Jade had given up on getting him to stop groping her in public places long ago. His hand had taken up a permanent residence on her thigh about two weeks after they became exclusive. It wasn't so much affection as it was visible affirmation that she was his to anyone that wondered. Dale Squires apparently hadn't been paying attention.

"Hey, who's that girl over there?"

Beck looked over his shoulder. "Oh, you mean Tori?'

Dale waved his hand dismissively. "No, the Goth chick; is she dating anyone?

"Yeah, she is" He said in the least frightening tone he could muster under the circumstances. It was just an innocent question. It wasn't his fault she was taken.

Dale snorted. "Not for long she's not."

Beck's brow lifted and his chest puffed out. "She's dating me."

He didn't even have the decency to look sorry. "Sucks for you then; she's way too hot to have never made out with me."

Beck put down the prop he'd been working and stood to his full height. "First, that goes beyond jailbait dude. You're twenty-three. Second, if you touch her, I will rip your arm off and gleefully beat you to death with it; and that's on the off chance she doesn't do something much worse before I get to you."

He raised his hands in surrender. "Okay. Geez dude; relax. I'm not gonna mess with your little girlfriend."

He almost walked away until Dale decided to add one last thing. "Unless, of course, she wants me to."

Beck couldn't keep in his laughter as he walked away. That was almost as likely as a flying pig in a frozen over hell.