Hermione stared at her reflection in the mirror and a single tear made its way down her face.

This was who she really was and she couldn't deny it anymore. It was time to face the reality because things would never be the same ever again. The war would come, eventually and the sides had to be chosen.

Hermione had already made that decision and she was almost sure that it was the right one.

She looked to her reflection one more time before getting up and looking at her bedroom. It was a normal bedroom, despite the situation that she was in. The walls were painted with a very light blue that always managed to remind her of the purity of the sky and the ceiling was painted in a very pale pink that always managed to remember her that there was a little girl inside of her that still believed in happiness and love.

Hermione looked at her dress and sighed. She was wearing a black dress that reached the floor but was sleeveless, showing much more skin than what she was used to do at Hogwarts. Her shoes were much higher than the ones that she would wear during the school year but she knew that it was okay in here.

She looked at that mirror one more time before exiting the bedroom, the dark mark stinging in her left forearm. Her choice had already been made!

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