Revealation of the True Sasuke 3.

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Chapter 3.

"Hello Little Brother." Kayrianna says taking her son from Sakura.

"So this is our son. A good looking boy if you ask me." Naruto says kissing his son & then the mother.

"So Loser I see you have become a father before me, no matter Your child will live without a father just like you."

"Shut up, Little Brother you won't be able to kill him so easily." Kayrianna says in a puff of smoke showing that she was actually a black haired girl with Sharingan eyes.

"Holy Shit, It's my big sister, I thought you were dead. Why did you get together with him & decide to have a child? How did you survive the Massacre?" Sasuke shouts running towards the Leaf villages ninja.

The Leaf ninja all tense expecting an attack but Naruto says "Relax guys, He is just coming to see his nephew & sister."

Time Skip until just before a 2nd Kage Summit.

Outside the building in Iron country, a whiskered blond sat shirtless with a raven-haired girl straddling him nearby was there son in a sleeping bag. They stop as the Mizukage walked by.

The blond, Naruto whispered into the raven's ear "We should get ready for what's going to happen in there."

"Yeah we should." the raven said slightly disappointed.

Naruto pulls on his sage cloak saying "Hopefully little Sasuke doesn't get fussy during the meeting.

"Aren't you going to put on your shirt at least. I don't want the Mizukage jumping you in the middle of the meeting." Kayrianna gasps as she picked up their son.

They walk into the building mentally preparing themselves for the meeting.

Inside the meeting room.

"Fellow Kage's, I have called this meeting to inform you of the death of Sasuke Uchiha & to introduce my successor for the position of Hokage. Naruto, come in." Tsuande calls.

Naruto walks in dressed in his black pants, pouches & of course his Sage cloak, revealing his six-pack. The Mizukage gasps, as well as Temari who is in the room as a guard for Gaara.

"Greetings Raikage, Kazekage, Lord Tsuchikage, Lady Tsunade & not forgeting yourself Mei Temuri, Mizukage. I have been selected as the Sixth Hokage. I have been called here to tell you the reasons why. I have the strength because I have defeated Pein, leader of the Akatsuki, a feat our Hokage & Jiraiya could not. I defeated Gaara in his full demon form as a genin. I fought Sasuke on equal terms without the Kyuubi's chakra. I have the heritage, my father was Minato Namikaze, the Yellow Flash. I am also here to tell you how Sasuke Uchiha died & why. Sasuke Uchiha died by jumping in front of Madara Uchiha as he tried to kidnap Sasuke's nephew. First I shall introduce Kayrianna Uchiha , sister to both Itachi & Sasuke, she is the mother to Sasuke's nephew. I am the father of Sasuke's nephew. Kayrianna please come in." Naruto goes on for five minutes.

Kayrianna came into the room holding Sasuke Uchiha Jr. She gave him to his father.

"Thank you for listening Kage's. I will make an announcement after any other business is finished. Please don't be harse on her for her family." Naruto says sitting next to Tsunade.

Skip until after talk with Kayrianna.

"Okay, seeing that any other business has been finished. I will make my announcement." Naruto says handing his son to his mother & walking around the table to kneel in front of the Mizukage. "The Leaf village keeps the accords made in an alliance. I, Naruto Namikaze, present myself before you Mei Temuri to offer myself in marriage to bind the alliance between our villages. However I am elligible for the Clan Restortation Act & I wish to participate in it."

"What?" Temari asks increduosly.

"I accept the offer of marriage to bind the alliance & your participation in the CRA." Mei says in a rush.

" Lady Tsunade, I also wish to arrainge a political marriage for our villages." Gaara says in his monotone.

"We will discuss this later. I have to attend to details of the marriage." Tsunade.

Gaara & his siblings walk into a corner of the room.

"Temari, I would like you to be a participant in our arrainged marriage. Are there any people in the Leaf Village that you would like to marry?"

"Well, there are two people that I could live with if I were married to them. They are Shikimaru & Naruto."

"Ok, I will inform Lady Tsunade of the choices."

"Lady Tsunade, I have options for the marriage to Temari, they are Shikimaru & Naruto. I suggest that you ask them about it." Gaara.

"Okay, I will ask Shikimaru first but I think He will turn it down." Tsunade.

With Naruto & the Kumo girls.

"How are you Yugito?" Naruto asked.

"I've never been better. Nibi has been purring since you helped me with mating season." Yugito said dreamily.

"He helped you through mating season. So how was it?" Samui asked Yugito.

"It was great. It went on for 3 days. He is excellent in bed." purred Yugito.

"Damn, she's still purring, she was doing that until she left." Naruto said.

"Naruto, I'm gonna convince the Raikage to let me marry you so I can get more of that good sex." Yugito says giving him a kiss.

A week later.

"Okay, so I'm going to marry Mei, Temari, Yugito, Kayrianna & Sakura unless something happens to prevent that." Naruto says sighing.

"Why the sigh?" Tsunade asks.

"It's not because of the girls themselves, it's just the likelyness of something happening when I go to confront Madara."

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