Head Over Heels



Chapter 1: Heartbreak


Amy Rose absolutely adored parties.

A bubbly girl from birth, the pink hedgehog loved everything about get-togethers: the talking, the laughing, the mingling, the games, and of course, spending the time to get ready for it. For this particular party, Amy had gone out to buy a new dress - a stunning jade green, lined with darker emerald hued lace and hints of dark pink shimmers. It truly was a gorgeous outfit, and Amy felt excited to be at such a party wearing it.

And then, of course, there was the fact that he would be there. And he... well, let's just say that Amy would do anything in her power to get Sonic to notice her. Why? Amy couldn't put her finger on why exactly Sonic made her so crazy - or she didn't have the time to go through every reason - but every time Amy saw the dreamy blue hedgehog, she just couldn't help herself.

He just was so irresistibly huggable.

After taking another sip of the punch, Amy let her emerald eyes do another frantic search of the guests, but once again came up empty, not seeing who she wanted to. Where was he, anyway? It truly was amazing that someone as fast as he was could always end up late.

"Cream!" she hissed to her best friend, who had just popped a brownie into her mouth. "Have you seen Sonic yet?"

The rabbit looked over to her, finished chewing her treat and then swallowed before speaking. Always the polite one. "No, Amy, I haven't... I'm sure he's coming, though..."

Amy huffed and frowned. Where was he? What could possibly be keeping Sonic this long? Why, even Shadow had shown up. Surely Sonic hadn't forgotten. After all, he was one who had gone around reminding everyone about this whole thing...surely he wasn't just going to ditch everyone. Sure, he could be rather... difficult in attending any social function, but still...

He just had to be here.

Sighing once again that she had given her heart to such an elusive boy, Amy made her way to the other end of the snack table, approaching a certain orangish-yellow fox. His baby blue eyes grew in size when he saw her angrily approaching.

"Tails, where's Sonic?" she demanded, her hands firmly on her hips.

"Uh, I dunno, Amy," he said softly, taking a half step back in case the hammer came out.

"You're just covering for him, aren't you?" Amy continued, her brow furrowed in annoyance. "He really decided not to come, huh?"

When Tails just blinked in response, not wanting to evoke her wrath, Amy sighed and turned on her heel to walk back over to Cream, muttering, "Ugh, boys... they're sooo frustrating..."

Her trip back to her best friend was short lived, as the sudden sound of gasps and greetings caused her to twirl around in joy, her mood instantly changing to joy. Yes, Sonic was finally here! An involuntary grin lit up her face, and Amy turned her complete attention to the door, ready to run and tackle the hedgehog into a hug. Oh, just seeing him, with his lighthearted grin, those smooth quills, those lovely eyes... Amy couldn't wait.

"Sonic..." she said softly, her breath catching in her throat when his stunning cobalt frame entered the door. Oh, he was so hot it wasn't even -

Amy's heart stopped.

A bashful chuckle escaped Sonic's lips as he pulled a girl in behind him, his gloved hand linked with hers.

What... ?

Amy's jaw fell to the ground. What was her Sonic doing with another girl?

"Hey guys," he said, his voice smooth and deep as always. "Sorry I'm late but I got a little...held up." An adorable blush brushed over his muzzle as he turned to her, his gaze sweet and loving as she returned it with a smile.

"Sonic?" Tails asked incredulously, his eyes ping-ponging between his older brother and the female clutching his hand.

"Yeah Tails, we're, uh, together now..."


That... can't be... Sonic... and... her...?


For a moment, Amy could just stand there, gasping to replace the air that had rushed out of her lungs as tears clouded her vision. The liquid droplets blurred the distinction between Sonic and his girl, merging them into one figure in Amy's bleary view.

They were together. Yes, Sonic had a new girlfriend... but it wasn't Amy.

But that... wasn't... right... it wasn't... possible... It just couldn't happen... unthinkable...

It was like someone had punched Amy in the gut and ripped her heart out, tearing the vital, emotional organ to shreds. Too many emotions slammed through Amy's body: Shock. Despair. Pain. Horror. Hatred. Anger...


Amy wanted something out of Sonic: an apologetic glance her way, a look saying that he'd explain later, or... even just a friendly smile... At least some acknowledgment... something.

Something other than the tender and loving glances that he was sending in his date's direction, looks that Amy had only dreamed he would one day give her...

It wasn't fair...

After loudly sniffing and roughly wiping at her tears, Amy exploded as a sudden bout of rage flooded her system.


Her rage-saturated voice rang out over the inhabitants of the party, silencing everything except for the blaring music. The blue hedgehog in question turned to her, his olive eyes growing wide in fear and before wrinkling in annoyance as the angry pink hedgehog approached him, her small fists clenched in fury.

"What do you think you're doing?" she hissed as she marched up to him. "How dare you -"

"A-Amy," he stuttered, wondering how Amy could have escaped his thoughts when he'd asked his new girl out. For a moment, all he felt was the familiar fear, but after his girl squeezed his hand, irritation at her antics and obsession replaced it. Sonic steeled his gaze, taking control over his own annoyance to face her.

"Look, I'm-a be nice, okay? I have a girlfriend now. We can be-"

"No we can't Sonic!" Amy hissed, her face beet red in outrage. "You don't understand! How can you date her!"

Both Sonic and his date bristled at this, but Amy was too pissed to notice. "How dare you turn your back on me, Sonic the Hedgehog!"

"Amy." His voice was deep and dead serious, rather cold. Why did Amy insist on making a freaking scene out of everything? "You don't own me. We were always friends; nothing's changed. I never liked you like that."

Everything stopped.


Amy just gaped at her crush like a goldfish as the all too familiar pain of rejection hit her like a shockwave. No... this really was happening, wasn't it? Here was Sonic, the boy that had stolen her heart, with his strong, tan arm wrapped around the waist of a way too beautiful girl, telling Amy that he never did think of her of as more than a friend, and that another girl had captured his heart. His gaze was firm, unrelenting... and hers... taunting. Just one glance into her lovely eyes told Amy all that Sonic's girl was thinking: He's mine, sorry.

Amy ran.

She didn't want to hear or see anymore - she couldn't take it. Desperate sobs escaped her as she propelled herself towards the bathroom, crashing into an empty stall and sinking to her knees, sobbing violently.

Oh, it just wasn't fair... how could Sonic leave her like this? How could he... He didn't... this wasn't happening...

No... it was... a joke, surely.

Then why were his eyes shining like gems when he looked at her?

Or maybe... maybe he was just being nice to her... she asked him and...

Why was he never nice to me, then?

No, he probably just lost a bet...

Then why did he look so happy to be with her, like he was in... love...?

Oh, it was too much...

Oh, what was it about her that caught and stole Sonic's elusive heart? What did she have that Amy didn't? What made her so special that someone like Sonic would stop from his oh so busy life and take notice? Why was she so different? Why was she lovable and Amy wasn't?

What did I do wrong, Sonic? What's wrong with me... don't you know I was always there for you, waiting, and what has she done? She doesn't love you like I do... she never could, Sonic, don't you see that?


The soft voice of her best friend just intensified the flow of tears dripping from Amy's eyes. She didn't want Cream right now. She didn't want anyone... she just wanted to... cry and... have Sonic come... and wrap his arms around her... comfort her... kiss her...

Two small feet padded their way across the floor, finally coming to a halt behind the distressed pink hedgehog. Kneeling down to her level, Cream placed a hand on Amy's shoulder.

"Oh Amy, don't be sad..." Cream trailed off, not quite sure what else to say.

The pink hedgehog buried her face in her hands, her sobs rocking her back and forth.

"Cream... it's... not fair," she whimpered. "I love him so much... why does he have to love her?"

The little rabbit kept rubbing her sister's back before pulling her into an awkward hug. "Aw, don't cry..." she whispered in a choked voice, Amy's tears causing Cream to shed some as well.

"Cream... w-what did I do wrong?" Amy sputtered out, sniffing and wiping her leaking nose on the sleeve of her dress. "Why... her? Why does Sonic love her? Why..." she trailed off, her sobs intensifying.

But as she held her sister close to her chest, Amy got no answers, no help. She was left with the cold, hard reality that Sonic had a girlfriend... but she was still single.


Okay, please calm down, and drop your guns.

This will be a SonAmy story... eventually. After grasping at straws and getting nowhere but frustrated for a few days, I finally got this random idea.

But... this won't be a totally happy story, oh no. It's going to be different from anything I've ever written. (That being said, I don't think I can write "what I usually do" [whatever that is] anymore.)

I have two awesome friends to thank for inspiration.

Jacklethekitsune - Oh c'mon, I bet you were already thinking that. :D It's not completely your fault... but your most recent story had me thinking along these lines. But don't worry, this one's going to be much different than yours.

Bullet Nick - Because you gave me the idea to just write out whatever I was thinking and feeling, turning raw emotion into a story. So yeah... this is what I came up with.

Oh, and yes, Sonic has a girlfriend that's not Amy. I kept her identity vague because Amy is probably too delirious to acknowledge her, but you'll find out who it she soon enough. Plus it adds to the suspense. But no, IT'S NOT SALLY or an OC. I don't know Sally enough to write about her (plus everyone and their goldfish pairs Sonic with Sally in these types of stories), and OC pairings with canon characters are just lame, sorry if you like them. Those of you who know me have probably figured out who "she" is. ;)

So... I don't know how long this is going to be... but I have the next 5 or so chapters already planned... Don't be TOO upset in your reviews... After all, I was originally going to end the story here as a Oneshot, but I thought it left too many loose ends. Who is Sonic dating, and why? It got me thinking, and a chaptered story emerged. Plus, I'm not too keen on unhappy endings... You shall see...