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"So, I'm free to go back to Louisiana with Pam, Eric and Sookie?" Ethan was looking at his new daughter with a soft smile and he nodded. Jessica was playing with her fingers, unsure what to think of this. On one hand she was glad she didn't have to endure long distance with Pam. There was only so long she could go without sex with Pam after all. But on the other hand, she was confused as this meant she wouldn't be near her new maker. And the fact that she truly felt like his daughter now, she was a little put out by this.

"I want you to go home where you will be comfortable." Ethan explained, moving away from his desk and kneeling in front of her. He reached up and brushed her hair with his hands. She smiled, leaning into his touch. Bill wasn't a bad maker, but he didn't make her feel this way either. She rather liked this attention. "Selina and I will make three to four trips down a week to give you lessons." She nodded as he locked eyes with her. "I warn you now, I am a much stricter teacher than Bill. There will be the occasion where I may have to punish you." She gulped and he smiled, gently. "I will not physically punish you, I would never do that. But I may make you do something you will not like." She inclined her head in understanding. "You will be allowed to feed from donors. The exact conditions will be left up to you and Pam." She smiled, liking that she and Pam could discuss this. Knowing Pam, she'd never be allowed to feed from a man. Not that she cared; Pam had spoiled her for men.

"I suppose that covers everything." He nodded, still smiling.

"I will give you the majority of your lessons. I will give you particular instruction on your glamour, which Bill tells me is unusually powerful." She again nodded at this. After seeing his display with Newlin's men, she was hoping it would be Ethan who would be teaching her to improve her glamour. "Selina will take other lessons, more specifically how to feed properly, since you have been mainstreaming." She tilted her head and he went on. "Mainstreamers are known to be quite violent in their feeding after abstaining from human blood."

"So…if I was to feed right now…"

"You may kill the donor." She would've paled if she was human and he smiled. "Don't worry, Selina is very well known for her restraint when feeding, you're in the best hands." She smiled and then there was knock on the door. "Enter, my love." Selina pushed open the door and came in. She was dressed in black, tight jeans with high-heeled boots and a very low cut tank top, making a point of leaving an excessive amount of her chest and cleavage on display, as was usual with Selina

She was angry, if her glare was anything to go by.

"There is someone who wants to speak with you." He frowned at her curt tone. She was rarely ever short with anyone, especially with him.

"Who…?" His own eyes narrowed at the sight of his 'guest'.

"It is I, Appius Livius Ocella." The maker of Godric fixed Jessica with heated glare mixed with lust. She glared right back and Ethan felt his pride in her increase due to the fact she didn't back down for a much older vampire.

"And so my evening is complete." Ethan muttered sarcastically. "Jessica, you should pack for your trip home." She nodded and stood up with him. She smiled as he laid a tender kiss on her forehead and she walked past Ocella. She scowled at him before closing the door. Ethan sat back down, Selina moving to stand next to him and draping her arm across his shoulders. "What is it you want, Ocella? I have little time or patience for your demands."

"I will only take a small of your time, Regent."

"That is a small amount of time I will never get back, so don't waste it. And spare me the pleasantries, I am not in the mood for you fake respect." Ocella scowled and Ethan's eyes glowed slightly. "Speak quickly."

"I have an offer for you." He raised his brow and Ocella flung a briefcase on the table. He turned it around and opened it. Inside was close to two million dollars in cash. Ethan looked at him questioningly.

"What is this?"

"I wish to purchase a human from this hotel, more correctly I wish you to give me possession of this human in exchange for two million dollars."

"And this human is…?"

"The one who claims to belong to Eric…"

"She does belong to Eric, they are bonded." Selina answered, shortly. "Give it up, Ocella. She will never be yours." He growled.

"She was there Godric died, he would not have allowed a complete stranger to watch him meet the sun. Especially a human."

"Godric changed, evolved as he grew older." Ethan answered. The husky tone to his voice suggested that his patience was nearing its end "He perceived humans as equals, not pets."

"He would never…"

"Enough. Sookie belongs to Eric. That is the end of it."

"I will pay you double this for you to remove her from his retinue. She was Godric's human." Appius answered immediately. Selina hissed as Ethan shook his head.

"No, my Maker and Sookie told you herself that she never had a relationship with your childe. This conversation is a waste of time." Appius' fangs ran out.

"Please, I don't believe for a second that…" Appius didn't get any farther as he was slammed face first onto the table, the older vampire having moved behind him fast than he could follow. He cried out as his nose shattered on contact, blood splattering across the wood as Ethan leaned over him, hand gripping the back of his head tightly.

"You dare to imply that my maker is a liar?" He questioned, his voice cold but incredulous.

"I…" Appius howled as Ethan grabbed his arm and yanked it back, breaking it several places, Selina sat in the chair behind the desk, smirking at him. He hissed at her, she was enjoying his pain. "I merely want to claim what Godric…" He was pulled up from his position on the desk and hurled against the he could hit the ground, Ethan caught him in the middle of the fall with his hand wrapped around his throat and held him there. His feet were dangling a good 7 inches from the ground as he choked on the blood rising in his throat.

"You have the temerity to offer me money to try a steal away Eric's bonded. You imply that Sookie Stackhouse, the woman who was there for your childe in his final moments, is both a whore and a liar. And then, above all else, you insult my Maker." Ethan growled, though his fangs remained in. Even now, he was in complete control. "Will you dig your grave deeper, Ocella? Will you insult my wife next?" Selina raised a brow, daring the Roman to do so as he shook his head, desperately.


"Good, then this should be the last I hear on the matter." With that, Ethan altered his grip and slammed Appius onto the floor face first. Placing the soul of his foot on the back of his head and began pressing down. There were several cracking sounds from the bones in Ocella's face as he screamed into the floor. "Don't dare insult me with such an offer again. Now get out." He removed his foot and in a swirl of wind Ocella was by the door. He paused before opening it and sneered back at them, blood coating his features like some kind of obscene mask.

"This is not over! I will…" Ethan roared at him, as if he were a dragon swooping down on an unfortunate knight and Appius was gone. He huffed, small snarls still emanating from his throat, his fangs itching to drop down. And he still remained in control, refusing to let them drop. He rolled his neck as Selina came up behind him. She pressed herself against his back, wrapping her arms around his shoulders and placed her cheek against his.

He calmed down almost immediately as he closed his eyes. She didn't move, remaining where she was as she held him. She sent calm and love through the bond and slowly, the indignation in his system began to drain away.

They remained where they were, Selina wrapped around her husband as she soothed his rage at the arrogance displayed by the vampire who had just fled.

Sookie sighed as she placed the last of her belongings in its travel case and zipped it shut. She stood back up and looked around the majestic one last time. This suite had been the source of the some best nights of her life and now she was going home. She brushed a hand over the red duvet; freshly made for the evening, thinking back to the memories she would have of this room. Of course, she'd be blushing at the majority of them but that wasn't the point. She picked up the last case and carried it out into the main room where a bellboy was waiting for her. He smiled at her, taking both hers and Eric's belongings and disappearing out of the room.

As she exited the room, Eric was leaning against the wall, waiting for her. She smiled at him and he approached, slipping an arm around her shoulders.

"You ready?" She nodded.

"Yeah. I'm gonna miss this though…" she replied, "You know, just you and me." He smiled at her.

"I'm sorry, lover. We'll make some time when we get home." She smiled wider and nuzzled his shoulder.

"Do you think we can ask your pilot just to fly around a few hours, before taking us home?" she enquired. "I'm not really ready to go home yet."

"I will talk with him when we reach the airport." She nodded thankfully, leaning up to kiss his cheek. She slid an arm around his waist as his remained around her shoulders and they moved as one towards the elevator.

After a brief ride, they emerged out into the lobby where Pam, Jessica, Selina and Ethan were waiting for them.
Sophie-Anne had left for New Orleans with her retinue almost immediately after the trial. She had come personally to Eric and Sookie to extend her formal protection to the telepath. To their surprise, she had also given her blessing to their relationship and hoped that they could find some happiness together. She also offered her friendship to Sookie, saying she was a remarkable human and hoped they could look beyond the mistakes of the past.

Bill had left with them, informing both Sookie and Eric that he would be returning to her court. He would now be coming to Bon Temps when vampire business required it. He also, gleefully, informed them that Andre was sulking about the punishments that awaited him in the palace. Like the queen, he offered his friendship to both of them, apologising for his insubordinations against Eric and his transgressions against Sookie. Eric forgave him, but Sookie clearly told him it would take some time for her to fully forgive him. The humbled Bill accepted this before bowing to both of them and leaving.

Now Eric, Sookie and Pam would be taking their leave as well as Jessica who was saying her goodbyes to her Maker and his wife. Selina pecked her on both cheeks and smiled at her, ensuring her that they would see each other soon. Ethan pulled her into a hug and Sookie couldn't help but smile at the way Jessica melted into his embrace so easily. She was glad the young vampire finally had a father so to speak that she could relate to and rely on. Ethan pulled back and kissed her forehead before turning to Eric.

"I will expect your hospitality three to four times a week, Eric. We will be making trips to Fangtasia to have lessons with Jessica." Eric nodded.

"It will be given. I will have our best accommodations ready for you." Ethan nodded and held out his hand. In gesture of respect, the two male vampires gripped forearms in what appeared to a warrior's farewell. Eric bowed his head in respect to older vampire, who turned his gaze to Sookie.

"It has been a pleasure and an honour to have you, Ms Stackhouse. I hope you will grace us with your presence in the future." She smiled, giving a small curtsey to him.

"It was an honour to be a guest in your hotel, Regent." She replied. "Perhaps I will return when Eric and I need to get away." He chuckled as Eric pulled Sookie to him.

"We would be happy to have you." Ethan replied. "I hope to you see again soon, my friend." She beamed as he took her head and kissed her knuckles.

"I look forward to it." She answered. Selina now approached and repeated the pecking on both cheeks with Sookie, before winking at her.

"Hold on to this Viking." She ordered, cheekily as she eyed Eric teasingly. "He's a keeper." Eric rolled his eyes and Sookie giggled.

"That he is." Selina gave her that dazzling smile that made Sookie somewhat jealous of the vampire's beauty and planted placed her hand in Sookie's.

"We'll see each again very soon."

"That we will." With that they broke apart and the four made their way outside. Jessica however stopped at the door and turned to look back at her new maker. He winked at her with a soft smile and she grinned back. Raising a hand, she gave a small wave before hurrying after Pam who was getting into the limo that was waiting for them.

Selina turned to her husband and they smiled at each other before deciding to return to their room.

It wasn't long before the limo had pulled into the airport. After a quick chat with the pilot who promised to prolong the flight by a good few hours before taking them to Shreveport, they boarded. And now, they were simply enjoying a relaxing flight through the sky, ignoring that they would soon be returning home, to the drama.

Sookie sighed as she looked out at the night sky that they were currently flying through. She leant back in her chair, taking a sip of her wine as she relaxed in the cabin she was sharing with Eric. Jessica and Pam had their own as well, but she didn't really want to think about that.

She glanced over at Eric who was just emerging from the bathroom, dressed in jeans and a black vest as he moved over to the bed. She got up and went to him. He sat back as she crawled in between his legs and settled with her back against his chest. His arm wrapped around her waist and held her to him as she sighed.

"Something on your mind, lover?" She giggled.

"Can't you tell from the bond?" he snorted.

"I thought if I probed, it'd be rude." She swatted his arm at his teasing of her Southern manners and nuzzled his neck.

"I just don't want this to end." She repeated what she said in Jackson. "Us without the drama. Just you and me, free to do whatever we want with no care for the consequences. No-one to judge us or get between us." He nodded.

"We'll be fine, Sookie. We'll make this work." She nodded, smiling.

"I know. We're both really stubborn after all, we both fight for what we want…and we never let it go." He chuckled.

"True, I'd meet final death before I let you go…" she gasped a little, turning to face him.

"Don't say that. Don't ever say that." She pleaded, causing him to frown. "It hurts me when you say that. Don't even think about that, Eric, don't you dare leave me…"

"Never, my dearest one." She nodded.

"Promise me."

"I promise you." He answered, instantly. She relaxed against him and laid her head down his chest as he stroked her back. Together, they enjoyed the final hours of peace they would see before the world caught up with them once more.

Jessica swept her hair back as the hot water of the shower cascaded down her cool skin. She ran her arms over her skin, making sure to give herself a thorough clean as she reached for the soap. Lathering her body up, she allowed the foam to be stripped away from her skin leaving her with a tingling, clean sensation on her body. She bit her lip as the water soothed whatever minor aches she was still feeling from the bond transfer.

She ran a hand down her throat and torso, soothing the skin there as she did so. She sighed, letting a finger run along the side of her breast before catching herself. Damn vampire…

She smiled as a hand she knew very well trailed up her spine. She purred when Pam rubbed her nipples across her back, pressing herself against the redhead and the water ran down them both. She gave a little gasp as Pam slid a hand round to brush over her breasts. She hummed as her lover's lips caressed her shoulder blades. She bit her lip as her hands moved to her breasts and began kneading the gently. She felt moisture pool between her thighs as Pam pinched and twisted her nipples and she hummed in response. She grinned a little as Pam dropped to her knees behind her and she leant over a little, spreading her legs.

She moaned as Pam's tongue parted her folds, delving inside her. She shuddered, willing her legs not to give out. She purred as her cheeks were spread little wider and Pam's tongue moved a little deeper inside her. She whimpered at the pleasure flowing through her system. She kept making small noises of approval as Pam's ministrations kept up, growing a little in intensity. She let her head loll back as she moved one of her hands back to grip Pam's fingers briefly.

"Pam…please…" She sobbed in disappointment as Pam's tongue left her. She was spun round before moaning as Pam's lips crashed against hers. She gripped her lover's hair as forcing her tongue into her mouth as they lips moved together.

She gasped as Pam gripped her ass and lifted her up. Jessica immediately wrapped her legs around her waist, pulling back to gaze at her as Pam began to carry her out of the shower, stopping briefly to switch it off. The two vampires entered the cabin and Pam deposited Jessica on the bed. With a feline grace, she crawled up her body and pressed her lips to the younger vampires in a very slow but sensual kiss. She broke away and began trailing her lips down her neck as Jessica moaned her appreciation, slithering down her body once more.

"Pam…oh my god…" Jessica sighed as Pam nibbled on her navel before dropping in between her parted thighs once more. She arched off the bed as the erotic torture of lips tongue and teeth began again. She slid her hands back into Pam's hair, holding her mouth to her sex. Whilst the passion and lust were still there, something else was present also.

She could feel it in every swirl of Pam's tongue, every nibble of her teeth and every small stroke from her fingers. Jessica keened as Pam wrapped her lips around her clit, sucking lightly but not enough to push over the edge. She thrashed her head, thrusting her core into her lover's mouth, wanting more.

She lost track of how long Pam pleasured her with her mouth, she couldn't think properly.

She shuddered as Pam chuckled into her, sending vibrations along her clit and inside her. Jessica moaned as she delved deeper within her, all tongue, no hands. That was Pam. She choked out a gasp as Pam slowly ran her tongue along that spot that made her tremble with need.


"Hmmmm?" She sobbed in delight as Pam hummed into her sex. She looked down her body, her eyes pleading.

"Please…don't tease…can't take anymore." She gasped as the elder vampire chuckled into her but she got her wish. Pam nibbled lightly on her outer lips before gently taking her nub between her teeth. She flicked her tongue across the bundle of nerves, once, twice and then sucked hard.

Jessica came undone.

"Pam!" She screamed out as her climax took her. She locked her thighs around her lover's head, holding her to her sex as she pulsed and shuddered. She felt Pam's moan of approval as she lapped her taste as her orgasm rocketed through her. With a moan and a shudder, she felt the chains of ecstasy release her before flopping back onto the sheet.

She twitched a little bit, grinning giddily as Pam kissed her way up her body before meeting her lips in a deep kiss. Jessica moaned, as she tasted herself on Pam's lips before pulling away. Her smile faded when she saw the small streak of red on Pam's cheek.

"Pam?" the older vampire rolled off of her, lying on her side. "Pam, what is it?" she asked desperately. Her lover's eyes turned to her and they still outlined with red. "Come on, you can tell me." Pam bit her lip, turning her face away.

Jessica pushed her lightly until she was lying on top of Pam, gazing down at her in worry. She was confused. Pam was emotional at times, but this was new. She couldn't tell what was wrong. She settled from running her hands along her arms as Pam continued to gaze at the wall. Then her beautiful blue eyes turned back to her and she took a deep, unneeded breath.

"Bond with me." Jessica blinked. It was so quiet she almost didn't hear it. Did Pam just…?

"What?" she asked back in a breathy whisper.

"Bond with me." Pam repeated. "I know it's sudden but, I want this." She gazed at Jessica, her eyes swimming with emotion she had not felt in over a century. "I need to feel you all the time, I need you to be mine in every way, not just physically." She bit her lip again. "I want you to be mine in every way." Jessica was staring at her, mouth open in shock.

"But…why…?" Pam smiled, softly.

"Because…" she trailed off, closing her eyes, "because…" she swallowed, taking another deep breath before reopening her eyes and fixing Jessica with a sincere and passionate gaze, "because…I love you." There she had said it. She turned away, not wanting to see the look on her face but she didn't have to.

Jessica's hand palmed her cheek and turned her face back to hers. She gazed at her for long moment, searching for something. Pam felt like she was waiting for an eternity as Jessica continued to search her face for any sign of something. Then she seemed to have found it.

Pam moaned as Jessica's mouth crashed against hers in the most passionate kiss they had ever shared. She was never more thankful for the fact they didn't need to breathe as she refused to break away, crushing her lips to Jessica's in a frenzy of emotion before mewling in complaint as her young lover pulled away.

"Yes." The redhead whispered, nibbling on her throat. "Yes," Pam yanked her chin up so she could meet her gaze, "yes, I'll bond with you." Pam couldn't help the smile that spread across her lips before pulled her in for another kiss.

"I love you." She whispered, breaking away briefly.

"I love you." Jessica replied, a hand snaking between them. The blonde vampiress bucked into her hand with a whine, fangs running out as she did so. Jessica stroked her sex with two fingers, not entering just yet. She watched Pam arch and whine in pleasure, her legs coming up to wrap around the younger vampire. Jessica's fangs ran out with a click as she slid her fingers into her lover.
Pam moaned as the fingers pumped slowly, hissing in frustration and bliss as she moved her hips in time with Jessica's movements. She squealed as her fingers bent in come hither motion before resuming their lazy pace. She clenched around them, causing Jessica to moan at the feel of her around her fingers. Pam then slid her own hand down between them and caressed Jessica's core with two fingers, sliding them in immediately. She hummed as the redhead keened again, the wetness coating her fingers as they both pumped their digits into each other

They writhed against each other, fingers working diligently to bring each other to their completion, until Jessica had other ideas. She gently took hold of Pam's wrist and pulled it away from her, though she moaned in complaint when her fingers left her sex. She then wrapped her around Pam's shoulders and pressed their breasts together as she began pumping her fingers harder and faster. Pam arched into her, her hips moving in time with the moves of her hand, before glancing down.

She watched with rapt attention as Jessica's hand moved, studying her digits as they disappeared inside of her. She bit her lip, moaning loudly as she continued to watch the erotic sight, her lover's fingers curling into her hair as she did so. She hissed as Jessica pulled lightly, her head lolling back only for her lips to be met by Jessica's. The redhead's lips mashed with hers passionately, before moving to her neck. Her lips and tongue tortured where Pam's pulse should have been, her fingers sliding over the skin.

The intensity of Jessica's fingers increased as they began moving at vampire speed, Pam cried out as she felt her climax approaching. She became away of Jessica rubbing herself on her leg, her juices coating her skin as she too tried to force her own climax onto her. Pam's tilted Jessica's head to the side, exposing her throat and licked the pulse point gently.

Together, at the same time, they bit down on each other.

The effect was instant.

Both women screamed into each other's necks as they drank down the other's blood. And suddenly, they minds were a whirlwind of emotions. They both gasped and cried out as they both fell into oblivion with rocketing force. Pam's eyes filled with red tears as she felt Jessica's feeling for her, love and lust mixed into a devastating whole. She allowed her own affection and desire to flow into Pam and felt her young lover shudder against her as they continued to ride the waves of their orgasm.

As the flames of their joint climax burnt out, Jessica slumped on top of Pam, her fingers slipping flopping out of her, as she no longer had the strength to hold them up. Pam ignored the feeling of the redheads juices on her leg as she rolled them over so they were laying facing each other. Jessica was breathing hard, eyes closed against the onslaught of emotions she was getting from Pam. Everything she had kept bottled up inside was buzzing in her head and she revelled in it.

Opening her eyes, she allowed a dreamy smile to form on her face. Her happiness sang through their new bond, as did Pam's. The two gazed at each other, before lacing their fingers together.

"I love you." Jessica breathed. Pam smiled.

"I love you too."

Sookie was gazing out the window of Eric's corvette as they drove towards her home in Bon Temps. After landing in Shreveport and heading for Fangtasia, Pam and Jessica had left for Pam's home. She noticed they were both grinning giddily at each other and she couldn't help but wonder why. Eric however, seemed very happy about something as he engulfed Pam in an embrace before she left, saying something to her in Swedish that made her progeny smile sheepishly and proudly. Now, Eric was taking her home and their life of drama was going to return. And yet, she knew it wouldn't be horrible. She and Eric would get through it as they always did.

She smiled at the sight of her house as they pulled up. She raised a brow at the sight of her belongs arranged neatly outside her door and looked at Eric. He shrugged, innocently and she giggled at the fact he almost it off if it wasn't for the bond. She got out of the car as Eric turned off the engine and made her to the door.

Putting in the key and unlocking it, she turned to pick up her bags. Eric stopped her with a smile and shook his head.

"I'll get it, lover." She smiled, loving his nickname for her. It made her feel wanted, sexy and beautiful.

"Well, aren't you the sweetest." He raised his brow and she giggled, kissing him before heading for her sitting room. She listened as Eric began moving her belongings upstairs before clicking her answer machine to listen to the three messages.

The only one caught her interest was from Sam. She frowned as she listened to it.

"Hey, chere. I uh, look I hope you're really not gonna quit coz of me. I shouldn't have said what I did, about Eric…or your uncle." She sighed, knowing she was going to forgive him. "Can you gimme a call when you get back, I wanna talk in person and we can work this out. And if you're still gonna quit, then I'll understand. I'm sorry, Sookie. See ya soon." She smiled a little, Sam was finally ready to talk. She turned to Eric as he was leaning against the wall.

"Is Merlotte finally ready stop being a fool?" She chuckled.

"It seems so." She answered. "I'll give him a call tomorrow." He nodded and she could feel his guilt in the bond and felt her heart grow heavy. He needed to go. "You sure you can't stay." He nodded, regretfully.

"I have to return to Fangtasia and get back to work." He answered. "I wish I could, but unfortunately…"

"Duty calls." She cut him off, gently. She nodded, understandingly. "I understand, can't always have you myself." She answered.

"I'm sure you could, lover." He answered, waggling his eyebrows. "If you…persuaded me." She giggled, nibbling on her bottom lip, really wanting to beg him to stay. But that'd be selfish, he had other responsibilities as Sheriff and she wasn't going to take him away from that. She was willing to live with that, knowing that he would always put her first.

"Don't tempt me." She answered. He chuckled and sighed, beginning to head to the door. She followed him as he stepped outside. "I'll see you soon, right?" He nodded, leaning down to kiss her.

"Tomorrow night, if you would like…"

"Will you stay over?" He nodded and she grinned. "Tomorrow night then." She kissed him passionately, slipping her tongue into his mouth and moaning at his taste. She pulled back, running her hand down his jaw. "I love you."

"And I you." She smiled as he stepped away, his fingers trailing down her, to her wrist, drawing out the contact as long as possible. As Eric's fingers slipped from hers, he winked at her and headed to his corvette.

Sookie leaned against the doorframe, her hands gripping it as she watched him start his car. He looked at her one more time, sending his love through the bond. She responded with her own and their bond sang as he put the corvette into gear and pulled out of her drive.

She watched until the lights faded from her sight. She listened until she could no longer hear the roar of the engine. She sighed as she could feel his happiness and he could feel hers. They'd be fine; it was just the beginning of their future.

With a smile on her face, Sookie stepped back in her home and closed the door.

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