Summary: Dean has a bad day. Mild spoilers for season 5. Crack!fic

Challenge WOW: Unfortunate

Word Count: 100

A Series of Unfortunate Events

He ran, trying to get out of the rain. He yanked on the handle; wouldn't budge. He dug for his keys. They were in the front seat.

"DAMN IT!" He bellowed, stepping into a large puddle, soaking his pant leg in mud, oil and water.

Rain poured, bringing hail with it. He tried to kick a tire, falling on his backside as an SUV went by.

"SON OF A BITCH!" Phone, drowned, wallet soaked, car locked, body drenched, hail painful. A most unfortunate day.

Gabriel leaned against the brick wall he'd been peeking around, hand over his mouth, stifling giggles.