Hey everyone~! :D Well this is my first fan-fiction story that I written (still on-going) and yes my first story..is yaoi! So I hope you guys enjoy it! I love Durarara..and its been my new obsession. Kida is my absolute favorite character..although my favorite couple is Kida x Izaya..I decided to go with Kida x Mikado..only because I thought up this idea, and it was also fun to write :] later on I'll probably have a Kida x Izaya story. I hope the first chapter isn't so boring xD

Mikado's POV

Every day was basically the same. Mikado would watch his best friend attempt to use his flirting skills with the girls around him. While there was Mikado… sitting awkwardly on the side line watching his friend, for hours. It had already been a couple hours as his blue hues watched his best friend use his over dramatic voice and hand signals. Clutching onto his backpack strap, his eyes glanced away.

Tonight would be different.

Tonight was the start of summer...which meant school free for a couple of months. Kida had invited Mikado to sleep over tonight. That meant they would finally be able to spend some time alone together. 'It felt like months since the last time we hung out alone.' It was usually Kida flirting with anything that breathed around them…or Anri tagging along.

Watching Kida act all casual in front of the two girls he was with, made Mikado's grip on the strap tighten. For some reason he couldn't help but feel jealous. The only reason why Mikado thought he was feeling this way was only because Kida was his best friend.

His only friend that understood him.

Yeah, that had to be the reason why he was jealous. Mikado shifted a little, seeing the group start to laugh. An odd burning feeling tickled down his throat. It felt like there was fire inside him, making his squirm around on the bench. 'Calm down…this is nothing to be jealous over!' Mikado mumbled in his head, glancing down as he tried to calm this odd feeling he had inside of him.

Kida's POV

"Mikado?" Kida leaned his face close to the males face. Which made Mikado jump up from the bench, stumbling back to create space between them. A smirk appeared on his face as he saw Mikado's face all flushed up. Clearly he caught his friend off guard. Kida loved seeing the nervous face plastered on Mikado. That is why it was always so entertaining to bring his friend along while he tried to flirt.

Kida's smile became wider, letting his hand quickly wrap around Mikado's slender shoulders; quickly pulling his friend close to him before Mikado could protest. "There is no need to be so nervous Mikado. It's just the two of us now and we know each other for years! No need to act like we are strangers~!"

"K-Kida-kun!" Mikado's cheeks slowly started to turn red, which made Kida grin even wider.

Oh how cute it was when his friend blushed.

..Whoa..wait a second! Did cute just pop in his head? Kida shook his head quickly, trying to process the meaning of cute.

Cute was not a word to be calling your best friend. That was just plain creepy. Mikado liked girls. Kida knew that Mikado had a crush on Anri…by the way he squirmed around uneasily when they were together, it was just obvious. Also Kida liked girls. He loved flirting with them. So there was no way a guy could be called cute.

Pressing his lips together, his brown eyes examined Mikado closely. What would Mikado look like when someone held his hand? Would he act all embarrassed? What about when he gets his first kiss? How soft were those lips? They kind of reminded Kida of girls lips...they looked so soft. Though the biggest question was what Mikado would look like during sex.



What the hell was Kida thinking? He quickly broke away from Mikado, placing both of his hands on his head. He couldn't be thinking of THOSE kinds of questions about his best friend!

Mikado's blue eyes were watching him with concern. "Kida-kun..is everything alright?"

It took a few seconds for Kida to calm down before he was able to look over at his friend. "Of course!" He raised his hands in the air, almost as if he was reaching for the sky. He gave a small laugh, glancing over to Mikado. "Really you don't have to ask that question every single day."

Mikado blushed more, "S-sorry! It's just that...I don't want anything to be worrying you." His feet shifted a little.

"Mikado you really need to get over your nervous stage. You've been like that ever since we were little. How are you supposed to get a girl?" Kida asked, going back to his normal self as they started to walk down the sidewalk to Kida's house.

"Do we always have to bring up girls?" Mikado let out a nervous sigh, walking quickly to keep up with Kida's fast pace.

"Well do you want to be an old man living alone with no hot girls to look at?"


Kida laughed hard, seeing the horror look on Mikado's face. His friend's cheeks were burning red, as his eyes were big filled with unease. "I'll teach you." Kida said as his laughter died down.


"I'll teach you Mikado. How to flirt with a girl."