Halo: Seclusion

Vano 'Harumee, on a routine assignment to investigate a human ship discovers a threat to not only himself and team, but to the entire galaxy and he is tasked with destroying it before it destroys him.

Chapter 1

"Shipmaster," Erno 'Ardolee, a minor sangheili aboard the Swift Justice called to his ultra ranked brother seated on the throne in the center of the bridge. "Sensors detect a human vessel! It does not appear to be a combat ship."

The shipmaster, Ryla 'Maktoee, shifted his gaze to the minor. "Life signs?"

"None! Your Excellency, if appears to be a transport…dead in space, no distress signals…" Erno listed off various readings from the scanners from his terminal. "Orders?"

Ryla leaned back in his chair, his mind working over the situation. "Prepare a shuttle," he said with a wave of his hand. "Assemble a small team, let us see if that ship has any valuable data within the navicomputer." If there was data on the humans home world, this tiresome war could be ended in a matter of days.

Erno nodded and turned back to his console. "Who shall I send?"

"Have Vano lead the team." Ryla replied with a careless wave of his hand. "With a squad of kig-yar and unngoy."

"It will be done!" Erno typed on his console, sending a message to the requested major's com sat.

Swift Justice, combat armory.

Vano 'Harumee, a major-domo adorned in well polished crimson armor, picked up a needler from the weapon case, he doubted there would be combat aboard a dead human vessel, but it was better to be prepared. "Major!"

Vano turned and was surprised to see his younger brother, a minor-domo sangheili by the name of Zala 'Harum, he was a fresh minor at best, not two weeks in the military, was always eager to please and was very outspoken. "I wish to accompany you on this mission!" Zala almost begged.

Vano thought it over quickly, it was a dead ship and if there was combat, it would likely be against human automated defenses. "Very well, brother…" he laid a hand on the smaller sangheili's shoulder. "Grab a weapon and meet me in the shuttle bay." he walked past and out the armory, trying to ignore the excited look on Zala's face as he glanced over his shoulder.

The major briefly wondered if maybe he should have a more experienced minor accompany him as well, but the thought quickly dismissed itself when he thought how paranoid he would look if he took two other sangheili with him, he was major! He could crush any human with ease.

Swift Justice, Shuttle bay.

Stepping into the shuttle bay he saw his assembled team, several small unngoy, four of them, were clattering and checking their plasma pistols. Trying to keep the act of professionalism, Vano's gaze drifted to the group of kig-yar snipers, each holding a carbine and a shield gauntlet on their left wrist.

"My major!" Vano turned and saw Zala scramble into the bay, two plasma rifles at his hips. "Forgive my delay, I could not decide on a suitable weapon for the mission!" The minor explained with embarrassment.

Vano almost chuckled in amusement, nodding he said. "It is fine, you made it," he turned the team. "Aboard the phantom! Now!"

The team hastily boarded the Phantom, when Vano stepped in and the doors closed it lifted off the floor and soon out the shielded airlocks into the vacuum of space. "We're away Major!" the pilot called.

Vano nodded, turning to his team. "Ensure your weapons are working properly, I want no mistakes on this mission." he said, eyes moving over the group as each began to look over their weapons again.

"Major! We're approaching the ship now!"the pilot's voice came over the com.

Vano nodded and turned to his team. "Be ready!" he barked to them.

The phantom hummed as it moved through the blackness of space towards the dead human vessel, it was large, very large, destroyer size if Vano had to take a guess. The major turned his head to observe his team, nine unngoy, three kig-yar and his younger brother, it was a fairly small group to search an entire ship, but Vano would make due as always.

The phantom shuddered a moment, causing one unngoy to squeak in surprise and the others to steady themselves. "Pilot! What was that?" Vano said into the com calmly, not letting his own surprise and suspicion snake into his stout voice.

"Forgive me Excellency! I skimmed the hanger door as I entered it!" was the pilot's sullen reply.

Vano frowned, he knew the pilot was just recently assigned to the Swift Justice, but he also now knew the pilot was also fresh from the military academy. "I see, keep clear of the human ship once me and my team are away!" he paused a moment. "Am I clear?"

"Yes, Excellency."

Vano turned to his brother. "Brother, me and you will the lead the boarding, keep your wits about you, I don't expect much to be here, but if there is, we must be prepared to kill the enemy, or die." he said calmly, raising his needler slightly.

Zala nodded. "Of course Excellency! I shall not fail you!" he said jubilantly as he gripped the two plasma rifles from his hips and got them ready for combat.

Vano nodded to his unngoy and kig-yar teams before the phantom ceased movement. "We're in the hanger! Grav lift activated!" the pilot called and so the grav lift doors opened and Vano jumped into the purple-blue field and floated downwards.

When he landed and shifted his gaze upwards he was surprised to see the area was nearly dark except for a few flickering lights, the doors to the hanger creaked and Vano turned to them, seeing the light blinking orange. "Brother! Hurry!" he called breaking into a sprint towards the door out of the hanger.

There were several rabid footfalls behind him as he cleared the door, another hiss he turned and saw his team, all looking back and forth confused. "What happen?" one unngoy squeaked as they others glanced around the darkened halls.

Vano turned to observe the passage way as well and nearly felt his mandibles spread in surprise at what he saw, the walls were coated with dried human blood, mostly on the floor, but there was still plenty on the walls as well. But that wasn't all Vano noticed.

"Where are the bodies?" Zala asked, his voice a whisper and his stance showed unrest as they looked down the hall, not even a flickering light to illuminate the way. But Vano was concentrating on the question Zala had voiced.

Where were the bodies?

Turning to the three kig-yar Vano said. "You three guard this door way, anyone besides me or Zala approaches without sent word, kill them." he ordered simply.

The three kig-yar hissed in agreement and spread beside the door way into better firing positions. Satisfied with that, Vano turned to the unngoy. "You shall come with me and Zala, active camoflage."

With those words the nine unngoy and two sangheili disappeared from sight as the light bent around them and then several shifting shapes slowly and quietly moved down the hallway into the darkness of the human ship.

Vano couldn't help but feel that he should be ordering their immediate withdrawal from the ship.

End of chapter 1

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