The Girl with the Grey Eyes

Inside an empty room, there is a table. On that table is a thick chain that wraps around and around. No matter how hard you look, there is no way to open the chains. Underneath the chains is a glass case. Inside the glass case is a safe with many locks on it. If you open the safe you will find a music box. It has a gold lid that is coated with diamond locks. In fancy script a name is written on the box. The name is…

I gaped at the sight of the prestigious school called Ouran High. It was..; well the only way to describe it was huge and expensive looking. It looked pretty colorful too, but I can't tell, it was just a shade of grey. Even though it was just a smudge on my window of sight, it was an impressive smudge.

I looked down at what I was wearing, a tank top, jean-shorts and cowboy boots. I felt a little underdressed, but screw that, I was being me. My long straight hair fell down my back and over my shoulders. As I pushed my cowboy hat up on my head, I looked back up at the smudge of grey.

Shades of grey. That's all I've ever known, and all I ever will know. My world was black and white. I would never see the blue of the sky again. Nor would I see the strange red hair that my memories told me I had. I can still remember some colors, and which one was my favorite, bronze. It always had been, but even the treasured memories of it were fading. Doctors say it isn't even a 1% chance that I will get better. I will never see color again, and I will eventually go blind. My vision was already pretty much gone. I could only make out shapes most of the time, but sometimes I could see peoples' faces. So whenever those moments came up, I tried to remember each face. Luckily, today was a day where I could see pretty well.

I walked into the school with my headphones blaring. I glanced around me. I could see girls and boys talking to each other, occasionally glancing towards me. The girls were dressed in light grey dresses and the guys in dark grey suits. I ignored their stares and hurried towards my class. Walking in the room I bumped into the backs of two boys. They sighed and turned to glare at me.

"Excuse you, commoner." The two spoke together, and looked exactly alike. I closed my eyes and snorted.

Stupid twins, calling me a commoner when they don't even know me. Well whatever.

I shrugged it off and walked away. Hopping up on a window sill, I cranked my music and closed my eyes. The music washed over me like a breath of fresh air. It was the only time when I felt I could actually see. Hearing the teacher yell at the class to get in our seats, I shut off my IPod and went to my seat.

Hikaru looked down at the girl that had just bumped into him. She was really pretty. Her long multi-colored red hair hung down to the middle of her back. She wore simple clothes, but on her, they could've been rags and she probably could have made them look good. Hikaru looked at her hat and boots. They were both black with gold buckles, this girl had good taste. Looking at her closed eyes, he saw two long white lines that went down both eyes.

He watched her walk over to a window will and sit on it. Before she closed her eyes, he caught a glimpse of grey.

"Grey eyes, never seen those before. I'll have to investigate." Hikaru muttered to himself as he returned to his seat.

As soon as the bell rang I was out the door. Grabbing my box lunch I headed towards the stables. Lunch was long, about an hour, so I could ride after I ate. Picking one of the egg rolls out of my lunch, I bit the end, letting it hang out of my mouth. I could hear footsteps behind me, not far away, but definitely following me. Unfortunately for me, my vision was getting worse. When I turned around I could only make out two figures, which were identical to each other.

Just keep walking, they'll leave you alone.

I sighed and continued walking. The path to the stable wasn't long; it only took me about 5 minutes to get there. Eating my last egg roll, I went to pick a horse. I picked a horse named Mai. Tacking her up, I jumped on her back and went to the ring. No one else was there.

Huh, everyone's probably eating in the dining hall. I wonder if it's a good idea to ride, especially since my vision is getting worse.

I shook off the thought and continued to ride. After about forty-five minutes, I got off and went to the showers. I still had the feeling I was being followed so I quickened my pace. Black spots started appearing in my window of sight. Finding a bench I sat down and placed my head in my hands.

Not this soon, I can't be going blind now!

I felt a solitary tear slide down my cheek. The drop of wetness splashed against my hands as it fell. Hearing footsteps I quickly wiped my eyes and turned in the direction I heard the footsteps come from. Two people sat next to me and put their shoulders on mine.

Apparently they do not know the meaning of personal space.

"Well hello commoner."

Shit, it's the twins, all right…stop crying, stop.

I wiped my eyes again and turned towards one of the voices. "Whaddya ya'll want?"

I heard a fake gasp before they answered. "We were wondering…"

"If you were new here."

You think that would be obvious…

"Yes I am new here, and if you'll excuse me, I have to leave." Personally, I had no idea where I was going. I just got up off of the bench and started walking; I had gotten about ten steps in before I walked into a wall. I heard the twins laugh from behind me. Scowling I spun around and started walking again, this time to trip on some stairs.

"Ow." Screw this; I'll just lie here…

I let out a small squeak as the twins picked me up. They then started dragging me somewhere. I decided not to care and looked up. My vision was close to gone; I could only see a small space in front of me. Usually my vision would get really bad, but get better after a couple of days.

I heard a door being open and turned my head in the direction of the sound. I could see grey specks flying at me; they looked like petals from a plant.

"Welcome" I heard about five voices and turned to look at them. In my small window of sight I could see five figures sitting on something.

"Sorry we're late Tamaki…"

"We had to pick up a stray puppy."

Stray? Puppy?

"What are you two doing to that poor girl?" I heard a voice that sounded slightly female coming closer. A gentle hand placed itself on my shoulder. "Sorry about them…" I smiled towards the voice. Feeling someone take my hand, I looked down. From what I could see, someone was kneeling in front of me.

"And what can we do for you, princess?"

"Either find me a place to sit, or let me leave." I retorted. I do not want to be here, wherever 'here' is. I felt someone guide me over to a big gray smudge, a couch. Sitting down on it I looked around. From what I could see, the room was filled with girls, the only guys being those seven. I smirked to myself.

It's not that hard to tell what's a girl and what's not when they were those huge dresses.

I felt a bump and turned to see someone sitting next to me. Up close I could tell it was a boy, but I couldn't see his face. He held something up to me, but all I could see was a smudge.

"Aren't these flower's vibrant blue pattern, full beautiful petals, and exotic red swirls gorgeous? But they are no match for your stunning red hair, or your beautiful tan skin." He cooed.

But I can't see it, I can't. I can't see the vibrant blue, or the beautiful petals, or the exotic red. I can't see my stunning red hair, or my beautiful tan skin. I can't, I never will… I bit my lip trying to hold back tears; it was working well until one thought planted itself in my mind

Forever dark.

After thinking that, I broke out in loud sobs, tears racing down my face.

Hikaru was a little shocked that the girl had walked into a wall, then tripped over stairs. One other thing that shocked him was her hair. Her hair was three different shades of red, the darkest at the bottom and the lightest on top. He glanced over at her and Tamaki right when he held up a flower to her. Hikaru saw the girl's face drop as she bit her lip. Her face then went up in shock before she broke into loud sobs, tears streaming down her face.

Grabbing Kaoru, they ran over to her. Tamaki was sitting there shocked, stuck between staring at her and the flower.

"What happened sir?" Hikaru asked along with Kaoru.

Tamaki looked at them. "I showed her this flower, and she started crying." Hikaru looked back at the girl. She was sitting up straight with tears still running down her face. He could clearly see the white lines that went down her eyes. Looking at her eyes he could see she was staring right as him. Hikaru looked away fast, a slow blush creeping on his face, but when he looked back at her, he could see she was still looking at him.

The longer he stared into her grey eyes, the more beautiful they were. It was like he was staring into a pool of silver that was going down a drain. He saw her eyes ripple, but not from the tears. Slowly the stream of tears stopped and the girl fell asleep, still sitting up. Haruhi laid the girl down and pulled a blanket over her.

Hikaru glanced over at Tamaki. "So she just started crying randomly?" Tamaki looked up and nodded, then turned back to the girl.

I sat up as soon as I woke up. I only remembered being asked about a flower, crying, but nothing after that. I'm guessing I fell asleep. Opening my eyes, I could see that my vision had returned a lot. I could see the small details in the couch, which was rare for me. Looking around I saw seven boys sitting at a table. I got up and made my way over to them, stumbling a bit. They all looked up at me. One of them got up and helped me over to one of the chairs. Plopping down I looked up to see all of them staring at me.

"So what's your name? I'm Haruhi." Haruhi smiled at me.

"I'm Grey; I just transferred here from North Carolina." Yes that is my name, my ironic name. I was named Grey before I went color-blind, named for my eyes. Handing me a cup of tea, Haruhi pointed at the rest of the boys as he introduced them.

"Welcome to the Host Club! The boy you were talking to earlier is Tamaki, the one with the glasses is Kyoya, the twins are Hikaru and Kaoru, the tall one is Mori, and the smallest one is Honey." I smiled at all of them.

"So what made you cry earlier?" One of the twins, Hikaru I think, leaned on the table, looking at me.

"Eh? Oh, um, I don't know…" I stopped talking as I spilled tea on my outfit. "Damn…"

Kyoya got up and walked to the back room as I tried to wipe off the stains. He came back with a bag in his hand. Handing to me, he sat back down.

"Sorry, it's the only extra uniform we have." I smiled up at him before walking off to the changing room. Pulling it out of the bag, I saw that it was the boys uniform.

Thank God!

I pulled off my clothes, leaving my cowboy hat on my head. Putting on the long dress pants, I stood there for a second. I heard the curtain move and spun around to see Hikaru walk in.

"Hey I brought some towels…" Hikaru stopped short as he saw me standing there in my sports bra. His face turned a darker shade of grey as he walked out. "Sorry…" I smiled and continued to change. When I buttoned up the shirt, I found that it wouldn't cover my chest completely. I left the two top buttons undone, leaving the top part of my boobs showing.

I pulled on the jacket before looking at the mirror. From what I could tell, I didn't look half bad. The pants were tucked into my cowboy boots. The shirt was tight, showing off my curves. Placing my hat back on my head, I walked out. I saw Hikaru sitting away from the others, his face still dark. The others were sitting at the table, talking quietly. Kaoru looked up at me, before a dark line crossed his face.

Aww, he's blushing.

I walked over to them, smiling. "So… How do I look?" They all looked up at me.

"You're…so…cute!" Tamaki wrapped me in a hug and spun me around. After trying to squeeze out of his embrace, I yelled to Mori for help.

"Mori, can ya help me..?" His mouth twitched up in a smile as he lifted me out of Tamaki's arms. I laughed as Mori set me down. Feeling a tug on my shirt, I looked down to see Honey.

"Hey Grey-chan, come eat cake with me!" Nodding my head, I let him drag me over to a table. I picked up one with strawberries on it and plopped one in my mouth. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw Hikaru get up and walk over to me.

"Um, I'm sorry…for walking in on you…"

Honey gasped. "Hika-chan's a pervert! Poor Grey-chan!" He hugged me, as he turned to glare at Hikaru, whose face was turning dark again.

"N-no, it's not like that!" He stuttered before walking away. This made me laugh even harder.

Ouran High School's Host Club…seems interesting.

Author's Note: If you haven't noticed yet, Hikaru and Kaoru were the ones following Grey. And another thing, the name of the story 'Shades of Grey' is a play on words. It means shades of grey, as in the colors she sees and it means the life of Grey. Well enjoy and please review!