Kyo was outside with Shizune for the better part of an hour gathering information on the man with his sister, before finally storming back inside the cabin with a dark expression on his face. "Gentlemen, we have a problem." He said as he walked up to his brothers and sat down next to them.

Remi and Luc both looked up from the food that one of the girl's-the blond one had given to them, and gave him a curious look. "Whath da problam?" Remi asked around a mouth full of food. He just couldn't help himself, the food was so good that he wondered if the girl would mind marrying him. Sure he had atrocious table manners but he would love her more and more everytime she put some food on the table.

Kyo blinked and then gave him a pointed look. "First of all. Ew, Remi. Manners, please." Remi shut his mouth and swallowed the half chewed food in his mouth.

He mumbled an apology to his brothers and flushed nearly as red as the highlights in Luc's hair. "S'okay man. Now on to the real problem. I just had a very interesting conversation with miss Shizune-san and it would seem that our precious little sister will be getting married once she's back at the village."

Remi's jaw dropped completely. Luc just stared at Kyo and sighed before asking. "And how exactly did this come about Kyo?" Naru had only been deployed a grand total of one day and twelve hours. And she'd already snagged herself a man. Weird.

"Well, turns out that she and this guy were found in a very, very compromising position, and now that her rep is in ruins, the guy is going to marry her." Kyo said in a low tone. Remi's dropped again and Luc pinched the bridge of his nose in an effort to keep the headache he was getting, at bay. It didn't work, but he gave himself an A for effort.

"So what are we going to do?" Luc asked curiously.

Kyo got a mean look on his face. He wasn't happy. Not happy at all.

"A grab and dash?"

"Ha, ha, ha. No. Our sister is going to be married to this guy weather we like it or not, so we'll find out what we can about him, and if he doesn't make her happy-"

"We'll kill him." Remi finished Kyo sentance. Kyo was so predictable. Always with the violence.


Sorry that this chapter is so short. But I finally figured out how I want this story to end. And it is a very suprising twist.

I'll update once I can.