Chapter 20 (and last – Check AN on the end of the chapter please!)

This was it, the day that they had been waiting for and dreading at the same time. The final battle was happening right in the middle of Hogwarts and the only way to stop it was killing Voldemort. Hermione was walking right in the middle of a destroyed hallway that she vaguely recognized as the hallway that lead to Potion's classroom. There was nobody there but she was carrying her wand ready for action if needed. Harry and Draco were trying to take all the students to somewhere safer than the hallways of the now destroyed school to stop them from getting hurt. They knew that the Death Eaters wouldn't hesitated in killing every single one of them and that was a scary thought but Hermione wasn't there with them for a good reason. She would solve one problem at the time. She opened the door of the Great Hall and what she saw there made her smile. Bellatrix was already there as were many other Death Eaters. Bellatrix smiled when she saw her daughter and walked to her.

"It's not too late, my dear innocent child. Tell us where does your loyalty lay and we might consider not killing you. Now, how is it going to be?"



Draco and Harry had finally managed to clear the hallways and they were walking to the Great Hall followed by the Order. Sirius was right besides Harry with a worried and apprehensive loon adorning his features.

"Has anyone seen Hermione?" A soon as those words left Sirius mouth, Harry saw how much the mood changed amongst them. The reality of the entire situation was finally catching up to them. Even though they knew that Hermione had left to search the remaining hallways, they knew that chances were that many of them would not make it through the evening and that the body count would be big, even if they won.

Draco opened the doors to the Great Hall and what he saw there both shocked him and surprised him. Hermione was standing right next to Bellatrix with an evil smile on her face. All the Death Eaters were there and she was in the middle of them, something that shocked every single member of the Order. For a few seconds, no one dared to speak but after that time, Hermione walked to them with that evil smile on her face and pointed her wand at Sirius with a look on her face that Draco couldn't read no matter how much he tried to.

"Where's Arthur Weasley?" Sirius shook his head, a clear indication that he wouldn't speak. Hermione made her wand touch his forehead and asked one more time.

"I will not repeat my question again. Where's Arthur Weasley?" Before anyone could say anything, Arthur walked forward and stood right in front of her. His kids were afraid of what would happen to their father but Hermione was far from caring.

She called him and he walked forward. She gave him a sweet smile and pointed her wand at his head.

"Get on your knees!" Arthur did as ordered; knowing that what was to come would not be good for him.

"Mother, remember when you asked me where my loyalty laid?" Bellatrix laughed a bit before saying that she did remember. Hermione continued:

"Remember that my answer to that question was that my loyalty laid upon the Dark Lord?" Bellatrix gave her the same answer and Hermione continued once again.

"I lied, mother!" Hermione turned to Bellatrix, turning her back to the kneeling Arthur Weasley. "My loyalty lays upon the ones that have been with me during the ones who were simultaneous the hardest and the better days of my life. My loyalty lays upon the Order and Harry." Bellatrix tried to speak but Hermione wouldn't let her. "For years you have tried to make me be just like you but it didn't work. I'd rather die than become like you!"

Arthur took this opportunity to try to get up but Hermione turned around quickly and pointed her wand at his head once again. Arthur shook a bit but Hermione laughed, surprising Harry and Draco.

"Don't worry, I won't kill you. You are nothing but a sick twisted bastard who will pay for his actions but I'm not cruel enough to kill you in front of your kids. I'd rather see you die by the hands of someone who will have a lot more anger against you than I have. After all, you betrayed the Order by selling information to the Dark Lord. I'm sure that someone will end up doing my dirty work and will make sure that you get exactly what you deserve." As soon as these words left her mouth, Voldemort showed up and the battle began.



"Dear fellow fighters, we are gathered here today to pay homage to the ones that died during the one that has already been considered the biggest battle of our noble world." Minerva started her speech with these simple words that meant so much to the ones who had witnessed the horror that had been fighting against the dark wizards that had no problems with killing everyone that dared to do as much as look at them. Those words had a strong meaning to the ones that had seen the entire school surrounded by the Dark forces and that had seen the hallways filled with dead students, students that they knew and familiar faces that had been around for longer than what they could remember.

"We lost many friends but I dare to say that it was all worth it in the end because we managed to make our world safer to everyone. We own that to our heroes, the ones that didn't even blink in the face of danger, the ones that did everything they could do make this world safe again, the ones who gave up the best years of their life knowing that there were no guarantees of surviving just so we could breathe in peace…"

Hermione felt a single tear making its way down her face as she remembered the ones that had lost their life in the battle that decided the faith of the magical world.

Fred Weasley

Fred was the unlucky one that found Bellatrix first and unfortunately for him she was not in a good mood. They found his dead body on the top of the staircase that led to the Gryffindor common room, the floor covered with his blood. Ginny ran to him and cried in his chest, covering her own clothes with her brother's blood until Harry went to her and pulled her to her feet and into his arms.

Lavender Brown

Hermione found her near the Defense Against the Dark Arts classroom. As soon as she saw the huge pole of blood that had poured out of her neck, she knew that she had been killed by Greyback. That was his mark. He killed all his victims with a fatal cut on the neck. He wasn't a fan of the killing curse because he said that no one suffered enough with that curse and he liked to inflict pain on his victims.

Gregory Goyle

Draco had found his friend by the entrance of the Slytherin common room with no traces of blood on his body. He had definitely been killed with the killing curse. Draco felt bad for him but there was no time for that. They needed to move on and do what had to be done. Hermione touched his shoulder in a comforting manner and he kissed her forehead, knowing that she had been close to Goyle too.

Rubeus Hagrid

He fought by their side until the very last minute even though he hated to fight. He died by the hands of Bellatrix Lestrange while trying to stop her from killing Draco. As soon as he dropped to the floor, Draco raised his wand ready to kill her but he would never forgive himself if he were to kill Hermione's mother. He sighed and put his wand down. Bellatrix just laughed and began to utter the killing curse but before she could finish it, a green light hit her and she dropped to the floor. Draco looked to the side and saw Hermione with her wand raised and a look on her eyes that he couldn't read. She had just killed her mother. Hermione ran to him and gave him a quick hug before dropping on her knees next to the man that had been a great friend to her. She began to cry but Draco was quick to pull her up and take her out of there before someone found them.

Viktor Krum

Harry fought by his side but there was nothing that he could have done to stop his tragic death. One of the Death Eaters had been faster than him and had killed Viktor without giving the boys time to react. He dropped to the floor and Harry ran after the Death Eater that had killed him.

Alastor Moody

Hermione found his dead body and Greyback by his side. He called her a traitor and raised his wand. Before anyone else could react, Greyback was killed by a green light that shot out of Snape's wand. Hermione turned to him and he instructed her to run. She did as he ordered without questioning the one that had been like a father to her.

Severus Snape

Without realizing, Hermione ran straight into Voldemort that was comfortably sitting on the chair that had once belonged to Dumbledore, the place where he always sat while on the Great Hall. As soon as he saw Hermione, he smiled at her and raised his wand, saying that he was finally going to kill the one that had betrayed him. Hermione saw her wand flying off her hand and knew that there was nothing else that she could do. She had open wounds on her forehead, back, arms and legs and she had seen many lifeless bodies lying in the hallways. She wasn't strong enough to fight back anymore. She would die with the conscience that she had done everything she could to help Harry and the Order and that was enough for her. Voldemort uttered the killing curse and a green light shot out of his wand. Hermione braced herself for the impact but it never came. She opened her eyes and saw Voldemort's surprised expression right before he disappeared. She looked to the floor and what she saw made her freeze and brought tears to her eyes. Snape was lying on the floor, dead. He had died for her. He had stopped her from dying by taking the killing curse himself. Hermione dropped to her knees and cried on his chest for at least ten minutes. That's how long it took for Draco to find her and take her out of there.

Hermione felt the tears on her cheeks and cleaned them quickly. She felt her husband's hand on the small of her back, offering her the comfort that she desperately needed at that time. Harry was sitting in front of her with Ginny, his wife and the mother of his three children named Albus, Lilly and James. Ron was sitting on the other side with his wife Luna and their two children named Rosa and Hugo. Sirius was sitting next to them with the ghosts of the past haunting his eyes but trying hard not to show it for everyone else's good.

Hermione and Draco were sitting on the back with their two boys. Severus was 4 years old and Scorpio was 6 years old. The baby growing inside of her was still to be named because they couldn't tell if it would be a boy or a girl but they still had three more months to go before his/her birth. Sirius spoiled his grandchildren at every single opportunity but neither Draco nor Hermione had a problem with that because Narcissa did exactly the same. She always insisted on having one dinner or lunch per week so she could spend the entire day with the kids. She still lived in the Malfoy Manor that had been demolished and reconstructed years ago, right after the end of the war. Draco and Hermione had built a similar one nearby and lived there with their children.

It had been exactly ten years since the battle and they had all moved on with their life but once every single year the pain hit them full force. On the anniversary of the final battle they all thought about the ones that had died and the pain came back to them.

They were happy, no matter what because they had made the world a safer place to everyone and because they were all still together. They were all surrounded by people that loved them and that was all they could ask for. They were safe and loved.

All it's well when it ends well.




Now, the kids will go to the following houses:

Rose – Hufflepuff

Hugo – Gryffindor

James – Gryffindor

Lilly – Hufflepuff

Albus – Slytherin

Scorpio – Slytherin

Severus – Slytherin

Emma (the baby that had yet to be named) – Gryffindor





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