Halo: Seclusion

Chapter 7

Unknown Human ship, Vano.

The darkness lasted only a moment before Vano landed in a small crouch onto the mound of mattresses with a small grunt, standing he glanced around and saw another human. That must be Daniels, the Sangheili major thought idly as he stood fully. "Greetings, human," he said simply in greeting.

The human, Daniels, didn't respond right away as he simply stared at Vano. "Greetings, split lip," the human's voice was dry and bored.

Vano was beginning to grow annoyed that these humans didn't address him by either his title or his superior status among their species. He was a proud Sangheili warrior and these humans would learn respect for him or suffer! "That is Major, or Excellency to you, human," the sangheili major hissed.

"See this?" Daniels pointed to his visor covered face. "This is my 'not giving two shits' face."

Vano was a little taken aback but the audacity of the human before him that he momentarily let his anger slide and instead adopted a surprised expression.

"Hey, it can do a different expression other than 'ugly' and 'super ugly'" the human began to chuckle and Vano felt the large need to strangle the damned human.

"Split lip! Daniels! Enough!" The female human Major called, apparently having been watching the events for the most part unfold and chose now to intervene. "We have enough problems with those things out there without us trying to kill each other, and we're a man short now too!"

"Keller's gone?" Daniels bored tone lowered slightly. "Damn…what got him?"

The human female shrugged. "Dunno, but Split lip got it shortly after," she replied calmly, nodding to the red armoured sangheili.

"Figures…he kills it after it kills Keller."

"I had no other opportunity you impudent human!" Vano growled as he took a step forward, causing the human to tense and reach for his own weapon. "Draw your weapon human, I will rend the head from your neck before you fire."

"Enough!" The human female stepped between the Sangheili major and human soldier. "I won't say it again Split lip, enough!" she then turned to Daniels. "And you too Daniels!"

"You are to address me as Major, Or Excellency, human!" Vano hissed bitterly, stepping back and leaning against the wall and glaring at the floor. He knew he didn't have to obey the human female, but he would to keep his chances of completing his task high.

"I'll address as I want you split lip piece of trash!" Daniels shouted, roughly shoving the female major aside and lifting his shotgun to point at Vano. "I lost my whole family to you elite trash! Give me one good reason to not avenge my family here and now!"

The human major quickly raised her weapon but before either could realise what happened Vano had moved, the shotgun clattered to the floor and Daniels was two feet off the floor by the neck, grasping at the larger beings arm to try and dislodge it's hold.

"Be thankful I have spared you this far, human," Vano spat the word human. "But keep trying my patience and I might not be so considerate in the future you annoying little insect."

"Drop him split slip!" Vano felt the barrel of the other humans weapon on his stomach. "Or I drop you."

Vano released the other human, who landed with a thud and began to cough and sputter.

The unngoy, who had been sleeping on the side heavily, woke with a start and glanced around. "I smell it again!" he squeaked, going for it's plasma pistol.

Vano ignited his energy sword and glanced around, the female major as well.

"Where?" Daniels coughed, raising his own shotgun warily, still glaring at Vano.

"I not know! But it near!" the unngoy squeaked, moving to Vano's side.

There was an explosion in the distance that echoed down the shaft, causing the four occupants to freeze and listen for anything further.

"Weapons discharges…" Vano whispered, straining his ears. "Plasma weapons," he added, brightening.

Unknown human ship, Cras.

The Ultra ranked sangheili warrior fired another burst from his focus rifle, melting a mutilated human corpse in two and ceased it's movements. "The parasite here is different…curious…" the ultra muttered, glancing at his team of elites who were cleaning the rest of the landing area, their phantom provided covering fire as seemingly endless hordes of enemies had invaded them as soon as they landed.

But the enemy soon learned Cras and his team of Sangheili were not to be trifled with.

"Burn the bodies, these parasites will learn to fear us when we burn their hosts to ashes!" Cras roared while raising his weapon.

The various other sangheili roared their approvals and split into two teams, one to head to the bridge and another to guard the phantom. "Do not leave this area, Major," Cras said to the leading Major of the defending party.

"I shall not, Excellency!" the Major bowed his head and turned to the four minors. "We hold this ground!"

Cras nodded his approval and turned to the exit of the hanger. "We move!" he called.

In moments they were in the darkness of the halls and the group of sangheili warriors grew quickly disappointed when they encountered no more enemies. "They retreat into the shadows like cowards…" A minor growled as he fired his Carbine once into the flooring.

Cras gave the Minor a sharp look and he wisely stayed quiet as the Ultra turned back to the hall and the group continued to move further into the ship. Until a loud, inhuman screech echoed down the hall they were going followed by fast, rumbling steps.

"Weapons up!" Cras said as he raised his focus rifle and waited.

The steps continued and soon got closer until finally out of the darkness came a large, muscled creature, both it's arms were massive and clawed by four inch talons, the creature's head looked human once, but the jaw was split into two and lined with serrated teeth and the overall body rippled with solid muscle.

"By the Gods! Burn the parasite!" Cras bellowed as he raised his focus rifle and fired a short burst before the creature rammed into him with a grunt.

Exalted Light, bridge, Noro 'Vadamee

The shipmaster watched as the various cruisers attached towing cables onto the human vessel while preparing for a slipspace jump. "Any word from Cras?" Noro asked simply from his throne.

"None yet, Excellency, shall we contact him?" replied the Major communications officer.

Noro considered it before shaking his head. "No, I am sure my capable warrior has the situation under control," the Shipmaster said dismissively.

The major nodded and returned his concentration to his station.

Noro however was less then calm in his mind as he worked to figure out why Ryla would suggest such a plan, It was heresy! Something that he knew members of the Makto lineage didn't take lightly and yet Ryla had suggested it as if speaking about glassing a human planet.

And that worried Noro.

There something more here, something he was missing and he began to think he should contact Cras…

Unknown human ship, Cras.

"Rah!" The Ultra roared as the beast's massive claws dug into the hallway wall where he had been not a second ago, raising his focus rifle he fired a stream of super hot concentrated plasma into the things side, leaving a neatly burned gash in the things deformed flesh.

It roared and spun around to try and claw Cras' head from the sangheili's shoulder. The ultra ducked low and avoided the strike with grace and agility before he raised his the focus rifle again and fired a longer burst into the things other side, the scent of searing flesh entered Cras' nostrils.

Not finished there the Ultra activated his energy dagger and thrust it forward stabbing the things ribs and jerking it to the side and resulting in a long, slim burned line across the things side, giving way to the rippling muscles underneath.

The thing swung around again and caught Cras' side which caused the ultra's shields to flicker and die when he slammed into the hall floor and skid a ways. Jumping back to his feet Cras roared and drew his plasma sword, the deadly blade hissing with life.

The creature paid no mind to it and rushed forward again towards the ultra.

Then Cras waited until it was close and like a shadow he moved to the side and raised the blade, cutting in the things side and along as it continued to charge where it ran, stumbled and hit the deck with a thud.

Cras deactivated his energy blade and nodded at his work. "Team, status?"

"We hold our ground Excellency, but the enemy is relentless!" there was a bout of gun and plasma fire over the com. "But they shall not break our line!"

Cras turned to the rest of his team, they had been beaten to death by the massive creature he just slew. Walking to them he grabbed their weapons and activated a plasma grenade so that their bodies would not be vessels for the parasite before he continued towards the bridge.

Unknown Human ship, Vano.

The floor shifted and the area opened so that Vano could step out and see around. Nodding he hopped up and turned to offer his hand, a human hand took his and he gripped it then pulled up the human Major before he turned and did the same.

The other human shoved his hand away and climbed up himself, grunting. "No thanks," as he did so.

When they were all up they raised their weapons, two shotguns and a Needler.

"Where to?" The female Major asked.

Vano replied. "The bridge, that is there destination…" his words were confident. "We go there and we will meet them, but for now…" he keyed his com. "This Major Vano Harumee! Does anyone read me?"

Vano's hopes were confiimed when another voice came back. "This is Ultra Cras Kelaeree of the Exalted light, what is your status?"

"Excellency! I am alive with two humans who have agreed to aid me in return for safe passage off the ship," Vano replied and waited.

There static. "Understood, Vano, I am on my way to the bridge. Meet me there and we shall attempt to get the nav data then return to the Exalted light!"

Vano cut the com and turned to the humans. "He has agreed to my terms and you shall live," he said to the human Major, turned and left for the halls.

The footfalls of the human and Unngoy behind him they proceeded smoothly to the bridge. Surprised to find the sight of a Ultra standing by the door, examining it and upon hearing them, the sangheili turned and nodded to Vano before giving a small glare to the humans. "Brother, you and the humans made good time."

Vano nodded. "Thank you, Excellency," he said gratefully. "Is there a way through?"

"Yes," Cras stepped back, drew his plasma blade and cut across the door in a eat slash, again and again and again till finally the door looked like a cut up piece of paper. With a grunt the Ultra kicked it and the pieces flew inward onto the bridge floor.

The five stepped inside and surveyed the bridge.

It was dead, but clean and orderly. Most of the screens were still lit with power and the only sign of struggle was the small stain of blood by the door they used, "Hmm…" Cras huffed and walked over a screen titled 'Operations' before he tapped a key and several things came up. "The ship has suffered no hull damage, clearly whatever the humans were toying with has ended them."

Vano walked over to the nav computer and swiftly entered some commands, then snarled. "There is nothing! Simply the location of the destination this ship was headed to," he turned to Cras. "Shall I take it?"

The Ultra nodded.

Vano entered the commands and downloaded the miniscule data charts then nodded. "it is done, where do we return?"

"Not yet, first, we must destroy this ship of hell," The human Major stepped forward and moved to one of the consoles. "Shit," she said after hitting a few of the keys. "Reactor is disconnected from the system, it will have to overloaded manually…" she sighed and turned to the elites. "We can't leave until this… parasite, is killed! We have head down to the Reactor room and set it to meltdown before we can leave!"

"Nonsense, we can just have the ships orbiting to bombard this ship with plasma and burn it to atoms," Cras retorted and activated his com. "Shipmaster, I have secured what nav data there was, I will return to the Exalted light with my brother and passengers then we can review it."

"Excellent, Cras," Came Noro's voice. "I look forward to revie-" the com cut and heat washed over the bridge before a blinding lightly engulfed the group.

End of chapter seven

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