1He turned his head to me with a single soundless motion. If I had not been so determined to absorb every detail, I would have missed it. His face became visible, yet not turned quite enough for me to see his eyes, or the smirk I knew was on his mouth. The smirk I'd never seen, the smirk I'd have died to have seen. His thin body was surrounded elegantly by a blinding white light, leaving me incapable of seeing anything but his abysmally dark outline. My eyes instinctually became attracted to the silhouette of his thin lips as they pursed themselves with every syllable.

"Is this what you really think...?" He took a long, silent breath, and I knew he was pondering how he would address me. Finally, he grunted, showing he had no name to call me by. I myself mused over the possible severity of this situation. Had he no name to call me by because he was disgusted of me, or was had he merely not completely registered my words quite yet? Regardless, there was no point in lying.

"Yes..." I told him, answering his question. He remained silent. The silent pierced our ears, as the entire world waited in anticipation. It was as if there was no other life than me and Kyouya. Every cell of ourselves, and those surrounding us, existed only for this moment. Anything that ever was, in that single instance, stopped and waited for someone to speak. The silence was unbearable, forcing my brain to strain for the minuscule frequencies caused by my blinks, and Kyouya's soft, steady breathes.

It was only Me and Kyouya. The silence waited for us, and only for us. Intuition told me Kyouya's steel grey eyes were focused intently upon mine. I blinked: click. After all, I was being perfectly illuminated by the light behind him. I hesitated, then continued, taking the initiative and saving the remnants of my sanity.

"Yes, Kyouya. It is."

Then, the world turned its patient eyes to Kyouya. A breeze blew by us, maybe coaxing him to speak, maybe whispering words into his ears.

"Herbivore." It may have suggested.

"I don't believe that shit." It may have suggested.

"Leave, and NEVER come back..." It may have suggested.

"Homosexual relationships ARE NOT PERMITTED." It may have suggested

"GO DIE" It may have suggested


"I HATE YOU." It may have sugg-

"Dino." Suddenly, my body was frozen. Had he just called my real name? No demeaning insults, no poorly pronounced foreign nickname, but Dino. It was my first name, not my last name. The name I'd only dreamed I'd hear him enunciate.

"Dino, come here, won't you?" He continued, softly, luring me toward him. The light behind him faded, and his lips curled into something that could barely be considered a smile. His midnight beauty blinded me more severely than the light once had, a beauty that had inhabited my dreams since the first encounter. I took my first step, hardly aware that I was moving.

As I took the slow strides toward him, I realized the wind could say nothing, suggest nothing. It could only brush off your fears, steal the anticipation, and provide bravery and certainty for your disposal. However, if it were to speak, I don't know what it may have suggested.

"Good luck." It may have suggested.

"Good luck."