Settling in Harmonica

This is the life of Hikari. Her parents died in a airplane crash when Hikari was about five years old. She lived with her grandmother after her parents died. When her grandmother died. She was forced to live with foster parents. Hikari was about eight years old when she lived with her foster parents. Her foster parent treated her very badly. They were only concerned with getting a bigger welfare check from the government. Hikari's foster parent's would see to it that their biological kids got everything. She would go without adequate clothing and school supplies. Her foster parent made her and another foster child do all of the house chores. They dare not say anything to protest. If they did, they would have to endure great physical abuse. Hikari said in her mind, I will do well in school, graduate, and leave town. She loves animals and loved gardening, things she were familiar with, when she living on her grandmother's farm. Hikari finally graduated from high school with honors. She wanted to make a life for herself, then find love. Spending most of her life without having no one to love. She longed for it. Hikari heard all about a nice town call Harmonica. She actually traveled there to check it out. She talked to the mayor of Harmonica.

Hikari: Hi, My name is Hikari.

?: Hi, I have been expecting you. My name is Hamilton. I'm the mayor of Harmonica. It's a pleasure to finally meet you. I got your fax. I understand that you are considering living in Harmonica. Am I right?

Hikari: Yes, something drew me to your town. I feel I can share in helping the people here in Harmonica. (Hikari had just meet Finn and promised Finn to help the Harvest Goddess.)

Hamilton: Right now our town is in economic distress. Can you help us revitalize our town and community?

Hikari: Well I barely know you or any of the towns people, But I sense that your a good person. I would like to help you out, but I have no place to stay.

Hamilton: That's no problem. I knew you were coming. I have a house, barn, chicken coop and farm land waiting for you. you also have a few vegetables growing in the garden. For a small price of $5,000g.

Hikari: I don't have that kind of money right now. Do you know of someone I can stay and work, for until I get the money to buy it.

Hamilton: You can stay in the house I prepared for you. you can take your time paying me back. There is no time limit.

Hikari: Thank you. I shall help this town to the best of my ability.

Hamilton: I want you to get to know everyone in town.

Hikari: OK.

Hikari met everyone in town. She met everyone in the community. She helped get the bridge fixed. As well as, get the railway operational. As much as she wanted to have someone to love, she put off dating anyone. Hikari wanted to have her house and farm fit for a potential spouse to be comfortable. Hikari spent her first days, mining on rainy days, farming and ranching. Hikari owned 5 cows, to sheep, 1 horse, 2 ducks,6 chickens and 4 silk worms. Hikari found 5 of the harvest bells. She's friend nearly with everyone. She had her house upgraded to a level 3. Had enough money in the bank to live comfortably. It had taken her 5 seasons to accomplish all that she has. She was now ready to complete her second goal. She was longing to have someone to share her life with. There were only 4 bachelors for her to woo. Chase, Luke, Jin and Wizard were the only men left to date. Hikari was friends with all 4 of the bachelors. Which one will she choose? Which one will she love? Which one will she marry?