The Impala has a close - very close - encounter of the absurd kind.

Disclaimer: Nope, not mine, wish they were, but there you go!


The brothers sat in the steaming wreck of the Impala staring in disbelief through the shattered windscreen at an unfortunate moose spreadeagled lifeless across the hood.

Sam glanced shakily at his shell-shocked brother, "Dean, you okay?"

"M-my baby …"

He tried to think of something positive to say … and gave up.

"Look what I did to her … my poor b-baby!"

Sam had to admit - most drivers hit rabbits occasionally, even the odd coyote, but a friggin' moose? Damned Winchester luck!

Dean stared, wet-eyed, at his brother.

"I'm okay, just in case you were wondering!" announced Sam.