This is AU set straight after Eric and Sookie kiss, there a few OC's in this story. hope you enjoy. Also Sookie is not as Anti-Eric in this as you will see.

Blood, violence and language warning from the beginning. Smut later on.



"He has endangered our entire race. Not only has he murdered the Magister and married a Queen in an unauthorised ceremony; he has threatened the safety and security of our entire community. Edgington's actions have gone too far."

The four figures looked up, three of them on the knees as one remained standing, his hands in his pockets as he gazed at the five members of the Authority. Out of the four, he looked the more impressive, especially since the others were kneeling in submission. He stood, tall, calm and confidant, no fear in his posture and ever inch breathed elegance, grace and power.

His eyes were forward.

His shoulders were back.

His back was straight.

He feared nothing and no one not even the governing power of the entire vampire nation.

"Godric's progeny already has the assignment. Russell will not live beyond the week." He said, his voice husky with a very slight British accent.

"We do not disagree Northman could fulfil his mission and put an end to this. However," the female member of the Authority spoke, her French accent coming through in her words, "Russell's action on National television," all their eyes turned to screen of Russell on the TBBN set, killing Jerry McCafferty, "have forced our hand. He is a threat that can no longer be ignored." The vampire before them nodded once as his compatriots got to their feet.

"Very well, we will go then."

"Russell must be brought in alive, Nan will take care of this media scandal, but Russell's punishment will be a traitor's punishment." The vampire nodded once more before he and the other three vampires were gone with the sounds of the wind.

The Authority all looked at each other, before turning back to gaze at the screams

"Blah, Blah, vampire emergency, blah." Eric and Sookie separated quickly, Sookie's eyes were wide and she was breathing heavily as the Sheriff gazed at her longingly for a long moment. Pam smirked lightly as her maker glared at her angrily. He closed his eyes, composing himself as much as possible before turning to the telepath in front of him. As always, her beauty amazed him.

"Wait here, I will be back shortly." There was a pleading note to his voice that stayed any protest that would've left her mouth. She nodded once, unwilling to argue with him anymore and with that Eric swept from the office followed by his child. Pam grinned at Sookie as she did so, knowing full well what had just happened.

Oh Eric wasn't going to hear the end of this.

As soon as the door closed, Sookie slumped down and leant against Eric's desk, touching her fingers to her lips, stunned over what had just happened.

Eric's kiss had lit something in her that she never thought possible, she had tried to resist, tried to fight the feeling but she gave in. The temptation had been too strong and her attraction to Eric too deep for her to keep back anymore.

She sighed heavily, rubbing her face with her hands and tried to calm down. She thought about everything that had happened in the past few weeks. She had no idea when or how, but somewhere during that time she had stopped hating Eric, seeing the side of him that Godric brought out, the human side. He wasn't always the ruthless Sheriff he appeared to be; there was love in him.

She thought about Bill, the vampire she thought she loved and who claimed to love her. He had left her, gone to Lorena and nearly killed her, all the while claiming that Eric was untrustworthy and evil. But in the end, Eric had been the one to help her find Bill and had been the one to stand by her in the end. She closed her eyes and sat down on the sofa.

She could lie and say it was the blood, but she knew that was not the case.

But how? He had lied to her, tricked her into drinking his blood so why…wait.

His blood.

Bill had told her it would make her more attracted to Eric.

But Bill had fed her his blood on the second night she met him.

Did that mean…?

Sookie gasped as she felt her heart break into a thousand pieces. Bill, this whole time, how could she have not pieced it together before, when he told her? Did this mean; their whole relationship had been…a lie?

Before she could contemplate further or perhaps break down into tears, a loud crash echoed through out the hallway outside. There were screams, snarls and hisses coming through the door.


Without thinking, Sookie rushed to the door and threw it open. She jogged down the corridor leaning to the main floor of Fangtasia and she burst onto the scene and stopped dead as Pam caught her round the midsection preventing her from going any further.

Eric was picking himself up off the floor, his fangs down and his eyes wild as he did so. Before him stood Russell Edgington, who was glaring down at him, his eyes filled with rage and grief. Russell's werewolves were surrounding the floor, at least 10 of them all of them in wolf form as they watched the scene, Sookie gasped as she looked around.

A few feet behind the King stood Jessica, who looked very out of place and unhappy and to her horror, Bill Compton who was looking somewhat smug, until his eyes fell on her.

"Sookie!" He shouted the second he saw her, but she looked at Eric not even acknowledging him.


"Stay back Sookie." He ordered calmly, looking at Russell.

"Sookie what're you doing here?" Bill demanded, not moving from his spot behind Edgington. She glared at him.

"I'm here talking to Eric." Russell did not say a thing he simply glared at the Sheriff before him. "What are you doing here?"

"I can answer that Miss Stackhouse." Russell cut in, a malicious grin on his face. "William here was kind enough to bring me to speak to your lovely Sheriff." Bill paled.

"Sookie it's not what you think…"

"Don't believe him Sookie!" Jessica suddenly screamed. "He's been lying this whole time."

"Jessica shut up!" Bill commanded her, desperately. "Sookie please..." Sookie shook her head, glaring at him.

"I trusted you…" She spat.


"This is all very interesting." Russell interrupted, not taking his eyes of Eric for a second, "but if you don't mind I have business to attend to." Pam looked between the two and quickly made to move to Eric's side but her maker shook his head at her. Her expression was one of utter fear, something Sookie had never seen on her face before as she gazed at the two very old vampires squaring off.

"I don't know, I found it rather entertaining." Eric drawled, smirking at Bill, who snarled at him.

"Why?" Russell growled as Eric's eyes turned to him. The smirk vanished and an expression of pure and utter loathing formed on Eric Northman's face. That in itself was terrifying.

"Why?" Eric repeated. "You know why…"

"You killed my Talbot." Russell spat, his fangs finally running down with a sharp click.

"You want to know why I did it, do you?" Eric stated, his hands flexing ready for a fight. "The crown, the one I stopped him from destroying, it belonged to my father." Eric's eyes darkened even more, rage coursing through his veins. "You killed him, one thousand years ago."

"You took away my Talbot, for a human? A human I killed a millennia ago?" Russell exclaimed, spittle spewing from his mouth. Eric's handsome face contorted into a vicious snarl and he crouched as if ready to pounce.

"Not just any human, my father, my family." Eric snarled as Pam moved in front of Sookie. Bill's gaze shifted over to her for a moment again before focusing once more on the two ancient vampires. "You took everything from me that was precious and dear. And so I will take everything from you."

"I killed your family once Eric, I can do so again." Russell's eyes turned to Pam's but Eric roared, getting his attention once more. Russell roared right back, crouching into a similar position as Eric.

"Touch her and I assure you, you will regret it." Eric threatened, his voice deep and demonic. Sookie gulped as she watched the scene. Bill's face slowly shifted into a smirk. Eric stood no chance against a vampire as old as Russell. It was over.

"Perhaps I did not mean Pamela." Russell corrected. "Perhaps I meant…" His eyes turned to Sookie and she took a few steps back. Bill looked shocked and started forwards towards her but Pam stopped him with a vicious glare.

As Sookie met Edgington's gaze she realised something she had missed before. He was insane, truly and completely insane. Whatever shred of rationality Russell had left had been ripped away by Talbot's death. The polite faced was gone. The cunning and calculating power-hungry king was gone. All that was left was the insanity that was Russell Edgington.

However Eric's reaction to Russell's implied threat completely shocked her.

Eric screeched vampirically and leapt at Russell. Caught off guard the older vampire didn't have time to react as he was tackled to the floor. He grunt and then shrieked as Eric hissed at him, pinning him to the ground and slamming his head into the tiles. Suddenly their positions were rotated and Eric found himself underneath Russell. The enraged King stood up, lifting Eric with him, holding the much taller vampire off the ground with both hands. Sookie watched with wide eyes as Eric snarled before he was sent flying across Fangtasia into the bar.

Glass shattered and it began smashing against the floor as Eric crumpled to the ground. Russell began laughing maniacally as Pam watched in shock. Bill still had the audacity to look smug as Sookie looked on with wide eyes.

"Come on, get up Eric."

As if in response to her plea, a sudden blur shot forward and Russell cried out as Eric's fist caught him across the face. His head snapped to the side, blood bursting from his mouth. He turned back; snarling as Eric pulled his fist back again, catching him in the stomach. The King staggered but then caught the younger vampire with an uppercut sending Eric hurtling back once more. As he hit the floor, Russell suddenly just appeared above him, wrenching him to his feet and backhanded him, his movements a complete blur as he moved at vampire speed. He pulled Eric up once more and threw him bodily at his throne. Eric collided with it, taking the top half of it clean off due to the immense force with which he hit it.

"Eric!" Sookie and Pam both shouted as he struggled onto his hands and knees, groaning. Eric was the strongest vampire Sookie knew and he was nothing but a plaything to Russell.

The insane king appeared above him and took of Eric's throat, lifting him up so their faces were level. Russell's injuries were already healed as he gazed at Eric, eyes full of hate and spite. Eric was slightly slouched back, but his eyes continued to glare defiantly at the king, no fear in his eyes.

"Knowing that you will die, tell me Eric, was it worth killing my Talbot?" Russell asked. Eric smirked, before he opened his mouth showing his bloodstained teeth and began cackling with laughter. Everyone watched as he continued to laugh, before he simply grinned.

"Knowing that either way I will die, having seen you guarantee your own death on national television." Eric's grinned widened impossibly as he sniggered. "Absolutely." He began chuckling again as Russell's face became deformed with rage.

Eric's chuckling came to abrupt end as he let out a strangled grunt of pain. All those in the room apart from Russell's weres gasped as Eric coughed up an immense amount of blood.

His body trembled in shock.

His eyes widened as he looked down to see Russell's arm had been thrust clean through and was protruding out of his torso.

"NO!" Pam screamed, running towards them only to be intercepted by one of the weres. Sookie's jaw trembled as she took in the terrible sight of Eric impaled on Russell's hand, fragments of his spine of his rib cage protruding out of his back, his entire frame shaking from the shock of it all.

Edgington sneered as he withdrew his arm, slowly and painfully, tossing the Viking to the floor. Blood spurted from the wound as soon as Eric hit the floor, as he lay motionless, eyes wide out agony.

"Eric!" Sookie cried out as she ran forward, going straight past Russell. He looked on in amusement as she stared in shock at Eric's body. She turned him, eyes filled with rage and she took a step towards him. In a blur of movement, Bill was in front of her.

"Sookie it's over, let it go." He tried to placate her, putting his hands on her shoulders but she wiggled out his grasped and slapped him round the face. He looked at her in shock whilst she glared at him.

"How dare you Bill Compton, don't you touch me!" She shrieked at him.


"You led him here! WHY?"

"I did it for us…." Bill tried, stepping forward hands out in a placating motion. "I love you, with Eric gone we can…"

"We can what? Be together? Dream on, get out of my way!" Bill seized her and growled.

"You are mine!" Suddenly he was thrown back a couple of feet and he looked up in shock as Jessica stood between them, fangs out as she scowled at her maker.

"Leave her alone!" she screamed at him.

"Enough of this." Russell said, his calm façade back in place. "Bill remove your progeny and Ms Stackhouse so I can finish what I have started." Bill looked reluctant but turned his gaze back to the two women.

"Please Sookie…"

"Shut up Bill!" Jessica shouted at him. "Don't you know how much Eric has done? It's because of him we were able to find you. He organised Alcide to help Sookie look for you, he even threatened the Queen to keep her safe. What did you do? You fucked your bitch of a Maker and betrayed us to that bastard!" She pointed at Russell who simply chuckled as Bill looked away guiltily.

"As amusing as this is, my patience is thin. William." He commanded. Bill's gaze hardened and his snarled, his fangs running out as he glared at both women. The Bill Sookie knew, or thought she knew was gone, replaced by someone she didn't know, but knew she hated.

"Get out of the way Jessica." Bill ordered, his tone grave and filled with promises of pain if she didn't. The young vampiress simply snarled at him, straightening up.

"Fuck you."

"Stand aside!" Bill roared, all pretence of calm and patience leaving him as he stared at his progeny. "As your Maker, I command you." Sookie closed her eyes and prepared herself. Jessica would have no choice but to move now, it was over.

But nothing happened.

She opened her eyes and the first thing she saw was Bill's wide, astonished eyes and Russell's slightly surprised gaze as they stared at Jessica. She had not moved, her jaw was clenched and her hands tensed as she stared unyieldingly at her Maker, a derisive grin on her face.

"What's the matter dad?" She drawled. Bill's mouth opened and closed a few times before Russell hissed.

"Enough." As he took a step forwards, Jessica and Sookie prepared themselves for his approach.

"Fascinating." Russell froze, Bill went rigid, and Pam's eyes turned to the door as everyone stopped what they were doing. Sookie took the opportunity to kneel down next to Eric, blood still pouring from his wound.

Russell slowly turned his head towards the entrance of Fangtasia and he let out a small growl at the sight of four vampires standing in the doorway. Bill's eyes were round with panic as he fought to control his rising dread. Russell clicked his fingers and 6 of his were's surrounding him, all growling and barking at the new arrivals. Sookie swallowed nervously, she had been too focused on the fight to sense their arrival, were they friend or foe?

The werewolves howled together as the sized up the new vampires. All of them gazed back, calm and calculating with no concern shown on their faces.

One of them stepped forward his hands in the pockets of his black leather trousers, his deep green eyes flicking towards the fallen form of Eric Northman before fixing on Russell Edgington.

"A vampire who can resist the commands of her Maker, how utterly remarkable." His slight British accent was filled with wonder as he spoke, though his gaze remained on the King. He smiled, the smile dark and dangerous as he gazed calmly at the near 3000-year-old vampire with no signs of fear.

"Don't you agree Russell?"

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