WORD: Unfortunate

Count: More than 100...

A/N: I'm not dead! I haven't done a challenge in a while and I'm sorry. I've been so busy. Well I'm here now so woohoo. Here's something a little different and it's also an apology for not writing in weeks, written in over one hundred words to make up for my absence.

A Double Life

"Well finally your back, jeez what took so long?" Dean asked.

I stared at the impatient Dean Winchester, "Well-"

"We were basically sitting on a blank piece of paper for weeks because you didn't feel like writing!" Sam said, he had gotten a lot angrier since our last encounter.

"I know. It's unfortunate but I've been busy."

Dean snorted, "Well we haven't been busy at all, Christina! You have a double life, except it! We need you to put us fighting monsters, no more of that sick/hurt/comfort crap!"

Sam cut in next, "Yeah I'm really tired of getting fevers and having to slip Dean sleeping pills when he's in denial of being sick."

"You do what?"

I now had to speak, before Dean beat the crap out of Sam, "In my next story I'll make sure to give you both monsters to kill, Dean I'll give you pie and Sam I'll give you a vacation, your to stressed."

"What about me?" Dean yelled, "I didn't do anything! He set free Lucifer!"

I slapped my forehead, "Alright!" I then headed to my laptop and in a matter of seconds both boys were shirtless.

"Son of a bitch!"

"Are you kidding me?"

I grinned evilly, "Shut up or I'll remove the pants."

The boy's mouths were closed tightly.

"Alright I have school in a few days and a bunch of tennis matches and I might be getting a job so Dean your going to be spending a lot of time with pie and naked women and Sam your going for a spa day, your too stressed."

Then I pressed enter.