Naruto stood on the once placid waters of the lake looking around for the three tailed demon. The damn thing needed to be sealed. Like right fucking now, but his chakra's were dangerously low and his wounds were healing much too slow.

"Guren, stay close to me." He said as he turned his head to look at the crystal jutsu user. He needed her to stay as close to him as possible since his friends were'nt around to back him up, and she was wounded. Sh nodded and limped closer, the blood from the leg wound that Kubato had given to her dripping down into the water under their feet. Tinting it pink as it mixed together. He caught the vaigue shadowy shape of the three tails swimming fifty feet down in the murky darkness.

It was getting ready to surface, it's preditory instinct telling it that there was food above it. It surged forward and Naruto was temperrarily reminded of a long ago, a memory of meeting this demon in human form. It had been beautiful with it's long green hair and pale skin with small mint green and silver scale stripes below it's wounded eye. He even recalled the silvery tinkling laughter. The sound much more innocent than the demon itself was. But that had been back then. Long ago. Before the begining of everything.

Now his friend was his enemy. And part of him was heart broken over that fact. But even now in it's dangerous and highly volital state he could'nt help but be awe struck by it's grace, and though it's form was different he still found it beautiful.

He grabbed Guren wrapping his arms around her waist and took off running across the water in a desperate attempt to reach the shore. The sound of something huge breaking the surface behind them followed by a loud roar as something was hurled at them, Naruto's steps faultered as a ball of pure energy flew past them, his dark blue eyes tracking it's movement as he silently hoped and prayed thst the energy wasnt going anywhere near where he had left his friends.

It hit a thicket of trees and his eyes widened in horror as they went up in a fire ball of flames. Holy shit.

"Guren. I think we're in troube here."

"You don't say-" She said in sacrasim as she grabbed his jacket sleeve and pulled at it in a panic as the demon started to close in on him. Why was't he running? Guren thought as she tugged at his jacket sleeve as she heard a whirl and click sound that reminded her of a camera lens. "Naruto. You need to move. Naruto! Naruto!" Why was'nt he moving? Why was'nt he running? What the fuck was he doing?

He grasped her by the back of her jacket and picked her up, her eyes went wide as she turned her head to look at him as he smiled and mouthed the words.

"We won't make it. Swim or the shore. And if you see my friends tell them not to worry..." He threw her and for a moment time seemed to stop as she looked back at him as she flew through the air and opened her mouth to scream out a warning as she saw a ball of redish orange energy heading right for him. Her breath caught in her throat as he smiled at her, it was such a sad smile. Hearbreaking in the depths of it's sorrow.

He was choosing to die. To die so that she could escape.

No! No! Don't die! Please don't die! Whatever she might have thought about the boy before, about him being weird for an enemy. It was nothing compaired to the immense sorrow she felt as the enrgy hit him. Slamming into his back, throwing him forward. He screamed in pain as his body was nearly ripped in half. Blood spurted into the air in a bright crimson spray and his legs buckled as she hit the water and rolled before going under ten feet from the shore.

She struggled to breath and ended up with a mouth full of water, her lungs burned as she twisted around under the water and headed for the surface as she saw another bright almost blinding light and froze for second worried that the demon had fired another energy ball. Naruto...

Was he still up there? Was he still alive? She kicked her way towards he surface. She had to find him if he was, and even if he was'nt...she coud at least return his body to his friends.


here was my first chapter. Hope that you like it.