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Digimon: Intelligent creatures that are taken from bits and bits of the internet or any similar source. These creatures are also created by dream energy, which is how they gathered all the matter to exist out side of a world they live called the Digital World. They have the ability to reconfigure them selves after they are destroyed, and the most amazing ability called Digivolution, which they change into stronger stages but it is reversible, and most of them may have different personalities, and power.

Pokemon: Creatures with elemental power. People use these beings as sport, to train, and battle other of monsters similar to them. They are also used as companions and pets. They have the DNA code to be allowed to be shrinking into electronic balls called poke-balls. They have the ability to evolve to stronger stages that is irreversible once with enough experience, and learn different physical or elemental attacks. Some have the ability to learn how to talk, but wastes more energy then learning fighting abilities.

People who have heard of both these creatures from some other world either love or hate one or both. Some dream of them to co-exist. Some wish to see who would triumph over the other. These creatures have different and similar traits, but one thing is certain: They do not co-exist with each other, until today.

???: ?:?? PM

 A quite night dims over the land, filled with majestic creatures with awesome power. But at this time, it has been long after their time to sleep. Only those like circle shaped owls and walking grass-headed plants roamed the forest. If you were there, and you were just a distant closer to these creatures, all you can hear is their names, like it has always been their languages; their way of communication. They're…

 An earthquake has struck, as if the mother earth has begun yet another of her tempers. But this shake of the planet has caused the woodland monsters to awaken from their slumber. Although when it comes to earthquakes, these creatures wouldn't scamper away like a giant mutant monster was approaching. Because that's what it was. Along with this earthquake was a fog that clouded the dark forest.


And within that dark fog, lies evil that now trampled and crushed any wooden life in its way. The small creatures cowered away from the rampaging beast as it made loud thundering sounds by every step it makes. The creature's shape to form from the smoky fog; though its appearance wasn't made from the shadows, this monster resembled as a large dinosaur with two horns.


With a roaring cry, the monster charged its horns at a large rocky cliff, and crumbled it with a powerful force that caused an avalanche on some of the victim animals.

 The little forest creatures passed by two large rhino monsters that almost resembled the dangerous beast ahead. To this land, these mighty creatures would be considered one of the largest and sturdy creatures, but compare to this monster that is approaching from the blue light, they are like children. Roaring with a monstrous cry, the two bipedal rhinos charged like bulls and rammed through the shadow beast, but their combined might wasn't enough to shove the monster to at least an inch.

 "You wanna-be Digimon dare toy with Triceramon?" the triceratops monster shouted. The dinosaur beast that calls itself Triceramon grabbed the two creatures like stuffed toys, and lifted them high over the rocky road. "You two hold no data! BEGONE!!!"

One by one, Triceramon tossed the reptile beast through the trees like pitching a fast ball. The giant monster grinned wickedly at the trail of dust that rises over the forest that the two failed warriors made. But then, the monster spotted something small at the corner of its eye. A tiny, circular creature with a circle on its belly, and a raccoon tail stares up to the giant with fear and panic in its eyes.

 "Ooo….roadkill!" the monster sneered before it marched its way towards the defenseless animal.

It wasn't that the little thing had so much fear, that it was considered ice for the animal to freeze. It was because it had its tail trapped under a rock. As Triceramon approached the creature, the little thing felt its heart pounding so much, it was as if it was about to explode.

  "Did you know I like how blood squishes between my toe…GAAHHH!!!" suddenly a miracle happened.

A giant mammoth monster came busting through the woods and crashed right into the dino monster. Right as the two creatures were engaged in a brawl, a small, humanoid gray creature came and freed the raccoon like animal.

 "Sentret!" it chirped with a panic appreciation.

 "Machop!" though the gray monster picked up the little animal and ran off to safety.



Like bulls in a coral, the two monsters crashed their tusks and horns upon each other in a fury rage. Rocks crushed to rubble like crackers, and footprints storm and storm over the earth as they used all their might to triumph over the other in this wrestle brawl.

 "FREEZING BREATH!!!" But then the mammoth monster held its trunk up and blew white smog of sub-zero breeze at the triceratops mutant.


 Far from that battle, on top of a mountain where dark clouds reign around, a shrouded figure stood like death waiting for the moment to strike. The shadow being seemed to wear a cloak that flowed along the wind like they were from angels of death.  With its red eyes, the fiend can see a light show far into the dark forest, where the two beast battles. He narrowed his eyes when he heard that distant scream die. It would appear to him that scream did not fair so successfully.

 "Master…" hovering above the cloaked figure was another shadowed being, only this one was taller, and had a female figure that seemed to wore clothes that had ripped tails that waved like the one she called master. "It appears that a digital storm is finally hitting so."

Nodding, the dark being looked up at the dark clouds. Miles and miles away, the clouds looked as if it was keeping back raging lightning.

"So it is."   Reaching back from his sleeves, he held, in his skinny fingers, an orb that surged a dark and purple aura. With a mighty toss, the cloaked fiend sends it up into the clouds. A giant blast of light erupted up in the black clouds. The shockwaves of it also showed computer lines that drove across the skies.

After watching the show like fireworks, the evil being sounded a soft chuckle. "Come out, come out and play, DigiDestineds. Bwahahahah!!!!!"  

                                                     *Digimon & Pokemon- Mon Wars*




Digimon! Digital Monsters! Digimon are the champions!

Digimon! Digital Monsters! Digimon are the champions!

Change into digital champions

To save the Digital World

Digimon! Digital Monsters! Digimon are the champions!

Digimon! Digital Monsters! Digimon are the champions!

Digimon! Digital Monsters! Digimon are the champions!

Digimon! Digital Monsters! Digimon are the champions!

Digivolve into Champion!

Armor Digivolve!

Digimon! Digital Monsters! Digimon are the champions!

Digimon! Digital Monsters! Digimon are the champions!

Digimon! Digital Monsters! Digimon are the champions!

Digimon! Digital Monsters! Digimon are the champions!





Digimon! Digital Monsters!

Digimon! Digital Monsters!

Digimon! Digital Monsters!

Digimon! Digital Monsters!

Warp Digivolve!

Digimon! Digital Monsters! Digimon are the champions!

Digimon! Digital Monsters! Digimon are the champions!

Digivolve into Champion!


Change into digital champions

To save the Digital world

Digimon! Digital Monsters! Digimon are the champions!

Digimon! Digital Monsters! Digimon are the champions!

Digimon! Digital Monsters! Digimon are the champions!

Digimon! Digital Monsters! Digimon are the champions!

Digimon! Digital Monsters!


Chapter 1- Red/Blue meets Gold/Silver

Route 39: 10:35 AM/Clear skies

It was a bright and beautiful day over the land of Johto. Flowers bloom, Pidgeys singing, and three young teens stroll down route 39 to the next town. To some people of this world, they may find these kids just regular people traveling across the land. But to those that know them, they are children of virtue that not only keep three annoying beings out of trouble, but had saved the world many times.  Ash, Misty, and Brock journeyed through the route to get to Olivine Town for Ash to get his 5th Johto badge; another step to enter the Johto League and become a true champion and master. As they walked on a tall, steep hill, Misty gave out her words of wisdom to inform her colleges that its time to notice the light of day:

"Brock, how much longer till we make it to the next town? My feet are killing me!"

The oldest one of the group, Brock, looked over at the map: "Well according to the map, we should be at Olivine City after about five miles."

  "It better be. All I want is a nice hot bath for my aching feet, or I may keel all over!"

As they made it on top of the hill, they saw the town up the distance; a glorious town at that, which it looks like it was cleansed of filth and chaos. They could see a huge beach at the edge of the town, glistering with the light of the sun.

"Ah, there it is!" Brock said.

The boy with a league cap stepped forward with a smile on his face. "All right! We finally made, Pikachu!"


"Great, it has a beach!" Misty said. "I could sure use a rest after all we been through to get here. I mean, dealing with Team Rocket everyday can really …!"

"Hey, Brock, does this place have a gym?" Ash asked as he interrupted Misty.

Misty got irritated and then she pulled Ash's ear: "Don't you ever interrupt me again, Ketchum! Got it?"

 "OW!! OW!! QUIT IT!!"

Brock ignored them as he looked through the guidebook. "According to this, Olivine Town's gym leader uses Steel type Pokemon. That means you better get Cyndaquil pumped up if you want that badge, Ash!"

After Misty let go of him, Ash took out his pokeball, containing Cyndaquil. "CYNDAQUIL! I CHOOSE YOU!"

Ash threw the ball to release Cyndaquil. The little fire Pokemon cheered for being outside the pokeball.

 "Cyndaquil!" it chirped happily.

"I hope you're ready; because we're gonna do some serious training before we battle the next gym leader!" Ash said with determination that has always burned in his heart like the fire of a Charizard.

"CYNDA! CYNDA!" the Pokemon cheered as he hoped with the same joy and determination as his trainer.

Misty walked up to Ash and put her hand on his forehead. Ash blush a little as she does this. "You don't seem to have a fever!...Who are you, and what have you done with the real Ash?"

"Very funny! It shouldn't be a surprise if I wanted to train before I battle this gym leader!"

Misty was gonna say something until someone spook up from behind.

"Hey I remember you guys!"

The trio turned around to find a familiar face. A tall girl around Brock's height, with pigtails, stood before them with a smile on her face. You can probably guess her favorite color on the first try on the count she has pink hair and pink clothes. It was one of the Johto gym leaders Ash beat not too long ago.

"Whitney! What are you doing here?" Ash asked in surprise as well as the others.

"Just walking around for some training, and to hang around with some friends of mine..!" Yes, the crew recognized this young lady as the gym leader of Goldenrod City. As much as a tough battler she is, the trio quickly labeled her as the girl with bad sense of directions.

She stopped when Brock rushed up to her and grabbed her hands. "You don't have to be shy! It's because you wanted to see me, right?" he asked as he blushed like crazy.

Misty pulled him away from her by the ear as she said: "Wrong again, Romeo! Now stay down!"

"Ahh…If it isn't my greatest opponent that successfully defeated me!" a boy around Brock's age said as he stepped out of the bushes. He has blue hair, and what appears to be a kimono he is wearing.

"What the…? Falkner?" Ash said in shock. He was beginning to expect more of these gym leaders to show up.

"It is good to meet you again, Ash. How's your journey going?" he asked. He is another gym leader, Falkner of Violet City. This young man had a love for bird Pokemon like Misty does with water Pokemon. He gave Charizard one of the toughest battles he ever had before the fire type trained at the Charific Valley.

The boy still had a curious look on his face. "Great, but, why are you guys here?"

"After you have defeated me, I decide to further my goal to be the greatest Flying Pokemon Master by doing some traveling and training, and also to hang with two of my friends here."

"Two? Where is the other one?" Misty asked.

Her question was answered when a boy came out of the bushes. He has a yellow and black cap worn backwards, red shirt with a white hood and wrist bands, yellow and black shorts, red and white sneakers, black hair, and he has a poke-gear on his left wrist. This child had almost the same smug as Ash, only his seem more like you can read a slight arrogance; but not as much as one Ash knew too well and sort of despise.

"Sorry for the wait, Whit!" he said. "But when nature calls, you know you have to answer!"

He then noticed some unfamiliar faces next to his friends. "I see we have some new faces in these here parts!" he said in a fake hillbilly accent.

"This is Hiro. Hiro these are Ash, Brock, and Misty, couple of friends of mine." Whitney introduced.

"Oh I'd seen you before!" Hiro said as he pointed to Ash. "You're the kid with the Charizard that didn't obey you in the Indigo League!"

"WA! Let's…not bring that up!" Ash said as Misty giggled. "What's so funny?"

"N..Nothing!" Misty said as she tried to stop laughing.

"Look! That was a long time ago! Charizard and I are good friends now!"

"Yes. His Charizard defeated my Pidgeot in such brilliance by using its speed to Ash's advantage." Falkner said. "So how is your Charizard faring?"

"I left him at Charific Valley to train there. I'm sure I'll see him again, soon."

 "Hmm....I hope so, cause I would like to have a rematch with your Charizard soon."

 "You bet!"

"So, Whitney, Why are you traveling with Hiro? He destroyed something like your bike like Ash did to mine?" Misty asked which got Ash annoyed.

"No. It's because…" Whitney said as she ran up to Hiro and kissed him on the cheek. "..He's my boyfriend!"

"YOUR BOYFRIEND?!" Brock screamed. "But he looks like Ash's age!"

(A/N: I had seen fan art pictures from Japanese Pokemon sites with these two as a couple. Perhaps it was from the Pokemon Adventures comic series that is probably continuing in Japan, or maybe another comic series based on Pokemon Gold and Silver.)

"Hey I'm only thirteen! What, you jealous I got me a hot wonderful girl?" Hiro asked as he put an arm around Whitney's neck.

"….yes. I'm seventeen [A/N: I don't really know how old he is. You tell me, people.] She's fifteen,[ A/N: Or her.] and you………lucky b@stard!" he said as he put his head down.

"Yeah, I know. I can see these two are for the same reason as us." Hiro said pointing to the blushing Ash and Misty.

"He's NOT my boyfriend! I'm only following him cause he still owes me a bike!" Misty yelled.

"Sure you are! Wink, wink!" Hiro said flexing his two fingers, which made Misty blush a deep red.

"Since we're here, how's about a three on three Pokemon battle, Hiro?" Ash asked as he recalled Cyndaquil that Hiro didn't notice.

"My pleasure, Pallet dude!" he said as he cracked his knuckles.


Chapter 2- A broken courage

Odiba 10:35 AM

Taichi Kamiya, leader of the DigiDestined and the bearer of the crest of courage, lied on his bed with his face on the pillow as he cried. Even though MaloMyostismon has been defeated, he wasn't celebrating for that, because he lost the war of love. His best friend and his dream girl, Sora Takenouchi, the girl that always brightened his day whenever he was feeling down, was going out with his rival, Yamato Ishida. For years, Tai loved Sora, yet he was too afraid to tell her. And when he finally build up the courage to ask her out last Christmas, she said the words that crushed his heart:

"No, I wanna stay available incase if Matt is free afterwards."

Tai had never been hurt like that, but he encouraged her to go see him, so she wouldn't see what she had done to Tai. Tai loved her so much, that he would rather see her happy even if it meant she couldn't be with him.

Later, Tai awoke when the phone rang. He picked up the phone after he stumbled off the bed and was greeted with a good friend of his, and a fellow DigiDestined.

"Salutations, Tai!" the voice said on the phone.

"Oh hey, Izzy! What's up?" Tai said.

"Nothing much. I'm just calling to inform you about the picnic all of the DigiDestined are having in the Digital World. Are feeling all right? You haven't been since…"

"Since Sora and Matt became official? Sure I'm fine!" Tai lied as he grinded his teeth. "Never been better!"

"Actually, just incase you're interested, Sora broke up with Matt, senshuu!" (A/N: Japanese for 'last week')

"WHAT? She broke up with him? Why?" Tai asked.

"I don't know. At least you can take this as an advantage and ask her out."

"Why? After the way she broke my heart, after all the times I saved her in the Digital World. If she choused Matt over me, after everything I did for her, then she doesn't fell the same way about me as I feel about her!"

"Come on, Tai!"

"Forget it, Koushiro!"

"~sigh~ All right, if you say so. Are you coming over to the picnic?"

"What else is there to do?"

"Excellent. Kari is already at the Digital World, so Davis will come over to bring you there."

"All right, I'll see you there." Tai said as he hangs up the phone. He plummets down on the floor, staring at the fan with void eyes. With all that happened, with all that's out there he can't have, there's no reason he show the very face that was once the courageous leader. However, he hasn't seen his friends for a while so perhaps he'll go. Maybe Davis' antics of trying to flirt with his sister then failing at it will cheer him up. But still, there was Sora, the woman who was in the arms of Yamato, but now a free angel. But why should he take the opportunity when he already knows the answer? Why bother?

 "Why should I, if you don't love me as much as I love you, Sora?"


Chapter3- Ash vs. Hiro

Route 39: 10:57 PM

Moments later, Ash and Hiro stood in battle stance far from each other while Brock and Misty stood behind Ash and Whitney and Falkner stood behind Hiro. From what Misty gathered, it'll be like Ash vs. Ritchie all over again. She means they seem so like twins.

"This is a three on three Pokemon battle!" Brock yelled.

"There are no time limits!" Falkner yelled.


(Play Pokemon the first movie theme)

As if nature decided to bring more of the mood, the wind blew by the trainers while they reached for their poke-balls. Hiro was the one to first draw out a pokeball and shouted as he threw it: "GO, BELLOSSOM!" A plant Pokemon that looks like some kind Hawaii dancer came out.

I want to be the very best
Like no one ever was

"A Bellossom!" Ash said. "This will be quick when I CHOSE YOU! CYNDAQUIL!" Ash released Cyndaquil again, and as it came out, his flames already spouted out.

To catch them is my real test
To train them is my cause (oooh)

"Aw, a Cyndaquil! That sure takes me back!" Hiro said. "I remember when Professor Elm gave me a Cyndaquil…!"

"You mean you're one of Prof. Elm's trainers!" Ash asked.

"Yep, but let's finish this battle! Bellossom! Sleep Powder!"

"Bellossom!" she said as she spins around near Cyndaquil to release blue powder.

I will travel across the land
Searchin' far and wide

"Quick, Cyndaquil! Flamethrower that powder!" Ash said.

Cyndaquil used the attack to burn away all the powder. It also almost hit Bellossom, but she barely dodged it. Wondering about what he witnessed, Hiro took out his poke-dex and scanned Ash's Cyndaquil.

Each Pokemon to understand
The power that's inside! (Power inside!)

"Hmm. Level 26. My Bellossom maybe on Level 34, but I still gotta watch out against that Pokemon that has the element that can take her out like nothing. I don't know how Ash got that little guy to learn Flamethrower already, but it isn't gonna help him."

"Cyndaquil! Quick Attack!" Cyndaquil charged at Bellossom in sonic speed, ramming at her gut and making her take some decent damage.

It's you and me.
I know it's my destiny!
Ooh you're my best friend
In a world we must defend!

"Do you think Bellossom has a chance against Cyndaquil, Falkner?" Whitney asked.

"Well, Bellossom is one of the quickest grass types, so she may win if Hiro plays his cards right."

A heart so true
Our courage will pull us through
You teach me and I'll teach you
(Gotta catch 'em) Gotta catch 'em Gotta catch 'em all!

"Bellossom! Petal Dance!"

Bellossom danced around and blew a storm of pink petals, in a twister blow, which stormed towards the fire type.

"Cyndaquil! Flame Wheel!"

Cyndaquil rolled like a flaming wheel and ripped through the petal storm by burning the pink weeds like paper, resulting in slamming into Belossom and making it crash its back into a tree.

"Bellossom is unable to battle! Cyndaquil wins the round!" Brock shouted.

"All right, Cyndaquil!" Ash cheered, jumping up from the grass like he actually won for the first time.


Hiro smirked at the boy. It was the first round, so it just a minor setback Hiro thought as he recalled Bellossom and pulled out another pokeball.


After the flying poke-ball flew at the dirt road, the ground type, porcupine Pokemon showed up on the field, slashing the air with his long claws.

 Every challenge along the way
With courage I will face
I will battle everyday
To claim my rightful place!

Memories kicked in to the trainer of Pallet. He remembered when after he caught Cyndaquil, a trainer already battled it with a Sandslash. "You beat a Sandslash before, Cyndaquil, and you can beat it again!"


"It probably won't be like that other trainer's Sandslash, Ash!" Brock said. "Remember trainers have a different way of training Pokemon."

"We can handle it." Ash grinned. "Cyndaquil! Flamethrower!" Cyndaquil blew out a flame blast straight at Sandslash, but…

Come with me, the time is right!
There's no better team
Arm and arm, we'll win the fight!
It's always been a dream!

"Sandslash! Use your Dig maneuver!" Hiro said.

Right as the flames flew like a flying train, Sandslash quickly burrowed underground, safely avoiding from the Flamethrower.

"Where did it go?" Ash asked himself.

At that moment, the mammal Pokemon felt his feet shaking around without his control. Sandslash then burst out from under Cyndaquil, swiping the fire-type off the ground.

It's you and me.
I know it's my destiny!
Ooh you're my best friend
In a world we must defend!

"Sandslash! Swift attack!" Hiro said.

As the fire type soared like a rocket, Sandslash span as it threw a bunch of stars at Cyndaquil, hitting him hard to the floor.

"Cyndaquil is unable to battle! Sandslash wins the round!" Falkner shouted.

"Aw, SWEET!" Hiro shouted.

"Way ago, hon!" the pink pigtailed girl cheered like a raving TRL teen.

"It's not over yet until the Snorlax sings!" Ash said as he recalled Cyndaquil. "I CHOOSE YOU! TODODILE!" The happy, energetic crocodile came out, ready to battle by dancing around to show it. "All right, Tododile! Water Gun!"

"TODODILE!" he said as he shot out a stream of water.

A heart so true
Our courage will pull us through
You teach me and I'll teach you
(Gotta catch 'em) Gotta catch 'em Gotta catch 'em all!

"You know what to do, Sandslash!" Hiro said with a grin.

Sandslash burrowed underground, again, and tried to do the same strategy. As Ash spotted the ground cracking below Tododile, he yelled: "TODODILE! JUMP, QUICK!" As soon as Sandslash popped out, Tododile jumped on his head and jumped high into the air.

"Now, Water Gun, Tododile!"

While he was air-born, Tododile shot a Water Gun straight down at Sandslash's face.

"Aw NAW!" Hiro shouted as Sandslash looked weakened.

Tododile landed and then proceed with his happy dance. The trainer of Johto felt in deep crud now. Ground types are weak against water attacks, which means… Hiro then noticed the ground looking muddy, thanks to the water gun.

"Thank you, Mother Nature!" Hiro thought with a relieved sigh. "Sandslash! Mud-Slap!"

Sandslash grabbed a claw full of mud, and threw it at Tododile's eyes, preventing him to see.

"TODODILE!" Ash cried.

"Now, Rollout!" Hiro shouted. Sandslash curled into a ball and rammed Tododlie into a tree.

"Tododile is unable to battle! Sandslash wins the round!" Falkner shouted.

With a victory earned, Hiro grinned widely as he pumped his fist into the air. "Aw hell yeah! Its two to one, dude!"

"Well that was great. Tododile couldn't even take out a Pokemon that it has an advantage over." Misty said.

"Give me a break, Misty!" Ash yelled as he recalled Tododile and threw out another pokeball. "I CHOOSE YOU! CHIKORITA!"

"CHIKA!!" As soon as the grass type came out, she already snuggled Ash.

"Uh….that's nice!" Ash felt embarrassed and felt his macho personnel fading because of this. "But now is not the time!"

"Ain't that cute!" Whitney said. "She loves him as much as Misty does!"

Misty felt he face boil as hot as lava "WHAT?!"

"Looks like you got some competition, red!" Hiro said, waving his finger.

Misty struggled hard to control her blush. "I do not like Ash like that!"

"If that's true, then that must mean that hell has frozen over!" Hiro said.

"Why you…..KICK HIS ASS, YOU DUMBASH!" Misty yelled.

"Don't rush me! Chikorita! Quick Attack!"

Chikorita collided with Sandslash within a second. Sandslash lost an amount of energy, so he did not have the strength to recover.

"Now, Vine Whip!"

Chikorita sport out two vines from the necklace like neck and whipped the ground type like a raged torturer until he fainted.

"Sandslash is unable to battle! Chikorita wins the round!" Brock shouted.

"CHIKA!" she cheered as she went back to snuggle Ash's leg. Ash picked her up, and hugged her, causing her to blush.

"Way a go, Chikorita!" he said.

"Chika, Chiko!I must of died and gone to heaven" she sighed.

Misty couldn't help turn red of jealously as Chikorita stick her tongue at her.

"Time to break this tie breaker!" Hiro said as he pulled out a pokeball. "GO, TYPHOSION!"

It's you and me.
I know it's my destiny!
Ooh you're my best friend
In a world we must defend!

Ash narrowed his eyes as he saw Cyndaquil's evolved form emerged, spouting out fire from his back. Ash took out his poke-dex and scanned it.

Typhlosion: The Volcano Pokemon. The second stage of Cyndaquil. Its fire temperature can reach a point that anything it touches, will go up in flames.

Type: fire

Trainers Pokemon level: Level 51

"There is no way I'm gonna pit Chikorita against this Pokemon!" Ash thought as he recalled Chikorita. "Can't take the chance on using Noctowl, and Heracross won't be able stand a chance." With no choice, Ash eyed the sparking Pikachu who seemed ready since the battle started. "Go get him, Pikachu!"

Pikachu nodded as he jumped into the battle field. Typhlosion pumped up his fire aura as well as Pikachu did his electric aura.

"Pikachu! Agility!" Ash shouted as Pikachu ran at sonic speed.

"Typhlosion! Quick Attack!" Hiro shouted.

Typhlosion tried to ram Pikachu at super speed, but Pikachu was too fast for him as he dodged every one of his attacks.

"See if you dodge this, Ash! Swift attack!"

Typhlosion shot multiple stars at Pikachu, forcing him to slow down.

"Pikachu! Reflect! NOW!"

Pikachu charged up electricity to use a force field around him, helping him take the attack easily.

"Since when did Ash give him a Reflect attack?" Misty asked.

"I don't know, but it's a good thing he did." Brock said. "The Reflect will let Pikachu take half of the physical damage he takes."



A heart so true
Our courage will pull us through
You teach me and I'll teach you
(Gotta catch 'em) Gotta catch 'em Gotta catch 'em all!

Skies grew completely dark while the fire type blazed in a hell-fury. After a blast of electricity stormed from the clouds and struck the electric rodent, Pikachu shot out a huge lighting bolt, while Typhlosion shot out a huge fireball. Both attacks collide with each other and exploded, engulfing Pikachu and Typhlosion. When the blast cleared, both Pokemon was found lying motionless. Ash and Hiro rushed to their Pokemon's aid.

(End music)

"Pikachu! Are you okay?"

"Come on, Typhlosion! That didn't hurt that much did it?"

Brock and Falkner walked up to the trainers as they said: "Well it looks like this battle has ended in a tie."

"AW MAN!" Ash and Hiro whined.

"STOP YOUR WHINING!" Whitney and Misty shouted.

All two teams looked at each other in shock that they said all that at the same time. After a few moments of silent, they laughed.


Chapter 4 – The defeat of Hope and Love/Sincerity

Digital World: 11:34 PM

Tai and Davis made it to the Digital World, where they were greeted by all the DigiDestined. It seemed that some things haven't changed with his friends. Mimi was still complaining about how her outfit doesn't match with the scene as Palmon shook her head, Joe is still paranoid about the safety of the kids while Gomamon tries to calm him down, Izzy as usual hacking away in his laptop and Tentomon flew around wondering when Izzy will stop, Cody sitting around all quiet with Armadillo eating away as well as Ken and Wormmon, and Agumon was still the brainless doofus he grown to love. However his eyes detected quiet a few changes. Yolei was nowhere to be seen, but because of Hawkmon's presence, she must be here, to his relief, Matt and Sora are not seen together, making out and making Tai's life a living hell, not that it doesn't matter cause he still feels distant from the red head. But what shocked Tai the most at his very eyes was that he witnessed Davis and Tai's sister, Kari, kissing, on the lips. He looked as he knew Gatomon not even believing it neither. 

"Izzy! Did I just enter to another dimension?" Tai asked as his eyes still glared at the couple.

"I'm still shocked as you are, but no you are not. Davis and Kari are really going out."

It's a really big surprise for Tai, and everybody, to see those two together. After all those times of Davis following, and flirting with Kari and making her seem uncomfortable, they never thought Davis'acts would pay off. The gang figured that TK and Kari would end up together. They've been inseparable since they were little, and Tai sometimes spend the night, forced to listen Kari about how great TK is, or what she did with TK, etc. But Tai figured that Kari had a deep love for the little blonde, and vice versa for TK. He guessed was wrong, as usual.

"I wonder how TK is taking this."

"See for yourself."

Tai noticed TK looking at Davis and Kari with a depressing expression. As Tai figured, TK really did have a crush on her. Tai decided to cheer up TK; after all, he's like a second brother to TK, and he knows how this feels. Tai walked up to TK and put a hand on his shoulder and said:

 "I'm sorry, TK."

"Now I know how you feel, Tai." TK said as a tear fell off his eye. It was no secret to most. Everyone knew about Tai's problem.

"What happened?"


Davis was walking through the school halls to get to his homeroom when he noticed TK and Kari hugging each other. Davis got extremely steamed at that sight.

"That little Gilligan punk! Kari was mine until TQ, TJ, or whatever showed up!" he said under his breath.

After TK was leaving for class, Kari happily skipped toward Davis.

"Oh, great; She's probably gonna say 'Guess what, Davis! TQ and I are getting married'!" Davis thought.

"Hey, Davis, Can I ask you something?" Kari asked.

"Um, yeah sure… What you need an advice on how to ask the guy you like on a date?"

"Um…..Why would I ….ask advice from the guy I like on how to ask him out?"

"Well maybe……WHAT?! You….y..y!"

Kari smiled as she gently grabbed both of Davis' hands. Davis felt like he died right there.

"I want to know if you wanna go out with me to the movies, tonight." She asked as her face turned pink

"L… on...a date?"


Davis got his hands out of her grip, which caused a sadden look on her face, but it disappeared when Davis pulled her into a hug.

"Oh god, Kari, of course I will! You had no idea how long…!"

Kari pulled him into a kiss before he finished.

"Wow, she works fast. Oh well." Davis thought as he kissed her back.

Unknown to them, TK watched them from the end of the hall, with tears steaming his cheeks. TK felt his heart broke in two, but he did have enough focus to noticed Yolei at the other end of the hall. He couldn't quite make out why she was staring at the couple, but he was so heartbroken to care as he ran out of the school.


"TK I'm sorry you had to see that, but all I could say is: just be happy for her." Tai said.

"She used me to get to him! How could she..?" TK cried.

"Look I know my sister! She would never hurt you on purpose. And she didn't use you, she always brags how much of a good friend you are to her, believe me. This is just a passing crush. I'm sure it won't last long."

"I hope so."

While the others prepare the picnic area, Sora noticed Yolei crying behind a tree. As she walked over to her, Yolei quickly wiped her tears and turned to her with a normal look.

"Hey, Sora. What's up?" she asked in a fake cheerful voice.

"Stop with the act, Yolei, I saw you crying." she asked.

"Me, crying? Why would….?" Yolei try to lie until she saw Davis and Kari kissing, again, as Sora followed her sight to them, and figure it out. The tears came back through her eyes and she could not hold out any longer as she cried on Sora's shoulder. "I should've never picked on him! I could've had a chance if I didn't." Yolei cried.

Sora raised her brows, not expecting this. She had a feeling Yolei had deep feelings for the second goggle-boy, but she didn't think it was this serious; nobody did. "It's because you just didn't know how to tell your feelings." Sora said. But then she just realized something. "Hey…I thought you were with Ken."


"Yolei, I hate to say this, but I think we should break up." Ken said.

"What? Why? What did I do that make you wanna…?"

"Its nothing, it's just that I think you're really in love with Davis."

"Davis? That little prick? What makes you think that?" Yolei asked as she blushed.

"I could see it in your face. You can't lie to me! You always pick on him, I see you glaring at him when he flirts with Kari, and most of the time you mumble his name when we hug."

Yolei blushed in embarrassment, knowing that was the truth.

"I'm not holding it against you, Miyako. I think it's for the best, if you really love him."

Yolei took a moment to think about it. True she loved Davis, but she doesn't know why she dated Ken in the first place. She had no idea, but she hugged Ken and cried: "Thank you, Ken."

"I think you should tell him before he might go out with Kari."

"It's getting late. My parents would ground me if I miss curfew, and Kari will go out with Davis when hell freezes." Yolei laughed. "I'm sorry, Ken."

"Don't worry about it. I'll see you later. Good luck, tomorrow." Ken said as he headed home.

The next at school, Yolei ran through the halls trying to find Davis.

"Gotta find him; I gotta tell him how I feel, of at least ask him out. I sure hope I don't end up the same way Tai….HUH?!"

Yolei stopped on her tracks when she saw Kari kissing Davis. She had a blank face as she dropped her books.

"Davis….and Kari….kissing? This can't be happening! I must be dreaming!" Yolei said but she fell to her knees and quietly cried. She then noticed TK at the end of the hallway, staring at the two then leave. Yolei figured how he felt, but she lost care as she glared back at Davis and Kari.

"Hell….has frozen over."


Yolei cried harder after she explained the event. Sora gently shushed her as she patted her shoulder. "Yolei I'm really sorry you had to see that, but all I could say is be happy for him."

"Just like Tai is doing for you?" Yolei said under her breath.

"What did you say?"

She gulped, blowing her mouth again. Back before when the DigiDestined planned on how to deal with Diobroamon, Yolei noticed the pained look on Tai's face when Izzy showed a picture of Sora and Matt. She couldn't help feel angry at Matt and Sora, but after Armageddon was destroyed, Tai told her not to say anything about Tai loving Sora; So much for that now.  "Uh…nothing!"

"I heard you say something about Tai! What about him?"

Yolei was never a good liar so she tried the best she could to throw Sora off. "Well I…!"

At that moment, the land started to have an earthquake. Yolei was sort of relived, but still was a bit scared about the rumbling on the digital earth.

"What's happening?" Joe asked as he moved left and right on the earthquake, and prevents his glasses from falling off.

"Whoa, it's a digital-quake!" Gomamon said.

"But how could that be? There are no earthquakes on the Digital World!" Izzy said.

"Well anything is possible in the Digital World, Izzy!" Tentomon said.

All of a sudden, the ground suddenly glowed electron markings, and then a portal appeared below them. They fell through it and screamed as Tai can be heard yelling.


End of part 1……

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