A/N: Or you could call this When Dean Met Jacob, if you prefer. Challenge words used in both drabbles: skin, scratch, dude, wall, splinter, spine, numb, face, space, fade, weird, shoulder, ankle, blanket, sheet, ridiculous. Challenge phrase: All of a sudden.

Word Count: 100 on the nose in each section.

Summary: E/O CHALLENGE. This is the sequel to Ugly Chicken. Edward Cullen's family shows up; Dean meets Jacob Black. Two related drabbles using sixteen drabble words and one challenge phrase.

What can I say. I moved to a nicer apartment, and my muse woke up. With a vengeance.

Dean catches a glimpse of sparkly skin as he turns.

Not gonna get outta this without a scratch.

He doesn't have his machete with him, but he'll still go down swinging.

Too damn many of them. Hitting that big dark haired dude is like punching a brick wall.

The vamp laughs. "That all you got, meat? My turn."

Bones break and splinter; Dean's spine goes numb as he face plants into the dirt.

All of a sudden the space around him is filled with fur, teeth, howling.

Slow fade to black. Dying doesn't hurt like he thought it would.


Shoulder's in a sling. Left ankle's shattered.

Dean's bed ridden now, covered by a blanket and sheets. He's broken, surprised as hell that he's still breathing.

The new Other ones don't say much; Dean knows the look.

You're a hunter. Well, we are too.

Their alpha male shows up. It's ridiculous. He's a damn kid, half naked, feral.

"You killed Edward Cullen. I'm Jacob Black."

"You're shifters. Wolves," Dean says flatly.

"That's right. You got a problem with that?"

Wouldn't be here if it wasn't for them.

"Hell no."

Dean puts out his hand; Jacob takes it. Damn strong grip.