Kida's POV

Morning came by quickly as the sun glistered into Kida's bedroom. Of course Kida's bed had to be angled directly where the sun would hit into his eyes. A small groan was let out as his eyes blinked open. His hand searched for his cell phone as he checked the time. It was ten a.m yet it felt like it was six.

His hand quickly wiped away his blond hair that dangled near his eyes. He had almost forgotten about his best friend sleeping on the ground in front of him. A small smile crept across his lips at the sight of the sleeping Mikado. The male's hair was slightly messed up, yet it still seemed perfect. The blankets around the male had somehow made its way down near Mikado's hips.

Slowly, he crept down near his best friend. The urge to touch Mikado swelled inside him as he let his hand slowly brush through the male's soft hair. Still, Mikado slept deeply even with Kida's hand roaming through his hair. Cute. Kida thought to himself, letting his hand fall back down to his side.

Without warning Kida straddled his best friend by his waist, a smirk forming on his lips. "Time to wake up Mikado~" He said in a sing song voice before his hands started to tickle the males sides. This made Mikado's blue eyes fling open as the quiet room was now filled with Mikado's laughter.

"S-stop Kida-kun!" Mikado said in between his laughter as his body start to squirm around. This only made Kida tickle the male more, enjoying the site under him. Mikado let one of his hands press against the males chest, trying to push his friend away.

"What, you think you can just push me off with one hand?" Kida said with an amused voice, leaning down slightly. His brown eyes caught hold of the male's lips that were trying to gasp for air. He suddenly moved backwards, letting his hands stop moving. The close range they were in reminded him of last night…where he had almost kissed his best friend. How silly of him to be getting so close to his friend again. He staggered off Mikado as he slumped down on the floor.

Mikado's POV

The sudden change of the atmosphere in the room made Mikado's stomach clench up. Once his laughter had died down his blue eyes fell upon his friend. His stomach clenched up more as he saw his friend looking rather..depressed looking. He wasn't sure why the sudden change of moods in the male, but he didn't like it at all.

"Is everything okay?" Mikado asked softly. He sat up, waiting for a reply. Seconds passed and then minutes. No responds.

He inched his way closer to his friend as he placed his hand on the males shoulder. "If anything is bothering can talk to me about it. I don't like seeing you like this your always so energetic."

Kida's brown hues glanced up at him with a smile spreading across his lips. "Thanks Mikado..I'll keep that in mind." Kida gave Mikado's head a pat before he stood up, stretching his arms out. "You still aren't done with your lesson."

"K-Kida-kun can we please stop that!" His face turned bright red as Kida burst out in laughter at the sight.

Kida's POV

Kida knew that Mikado was his best friend, but he was at least thankful that he could be close to him. He felt like he was the closest to Mikado..well maybe besides Anri. But if being his best friend was all he could be then that was what he was going to do.

His stomach growled from the lack of food he had so he beckoned Mikado to follow him down into the kitchen. Cooking was something that he was definitely not good at so he wasn't going to try that. Last time he attempted to cook something simple he almost burnt the house down. Going with something simple he picked cereal. Two bowls were placed out on the table as he grabbed spoons and milk.

As he munched on the cereal, he pointed his spoon over to Mikado. "So lesson number two…" A groan was let out from Mikado's lips as Kida continued on with his lesson. "Make sure they remember you. Remember on your first date you're going to show them who you are. So make sure you get the other person to laugh or let them see your sweet and caring side."

"But, I'm not going on a date anytime soon. You should know that I'm not good with being with girls alone." Mikado said, glancing up at Kida.

Kida placed down his spoon as a big grin appeared on his face. Mikado knew that smile. It meant that Kida had something planned already and he wasn't getting a good feeling about this one. Suddenly Kida jumped up from his seat, making Mikado jump slightly in his seat. Forgetting about his half eaten cereal Kida swiftly took Mikado's arm and pulled him up from his seat. His hand then slide down to his friend's hand letting their hands locks together; warmth started to spread in his hand from their hands contact with each other.

"K-Kida! What are you doing..I haven't even eaten all my cereal.."

"Forget about it, we are going on your first date." Kida grinned with excitement, already planning out the whole day. "This is part of the lesson. I'm only helping you so you know what to except."

"Ehh?" Mikado then started to protest about the whole date idea though Kida didn't listen. Instead he dragged his best friend out the door and onto the streets of Ikebukuro.