."

"Then I needn't bother you further."

"No wait…Sergeant! I think she'd better here it from you….I haven't….filled her in…with the details yet."

"Pass me on."

Bloody Hell.

"Urm…one minute sergeant she's in the…bathroom. I'll go and…fetch her."

He peeked across at the bedroom where Carol lay flat out on the bed, snoring. He lay the phone gently onto he table and rushed to her side.

"Carol! Carol!" He prodded her. "Carol get up! CAROL!"

"What time is it?"

"5:30. Miller's on the phone!"

"You picked up the bloody phone! What did we say about night calls!" Now she was awake.

"It's OK. He thought I came to wake you this morning when I found out what was going on. Truthfully, I have no idea what he wants."

She sat up and proceeded to shuffle across the floor. Her morning face was hardly one of kindness and obligation to nursing duty.

Miller sure as hell must have a good reason for calling at this time and Joe better have a damn good reason for picking up the phone.