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I'm sorry that it took me so long... the first part of this chapter was driving me up the wall... but I felt it needed to be in there. (So please try not to cringe too badly... the second part is much better, I promise you that much ...)

You know... I just realized that last chapter, when I had Sonic telling Blaze he was now with Amy, it sort of reversed what happened in chapter 1, when Sonic was telling Amy he was with Blaze... huh. Anyway... I thought I'd point that out.

Enjoy the epilogue!

Epilogue: Head Over Heels

After all the guests had filed out of the betrothal ceremony, leaving the officially engaged couple to start the next step in the process, Silver and Blaze sought out a private place to spend a quiet evening together. Silver was holding Blaze in his arms as he used his powers to fly them over the ocean to a rather remote island. Blaze was clutching closely to the hedgehog, trying not to look down and found her eyes tracing his chiseled features instead, her heart beating wildly.

Seeing the island he'd grown up on, Silver came to a gentle landing and set Blaze on her own two feet, but the cat didn't stray far from him.

"I'm glad that's over with."

Blaze's rather abrupt comment threw Silver off guard, and he turned to his fiancee. The cat had changed out of her 'overly frilly and uncomfortable' ceremonial dress into her more typical long shirt and pants garb. While Silver's heart had jumped when he'd seen Blaze decked out in the stunning dress, he loved her just the way she normally was.

"What's over with?" he asked, confused, as he thought this whole thing was just getting started.

Blaze sighed and leaned her head against Silver's shoulder, her gold eyes looking out over the lake that they were standing on the bank of. "The party is over. Going through all of the social obligations. I understand the need for them but... it seems a bit overstated. It takes away from what really matters."

Silver smiled and pressed his lips against the top of her head. Right now her hair was down instead of in a ponytail, and it softly cascaded down to her shoulders.

"I know, Blaze, but... I'm still glad that we're doing this the right and formal way."

"Yes. Now we can focus on what's really important. Us."

With that, the two sat in contented silence for a moment, just holding and enjoying the others presence until a sudden rumbling broke the still air. Silver wondered for a moment before he realized where it was coming from. Then he pulled his fiancee even closer, letting their lips blissfully meet. Blaze's free hand found it's way to Silver's fluffy chest, running her fingers through it as they kissed and she purred to her heart's content. Silver's lips fit against hers so perfectly.

After their lips parted, the two lovers met eyes in a special, loving gaze.

"Two years... it seems like a long time," Silver whispered, running his fingers through Blaze's hair.

"Yes but... we have to enjoy it as it happens. We'll find out more about each other this way."

Silver sighed. "I feel like I have a lot to learn about you, Blaze... and I can't wait to find out more."

Blaze stopped purring for a moment as she laughed, but then snuggled up closer to the hedgehog, muttering, "You're so naive..."

A blush came over Silver's face and before he smiled and said, "And you... are so beautiful..."

It was Blaze's turn to blush as Silver swooped in for another kiss, his lips encasing hers in love and sweetness. And as Blaze kissed him back with just as much love... her heart was melting from the tenderness. Never had she thought that love was something that could ever happen to her, but here she was. She'd never had any idea how good this could feel, to give someone everything... and have them return it just as much.

"I love you, Blaze..." Silver said gently when he broke the kiss.

"I love you too, Silver..." she returned and leaned back into the embrace of her better half.

How many people miss it?

Every day, it happened, and yet how many people truly took the time to notice, not to mention appreciate and fully enjoy it? Maybe because it happened everyday, people had taken it for granted. And yet... still, every evening without fail, whether the inhabitants noticed or not, the earth turned away from the sun, casting a blanket of darkness over the planet as it's light source was obscured. But before that darkness... there was light. Brilliant colors would spread across the sky in a dazzling display, providing a feast for the eyes as well as hope for the new day.

Well tonight, Sonic wasn't going to let himself be oblivious to it anymore. He wasn't going to hold back.

The hedgehog leaned forward, resting his now burn-free forearms on the porch railing of the castle. Yes, tonight he would sleep in a bed like a normal person, as all the pre-wedding guests had been invited to be pampered for the night. Sonic had been apathetic and willing to go back home, but when Amy's eyes had lit up and the others seemed enthusiastic, he'd agreed. Why not?

Sonic smiled softly as he enjoyed the pink and orange swirls of the sunset painting the cottony clouds right in front of him. He was just taking it easy. Right now he just needed time to think and reflect on the whirlwind the past few weeks had been.

It'd begun as a sweeping, crazy, spontaneous, intense infatuation for Blaze, taking up all of his time and energy and thoughts. Sonic had learned just how powerful this mushy stuff had been, whereas before, he'd never thought it'd ever happen to him, or just hadn't understood it. But it didn't last, as his infatuation had resulted an ego-shattering rejection, leaving Sonic high and dry, even though he'd given Blaze everything of himself. He'd been left heartbroken, and shaken to the core.

Then simply out of nowhere, her. She'd come... she'd listened... she'd understood, she'd loved him... and, in the biggest twist of them all... she'd captured his own heart. Because she'd shown him who he was and what he really was doing... Amy had simply thrown him head over heels, topsy turvy, upside down, again and just like Blaze did.

Though while Blaze had given Sonic a taste of what this love stuff was all about, Amy let him experience it for himself, when it was given back to him and reciprocated. With Blaze, Sonic had been enthralled by her beauty and fighting skills, with Amy... he'd become enthralled with her heart and soul, the true girl inside, proven by how she'd loved him.

Amy Rose, the girl who he'd always avoided... had ended up being the one closest to his heart after all.

... that's a bit much, isn't it?

Maybe. But Sonic was finding that some things, especially having to do with Amy... couldn't be exaggerated enough. The girl was just over the top and free-to-the-hilt with how crazy and devoted she was. Amy just wouldn't give up, and was willing to do whatever it took.

Just like... himself.

And yet, Amy wasn't a thing like him. Sonic loved adventure and freedom; Amy liked permanent, safe, more traditional things, though she was anything but a wuss. Sonic was carefree, calm, cool, collected; emotional didn't even begin to describe Amy. But yet... they complimented each other almost perfectly.

Bottom line... Amy had taught him about himself... and the part of her he'd found out left him dying to know more. She'd captivated him. In fact... why didn't he go seek her out now? He had left her back at the party on rather uncertain terms (mostly because he himself wasn't sure where their relationship stood or exactly what he was feeling) and figured that he needed to sort this out. Only Amy could help him do that and so... he was just about to turn from the sunset to go see his girl when...

"Hey Sonic." It was odd how her sweet voice was so welcome to him now, and didn't cause him to run in fear.

Of course, Sonic never had to go looking for Amy. She'd find him. Whether he wanted her or not, Amy would always be there for him. And lately... he had been beginning to want her.

Some things never change... yet some things had changed. Namely... how Sonic had been feeling concerning their whole relationship. And as the girl came up next to him on the granite porch, taking his hand in hers, Sonic found himself smiling tenderly at her. The girl was happy... and that warmed his heart.

"Hey Ames. Nice evenin', huh?"

Amy nodded in agreement, her pink quills bouncing from the gesture. After taking a few seconds to look at Sonic's way-too-cute face, she turned towards the sunset.

Ah... everything about this whole ceremony had been such a romantic fantasy to the pink hedgehog, and she'd eaten the whole thing up in ecstasy. There was just something so... magical about a wedding, and two people that loved each other getting together that Amy couldn't help but happily sigh and dream. And to think she had almost missed it... still, it would've been worth it, to make sure Sonic was okay. But either way, she'd lucked out and gotten both.

Honestly, she'd lucked out through these whole past few weeks, from going through the worst depression and broken heart she'd ever suffered, to... now Amy was actually standing right next to Sonic the Hedgehog, holding his hand, and watching the sunset together. It was hard to believe she'd come so far, after doing nothing but just being there for him.

She turned back to look at him, enjoying how the golden orange sunset was playing with his features. She traced his profile, her eyes lingering on his soft-looking lips in hope, wondering why he was being so quiet. And wondering... if she really had managed to capture his elusive heart with all this. Sure, he'd said that they were together, causing her heart to race and yet... did that mean anything more? She had to know.

Clearing her throat, Amy spoke.

"Sonic, I wanted to thank you for bringing me out here. I know it must've been hard for you, but... I do appreciate it."

He gave her hand a squeeze and turned to her, grinning. "Nah, it was no prob and ya know what Amy..." he paused and looked back out over the ocean. "I think that coming out here, watching Blaze get sorta married... it made me realize she wasn't the girl for me after all. All those traditions and stuff... and I was able to just let her go... ya know?"

Amy nodded, and Sonic continued.

"But, heh, if it wasn't for you, I wouldn't have dragged myself out here to be able to realize that. If it wasn't for you, I would've still been brooding back home."

"That's not true." Amy tilted her head. "You were the one who decided to come here by yourself. I just stayed to make sure you were okay."

"Yeah... but it was only because of your whole deforestation stunt..." Sonic teased with wink.

Amy blushed, but playfully retorted, "How else was I going to get you down out of that tree?"

He chuckled. "Yeah... and your little outburst was the only thing that could knock some sense into me. I guess, heh, I can be a little, um..."

"Slow?" Amy teased, trying not to laugh at Sonic's resulting, almost offended expression.

"NO, not slow, puh, as if ... but more like..." he trailed off, still searching for the right word.

"...oblivious?" Amy supplied, and when Sonic's eyes lit up she internally cheered.

"Yeah, that's it. Heh." he paused again, as if processing something... jeez, how can this girl read my mind!... and then continued. "...and Amy... uh, I realized something else." Amy's heart skipped at these words, and Sonic's tone became more serious.

"You showed me who I was... and who I should be... and how wrong I was about you and everything. You're a pretty amazing girl. You sent me careening head over heels. I mean, this whole thing's been one wild roller coaster, but it was you, Amy, that stabilized me, who showed me what I was doing... who put up with me... who loved me... even when I didn't deserve it..."

"Oh, of course you deserved it," Amy insisted and leaned up closer to him, resting her head against his shoulder.

"Nah, I really didn't. I mean... yeesh, I would never put up with a girl who treated me that way. And... I'm still shocked at that, Ames. You're an amazing girl."

Amy's muzzle blended into her fur, and Sonic still shook his head in wonder at how easy it was to make her blush. He was about to tease her about just that when the girl asked him a question.

She turned to look at him with those dazzling dark green eyes and innocent stare that he'd come to love. "Sonic... did you really mean it when you said we were together?"

Now it was Sonic's turn to blush at being put on the spot again, and he looked away. "Uh, yeah, 'course..." he mumbled.


The disappointment in that word was unmistakable, and guilt hit Sonic as he realized that wasn't really what Amy was looking for. He turned back to look at the girl, noticing she was biting her lip, her eyes trained straight forward, looking distressed.

Yeah, you messed that one up, man.

Amy was trying not to cry. I should've known... he just said that... he's only a good friend... oh why am I complaining? But still, I thought... he said...

Her thoughts were broken as Sonic's tan arm suddenly found its way around her waist, pulling the girl into a warm, close side-hug. Amy gasped and looked up at him wide-eyed, a gaze that Sonic returned with a tender smile.

"Amy..." he raised his free hand to touch her face again, and Amy was quite sure she was going to faint. "Amy ... look. Here's the deal. I... I dunno... exactly how I feel about you, okay? I'm still tryin' to figure that out. But I do know that I care about you a lot and I want you to be my girl. I was thinkin' we could figure it out as we go and just wing it."

Amy's eyes were still as large as saucers, her heart hadn't recovered from 'I care about you a lot.' "Wh-whaddya mean..." she stuttered at his last sentence.

"Weelll..." Sonic blushed again, not used to the deepness and mushiness. "About us." He swallowed and tried to collect his thoughts. "I've been doin' some hard thinkin' about you and everything, and... well, I realized I had ta make a choice. I never thought that I'd end up with you, because I thought that if I ... ever loved you, you'd make me do so many things I didn't want to and make me give up everything and my freedom and I just couldn't do that. I valued my freedom more than anything, and thought that love would go against that... but then I realized... quite outta nowhere..." he paused, his heat pumping at just the thought of what he was going to say...

"That loving you would be the best thing that could ever happen to me."

Did he just say...

Amy couldn't help but gasp as Sonic suddenly pulled her into a full head-on embrace, both of his strong arms wrapped around her waist, and their chests almost touching. Their faces were now so close; Sonic's nose brushed against hers and she could feel his sweet breath exhaling onto her mouth.

"Sonic, do you mean...?" she somehow managed to gasp despite her rapidly beating heart and short breaths. Her hands had found their way around behind his neck, and she grabbed his curved back-quills for support.

He nodded. "I do... I realized that you... were always part of me. And even when I ran you still had me somehow in your grip. Because... you loved me just for who I was, when I was weak and broken and hurting and not myself... no one else did, Amy. No one else cared, but you did. I never thought I'd need or want someone else that much." He let his index finger trace over her face again, causing Amy to blush and smile, her bold green eyes glittering in unbridled joy. Sonic continued, his own heart beating wildly. This whole confession thing still felt surreal.

"And I realized that... if I let myself have you, or gave in, then it'd be nothing but good for us both. It would be more freeing to love you than to run. So... I did give in, and let my heart be finally free to love. Because you showed me that love isn't something to run from. It's something to run towards. And so..." he gave Amy that winning grin. "I'm gonna change direction."

Then... the moment Amy had been waiting for her whole life... the moment she dreamed of and imagined... when her eyes had glazed over, she pictured Sonic holding her, just like he was now, whispering tenderness, smiling softly, and then leaning forward to...

Sonic started extending his neck out, and then raised his left hand to gently take hold of Amy's head, pulling the girl's face closer to his own. Right before he closed his eyes, he could see the bewildered, giddy expression in her forest green orbs before Amy veiled her own gaze.

Oh my gosh this is really, really happening...

Not wanting to mess her first kiss up, Amy puckered her lips a little before Sonic's own suddenly encased them in soft yet electrifying contact, sending both hedgehog's minds reeling in intense pleasure.

Sonic's lips were like honey - smooth, sweet, and thick - as they lovingly caressed Amy's own pair. Amy felt her knees go weak, and if Sonic hadn't been clutching her so close to himself, she would've crumpled to the ground. But as it was.. she was safe and secure, nestled in Sonic's arms as he kissed her deeply and lovingly. Like he wanted her, like he loved her. Joyful, relieved tears squeezed out of Amy's eyes, but she didn't care... she was just so overwhelmingly happy, that this was finally happening to her. Finally... after years of heartbreaks and rejection... she was at long last being held and loved by Sonic. She could feel his hands running through her silky quills, and she raised her own to stroke his back-quills and the velvety fur underneath them.

Sonic felt Amy's soft lips join in on the fray, returning his kisses with all the pent up emotions she'd always felt. He pulled her even closer, wanting to never let her go again, and she did the same. He kissed her passionately, and felt her lips dance back... like she wanted him and loved him, proving that what she felt was similar to his own heart. Sonic had never kissed or been kissed like this before... he'd never felt like this before, to feel so much and have it finally be returned... it was just so surreal, so magical... he felt more free than he'd ever felt in his life.

They kissed until it was necessary to breathe again, though when their lips parted, the resulting smack was nearly silent. Emerald and jade eyes opened at the same time, still a mirror of feelings, but this time not of envy and heartbreak, but of happiness, joy, and love...

Tears were still falling out of Amy's eyes, and as soon as Sonic noticed, he caught them not with his fingers, but with gentle pecks. Of course, this tender gesture only made Amy want to cry more. And she did, as Sonic continued to press his lips against her face.

"I love you, Amy Rose..." Sonic whispered.

"Oh Sonic... thank you... I love you so much... I wanted so long... I dreamed... and now... you're here... and you love me..." she trailed off and rested her head against Sonic's chest and shoulder, still clutching him tightly. Underneath his incredibly soft fur, Amy could feel hard, rippling muscles, yet still under that... a heart beating... for her.

Sonic looked down at the girl in his arms... not believing how he'd gotten so lucky as to have her. She loved him, just for him... and he loved her... he'd succumbed to that love... and it'd been the best thing that ever happened to him.

And as Amy snuggled into Sonic's arms, her happy tears flowing freely, she had only one thought...

He was oh so worth the wait.


The End


To my favorite story that I've ever written... by far. And not just because of all the reviews and faves (though I love you guys and you inspired me to make this story as well-written and detailed as possible) but because... well...

1. Right now, I'm wiping away droves of happy-tears. I mean, this is beyond fangirl scream level to me... And...

2. Why do I love SonAmy in the first place? Mostly because as a young teen I had the whole unrequited crush thing (heck, the guy even actually ran from me one time... :/ ), so I could connect with Amy immediately when I first got into Sonic. And so there were some ties to personal experience with this story... though Amy got the happy ending that we all want. ^_^

3. I got to thinking... What if... I actually did the unthinkable... the horrible... the worst thing ever, and paired Sonic with another girl? I thought, why exactly do I hate that idea so much? And... if I want to pair Sonic and Amy up eventually, then how could that happen? A few hours of thinking later, I came up with this plot of Sonic coming to understand Amy though empathy. So moral of that story, don't be afraid to try something. If you hate it, write about why you hate it... don't tell me, show me, I guess...

Other Inspiration List:

Movies - Fireproof, the 'Cross Scene' ("That is not what I'm doing!" ~ "Son, you just asked me, how can someone show love over and over again, when they're constantly rejected..." )

Songs - Caught Up by Usher (Sonic - "Until I met this girl who turned the tables around..."), Obsession by Frankie J. (Sonic - "What am I doing wroooong?") King of Anything by Sarah Bareilles (Blaze - "Who died and made you king of anything?"), Others, I'm sure apply to this story.

Fanfics/authors - luigi-is-stellar's "Ultimatum", Jacklethekitsune's "In My Arms", Bullet Nick's "Heart Beat" and "Listen To Your Heart."

And yes, there is a deeper meaning to this story (as do most of my stories - if you'd like to know, I'd love to explain it to you), but you may take it as simply a SonAmy story if you wish~

(And if you're going to say that Sonic's OOC in this chapter, then I will add some sad tears to the mix. The whole experience has changed him a bit, guys! Though he's still Sonic... he's just... a little more sensitive now.)

Anyways... I won't bore you to death with my pointless notes anymore. Thank you all so much for reading, reviewing, faving, and subscribing... it means the world to me that you all like my stuff... all your compliments, I really did take them to heart.

And... I guess that's it for this story. I almost don't want to stop, but I feel that any more would be unnecessary. As for a sequel... probably not but I won't say definitely no. I'd need some ideas and lots of time. I got a lot of other things to write at the moment. I'll be updating my profile with future plans of what I'll write next, so check it out if you care.

Thanks again, I love you all!