Together for Ever

It's Autumn 24th. At 10:00 Jin and Hikari have their wedding ceremony. They say their vows to one another, in front of everyone present. Jin surprises Hikari with an expensive 4 carat diamond ring, with blue feather diamonds surrounding it and around the band. When she saw it, her eyes pop out of her head. She was truly surprised. She loved it. Jin gave her a lustful gaze, then winked at her. After the ceremony. Hamilton gave the newlyweds a boat ticket to go to Toucan Island on their honeymoon. They thank the mayor. And thank everyone for attending their wedding. Everyone gave great gifts. Jin had more surprises in store for Hikari. Jin and Hikari take all of their wedding gifts home and change their clothing.

Jin: It's to cold to thoroughly enjoy our marriage here in Harmonica. Let's go on our honeymoon.

Hikari: OK Jin. I need to pack my clothing.

Jin: Hikari don't pack anything.

Hikari: OK

Jin and Hikari go on their Honeymoon. Around 1:30 they leave by boat. They arrive at 2:30. Jin and Hikari walks on the beach.

Jin: I have more surprises for you.

Hikari: What would that be?

Jin: I intend for us stay on Toucan Island for quite a while.

Hikari: Jin we have no where to stay. I have no clothes to change into.

Jin: Hikari do you see the vacation house next to Pineapple Inn?

Hikari: Yes.

Jin: I bought it yesterday. In our vacation house, I bought you a sexy summer\spring new wardrobe for you to wear, while you are vacationing here. Let's check out our new vacation house.

Hikari and Jin walk over to their new house in Toucan Island. They go inside.

Hikari: Jin it's beautiful in here.

Jin: Hikari I made arrangements for us to stay here for most the whole season of winter, except the last week of winter.

Hikari: What about my farm animals? Who's going to care for them? What about my crops?

Jin: Don't worry about that. I hired enough people to take care of our farm. I want to enjoy you the whole season of winter. I never had a vacation since I studied to become a doctor and became a doctor until now. I want you to thoroughly enjoy yourself. You worked hard to get where you are now. So enjoy yourself. Enjoy my love for you. Put on something sexy. Let's find a private part of the Island, watch the sunset, then make love for the first time.

Jin and Hikari shower quickly, they share romantic kisses while doing so. It's about 15:00 hours, Jin and Hikari walked over to the Pineapple Inn. They eat some food. The newlywed couple is anxious to move on with their romantic evening. Jin and Hikari find a private and romantic spot on the Island. They watch the sunset.

Jin: I want to make love now.

Hikari: Right here out in the open? What if someone sees us?

Jin: Yes. No one is around, if someone is, that person will certainly get an eye full of our activity. I don't plan to stop our activity. (Jin unbuttons and removes his white cotton shirt, revealing his bare lean ripped body. Jin and Hikari are sitting close to one another. Jin moves in closer to Hikari touches her chin and pulls her in for a slow romantic kiss. He slowly rotates his tongue over the textures of her tongue. As they kiss, Jin removes Hikari's halter top. He stops kissing her, to look at her beautiful full breast for a second. Her erect dark red nipples are just protruding out there for him to marvel at. Jin lightly pulls and rubs her swollen protruding nipple. As he kisses and tongues her from her upper neck to her breast. Then Jin lightly squeezed her breast, then proceeded to flick the tip of his tongue back and forth over the tip of her erect nipple, for few seconds, then he decides suck her nipple. Jin does her other breast the same way. Hikari is enjoying Jin loving her body. As a result, Hikari is moaning. She accidentally pulls out his hair tie. Jin's beautiful hair fall to his shoulders. But that doesn't deter him from pleasuring Hikari. Hikari sees his hair and she's further aroused. While Jin is licking and sucking on her nipples. He raises her mini skirt over her hips to get to her panties. Jin removes her panties and starts rubbing her clitoris.

Hikari: Jin I burn for you badly. I want you now.

Jin: As you wish. Lovely lady. (Jin unties his beach shorts and removes his short swiftly. Jin opens Hikari's legs and positions himself in between her legs. Jin promptly inserts his penis into Hikari. He begins to thrust her slowly, but forcefully as he's penetrating her. Jin is trying to get a feel for what she wants. He thrusts into her g-spot. Hikari arches her back a little. She's working on Jin in his rhythm)

Jin: Mm... Hikari (He moans.)

Hikari: Oooo...Jin faster. Oh ...Jin I want it faster please.

Jin: Mm...Oh..Hikari I thought you never ask. (Jin is barely able to talk.) Now I'm going to make you feel good. (Jin thrusts Hikari's g-spot vigorously with great speed, as he hits every nerve in her vagina. Hikari starts to scream. Jin decides to lick and suck her nipple, as he's pumping and humping on her.) Ah...Mm...Hikari you love that don't you? Mm...(Jin moans. Then resumes licking and sucking, this time the other nipple.)

Hikari: Ooooo... Yes Jin I Ah.. Ooo..Jin keep on.(Hikari is practically screaming as she talking. Hikari scream to the top of her lung, as Jin makes her have an orgasm. The walls of Hikari's vagina closed in on him tightly, making him slightly convulse, as he spurted his seed deep inside her.)

Jin: Hikari, making love with you was fabulous.

Hikari: After I recover, I want to do it again.

Jin: Yes Hikari I will give you your desire. Next time let's try a different position.

Hikari and Jin go swimming little while. They want to get the salt water off them, so they walk to their home on the Island. Jin and Hikari decide to bathe in the jacuzzi.

Jin: Hikari sit on my lap.(Hikari sits on Jin's lap.) Turn around and straddle yourself around me, so that your facing me.

Hikari: Jin I love you. Touch me

Jin: I love you too. I will touch you with pleasure. I think your ready for round two.

Hikari start kissing Jin near his ear. Hikari whispers in his ear.

Hikari: I'm more than ready for round to. Your my stallion and I will ride you all night long.

Jin: I'm your stallion? (Jin slyly chuckles at her.) Show me how you would ride your stallion.(Jin says in a sexy voice.)

Hikari: I'll show you.

Hikari gives him a passionate kiss. The kisses they share together always makes her nipples hard. This makes Jin want toy with her nipples. When he views her nipples. Jin's manhood gets hard. As soon as Jin is rock hard. Hikari guides his member inside her canal. Jin is moaning and groaning, because Hikari is vigorously working Jin. Jin wants to pleasure her thoroughly. Jin can't resist licking and sucking her nipples.

Jin: Mmmm...Oooo...Hikari do..oo you want to b-bee touched. Mmm...Hikari?

Hikari:Ooooo Ahhh...Jin Y-Yessss. (While Jin is sucking her nipple. He takes his thumb and starts rubbing and stroking her clitoris. She Screams!) JIN! Ahhhhhh ahhhhhh JIN! AHHH (As Jin vigoriously strokes her nipple and clit, as he, with his free hand grabs one of her hips and vigoriously work her in her own rhythem.) JIN! AHHHHH AHHHH... JIN! (All of the sudden, Hikari shakes violently as she scream his name one last time, just before she came. Jin was convulsing right along with her as he shouted her name. Jin and Hikari got out of the jacuzzi. And dress for bed.)

Jin: I see you could hardly keep up with your stallion.(Jin smirks.)

Hikari: Next time i'll control my stallion. (Hikari smirks back.)

It's late Jin and Hikari sleep together for the first as husband and wife. for the rest of the season, they enjoy one another in different ways every night their on the Island. They end up having the time of their lifes.