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                                               Digimon/Pokemon: Mon Wars

Well here we are in the glorious and tranquil land of the country side of Kanto, Fuchsia; home of the famous Safari Zone and the southern-accent people. But as we see the grandchild of the famous Pokemon researcher walking by the road, we may mentally see the gate of the Pokemon catching park stamped dead on the center saying closed, moved to Houen. But such concerns are not for young Gary Shigeru Oak as he continues down the road like a youthful rebel.

Those like Ash Ketchum may think of Gary as a rude being with no thoughts but selfish ways, but his thoughts right now aren't anything selfish. Since being a witness of Digimon and their Digivolution, Gary has been pondering of his path of a trainer as if perhaps he's trailing the wrong one. Maybe it's nothing to worry about; of course he wants to be a Pokemon Master.

His eyes spot a piece of paper caught under his shoe. He pulls it out and prepares to toss it away, but a picture on it caught his interest; a picture of a Bulbasaur. Does this picture of the animal/plant Pokemon aims his mind for his favorite Pokemon? No. Does this Pokemon remind him of his first Pokemon he started with? No, Gary didn't start with a Bulbasaur. For this picture unlocks the prison deep in his mind he forced himself to bury years ago; A certain memory dating years before his training, where he was a young lad at the age of eight, playing with two kids.

One was a boy with messy jet black hair and red clothes, someone we all know and love, or hate, which ever you prefer. He would laugh about, running on a green field with flowers decorating the land, and yes he would trip and land dead in his face, leaving young Gary to laugh at his misery. But then something cripples his balance. A sudden heavy weight lies on his back, bringing the young boy to a fall on the grass. The attacker lands on his chest that was clothed in a blue shirt. A young girl with brown hair wrapped in a pony tail thanks to a green hair clip would gaze at Gary with her sparkling green eyes, and spread her lips in a smile that would make even Gary smile. But this moment would be ruined when the laughing boy with red clothes pins Gary and grabs him in a headlock, torturing him with a nuggie. Gary would shout at him to stop it while the girl would giggle, pinching Gary on the cheeks, and make him only focus with a melted heart at the girl.

My, amazing how one picture of a Pokemon can remind you so much of your past; a time when it was nothing but happiness; a time that Gary treasured; A time that lived before…that day.

Forcing the tears from breaking out, Gary tosses the picture over his shoulder and continues down the path to forget again.

The skies grows dark, with the bottom layer near the mountains painted in gold light while the rest is filled with purple growing darker by the height. As the wind blows, waving the grass on a hill which can give one a clear view of the town, the blonde teen of another world, Yamato Ishida, along with his digital reptile in mammal clothing, Gabumon, quietly watches the land and the skies.

But no peaceful faces covered the boy's; all but darkness was worn, even on the eyes. Sky...funny, the word sky in Japanese would be...Sora. How he kicked himself from that, dating her when he knew his best friend was in love with her. It nearly tore their friendship apart. As a matter a fact, he and Tai still didn't seem to be in best terms, ever since last Christmas. He just had to say yes to Sora on that day, all because she reminded him...    

  "Hey…was wondering where you were."

The blonde teen startled from his thoughts. He found the person who awoken him walking up the hill with his hands in his pockets. By his side was some kind of a black cat thing almost half the size of a wolf, which is actually Gary's Pokemon, Umbreon.

  "Hey Gary…" Matt said as the young trainer drop next to him on the grass. "…just needed a break from Lara's training. Jeez, I thought my spine was about to break in two."

  "At least you're not the one doing the running, Matt." Gabumon whined, massaging his feet.

  "So whatcha doing?" Matt asked Gary.

  "Nothing much; I just thought I scope the town for any Digimon."

  "Oh...well other than that loser of Loserville who has Fangmon, I haven't seen any."


Silence hit the air, expect for the roars of the wind flying by the two, four if you count Gabumon and Umbreon. Gary danced his heels on the grass, letting the lack of conversation irritate his patients.

  "So…how you holding up with that Jun chick…?"

A slight redness crossed Matt's face, but it was mostly from embarrassment. "Don't start that again, Gary. I don't like her."

  "Peh... didn't look that way back at the festival."

  "She was clinged on to me; I had no choice."

  "Then why were you playing with her hair?"

  "Gary, enough! I don't… like… Jun!!" he snapped. He noticed the frozen look on the trainer's face and shame flowed in his chest. Soon, Yamato buried his face on his knees. "I don't know why I did that."

Gabumon looked with concern on his partner. "Aw Matt…maybe you're still sore after when you broke up with Sora."

The blonde groaned at that name under his arms. "Sora…I still don't understand…why did she hooked up with me when she still loves Tai?"

  "Why you agreed to go out with her in the first place, is a better question." Gary asked, tensing up Matt.

  "I…I....well..." The gang waited for him to say something else, but Matt was too much in depression to get his face out of his knees. Finally, he lifted face, directing his hands to his pockets. "I wonder if I have any money, I'm hungry."

Gabumon knows that Matt really just doesn't wanna talk about it. He had a feeling that there was something more to it about him and Sora, but Matt won't talk. But like radar, Gabumon's eyes spot something fall out of his pocket; a cassette tape labeled: To Matt, from Eri.

  "Gabumon…!" Matt warned when he saw his Digimon pick up the tape.

  "Eri…? Why does this name sound so familiar…? Oh, that's the name of that girl in the hospital who thought I was a person. Boy, I still can't believe she thought I was human."

  "Eri…? Who's Eri?" Gary asked, looking up at the DigiDestined who stood on the grass.

Not evening answering, Matt was, Gabumon took Matt's call.  "She was this girl we met in a hospital in our world. She couldn't see, so she didn't know I was a Digimon and…"

  "Gabumon, enough…!"

The furry lizard squat down in shame. "Aw Matt…you…still like her, don't you?"

  "….I…well…" Matt broke his red face away from the two.

  "Hmm…" Gary rubbed his chin, trying to put together the puzzle. "Let me guess; she's an old girlfriend that died, right?"

  "NO…! I…she's not dead…and she never was my girlfriend."

  "Then what is she, some crush you never told?" studying Matt's face, Gary hit the jackpot. "I had to ask. Come on, blonde boy, what happened?"

Matt shut his eyes tight to prevent the tears from dropping. "I gotta go...." With that, Matt charged down the hill, heading to the town below.

  "Man, what's with him, Gabumon?" the Rookie gave no response to Gary. "Come on, wolf-mon, I want an answer, or I'll get it from this he dropped!"

Gabumon gasped when Gary showed the cassette. "Matt's not gonna like me telling you!"

  "What he doesn't know won't hurt him... Talk!" he warned as Umbreon posed a striking stance at Gabumon.

  "~sigh~…alright…you and Matt went over to the hospital to see his grandmother...soon when the doctors took her out, we then met Eri who was next to his grandmother. Turns out, she wore dark shades on her eyes, even at night. She couldn't even see that I was a Digimon."

  "Hmm…so she's blind…continue..."

  "Well after that we talked to the girl…heh heh…there was something in Matt's eyes I never seen before. He seemed to enjoy the conversation we had...he was so...happy..."

  "Okay…is there more?"

  "Well…around when we were fighting BlackWarGreymon…"


  "Gabumon? What are you doing here?" Matt asked, hopping off his bed.

  "I asked TK to bring me here. I wanted to drop by."

  "Oh that's nice…is that all?"

  "Well…" the fur coated lizard nervously rubbed his head. "I wanted to talk to you about her…Eri."

Yamato blinked, feeling his heart beat a few. "Uh…what about her? There's nothing to discuss."

  "Well…its kind of funny…she thought I was human the last time we came by…good thing too…cause a while ago…I visited her."


  "I did…all we talked about was you."

(Flashback…again. Annoying, huh?)

  "Who's there?" a girl hidden in shadow asked, because I, the author, said so.

  "Oh…uh…" Gabumon sheepishly dragged his feet on the floor after entering from the computer...thanks to Davis, which he bought the ol' 'Just going to use the bathroom here' lie. "It's just me…remember...? I was with Matt the other day."

  "Oh you…! I'm sorry, what was your name?"

  "Just call me Gabumon."

  "Oh right. ~giggle~ that's an interesting nickname."

  "Yeah um…it's just a club name and all."

"Yep, all we ever talked about was you. It was pretty nice, seeing her smile by the thoughts of you."

"Really…? What did she say?"

  "Wow, he said that?"


The girl faced her eyes away, twiddling her fingers. "Matt…he's such a sensitive person."


"She said it. She also said…"

  "Hey, tell me if I'm wrong, Gabumon…Matt seems so much like the type that's very naïve and emotional…and always thinking a lot…but it feels like…he's not good at showing that to others…I'm worried."

"She said that…she really did?"

"What she said is right…isn't it?"

(Hides a smile) "Shut up…can't believe she got that in a few hours and…"

"Hold on, there's more."


  "He's so serious…he doesn't get close to a lot of people, right?"

  "He has friends…but he's always keeping himself in the dark from them."

  "Oh…that's so sad….but you know…"

"There's more?"

"Let me finish, Matt."

  "…those are the best things about him."

(End Flashback…the Flashback's flashback that is.)

Matt, sunk from this news, dropped on his bed. "I don't believe it…we only talked for a few hours…and she knew so much about me…" he rested his forehead on his palm. "…so much."

  "Amazing, huh? Eri knew a lot than you ever figured." Gabumon watched his partner trying to recover from that news. Throughout the time after Matt met Eri, Gabumon watched his partner's behavior rise when any mention of Eri was called around Yamato's ears. It took time to ask Matt what was wrong before getting some of the answers out of him. "So…are you gonna tell her how you feel?"


Gabumon nearly tripped back. "Huh…Matt, why…?"

The blonde gave no response; only he hid his face in his hands.


  "It wouldn't do any good. I'll only hurt her." He answered, gloomy. "I'm a busy music artiest…I can't support her…she needs someone who can…she's better off with someone else."

Gabumon felt such pity, maybe a sample of Matt's pain. He knew that Matt was an emotionally crippled being after the divorcement of his parents. Maybe he never trusts himself with another.

  "Matt…~sigh~…I'll be off to ask the others with a D-3 back home…oh, but Eri wanted me to give this to you."

Gabumon handed Matt a cassette tape before exiting out of his room.

(End flashback)

  "So this is the tape you lend him?" Gary asked, eying the tape in his hand.

  "No, that's the second tape Eri gave him. I gave Matt the first one."

Gary studied the tape, moving it around in his hand while Umbreon looked at it. "Gabumon…this one says tape 1."

  "Oh…that is the tape I gave him…you know, I'm surprised he brought them with us." Concern flowed in Gabumon's eyes when he saw Gary stand up and put the tape in his pocket. "Um…you're gonna give that tape back to him, right?"

  "Yeah…sure…come on, I think Lara's got something to eat on the table." He mumbled as he trailed down the hill with Umbreon on his tail.

It's so uncanny. There are some things in Gary similar to Matt. Well, Gabumon doesn't know him much, but something about Gary feels so parallel to Matt.

Is this the reason why Azulongmon paired Matt with Gary, like with the others: The similarities?

There stood Gary, in front of the old Safari Zone, which is at the foot of the hill. He felt like he's been staring at the tape for hours, but he just can't figure out why he's so interested in Matt's pathetic love life? Why should he care? It's none of his business. It's his fault Matt never told this Eri how he felt.

  "Yeah…yah snooze yah lose …"

Mahogany Town: 9:03 PM

Eyes locks into one another with burning determination within each of them, like the fires of Moltres. Hiro and Davis shouted such confidents from their pupils, not letting the other intimidate them.

  "Yo, check this one out!" the goggle boy glanced at Hiro, with fries caught between his gum and lips, like he had long teeth, and twiddle them left and right. It made the trainer laugh out loud.

  "Well how about this?" Hiro took a large sip of milkshake, oddly swallowing, and then a few seconds later, Hiro blew twin milkshake bubbles from his nose.

  "Hahahah...not bad, but let's see you do...!"


Startling out of there seats of the Mahogany Pokemon Center, the two shot up to the taller trainer, Lance, who just came back from treating his Pokemon.

  "Sorry for interrupting your...'training', but had you tended your Pokemon, Hiro?" the young boy nodded, intimately, at the pro trainer. "Good. Okay, since we seen what Team Rocket is planning, we need to find their hideout, right away, before they can gather their resources to power up their machines."

Davis pounded his palm. "Well then let's hunt down some rockets."


Davis shook his head. "What do mean 'no'? Dude, this is our fight. Those rocket losers are messing with Digivolution, and it's our job to stop them! You can't just tell us to back off….!"

  "Easy, I didn't mean that you can't help; I was saying is that you better let me search for Team Rocket while you relax your nerves. I'll send in one of my Pokemon to lead you the way, once I find their hideout."

The DigiDestined sheepishly blushed. "Oh…my bad..."

  "Now you two don't go off so far, alright?"

  "Yes sir." Muttered the two boys.

With that, the dragon trainer simply left the building, leaving the two boys mindlessly standing in the middle of the room, with people walking by them.

  "Uh…so, what do we do now, Hiro?"


And another Pokemon goes down, with another victory for Hiro, thanks to his two Pokemon, Typhosion, and Espeon; defeating a random trainer's Golbat and a new Pokemon from Houen, Shiftry; a grass Pokemon with white fur over its elf like body, and large leaves for hands. After the trainer recalled the grass type, he ran off, crying.

  "And another one bites the dust." Hiro smirked as he snapped his fingers.

  "But dude, you made that thing faint."

  "I didn't mean it like that, Davis."

Ever since Lance went off to find Team Rocket, Davis and Hiro spend their time wandering around the outside shopping centers. Since with the rumors that trainers from Houen dropped off to the town because of the Digimon, everyone came out of hiding to get a chance to see the new Pokemon; And because of that, Hiro already defeated two trainers. 

  "Man, so basically, I've seen two new Pokemon." Hiro said as he checked his poke-dex and D-Sphere.

Dustox- the moth Pokemon. The evolved form of Cascoon. It's instinctively drawn to light. Swarms of this Pokemon are drawn to city lights, where they wreak havoc by stripping the leaves off of roadside trees.

Type: bug, poison

Stage: Champion

Ability: Dust Shield       

Shiftry- Wicked Pokemon. The evolved form of Nuzleaf. Its large fans generate awesome gusts of wind at a speed close 100 feet per second. The whipped up wind blows anything away. This Pokemon choose to live quietly deep in forests.

Type: grass, dark

Stage: Champion

Ability: Early bird  

  "And yet, they all bowed down to the skills of my Typhlosion!" Hiro tapped the shoulder of his fire Pokemon who smiled with appreciation.

  "Man, you guys have it made…" Davis laid his hands on his head as he walked. "Traveling town to town, catching supped up animals, battling and kicking butts of other's mons, living in a world where cockfighting is legal, and most of all, you all don't have to go to school! It's so not fair!"

Hiro chuckled as he petted his Pokemon who perched on his shoulder and walking next to him. "Dude, there's a big difference between Pokemon battling, and cockfighting; we don't let the Pokemon tear each other's skins off."

  "My bad..."

  "Man, I'm so glad I wasn't born in your world; sounds kind of boring. I mean no Pokemon? Jeez! But at least you have the Digimon, but don't the people in your world train them or stuff?"

  "Naw dude; Nobody doesn't know about the Digimon…until now when a loony Digimon called Armageddonmon nearly tore up the city, at least until Imperialdramon Paladin mode came and handed his butt on a stick!"

 ~clap, clap, clap, clap~

Davis, Hiro, and Typhlosion and Espeon turned over their shoulders to find a girl, around their age. She had long brown hair, green eyes, a black-greenish dress, and little black shoes.

  "That was so awesome! Congratulations to the three of you!"

Davis clocked his eyes. "Who, me too…?"

  "She means me and my Pokemon." Hiro answered. He motioned back to the girl. "Uh…thanks, I think."

The girl came up close to Hiro's red face. "You must a good trainer; I got excited watching you battle ^-^!"

  Girl you better not…I already have a girlfriend…an older one at that. "Uh…well I try, and all…hehe, heh."

  "Well…it's a shame…they could use a little something…" the girl reached into her shoulder bag and picked up packs of little armor and weaponry. "Perhaps these Pokemon items…you know, like Quick Claw, Miracle Seed, X Attack, and all that and your Pokemon will be even stronger."

Hiro was about reject the offer, but the girl went on.

  "The Quick Claw may some times help your Pokemon get the first attack; Miracle Seed strengthens grass attacks, X Attack…"

  "Uh…look, forget it; I appreciate the suggestion, but my Pokemon…"  

Although, some girls do have one powerful weapon that can make most men fall to their knees; something not to be taken lightly; something so powerful, not even the strongest and most powerful fighters can withstand…

…The dreaded puppy dog eyes.

  "Y...You don't want my items?"

Like most men, this was Hiro's weakness.  Aw nuts… "Sure…I do…but I…"

Without warning, the girl threw herself to Hiro, wrapping her arms around him. "OH, THANK YOU SO MUCH…that'll be 4000 yen."


Fuchsia City: 8:02 PM

Matt, somewhere in town, walked on the quite streets back to the ranch. Not in a hurry he was, for his mind was flooded in thoughts of the girl, Eri.

He was drowned in the memory of the time he dumped Sora, but it wasn't because of Eri. It was because of Sora thinking of him…Taichi.


The night showers in the shopping center between Shinjuku and Ginza, giving the lights the buildings made a romantic sight. It wasn't uncommon for couples to come here for a night if the town, shopping, going to the restaurants and such; and Matt and Sora were no exception as the two strolled on a dock, where the shopping area still spread from.

There was a feeling crawled inside of Matt, something that he haven't felt in such a long time: Happiness. Yes, a feeling caused by the knowledge that he's with someone who really cares for him.


Smiling, he face down to his red haired girlfriend. "Yeah, Sora?"

Seeing her smile with such bright energy made his body tingle. Surprised, Sora threw herself on Matt and wrapped her arms around his neck. Matt returned the favor by holding her around her waist and happily savored the moment. Maybe he finally found his moment, his place, and his happiness.

Sora blissfully whispered. "I…love you…Taichi."

A spear stabbed Matt in the heart, not literally. His arms lost the energy to hold Sora as his heart slowly broke to pieces. Separating from Sora, he can see a shocked face masking hers as well.

  "I…I…I'm sorry…I didn't know where that came from…" she, unsure of why she said that as she breathed heavenly.

Matt walked a distance from her, trying to contain the anger that fueled in him. "That's…the second time…you did that, Sora! What's with you?"

  "I don't know, I don't know!" she said in a panic. "I really…I don't know…"

  "You do know, Sora!" Matt snapped. "You still love him!"

  "Love him? Tai?" she still acted like she finished a 200 meter dash. "What are you talking…?"

  "Sora, we knew that you loved him ever since the Digital World! Why did you go out with me if you still do? WHY?"

  "I…I don't…I was confused."

Again, Matt walked away, trying to control his rage. "God, Sora…you…bring me on a stupid…I…don't know what to think!"

Sora shamefully hung her head, nearly shedding tears.  "I'm sorry, Matt! I'm really sorry…"

  "No…no…" he leaned on a light post, holding his forehead. "I should be sorry…"

  "Why should you?"

  "…I think we should break up."

A gasp sounded from Sora's mouth. "Break up? Matt, you…"

  "Sora, this whole thing makes no sense. There's no point in continuing like this."

  "Matt, maybe I was just tired. I'm sure that…"

  "SORA…! I said it's over, dammit!" he snapped again. "We're through! Finished! Do yourself a favor and tell Tai how you feel."

With that shouted and yelled out, Matt dashed off, leaving poor Sora by her lonesome.

That was what started it; a simple mistake in identity caused by Sora. She was always a confusing girl…but then again, Matt didn't knew why he even went out with her in the first place when he knew she loved Tai…maybe he figured Sora gotten over him. Who's confused now? After all, that goggled idiot took his sweet time to admit his feelings to her. However, another reminder kicked in yesterday before dropping in the Poke-World.

A dark air flowed around the messy room of Yamato Ishida. It's been a week since he and Sora broke up, and the two of them haven't spoken with each other since. He laid his back on his bed, mindlessly playing tunes on his unplugged guitar. Not with fully focused skill; just picking the strings to make dead sounds.

  "Matt! Mail call!" his dad shouted from the other side. He opened the door, placing a small package on his desk. Shaking his head at Matt's present behavior, he sunk behind the door, saying: "It happens to most of us, kiddo."

He knew that his father was trying to cheer him up about the break up, but even his effortless talk wasn't enough. Sighing, he rolled out of the bed and fetched the package.

  "Hmm…?" what was interesting about the package was the address. It was down in America. And after ripping the paper, it was a tape cassette labeled: to Matt, from Eri

  "Wha…I don't believe it." As his mind was clearing away dark thoughts like snow, Matt quickly dug through the junk in the desk drawer and then found another tape with the same name. Memories were kicking in that this tape unlocked. Curious to what this new tape contains, he slid it in his boombox and played.

  "Uh…Dear Matt…in case you forgotten, it's me, Eri Honami. We met in the hospital…heh, heh…sorry I just feel so silly. How are you doing? I'm…well, getting along…but its not so great traveling everywhere when your father has a job that requires to travel and all…heh, heh. Um…I want to thank you for before when we met…even though it was a short time, it was fun to speak to you, even directly to you through this letter, or tape, or letter tape…~giggle~…sorry. How's school? It must be nice to stay put in one town when I never have the chance to make any friends…I so envy you…um, hey…don't be so up on yourself because of being with a famous band, which I think you're great. Oh by the way, your friend came by when I was still in the hospital in Tokyo. What a fun guy, I can't believe his nickname is Gabumon…~giggle~…well…um…that's all I want to say…~giggle~…sorry, I always get so nervous. Take care of yourself. I hope I'll see you and Gabumon again…bye."

The tape ends.

Matt's face looked like someone told him one of his family members was dead. It hit him dead in the face; something he felt he should hurt himself for.

  "I can't believe I forgot about her."

Just then Matt startled with his heart skipping a beat when the phone ranged. He picked it up, trying to adjust his voice to hide his pan. "Uh…hello…?"

  "Salutations, Matt."

  "Oh hey, Izzy... What's up?"

  "Just calling to inform you that the DigiDestined are having a picnic in the Digital World. I already told the newer kids, other than TK and Kari, and you're the first of the originals I called."

  "Oh gee, that's nice." Matt muttered, sarcastically. "She's…not gonna be there, right?"



  "Why? She's your girlfriend, right?"

  "Not anymore."

  "You guys…?"

  "Yeah…we did."

  "Oh…I'm sorry to hear that. Well this is a DigiDestined celebration for defeating MaloMyotismon and later then Armageddonmon. It wouldn't be right if you weren't present."

  "Alright, alright, I'll come, but I'm not responsible for what will happen between Sora and I."

  "Alright, I got it. I'll tell TK to help you transport you to the Digital World."

  "Yeah I got it…I'll see you then." He then hung up. "God…" he dropped on a chair, resting his head on the desk. He took the tape out of the radio and slid his eyes up to look at it.

  "I can't believe I forgot about her…I feel like such a jerk."

(End flashback)

Yes even right now he feels like a jerk. Tucking in his jacket, he gaze at the dark sky, as the wind violently blows by. Even the stars remind him of her, her hair, her eyes, everything…then again, he doesn't know what her eyes look like.

  "I'm such a jerk."

Gary made it back to the ranch and since Matt wasn't around, he had to help Gabumon get back without any trainer trying to catch him. He sat down on the lit porch of Lara's country house, just outside the wooden fence where the ranch keeps the Miltank and Taros. Though tomorrow they have a big day to help Lara win the Pokemon Coral race, he still couldn't forget about Matt's problems or still answer why he cares. 

He twirled around the tape, glancing at it like he doesn't care. "Oh what the hell…"

Searching his bag, he pulled out a small walkman. After placing the headphones in his ears, he slid the tape in and played.

  "Dear Matt…just to let you know, I listened to your song…the one called Tobira…I really loved it…um…yesterday, I finally got the surgery done in my eyes. I was scared at first, but after listening to your song…somehow it made me think, I gotta do my best…"

For some reason, Gary's eyes shot open.

  "…so I decided to go through it. It seemed to go well after that. They haven't taken my bandages off yet, but the doctor said I'll be fine. I have so many things to look forward to do when I can see again… maybe…no…surely…no that's not the right word…definitely, yeah, definitely when I can see again, I want to go to the ocean you always went, Matt. The place you say you go when to think of some songs. I want to go there…Matt…thank you so much…take care of yourself…I hope you'll do well in your music gig. I know you can do it, I have confidents you can make it."

Right as the tape end, Gary's body was as stiff as a statue. Something about in those last words unlocked something in his mind. He rewinded the tape a bit and played.

  "…I know you can do it, I have confidents you can make it."

Rewind again and play.

   "…I know you can do it, I have confidents you can make it."


   "…I know you can do it, I have confidents you can make it."


   "…I know you can do it, I have confidents you can make it."

  "I don't now if I can. Gramps really wants this Pincer, but I heard it's really strong. What if I goof up and Gramps' Pokemon I took gets hurt or worse?"

The two kids eyed at the large bug Pokemon that trailed in the large valley in the middle of a forest. Gary and a girl who wore a green blouse hid behind the bushes as the boy held a poke-ball in his chest, scared in his knees.

  "Come on, Blue. Your Grandpa trained you with that Pokemon you're holding and it trusts you more than you think."

  "You think so?"

  "What I say goes, got it?"

  "Yeah…" Gary looked at the ball in his hands, feeling the power of determination flow in his veins but fear still slowed the flow.

  "Blue…no matters what happens…you gotta do your best."

Her voice, her advice cleared his insecurities. "Alright…! POKE-BALL GO!!!"

The Pincer heard the cry and turned to defend as a small little brown mammal shot out of the ball.

  "Eevee, go get him!"

The battle was hard, sending an inexperienced Eevee against a powerful Pincer. The little guy fought hard and strong, but a little while, Eevee took quite a beating. But with a miracle, Eevee triumphed and Gary caught the Pincer. He didn't receive an award cause Prof. Oak was angry that the fact that Gary disobeyed by, not only stealing his Eevee, but battling a powerful Pincer when he's still inexperienced. Did he get grounded for that, but…

  "I can't believe I got grounded…some thanks Gramps gave me."

  "I told you that you shouldn't do that." The girl said with a laugh.

  "Hey, you were the one who told me to catch that Pincer!"

  "I didn't say to take Prof's Eevee."

  "Yes you did…I mean…" The girl giggled at his sheepishness. "You're one sneaky girl, you know that, Green?"

  "~giggle~…oh yeah, you better believe it, Blue." Despite how cruel she seems, she still feels companionate about the sad boy. "Oh so what…? Maybe your gramps is pissed off at you, but I know he's proud of you after all the training he taught you. You've done something that no amateur could do: kick a powerful bug's ass."

  "You really think so?"

  "What I say goes! Do I need to remind you?"


Then, Green shyly rubbed her arm, like she was cold from the weather. "And…you were really brave…protecting me back there…thanks Blue." With one swift motion, Green kissed the boy on the cheeks and dashed off home.  

Gary's eyes dilated, his hand shakily covered the spot where she kissed him. But sinking in that moment, Gary smiled, watching the girl run off.

  "You're…welcome, Green…Sara."

  "What do you think you're doing?"

Gary bounced up from the porch, almost letting the tape slip out of his hands. Once he caught it like catching a fly, he silently gulped when Yamato glared at him.

  "Doing what?" he rudely responded.

  "That! You didn't hear that tape, did you?"

  "So what if I did?"

  "Dammit, Gary…!" Matt angrily swiped the tape from Gary. "Mind your own freakin business, and keep out of mines! Got it?"

  "I got it, jeez! You don't need to yell, for cripes sakes!"

Grumbling some words impossible to translate, Matt stormed up inside the house. Gary, with the same mood as Matt's, marched out of the porch to not even feel Matt glare behind him. The trainer leaned on the wooden fence, grumpily watching the Tauros race in a pack down the large field.

But little did they know, someone was watching, someone in the darkness, who came back from tending to her Rapidash. The rider groaned at this sight. Those boys…ah hope they'll work together tomorrow if they wanna get that fox thing!

???: 7:56 PM

'The realm that is unknown.' That is what was Lugia has spoken. That is what marks on what he must go to find his answers. His mind puzzled on that riddle; paging through many thoughts on what that means. After looking back in the list of Pokemon, he knew one thing that matched to that riddle.

The Unown; mysterious Pokemon that hold amazing powers; powers that once troubled Ash and his friends when trying to save a girl named Molly.

This is the information that Lugia gave Mewtwo; though Lugia couldn't help much since it was in slumber that only one named Melody can wake. Mewtwo communicated it telepathically.

  "I am here." Soon, the clone Pokemon lowered down to what looked like a temple on a dessert plane.

Soon, Mewtwo entered inside the temple that Melody's father once studied, and was trapped in by the Unown. The genetic cat merely hovered over the ancient floors, and soon, he arrived at the end of the hall, the very same spot where Melody's father disappeared.

A gusting hum sounded with echoes around the room, as Mewtwo meditated and hovered over the middle of the room. The whole room disappeared and turned into a place like he was in space, and a bunch of Unowns orbited around the clone.

  "Well, I've been expecting you."

The white Pokemon stopped with caution as a figure stood in his way of the dark realm. This figure was a boy with dark blue hair, a white first aid band wrapped on his head, dark worn clothes and shiny black boots. By his side was a black dog that stood on its two legs.

  "Hmm…a Digimon…although, you are interesting; It seems even your entire body are conducting brain waves."

  "Yes…I am Himaru. This is my partner Inumon."

  "And what are you, the guardian of this realm? I find it hard to believe considering this is the Unown's realm."

  "Actually, no…I'm related to the DigiDestineds that you aid. To put it short, I am one of the original five DigiDestined."

(A/N: Surprised, Youkai?)

Strange…he never seen this boy with them…but after scanning his thoughts, it was all clear. Gennai did mention there were five children before the eight Chosens, and he's eyeing face to face with one of them. But there was something strange about this child.

  "Good thing you're psychic. It would be annoying to tell you the story, and I'm missing my wrestling." The dog muttered.

  "Inumon!" his partner warned.


  "Yes, I should be strange, cause this is not the real me. I am a figment of the real me's memories of the Digital World or anything related to that time."

  "Course your real you don't talk all...boring...or at least more boring than before."



(A/N: One day I should I write a story of the original DigiDestined…or maybe not.)

  "Yes, Gennai told me the Digital World was too unstable to send you and your comrades to the real world with your memories, but enough of this talk. I seek the piece of the tablet."

  "That…of course… Inumon, hand it over."

  "Uh…I think he took it."


Suddenly, blurs zipped around the realm, practically scaring away the little Unown like fishes. Mewtwo tried to catch the blur with his eyes, but all he can tell that this speedy blur seem human.

  "~Sigh~…" Himaru rubbed his forehead in frustration. "You can stop fooling around, Max."

  "Yeah, makes me all dizzy like watching Speedy Gonzalez." The dog said, looking as if he was about to throw up.

Fazing next to Himaru, a young man with large thick hair, only it's wrapped in a ponytail. He had red eyes and a very confident but bit of arrogant expression. He also wore a light brown karate gi wrapped in a black belt, with a black sweatshirt under it, and blazing sneakers.

(A/N: You decide the shoes. And as for you, Max Acorn, all I could get was the pony tail. The rest I had to make up.)

  "Aw come on. I wanted to see how tough this white sucka is. I mean, being all big and bad in the movie and all."

  "The tablet, Max…" Himaru asked, impatiently.

  "Alright, alright, here..." Stubbornly, he tossed him the piece of the tablet.

Mewtwo used his powers to reel the rock to his hand, but his interest was focused on the speedy character. "Strange…even how fast you were, I could've still catch your brainwaves, yet you somehow mastered shielding your thoughts. Impressive..."

  "Course I'm impressive! Did ya hear that, bandage boy? THE Mewtwo said I was impressive!"

  "Too bad you let your guard down a few seconds ago. I already gathered what I need to know."


  "You are Max Kamiya, surprisingly the son of Taichi and Sora, but from another dimension. Somehow, the digital energy of the Digital World and your parents' time around Digimon gave you a power similar of Digivolution, only for humans; the power of Ascendants."

  "Jeez, haven't you heard of invasion of privacy, head boy? Damn it!"

  "You are not of the world of DigiDestined here in the Poke-World? What are you doing here, and how you and this spirit arrived here?"

  "Hey I had some genius help, cuz. Thought I uh…'borrowed' their device to travel around the universes."

Himaru shook his head, annoyed by Max's attitude and his crazy ideas of adventure. "I sensed danger in the Digi-Matrix that led me and Inumon here. I've already discovered the trouble that caused this chaos"

  "It is not our privilege to disturb the fabric of this world, not even yours!"

  "I know…I understand."

  "Aw man!" Max whined. "I wanted to snap some sense into mom and dad and get them together. Maybe hook up Matt with Mimi too…so ya know…Keke will be born."

  "Do not interfere! Understand?"          

  "Okay, okay. Sheesh…!"

The dog Digimon whimpered. "Aww…and that black Renamon was cute. I wanted to…"

His human partner clamped his Digimon's mouth before he said something unsuitable for a PG fic. "Quiet, Inumon! I swear, Max, you have more idiotic gumption than the goggled idiot I know."

  "Hey, hey…! That's my pa's clan yo talking about, sucka!"

Mewtwo groaned, wondering why the heck these two are here which it's unnecessary for them. "I thank you and I must be going…oh, and Maximillion?"  

  "What the hell did you just call me? Jeez, it's Max!"

  "Apologies, but…" Even though Mewtwo doesn't have a mouth, you can tell he smiled. "Yes, your parents are destined together in this timeline, but I fear that you will not be born in this realm."

  "WHAT? Hey, I checked the other worlds, and I was born in most of them!"

  "Not all of them, and Yamato and Mimi appears not to be scheduled to be mated in this world, not ever, as the Unown said. Farewell." 

With that, Mewtwo vanished like light.

  "What the ****…? If she gets hooked up with that wuss, Joe, or computer brain, Izzy, I swear I'll **** the place up!" The young spawn of Tai and Sora took a breathier. "Keke would throw a naggy fit if she heard about that. By the way, where's the goggle boy of your team?"

  "I really don't know, but I fear that idiot will disobey Mewtwo's wishes."

  "Heh, that's us goggle boys, but ya know, there's never a black person as a DigiDestined or Tamer, except for that chump in New York. I mean, where are the blacks?"

A smile crossed Himaru's face. "You should be surprised. One of the original DigiDestined is black."

  "Aw sweet…!" 

  "But please don't remind me of her. I'm still having trouble figuring out whose worse in my group."

Inumon grinned. "Is it because she always kicks you in the nuts?"

  "Quiet, Inumon! Don't make me remind you about your trouble with that other Lilymon back then."

The next thing that happened, Inumon turned blue and crouched down the floorless floor. "That….name…!"

  "Brock-b*****…" Max muttered, laughing. "Come on; let's watch the rest of the fic in the hologram thing the eye ball Pokemon set up."

Fuchsia Pokemon Coral: 9:04 AM

  "Good morning to all citizens of Fuchsia and those watching all around Kanto, welcome to the annual Pokemon Coral. This here where trainers test their Pokemon's strength and speed in a 10 mile race to the finish. Truly this year maybe awesome event."

  "That's correct. This year maybe the battle of the titans: Last year champion and racer extraordinaire, Dario Rodel, vs. the Michael Jordan of Pokemon racing: Lara Laramie. Yes, this maybe a race of races this year."

  "Yes indeed…you actually get cable to the outlands to see Michael Jordan?"

Outside the racetrack, somewhere in the country lands, in a long shaft, trainers prepare their Pokemon for a hard and long race. There're different types of Pokemon used for the race, like Stantlers, Nidokings and Nidoqueens, Dodou, Ponytas, Tarous, Rapidashes, Meganiums, Houndoum, and even Electrotrodes.

Around in the corner, Lara and Gary tended to their Rapidash and Arcanine while Matt sat on a chair between them with Gabumon sitting next to him. Gary though had a different change in attire. Instead of his old outfit with that pendant he wore, he now wears a black short sleeve shirt with a collar that reach above his neck and the same pendant only it was worn higher. He also wears purple cargo pants, a white pouch around his waist which the pouch was held on the right side, and his sneakers was black with brown stripes on the top. (In other words: he's wearing his outfit from the Red/Blue remix game: Fire Red and Leaf Green…Ocean Blue to what I believe for the American version.)

  "You up for it, Rapidash?" the horse snorted like a real horse, nodding a yes. "Alright…! Okay, y'all ready with your Pokemon?"

The boys answered with a grunt.

  "How about a little enthusiasm, y'all…? Y'all Pokemon ready?"

  "Actually, I have a Digimon."

  "Yeah, and I'm ready; ready to teach that Fangmon some manners!"

The blonde clamped his hand on Gabumon's mouth. "Quiet, Gabumon! You don't want these people to hear you, do yah?"

  "Mmm mm…!"

  "Oh big deal…" Gary snorted. "They're gonna see him in the race anywise. Don't say I didn't warn you."

  "Don't worry about it and keep your business to yourself!" Matt growled.

  "Did I say I cared?"

  "Hahahah!" all eyes snapped at the blue haired weasel, Dario, especially Lara's who was filled with fiery rage. "So these are y'all extra dummies? Ah would've dumped them in dah Ponyta dung if I where you, Lara."

The country girl would've gutted his skin off if Matt haven't stepped in. "One last time: give up that Digimon! You have no idea what you're dealing with here!"

  "Ha! You wish!"

  "But you have no idea what powers you're messing with. I don't think Fangmon will corporate any time soon." Gabumon said.

  "Yeah, I'm pretty sure you have other Pokemon to help you cheat with." said Matt.

With arrogant smirk, Dario scratched his chin. "Hmm…yeah y'all right. Maybe ah should use mah other Pokemon…if I didn't leave em home; Tough break for you, Lara."

  "We'll see who'll break, Dario!" she snapped. "That trophy will return back to Laramie clan where it rightfully belongs, and yah dirty cheating ways ain't gonna help yah!"

Being the jerk he is, Dario laughed. "Oh that's really cute, Lara; really cute. Meet yah at the finish line…losers! HAHAHAHA!!!"

After leaving the angry trio, Lara's knuckles were heard cracking within every limb. "One of these days…one of these days…." Finishing the sentence, Lara smacked the palm of her hand. "Let's show that creep what we got, y'all!"

Lara was confident that she can win this year's race, and was glad that she didn't get injured after racing for two years she didn't do, and with two guys to help her out, Dario won't stand a chance. But what she depended was for them to work together, but what she didn't understand is why all of a sudden these two aren't getting along after they did when she met them. She can feel such tension between Gary and Matt as they glared at each other with deadly looks.

  "Don't worry…I'll show him." Matt growled, shooting glares at Gary.

  "You mean me?"

  "I meant what I said, kid. See yah around. Come on, Gabumon."

Matt carried Gabumon and walked off while Gary returned to brushing his Arcanine. Such sportsmanship, such cooperation; with this, Lara had only one thing to say.

  "I'm doomed."   

  "And here come our racers. Wow, there appears to be more trainers competing this year than the previous years, and now we see more Pokemon from Johto."

  "Yes that's right, as last year we didn't get that much from the land of Johto, but we are eager to any from Houen."

From the stables, the crowd parted behind barricades for the trainers to make way with their Pokemon by their side, like it was a parade.

  "We sure see a lot of Rapidashes this year."

  "Well can you blame them? They are one of the fastest running Pokemon that can run to up to a speed of 100 mph. Though using evolved Pokemon like the Rapidash aren't a sure easy ticket to victory, for you must learn to master riding these wily Pokemon."

  "Of course there was one moment two years ago in the history books when one child took the place for the amazing Lara Laramie, when the young child evolved her Ponyta into a Rapidash in the middle of the race and handled it well."

  "Yes, truly a memorable moment…oh wait; here comes our star racer."

The crowd roared louder when the star racer, Lara Laramie, marched through the parted crowd, mounted on her Rapidash. Along with her was Gary on his Arcanine.

  "It's been two years since we've seen Ms. Laramie race in the Pokemon Coral. For some unknown reason, she keeps injuring her body parts."

  "A coincidence indeed, but luckily this year she's 100% ready for this race to win back the title from last year champion, Dario."

  "That's not all. The young lad next to her is none other than the grandchild of the famous Pokemon researcher, Gary Oak."

  "Wow, this must be a grand moment; the race of the stars…wait…look down there."

The crowd died to a silence when a strange being of nature made way out of the stables. It was a large wolf creature with white fur and blue stripes. Its claws were pink and its face had a ferocious expression, like it can rip you apart in seconds. Mounted on this beast was a blonde teen with a worn green shirt like the sleeves and the turtleneck were ripped off. Under it was a black sweatshirt, and worn on his legs were dark gray kaki pants and black shoes. His ice blue eyes showed signs of seriousness as he and his strange 'Pokemon' made way through the part crowd.

  "I…never seen a Pokemon like this one. Could this be one of the Pokemon from Houen?"

  "I'm not sure…listings say that this young man is named Yamato Ishida, and his registered Pokemon is called Garurumon… but…there's no record on…that Pokemon."

No cheers or hoots for Yamato here; everyone one of them gazed at the monster he rode on with awe, fright, and other things you can think of.

  "Everyone is giving me looks, Matt." Garurumon whispered, feeling tensed by the crowd's eyes.

  "Don't worry, just don't talk and they'll never know."

  "That's something we don't see daily, isn't that…wait…what's over there?"

From the darkness of the stables, a red blur leaped over Matt and Garurumon and landed for a striking pose for the frightened audience.

  "Another strange Pokemon, and look who's riding it!"

  "Yes we all see; the returning champion, Dario…and his Pokemon is called…Fangmon?"

The audience cheered at the popular champion that won last year's race, but those who were closer to the snarling beast he rode on felt very uneasy, mostly frightened by it. This razor teethed creature grinned, moving its face to the crowd that just shoved back from its ferocious appearance.

  "Y'all ready to eat our dust, Blondie?" Dario spat at the angry DigiDestined.

  "You're making a big mistake, pal! I'm warning you!"

  "Threats ain't gonna help ya. Sides, you think I'm afraid of you and yo furry puppy there? Ha! Fangmon, YA!"

The red coyote picked up dust and dashed away, kicking the dust on Matt and Garurumon's face. They shielded their eyes and coughed the dirt that entered their mouths.

  "~kaff~…I seriously…~kaff~…don't like that guy!" Garurumon coughed.

  "Alright, the moment you've been waiting for, Poke-fans, the annual Poke-Coral race!"

Soon as the crowd roared with cheers, Dario raised his hands and shook them, gesturing them as if to make the crowd cheer louder, for him in his POV.

  "All competitors please take your marks!"

All the Pokemon, and Garurumon, lined up in a row behind the white line. The crowd roared with meticulous watch. Matt held onto Garurumon's back, ignoring the awed glares the other racers made at the white striped wolf. It was as if fate was playing cruel jokes cause Gary and Arcanine was standing next to him. The two shot frowned looks at each other, while placing racing gloves in their hands, but nothing more.

Lara and her Rapidash approached next to Gary, standing by for the race to start. As if she had senses for jerks, her eyes shot to her right, seeing Dario on Fangmon taking its place next to Matt. With an annoying grin, Dario winked at the angry country girl and blew a kiss at her.

  Oh just wait till I win… With a striking deadly look, Lara cracked her knuckles.

**Race Music (Sonic R: Super Sonic Racing) **

  "Racers on your marks!"

The creatures leaned back, those with bodies unlike those Electrodes, steadying to dash for a quick start. The traffic light above flashed red.

The light then flashed yellow.  "Get set…"

Teeth clenched tight by human, Pokemon, Digimon. Lara kept her eyes on the road, while keeping a cautious eye on Dario. She hasn't raced in a while, but she let no such thing as slacking off keeping her skills warm, and she was not gonna throw all her training to waste.

The light flashed green.  "…GO!!"

Like revved motorcycles, or boiling heated race cars, or even the Pintos, the Pokemon, and Garurumon and Fangmon, dashed off to prove their might, their speed, and to win all the food they can eat. The four legged creatures pounded their paws and hooves through the soiled racetrack with all their power, passing by the large bleachers filled with loud cheering people.

  "Hey Blondie…!" Matt growled turning to Dario who was just right by him. The arrogant racer gave a wave. "Have some delicious dust!"

With that, Fangmon poured more energy, rocketing away from Garurumon in fabulous speed, creating a large dust cloud that engulfed Matt and his Digimon.  

  "~kaff~…I really…REALLY hate that guy!" Matt growled, coughing out the dust. "Come on, faster, Garurumon!"

  "I'm moving, I'm moving…!"

The racers circuit through a trail between Tarous valleys that is barricaded with wooden fences on every side. The stampeding Tarous ran with the racers on the other side of the fences like mad dogs. High in the air, a giant bird with long red hair and yellow streaks soared above the racing Pokemon with a camera on its neck. This Pokemon is a Pidgeot.

  "And the race is on, and oh my, there's Dario on his unknown Pokemon…uh…Fangmon, cutting through the pack like a knife on butter, chasing after the lead of the pack, Lara."

  "Yes, the race just started and already things are getting interesting. If only we knew what kind of a Pokemon that thing is; it looks pretty nasty."

Thanks to the sky-cam, the audience can see the race from afar.

  "Come on, Arcanine! Let's cut em through!"


Gary was in a fix; there was a rider on a Stantler, a reindeer Pokemon, and a man who somehow kept his balance on the ball shaped Electrode. Arcanine slid to the right, but the Stantler blocked him ahead. The dog/tiger tread to the left, and the Electrode barricaded his escape.

Gary lowered his head, snarling in irritation.  "Grr…Arcanine, you know what to do!"


Like Mario with barrels, Arcanine leaped over the two racers and now lead the duo. Gary smirked over his shoulder and waved his two fingers.

  "Smell ya later!" with that, Arcanine poured in the power to leave the baffled racers in the dust.

  "Excuse me!" catching those two racers off guard, Garurumon dashed between them and now he was racing in front of them. Matt glanced over them and snapped a finger at them. "Thanks."

Garurumon howled as he charged ahead, leaving the two behind. However, one of racers were so distracted on that amazing 'Pokemon' he lost his balance on the Electrode and flew all the way into a muddy watery ditch homed by some Poliwad.

  "Ooo! That'll cost the Electrode racer. Next time, ride a Pokemon with legs!"

  "Although the circus would need people like him. Anywise, the racers are now makes way out of the Tarous field and are trailing through the flower fields."

Matt and Garurumon were now trying to fight pass a racer riding on a Houndour, a black demon like dog. Garurumon burned all the power he has, but at least tried not to waste so much, for he heard that at the halfway point of the race is a pit-stop to eat.

But as Matt glances at his side to make sure no other racers are on the left, his eyes spotted the field of flowers which was zooming back from his sight.

Flowers, a traditional object of love; to show how pure your love is for another; that's the object he tried to use for Eri, far back before…last Christmas.

(Flashback…and pause the music.)

Walking out of the store, Matt looked at the flowers, and the price. They were gorgeous creations of nature, made with pure, shiny colors of white, and one red rose that was trapped within the white roses. The roses, which were plucked from their thorns, were wrapped in a pink ribbon, done with effort beauty.

Maybe he should've went to Sora's store and bought some flowers at a discount. But if he did that, not only would he be cheap, all his friends would know that Matt's in love with someone. He had no reason to keep it a secret from everyone; he just…doesn't want everyone butting in. Then again, he's always keeping his friends in the dark about his problems.

Tai nearly found out about Matt's secret after he asked why Matt was out of school for nearly a week. His father might not have a clue and TK almost found out as well, until Matt brought up his brother's crush on Tai's sister.

It took a while for young Yamato to fight out of his denial. It was hard, but he dug out of the pit with his heart, and now he felt ready to tell Eri how he feels.

  "I'm here to speak with Eri Honami." He asked the woman behind the hospital table.

The woman checked through the computer. "Eri…Eri…I'm sorry, but she left the hospital this morning."

  "What?!" he haven't expected her to leave so early. "Well…can you at least tell me where she lives?"

  "I'm sorry but policies say that I cannot give out information to people who are not agents of the insurance company."


  "I'm sorry, that is all."

Matt walked out, hanging his head. "I don't believe this." Next to him by the door was a trash can. Matt took one last look of the 50 dollar flowers (Or 5000 yen, or much how yen is for $50.) and like his hope, he tossed it in the trash.

Within his despair, he learned; be quick on the draw, or you'll be dead or too late in this case. The butterfly that perched on his finger has flown away forever.

(End flashback)


Matt bounced up in surprise after getting his thoughts knocked out of him. "What, Garurumon?"

  "More racers are blocking me! What should I do?"

Matt studied the path. Again there was a racer riding on small version of Lara's Rapidash (Ponyta) and another riding on a large brontosaurus thing with a flower on its neck (Meganium). Matt could also see Gary on his Arcanine further ahead.

  "Hmm…they don't seem to notice us right now…so…" Matt whispered his plan in Garurumon's ear.

  "Right…!" Inhaling a pack of air within his digital lungs, he then howled. "ARRROOOOOOOO…!"

(Play song again.)

He roared a loud, thundering howl, scaring the two Pokemon before him to clear a path. In Pokemon, there is an attack called Roar, which can scare a Pokemon, and another called Howl wich can boost up your Pokemon's attack power; Although Matt didn't gave Garurumon any of those TMs, and up on the Pidgeot's camera, it can scan and detect any Pokemon attack energy. Since that Garurumon didn't use any, and that howl didn't seem like the Pokemon attack Howl, or Roar he hasn't broken the rules.

  "Thanks for the opening, guys!" Matt waved as Garurumon passed between the two racers. 

  "Now the racers are about a few kilometers closer to the Fuchsia beach, and just look at that beautiful lake on the right side of the track."

  "I'll say. This beach is a pathway to the Seafloam Islands where rumors say that the legendary Articuno lays about every six months. But this is not the time for Poke-facts. This is the time for a race to the finish."

  "You really need to work on your announcing skills...anywise; our racers are almost about to the steep hill that stands ten stories tall. That is where the Pokemon's stamina is put to the test."

Arcanine pound the floor like a hyper horse, trying to catch up with another pack where Dario and Lara are. Speaking of whom, Lara and Dario were fighting hard for the lead. One by one, the two seemed to be either in front or behind of each other, like clockwork.

Lara tried to keep her maturity up and focus on the road, but Dario's sinister and annoying punk smile was boiling her nerves.

  "Hey Lara…hate to tell ya this, but mah and Fangmon are just cruising."

Proving his point, Fangmon smiled wickedly with its razor teeth showing, and like sound, Fangmon burst away, creating a thick smoke trail behind.

  "Well…call mah a Ratacate's uncle!" Lara gasped, not believing the speed of that Digimon. But lucky for her, Rapidash can run a speed of 100mps per hour. "Rapidash, go!"

Suddenly, the fire mane flared with intensity, like a race car engine, and flames surrounded the horse. With that, Rapidash rocketed away, scratching the soil within its tracks.

Gary hung his jaw open after witnessing their awesome speed.  "Oh boy, it's gonna be tough catching up with them."

Gary was already fighting against a racer that rode on a Rhydon, a large stony rhino that surprisingly can run fast enough to give Gary trouble. If only the rules weren't against Pokemon attacks and abilities, then he would've had Arcanine use Extreme Speed, or Agility to pass these losers.

While Gary was tiring to strategies on how to pass this racer, his eyes came across a large lake he saw deep in the landscape from the high view on the ridge he just came across on. A lake…reminds him of this lake back in Pallet Town his old friends used to play around. His old friends…Ash and Sara; Back then they were nick named by their school: the Color Trio: Blue (Gary), Red (Ash), and Green (Sara). Quite a team they were, though he and Ash had a few fights in their past, but Gary never gotten close outside his family with anyone than Sara.

(Flashback…pause music)

 The full moon still hung above the dark forest behind a sparkling lake that reflected the lunar light. Hoot Hoots decorated the sounds with their music. Everything seemed so peaceful, except for depressing sobs that joined in on the owls' night music. On the shore, near the trees, the young Gary still gripped on the earth, spreading his tears on the soil. The echoing pains of his parents' feud still harmed him in his heart. From those he loved, he found that something that seemed impossible was about to break apart. Again, the haunted screams of his parents yells arrived in his hearing, and not even taking much of it, he forced himself to run from the madness. 

Gary's life was sinking to darkness.


His sobs paused for a moment when he heard a familiar voice. His eyes glance over his arms finding a feminine figure charging out of the dark forest with a flashlight. No, he still wants to be alone. He can't deal with anyone right now. Still weak from his angst cries, he pushed himself up to make a run for it, but suddenly the girl caught up and pinned him down on the dirt.

  "Green…! Let go…what are you doing here?"

  "Wondering what's with you. Red told me you were crying all through Pallet."

  "Red…doesn't he ever mind his own business?"

  "No and neither do I. Now what's wrong?" she demanded, letting him go.

The child of Oak suffered silence to give and answer. He breathed with sobs, turning away from his friend.

  "Gary, I don't like to see you like this." Green said as her emerald eyes softened.

He hung his head, sniffing through his stuffy nose and pouring out his flooded eyes.

  "It's your parents again, isn't it?"

All he could give was a shaky nod as he still pointed his face toward the soil.

Being a child, it's not so easy to see your family fighting against one another and have them leaving each other as you're torn apart from both of them. At least that's what Green, or Sara was told, and she was observing this from Gary's problems. The few times this happened, Gary tried to remain cool, like nothing happened. Ash bought his lies, but Sara was too suspicious about Gary's behavior. Then one time, he finally told her what happened, but he still acted like he didn't care. Although from Sara's point of view, Gary was hurt badly inside, and now those feelings finally broke through the wall.

And now…it hurt her.

With one swift motion, Sara threw herself onto Gary, holding him tight like he would fly away if she didn't held on. Gary's cries froze when he felt her warm touch wrapping around him. It was as if her body melted the sorrow ice that incased his heart.

  "I'm sorry…I'm sorry you had to take that." She cried, pouring her tears on his shoulder.

She was always stubborn; never listened to anyone but herself...but she always was there for him, that's what Gary liked about her.

The young boy cried, holding the girl back. "It's not your fault...thanks though."

At least he'll always have his friends.

(End Flashback)

  "Ruff, ruff…!"

Gary blinked back to reality from the dog Pokemon's bark. Just in time, he saw that he was heading for a large steep hill in the side of a mountain.

  "Uh oh, Lara told me about this part. Time ta pick up the pace, Arcanine!"

(Play Music)

  "And our racers are heading for Mt. Coral where the Pokemon's strength and stamina truly are tested."

  "Yes indeed. This part is where most of the racers usually surrender to after trying to climb this fifty stories hill."

On the hill, Dario on Fangmon and Lara on Rapidash treaded up the hill as if there was no force trying to pull them back.

  "But Dario and Lara are no strangers to this part of the race. Just look at the strength of their Pokemon; burning up the track!"

Dario clenched his teeth, looking behind to see his rival a large gap behind him. "Just perfect...!" from his pocket, he pulled out a cell phone. "Alright you clowns…! Now!"

Suddenly, Lara heard a loud explosion. High on the side of the path, she discovered a dust blast from the rocks, and then a number of boulders come rolling down on the path.

  "That crazy jerk…! Rapidash, hurry!"

Luckily she was further ahead to be on the boulders trail, but Lara barely avoided from the raining boulders as if she was in some kind of Indiana Jones movie. She was safe now, but the others...well they'll have to deal with the rolling boulders that are rampaging down the hill.

  "And to think, I'm glad Lara forced us to train for this part." Gary muttered as he sees a stampede of boulders coming at him.

On his Arcanine, the orange Pokemon dodged the boulders, circling around them, maneuvering the stones like trying to get through a crowd in New York. Looking back, Gary can see few of the racers doing the same, while one on the Rhyhorn broke through the stones...but to his amusement, he saw Garurumon jumping on the boulders, barely keeping his balance on the rolling stones.

  "Whoa...yipes...EEK!" the white dog squealed, nearly getting caught on the stones roll on every jump. "How do those clowns in the circuses do this?"

  "Just don't lose your concentration, Garurumon!" Matt told.

Garurumon did, trying to keep his pace and not let get rolled over as he jumped on each boulder. Finally, he squealed in delight after he finally got to the other side. "Alright…! We made it!"

  "Told ya, buddy! Now let's get that slimy cheat!"

Soon, the racers climbed up the hill, feeling fatigue getting the best of them, even for Garurumon as his tongue hung out his mouth. He saw Gary and Arcanine already going over the top of the hill. He remembered Matt and Gary's fight, and felt the tension between them, as if they were in a rivalry caused by Gary's betrayal on snooping in Matt's private life. He wished those two would get along like they did before, but Garurumon would still do anything to make Matt happy, and that means to not let Gary beat him.

Finally, the Digimon leaped over the top and landed, pacing slowly as he felt his digital lungs burning up.

As a racer on a Houndoom passed by, Matt looked over at Garurumon. "You sure you can go on?"

The dog hung his head, breathing hard. "Not really, that hill took a lot out of me...but I ain't giving up! This is easy compared to what we've been through....besides..." As if he gained an instant burst of energy, Garurumon happily skipped so fast, he easily passed that Houndoom. "THERE'S FOOD IN THEM DARN HILLS!!"                 

  "Now we approach over to the Lucha Lake, one of the largest lakes in Fuchsia."

  "Not as big as the one in Cerulean. Boy howdy...this is where we find the most eliminated racers, due to the lack of water experience. But maybe this year, our racers are prepared."

Yes the road ended to an edge of a large lake, but a bridge of white floating platforms was the only way to cross the mile long lake. A Steelix and Rhyhorn stopped to study the platforms, hoping it will support their weight. The Rhyhorn took a chance and jumped on a pod....

And sank like a rock with its trainer with it. Steelix just cried, feeling its defeat.

  "Ooo, too bad, Mr. Racer; Rhyhorns weight as much as three filled refrigerators and Steelixs can't do the water."

However, Garurumon just took the platforms and dashed over them like he was flying. With the pace, he and Matt were just at least five seconds away from Gary and a trainer riding a Ponyta.

  "Wow, look at that. That white Arcanine or whatever is just making one of the most difficult courses of the race seem like child's play. This mysterious racer, Yamato, is just nearly on tail of the grandson of Professor Oak."

The can be clear as glass, if you let it. Sure brings back memories for the rocker. He used to come to a beach in his world wither he wanted to be alone or he was trying to come up with inspiration for a song.

It was also the last clue Matt had to see...her again.

(Flashback…and music fades)

The beach…somewhere far off the edge outside of Tokyo; Matt's secret solitude spot. This beach is a remote area, almost untouched by man, and hidden behind rocks. Today was a gray cloudy day, matching Matt's depressing mood. Yup, he never told anyone about this place since there are times he likes to be alone and think…no one…

Expect Eri.

  "Come on…please show…"

Standing on the lonely shore, withstanding the cold wind in his coat, he waited and waited, hoping that the girl he met in the hospital will show. The girl he had best times with. The girl he…kissed. He told her about this place, and she wanted to come here.

Maybe he could meet her here one day.         

  "Damn…it's so cold…" he fought the urge to give up and go home, and fought the chills in his skin, wrapping his coat tighter.


A shine of hope lit in his heart. Could it be…? He looked up at the rocks, down at the right side where there was a gap that was easily enough to escape through. A dark silhouette appeared climbing down the hill, but as he easily recognized the short figure, his heart returned to darkness again, disappointed from his hope.  

  "Hey, Gabumon..."

Gabumon tread through the sand, gripping his own coat he wore. "Matt, what are you doing here?"

He closed his eyes, as if his answer would bring more grief. "Waiting for her..."

A pity sigh played from Gabumon's mouth. "Matt, your dad just grabbed dinner. Come on, you'll catch a cold here."

  "No…I'll…I don't want her to miss me."

  "We can always come back tomorrow, when the weather is warmer. Don't worry."


Gabumon pulled Matt by the arm before he continued. "You can still come back the day after, and the day after that. Just don't give up on it."

  "Gabumon…wait!" Desperately, Matt looked back at the beach, wondering if he missed her and she was waiting right there. He can just see her, with her flowing hair, watching the sea...too bad she wasn't there.


(End flashback)

Everyday, even after school, Matt spend his time waiting at the beach. She never came one day; she never came the next day, or the day after that, etc. Matt vowed not to give up. He will find her. He will wait for her. The beach was the only thing he had to see her.

But, why did he give up then?

  "Yo, blonde boy…!"

A voice violently woke him up. Matt found himself on Garurumon, still crossing the bridge of platforms on the lake, and he was close by Gary and Arcanine.

  "Quit snoozing, Romeo, unless ya wanna swim with the Goldeens?" the boy spat.

That little, inconsiderate jerk; He will not get away with that. "Just keep running, for your sake, Gary! Just wait till I get you for that!"

SLPUSH!!! Unknown to his understanding, Matt felt Garurmon being thrown up in the air; away from the lake. Gary gasped at a giant geyser right behind him, and ripping through the water straight for him.

  "Aw cripes…! Faster Arcanine…!"

  "Unbelievable! Out of nowhere a huge water blast just came right in the middle of the platform bridge, and there go most of the racers."

  "We'll have to look into how that happened later, but now it seems the only active racers are Lara, Dario, and Gary."

Nobody knew how this powerful geyser appeared; perhaps a Wailord passed by. However the sinister smirk of the southern racer: Dario proved to us viewers, plus a controller in his hand that he was the cause.

  "Heh, heh…let's just say I brought Old Faithful right here! HAHAHA! So long, Blondie…!"

Oh but Lara read the cruel cheat like an open book. She figured that Dario planted bombs under the lake, and he will not get away with this.

Soon Dario, Lara, and Gary reached to the other side and continued through land, but then…

  "AROOOOOOO!!!!" Garurumon shot out of the water dramatically, with the sun beaming around his body and Matt clinging on to his wet back.

  "What a shocker! It appears that this mysterious Pokemon does well in water and has quickly caught up with the others."

Dario felt as if a strong cold breeze gusted through his shoulders. He couldn't believe those two were still running. "Aw, this is a couple of bull…! Grrr…!"

  "Nice work, Garurumon!" Matt said, trying to drain the water out of his ears. "Good thing you swim like a bullet."

  "Neither rain nor sleet will keep this Digimon at bay…heh, heh…I think I seen that in some Dr. Seuss book!"

  "How… inspiring…" '⌐⌐

  "Now we move on to the last obstacle before our racers continues on to the straight-away to the finish line. Their Pokemon must eat an entire bowl of food before moving on."

Over a rocky cliff were bowls of food on top of pillars and ledges on the side of a steep slope. The Pokemon, and Garurumon and Fangmon soared away from the cliff and landed by the bowls, which this to them is like a pleasant pit stop. Soon the creatures began to chow down.

  "Yum…~gobble, munch~…I think this is my favorite part, Matt."

Matt twisted the water out of his shirt, keeping an eye on Dario. "Just eat up. We still have to keep an eye on that cheat."

Suddenly, Garurumon's eyes bulged. "You mean we have to pay for this food?"

  "I said 'cheat' not 'check'."


On the tallest pillar, Dario and Fangmon stood, eating away the Digimon did. Dario was furious that even that blond boy survived that geyser blast when he wasn't supposed to. He can not let these losers win this race and take his title that he so richly disserved.

  Move on to plan C… Dario secretly orbited his finger around, which a pair of hidden goons from atop the cliff spotted.

Soon a couple of spheres shot from the cliff, leaving a trail of smoke. The sphere revealed to be smoke bombs, spreading a screen of smoke around the area and clogging the three racers' lungs.

  "~kaff, kaff~…Dario, you…~kaff, kaff~…!" Lara protected her face with a handkerchief that she kept in handy.

  "There appears to be a problem here, folks. A blanket of smog has appeared and it's making it impossible for us to see the racers."

Indeed, even the audience back near the finish line couldn't see on the titantron.   

Dario instantly worn a gas-mask, as well as Fangmon, and laughed at his competitors. "Be seeing ya losers. I'll be taking home the prize, where it belongs!"

Not again. Lara couldn't believe this. Her hated rival was again about win through his cheating ways. Well no way. She prepared for this. She knew Dario would pull the smoke trick, which is why she spent weeks training on dealing with smoke. Ha, she's not out of the…


Dario's heart skipped a beat. Never before had he heard that kind of bird Pokemon cry. Yes, it sounded like a bird, but nothing he heard before.

Gary, who already shielded his mouth and nose, drew out a poke-ball. "Skarmory, whirlwind the smoke away!"

Tossing the ball, the steel winged Pokemon emerged. It flapped its hard-like wings, producing a strong gust of wind that blew the smoke away like feathers.

With the smoke gone, it was safe for those like Gary to breath easy.  "Great work, Skamor…huh?!?"

He was caught in surprise when he and everyone saw a small flock of giant black birds. However, these flame-like creatures weren't just plain creatures; these caught Matt's eye to shock.


The white dog, still soaked within his fur, growled before the giant birds. "Matt, these are not Birdramon; they're black, not orange."

  "So…what are they?"

(A/N: Digi-Anaylzer mode…you know, the crappy ID the Digimon say.)

  "I heard of them; they're Saberdramon. They may look like Birdramon, but their hearts are full of darkness. Be sure to watch out for their Black Saber, otherwise it'll be all over before you know it"

(A/N: Thanks, Ninetalesuk!)  

  "Trespassers…!" suddenly, atop of the cliff, standing as if he was obviously the leader, stood a humanoid bird wearing Japanese armor. He had a mask even covering his beak and he was armed with twin blades. "You dare step into our domain? Those who trespass must be punished!"

Matt eyed the leader, keeping his guard up. "Okay, who's that, buddy?"

  "That would be Karatenmon…" answered Garurumon. "This masterful ninja is a Wind Warrior, but not for good, mind you. With his speed and skills, you have to attack him FIRST before he attacks you with a rain of feathers called Ballistic Feathers."

  "Folks, it appears that our racers seem to be surrounded by more mysterious Pokemon. Please remain calm while the authorities will handle the situation."

  "Hey who in the hell are y'all? Y'all ruining mah winning moment!" shouted Dario.

  "Silience, human…! Its worms like you that sicken the sovereign. Now you shall be crushed under our talons!"

The fox Digimon that Dario rides on has been drooling from his mouth since he sensed the presence of Digimon from the beginning. He softly cackled like a maniac.

  "You sure are good at hiding, bird-brain…gehehahah!" cackled the insane Fangmon.

All attention of Karatenmon was concentrated onto the fox. "You…?! I thought you were lost?"

  "Hahhaha…! I never get lost! Hahhaha! Well my mind is already lost, but that works for me, data-lunch! Hahhahah!"

Dario was lost of what was going on, but it seems to him that Fangmon knows these guys. "What the heck y'all talking about, Fangmon?" 

But the tengu let no answer come out, except. "ATTACK!!!" With that command, the Saberdramons arrowed towards their prey.

**Battle Music (Final Fantasy 8: battle music) **

  "Hahhehe! Well my Tamer, this is what we've hunted for! I knew these cowards were hiding somewhere around here. Let us hunt! Gahahaha!" and with that, Fangmon launched in the air, charging at the flock of Saberdramon, leaving Dario desperately hanging onto him.


As that happened, the some of the Saberdramon swooped down towards the other racers, with Lara and Rapidash as their first targets.

  "Rapidash, Fire Spin!" obeying the command, Rapidash unleashed a fierce twister of flames that shield both it and its trainer and kept the Digimon at bay.

  "What a powerful Fire Spin. The inferno tornado was enough to keep away these black Pokemon! Folks, it seems we have a bonus Pokemon battle right here."

  "Indeed we do!"

Two more Saberdramons aimed their sights at the trainer from Pallet Town and his Pokemon. "BLACK SABER!!" Like Birdramon's Meteor Wing, The Saberdramon fired a rain of black flames from their wings, but the shots harmlessly blasted the ground because of Arcanine's dodging.

  "We're not gonna be sitting ducks for this! Skarmory, Steel Wing!"

BAM!!...Without warning for a Saberdramon, Skarmory already close-lined it in the face with a stiff steel wing.

  "Wow, what a fast and powerful Steel Wing attack! That Pokemon never even saw it coming. Gary trained his Pokemon straight to the fullest, it seems."

  "Well you expected less from the grandson of Professor Oak?"     

Meanwhile, Garurumon leaped pillar to pillar while avoiding the attacks the Saberdramon threw at him. He used a Howling Blaster on any bird Digimon that tried to block his path, or leaped high and slammed his paws on the faces of these birds. But according to Matt, these Saberdramon was too stubborn to quit and they quickly surrounded the dog Digimon. It was heart stopping that you're just inches from getting barbecued by their fireballs. Sure, with Garurumon it'll probably just give him bruises, but one shot on Matt will instantly kill him. He must act.

  "Aw man, they're not giving up… hey I got it; Garurumon, use those new attacks I gave you!"

  "What new…? Oh yeah; those…!" Opening his jaw, a blue light emitted from beneath his throat.  "ICE BEAM!!!"

A cold beam of sub zero temperatures fired, slamming into one of the Saberdramons' right wing and forcing it to tumble to the floor. Garurumon kept the beam strong as he led it around to the frightened black birds.  As soon as Garurumon stopped the beam, a Saberdramon quickly swooped in for the kill.

  "SKULL BASH!!" Garurumon went as he dashed like a missile, head first and slamming the Digimon's back hard on a rock wall.

A hard landing was made by Garurumon, at least for Matt cause…well had ya ever rode on a Digimon who smashed his head on another then dropped from thirty from the air to make an uncomfortable landing for where the sun don't shine? It's not pleasant.

  "Garurumon…" Matt clenched his teeth, suffering the pain from his crouch. "Next time…warn me what moves you make...ow…"

Meanwhile Lara and Gary directed their fire Pokemon down the slope, and defending against the bird Digimon with a number of attacks, especially with Flamethrowers. Another Take Down was made by Arcanine straight in the gut and both Arcanine and Gary was clear for a quick rest.

The trainer looked around for any more attackers, but he remained calm of not to kill these beasts. If only he had a D-Sphere…no, not just so that Ash won't be one step ahead of him…it's so that he could easily capture these creatures without…

  "Gary…!" Soon Lara and Rapidash landed by the trainer. "Y'all okay?"

  "Fine for now, but we better keep on moving now!"

  "Actually things are getting clear. Take a look at yonder!"

A surprise his eyes caught; it would appear that Fangmon was going like an insane animal that he is, lashing at the Saberdramon, ripping them to shreds and harnessing their data. Fangmon leaped at one, sinking his fangs at their necks till they gave and burst into data, and most of them he just blasted them enough to get close to catch them with his teeth. He was like a hopping bear-trap. Even the audience was afraid to even watch.

  "Dario's Pokemon has gone out of control! We expected better of Dario to at least train this new Pokemon."

  "The league rules are very strict of trainers for taming their Pokemon before battling with or the results could be of what we see. Not to worry folks; our cameras just spotted the Pokemon police arriving."

(End music)

Dario gasped as he saw further away from the cliffs a group of police cycles crying their annoying siren.

  "Fangmon, would you quit this!" he shouted, holding on dearly to the crazed fox. "Y'all gonna get me in trouble and I'll never win the race!"

Soon after the fox heard this, he twisted the neck of the last Saberdramon, making it fade into data for him to download. "Gehaha…I thought this is what you want, Tamer."

  "No, I only let you do this so y'all get strong enough to help meh win the race. The truth is that I felt bad of killing these here creatures…even though they were causing a ruckus."

Dario lost all feeling of his body when Fangmon shot a deadly look at him over his shoulder. "Well…you disappoint me, Tamer…and here I thought you were a true being of the dark side."

  "I hated that movie, and I'm no murder! I only cheat to win, but I don't kill to win! Now you do what ah say and finish the race!" However the look of Fangmon just got deadlier. "Uh…please…?"

A silent growl sounded from the crazed Digimon before saying: "I will finish this…just not this pitiful race." With that, Fangmon tossed Dario off of his back, making him fall off of the nine foot ledge and tumble hard on the slope. 

  "Did you see that...?" asked Garurumon.

  "Yeah; Fangmon seems to be calling a mutiny." Jokes aside, Matt figured this would happen. It was obvious Fangmon would disobey his so-called partner.
Finally, the police reached close enough to form a blockade in front of the racers. Gary was shaking under his knees, fearing that he might get arrested, even though he tried to act cool and calm…Although the police seems to be aiming their sights on Fangmon.

As usual, leading the authorities pack was Officer Jenny who stepped out of her cycle along with a Growlith. She also drew out a megahorn. "Is everyone alright?"

Matt raised his hand. "Um, we're alright, but..."

 "YOU'RE NOT GONNA ARREST ME ARE YOU?" Dario abruptly screamed.

Sweatdropping, Jenny weakly answered. ", although I could give you a charge for letting an untamed Pokemon lose for and killing wild Pokemon."



Not even expecting it, the police were thrown back when a barrage of shots from the sky, forming a line in between them and the racers. The police stood themselves up, despite some mild bruises, but when they gazed at the smoke, it was quickly blown away thanks to Karatenmon who suddenly appeared in a blink of an eye.

  "Fools, I gave you fare warning, but you ignored them, and for that you must perish."

  "Learn some threatening lines, pal!" shouted Garurumon.  


Karatenmon drew his blades as fast as cowboys draw out their guns in a shot-out, but at the same time, the police called out the Growliths from their poke-balls. Now a large group of fire breathing dogs barricaded the path.

  "Put the weapons down and drop to the ground. You're under arrest for attacking officers." shouted Jenny through the megahorn who obviously believes that Karatenmon is a human in a costume.

  "Do you expect me to obey you sniveling humans? That is an insult!" with that, he snapped towards the cops and reached his blades back.

  "Everyone, Flamethrower…!" A muti-fire of flames engulfed the tengu Digimon, turning him into a large bon-fire.        

  "Uh…is that really legal?" asked Garurumon from afar the battle with Matt.

  "Well, I guess using fire tiger-dogs is the same as using guns, so…"

Cutting him off, the fire was blown away thanks to Karatenmon's wings. The cops were caught in surprise that somebody like him could survive that kind of heat.

  "Pitiful…your creatures are weak! BALLISTIC FEATHERS!!"

Like a machine gun, Karatenmon blasted his wings and shot every one of the Growliths; but he wasn't done yet. He also used his attack on the police, nearly laying a touch on them, but the impact on the floor by their feet was enough to blow them and even their cycles off the dirt…but so much smoke engulfed the flying officers for any of the racers to see what was happening to them.

Gary, Matt, Lara, and their monsters were frozen in shock and concern for the officers; praying for their safety. While that, Karatenmon menacingly turned towards the group, shooting his deadly eyes at them.

  "Now, you are next!"

Besides most of the monsters, Fangmon was not fazed by his threats and was ready to maul and take data with no mercy.

  "You're right…ghehehhahah…you are next!"  

And with dramatic display, Karatenmon and Fangmon leaped high into the air, with swords and fangs ready, hurtling towards one another in front of the sun.

  "Wow, and now it seems that we're about to witness a fierce battle. You don't wanna miss this! We'll be right back after these commercial announcements."   

Mahogany Town: 9:47 PM (yesterday)

Women; if they knew what kind of power they had, all would be lost. (No offense, ladies.) That is the lesson Hiro had learned a while ago even before he met that untrusting sales-girl. But can any guy even resist the puppy dog eyes…? Well…yes, but I don't wanna go there. But what does it matter; at least Hiro Chimal has some nifty Pokemon items that will increase the power and abilities of his Pokemon. Why would he ever get rid them…?

Because he discovered that they're fake!

A furious trainer of New Bark Town barged out of the Pokemon Center after his Typhlosion got his butt handed to him on a stick in a battle all because of the fake items. He shouts and roars even scared some people who passed by into bumping on walls or near the road. And as for Davis…well he made sure to not make his anger even worse.

  "That little thief…! I swear, I don't care if she's a girl, she better watch her back!"

DemiVeemon held dearly onto Davis' head; as none has ever scared him but Hiro's rage…expect Yolei's. "Davis, shouldn't you do something?"  

  "Sorry but I do wanna live."

His lion eyes scanned the live streets, which seem like a festival was happening, which it kind of is; A festival of Houen trainers. "Now if I were a lying, cheating, stealing, thieving witch, where would I be?"

  "Um…quick question…" asked DemiVeemon. "Did this girl happen to have a shiny black dress and brown hair?"

  "Yes…!" Hiro growled ferociously, even growing angry of just thinking about her.

  "I think I see her near that big crowd."


It was the girl, further away from the boys who were sitting a blanket filled with junk that Hiro was tricked to buy, and it looks like she was selling the same stuff to other poor trainers.

  "Come all, come all! See as I have just the right stuff you need to become the greatest trainer of all! Quick Claw, Amulet Coin, Bright Powder, you name it, I got…!" 

  "HEY YOU…!!"

Paled, the girl weakly turned to her right, finding Hiro charging at her like a raged bull.


  Dammit…I hate repeat customers.

As fast as Speedy Gonzales, the girl quickly gathered all her supplies in the blanket and jetted away before Hiro dived in and roughly landed his chin on the concrete.


The chase came straight through the busy streets, with the two kids shoving some folks out of the way, with Hiro too angry to say he's sorry. The girl then hurried into an alley where Hiro still followed, passing by all the trash and junk the girl tipped over to slow Hiro's pursuit.

The boy jumped over the trash like he didn't notice them. All he could focus with his anger is on the girl. "You're not getting away, you leech! I still want my money!"

On the other side, Hiro found himself before a constructed river surrounded by concrete walls that he stood on as well as the buildings. He could see a bridge on one end of the right and…ah let's just get on with it.

  "Yoo hooooo…!" ^-^

As if this girl wasn't annoying him enough, there she was, standing on the ledge of the bridge waving to the trainer.

Hiro's teeth hung in the manner of an angry lion. "Grrr…you think you're so cute, huh?"

  "You better believe it!" ^_~

  "Don't you play smart with me, girl!" he dashed out, preparing tackle her down.

But she, in a cute manner, hopped off the ledge, over the water, which had Hiro smash his gut on the ledge. "Miss me!"

Before she leaped, the girl tossed a poke-ball over her, shooting the white beam at the water when opened. A little around later, Hiro was in so much pain that he let himself drop right in the water.

The boy surfaced out, with a Magicarp on his head, which he then pulled it off. "Man…that freakin hurts. Alright, now where is that…thief…?"  

Suddenly, Hiro was lost of all words. Right before him was a giant snake creature that extended almost as long as an Onix. However this creature was quite a beautiful beast. Half of its body was tan while the end was pink and mostly blue with lines donned around. The tail had four fins designed like a fan and a pink spot on each of them. It had somewhat of long dog ears all silky and pink. It had a horn on its head which was part of its skin, and over its red gem-like eyes, its brows extended back like antennas.

  "Ohhh…kay…what the heck is that?" he then reached in for his poke-dex and D-Sphere, without wondering wither if it's a Pokemon or Digimon.

Milotic (Mirokarosu): The tender Pokemon. The evolved form of Feebas. Milotic is said to be the most beautiful Pokemon of all. It has the ability to becalm such emotions such as anger and hostility to quill bitter feuding.

Type: Water

Stage: Champion

Level: 53

Ability: Marvel Scale

  "It didn't say on how BIG this thing is…" Hiro weakly said.

Mounted on the long water creature was none other than the female thief, silently giggling at the waterborne boy. "Yeah, but it did say about calming hot-heads, hot-head. Somebody needs my cutie, Milotic, to cool off." ^_~


The command from the girl's snotty snap of a finger made Milotic shot a mild Water Gun that shoved Hiro underwater.

  "Can't play with you, little boy. I got places to go and people's money to gain…buh-bye!" ^-^ And with that, her Pokemon carried her through the waters like a bullet train. As if she angered him enough, she waved him farewell with a handkerchief.

Hiro emerged back up like a shark, violently shoving a lot of water up. If this was the type of fic, with Hiro's level of anger, he would boil up the river; but it's not…but still, his anger right now could probably do that.


While shouting out mile-range echoes, Davis and DemiVeemon watched the boy from the edge of the alley, shaking their heads.

  "You know Davis; I think Yolei may have a competition in the anger department."

  "No kidding."   

Fuchsia, Route 18: 11:22 AM (next day)

  "Welcome back to those at home. As we just tune in, we find a new discovered Pokemon of the wild battling another discovered Pokemon that was once trained by Dario, the returning champion."

  "And my, how the champion lost authority over his new Pokemon as it takes on this other new Pokemon alone and with instinct."

Yes, we find both Fangmon going for the kill against the leader of the Saberdramons, Karatenmon: the warrior tengu Digimon. The fox Digimon charges at the Ultimate like a speedy bullet as the crow Digimon zips towards his opponent, preparing to attack with his swords. The two zoom pass each other, as if neither sword nor claw touched these fighters.

The two fighters landed in a far, opposing distance in a dramatic manner. Karatenmon checked his arm to suffered scratched marks by Fangmon's claws, and the fox gained a small cut on his front right leg.

  "Interesting…no one has ever managed to escape the full razor might of my blade."

  "Gehahaha…well maybe you would've caught me if you didn't move in slow motion!"

Growling, Karatenmon launched ahead, which Fangmon mirrored, and the swords made connection to Fangmon's teeth that caught the blades.

  "Uh…exactly, why are we standing here?" Gary asked. "I'm not really enjoying watching this stupid fight like an idiot."

Matt grimed, checking the battle. "If either of them lives, there might be a chance they go for the police's throats, and they're knocked unconscious to do anything."

  "So we gotta skip the race to play savior, huh…? Well isn't that just peachy?"

Matt couldn't take the trainer's manners, but he remained calm. "This isn't even our race to begin with...its Lara's."

Already reading that signal, Lara directed Rapidash down the hill. "Gotcha…we'll finish this race. Good luck with the saving the day-thing, y'all."


But then a number of shots blasted in Lara's path, startling her Rapdiash before a wall of smoke. Already answering her curiosity, Lara spotted a trio of Saberdramons swooping towards her.

  "Rapidash, Flamethrower!"

A breath of fire from the horse halted the birds' pursuit, but the Saberdramon already established a strategy by spreading out. Rapidash used Flamethrower one Saberdramon, then another…but no matter what, if he hits one, the other will charge in closer while the Pokemon is distracted.

But Lara's eyes was like ones for Rapidash's back as she spots the other Digimon coming in. "Rapidash, Fire Spin!"

Raising its head, fire began to spark from its body…


But then one of the Saberdramon's eyes flashed like a camera with purple light. Lara was able to cope from the flash, but sadly we cannot say the same for her Rapidash. Now the fire horse was having difficulty of standing straight, as if its vision is scrambled.

As the Pokemon goes out of control, Lara holds on to its neck for dear life from getting thrown off.  "Rapidash...! Whoa...! Whoa...! Calm down, Rapidash!"

  "Oh no; those black Pokemon unleashed a Confuse Ray on Rapidash, and now all poor Lara can do is hang on to a WILD horse!"

  "And right about now, it seems that Gary Oak and Matt Ishida are charging in to the rescue." 

Indeed he is right, because Gary and Matt are heading to Lara's rescue, riding on their monster canines like cowboys with horses, and charging down the dirt hill.

  "Better let me take this, Gary. Dealing with Digimon is my job!"

  "Hey, does it look like I'm gonna do what you say?"

  "Gary, you just keep that mouth of yours...!"


KLAM!!! A slight blur of Fangmon appeared, before the riders before it disappeared and a barrage of shining feathers ripped through the earth like nothing and swept Arcanine and Garurumon off their feet, which of course send their human partners flying.

  "This land is mine, Fangmon...!" shouted Karatenmon who landed his feet hard on a pillar. "...and that goes the same for the rest of you humans!"

A evil smile spelled trouble from the fox Digimon. "Well then...geheahahah...then perhaps you'll have to meet its new owner!" His fearsome eyes spotted his ex-Tamer: Dario, who tried to sneak off from behind some rocks. "Ah, there you are!"

Just then, Dario felt like someone was pulling him back by his pants. But as he checked, his black poke-ball was surging within dark energy. With a blast, it shot a ray of the energy straight over to Fangmon as if it was attracting by him.

  "Yes...yeeesssss....." he growled, with the energy sparking out of his eyes. "The power....the power of darkness....YES...BEHOLD....!"

Lara, who was still trying to calm her Rapidash, gazed with fear as gust of the dark energy burst from Fangmon's body like wind. Soon, the fox Digimon began to glow.


Growling to a great height, about the size of a stereotype basketball player and shifted to a human-shape, Fangmon transformed into a black beast identical to a certain werewolf Digimon we all love.


  "This is unbelievable! Dario's Pokemon has managed to evolve to an odd looking Pokemon we've never thought could exist!"

  "I agree. A humanoid's just impossible, but what an exciting discovery. I hope the cameras got all of this so that I'll make millions out of this!"



All eyes were on the new Ultimate, who still was surging dark energy in a DBZ fashion. Shadow-WereGarurumon smiled wickedly, showing his many teeth.

(A/N: Just incase you complain that Fangmon does not Digivolve into Shadow-WereGarurumon [long name] well he does turn into WereGarurumon. Wouldn't this make sense...sides, just you wait for later on.)

  "Phrase the dark lord...I must also thank you, ex-Tamer...the black poke-ball harnessed your darkness, and had used that power to good use...for me."

Shuddering, Karatenmon was...the power this Ultimate carries...he must have it. " it will be my honor to take your power!"

But the dark werewolf held out a paw. " much as I hunger for your data...I feel that it's too crowded about...we dispose of these pitiful creatures first?"

You can probably feel the gang's hearts skip a beat after that.

  "Hmm...I like the sound of that...very well."

Now their deadly sights were aimed for the gang; AE: Lara, Rapidash, Arcanine, Garurumon, Matt and Gary...

  "Uh oh..." Garurumon gulped, feeling very small under the Ultimates' gaze. "...Matt...? Matt...?" But what about Matt and Gary...oh yes....

Both of the boys lied motionless due to their fall.


  "Ruff...!" Gary...!

Twidling strings...hearing guitar sounds...that's what Matt could only do as he awaits for his concert. Yes, Yamato leaned on his chair, mindlessly playing some random notes on his guitar all...depressingly.


Until he startled and tumbled off to the floor. That voice called again, bringing light within his heart.


Humming along the morning was heard...stepping down the stairs was the sounds...that is what young Gary is doing as he hurries down the front stairs of his Grandfather's front as he reached to the foot of the hill, there he finds his grandfather gathering mail from the mailbox.

  "Morning, Gary..."

The energetic boy jogged his legs, excitedly.  "Morning, gramps... Can't talk now; I haven't seen Green since before that camping trip with Red, and I'm heading over to her house right away!"              

  "Oh..." what worried the child was that Oak looked troubled. "...Gary...something happened while you were away."

  "Hey, Matt..."

That light that shined from his heart...that warm all vanished into darkness when the person he wasn't expecting was standing by the door of his dressing room.

  "Oh...hey, Sora."     

Yes, it was that red haired girl who matured from an emotional tomboy to a beautiful emotional lady. But something was...odd about her. No it wasn't because she was wearing thick winter clothes, or that she has a box in her hands...Matt just couldn't quite put his finger about it.

  "So...what's up?" he asked.

Oddly strange…for some reason, Sora looked pretty nervous. Matt could tell from the way she pressed her lips and twiddled her fingers.


  "Come on, Sora…you can tell him." Biyomon insured.

  "Tell me what…?" 

Sora took a nervous step near Matt, holding up a gift wrapped box. "Um…I want you to have this…sort of as a good luck present for your concert."

  "Goody, cookies!" Gabumon happily cried.

  "Gabumon…!" Sora shouted.

Ignoring the spoiler, Matt took the box, politely. "Oh uh…thanks…I guess…" Silence then came between the two, as the tension was getting to the blonde teen. "So…what did you want to tell me?" 

Fists slammed into the grass with rage and sorrow…Gary's hair was pulled down by gravity as he hung his head as if he was in defeat. He stood on his knees, breathing with sobs…right in the front yard of an empty house, alone in a green field surrounded by trees,  that once was lived by his good friend…yes, his friend, Sara, has moved away without a goodbye.

  "She's gone…she's gone…she's…why didn't she tell me...?"

That was the news Prof. Oak informed Gary. While Gary was away on a camping trip, his friend whisked away behind his back. She never told him…not even Red had told him…that stupid Ash…no one ever tells him anything.

Now it's like a part of him has been ripped away along with Green…he felt so cold…vulnerable…


Just as things couldn't be worse, there approaches Red from behind, always feeding his curiosity.

  "Blue…are you…?" The boy then got it after when he took a look at Green's old house. (Ash…getting it…? Scary…!) "Oh…I'm gonna miss her too…" the boy then placed a hand on the sobbing boy's shoulder. "…it'll be okay, buddy…"

With a swift motion, Gary roughly swatted his hand. "Shut up…!"


One dear friend just vanishes without a word to Gary, and Red acts like its no big deal…? What kind of a person he is, anywise. Oh that is it…

  "Just leave me alone!" dashing away, Gary went into the woods, leaving Red alone.

For the second time today…Matt slips off his chair by some words with unimaginable force coming from thou he never thought possible one can possess such odd power.

  "W-W-What did you…say?"

Nervousness and blushing of Sora grew worse from Matt's outbreak. "I-I-I…said that…you…wanted to…go on a date with me." She winced away, acting like Matt was going to hit her.  

  "Uh…?" Matt was like asking: what the hell is wrong with this picture? He, like everyone else, expected her to save this question for Tai…not Matt!!!

  "I'm sorry…I…was just wondering…"

Okay…now he was in a jam…he could ask about: what about Tai? But then again, that might hurt her feelings. It just doesn't seem right. He really wanted to say that he was waiting for a girl, but no one knew about Eri, except Gabumon, and he really wasn't willing to tell any of them, not even Sora. He could say yes and make Sora happy…

…But it still wouldn't seem right.

  "I…I'll…think about it."

Sora's face faulted, struggling to keep her tears at bay. "Oh…well….t-t-that's ok…"


That high pitched voice then turned the blonde pale. 'Oh, give me a break…I beg of you, god!'

Yes, it was that hyper, chipper fan girl that is the sibling of Daisuke Motomiya: Jun Motomiya, Matt's biggest fan and she had made a big entrance by knocking Sora away, and carrying a handful of Christmas presents.

Weakly, Matt greeted her. "Uh…hi…Jun."

  "Hiiiiii…I just came by, and look how much presents I…!"


Rising from the floor like an angry god arisen from a thousand year sleep, Sora did, glaring angrily at Jun.

  "Oh who are you…?"

  "Who am I?!!!! I…happen to be a dear old friend of Matt's, and the person YOU knocked over!!"

  "Gee, that's a long name…!"

  "I'M SORA!!!"

  "Sora…? Gee, then where's Goofy and Donald, huh Sore Eye?"

Uh oh…if there's one thing Matt knows about Sora, is that she hates it when people use Kingdom Hearts jokes on her. 'Run, Matt…run like the wind!'


THAT…was defiantly a cue for Matt to jet on out of there. "Opps…theresmytimeonstage…SEE YA!!!"

Weeks have passed since Green's move. Her presence un-attended around Gary was depressing for the boy. The only friend he ever trusted, who he knows that he can always be with…is gone... What bothered him more was that she never said goodbye to him…at least she could say farewell to his face…but she didn't…

Now he's alone…hurt…left in solitude…his parents divorced and he, with his will and decision, decided to live with his grandfather until he becomes a Pokemon trainer. At least this eight year old boy still has someone he feels comfortable with…cause if he doesn't…then he has Ash…~shudder~

However, fate decided to make his life a nightmare still, when he notice his grandfather's other interests. It would seem that he has spend a little more attention towards Ash than he does to him…reasons…? Well, ever since Ash's father left the family, his mother has been hanging around with Oak a lot. It wasn't romantic, as Gary kept watch, but it was infuriating to see that his grandfather's attention is wasted upon that idiot, Red, and his mother.

Gary grew lonely by time, feeling unappreciated by the ones that mean most to him. He strive to become the greatest trainer ever, especially by the eyes of Prof. Oak, and go to the top, higher than his annoying adversary, Ash, who somehow stolen the appreciation of Oak from Gary. He never kissed the cold death of defeat until Giovanni and Mewtwo came. His world collapsed, and anger and resentment kicked in more when he lost in the forth round of the Indigo League, and what was worse…his grandfather never bothered to show up in his matches but made his way in time to see Ash's forth match.

The divorcement of his parents…Sara's leave…and the lost of his grandfather's eyes ripped what's left of his faith of the boy…he has nothing but to strive to be the best…that's all he can do…that's all he can do to prove his worth to Prof. Oak…

…and Sara.                   

The concert was setting up before the minutes would pass by to begin. Matt, getting ready, had a lot in his mind. Ever since the age of eight, he discovered the pains of life when his parents separated and brought Matt and TK apart. That event hit his vulnerable heart hard, and his faith was lost.

Although, he felt as if all was pointless, the protection of his brother seemed to be the only thing that mattered. Yes, TK was perhaps the only person he believes he can always be with, and to never be alone with. But then his world crumbled when it seems that TK enjoyed the company of Taichi Kamiya, and with that, TK gained independence.

This made Matt angry over Tai, thus Tai and WarGreymon vs. Matt and MetalGarurumon began.

Matt felt a little better of himself after the Digimon adventure and he gained a hobby of forming a rock band that took a well success in Japan. But the yearning for attention was still plaguing his soul.

Eri…the girl that suddenly came into his life…it was like she was the light that Matt has been missing all his life. She was the person who understood him easily, the person he felt so…alive with…however, because that her parents' job requires traveling, Eri vanished before Matt's eyes, and his world became lonely once again.

It could be a sign for revival, but days after, Sora appeared out of no where, and said the words that Matt never thought she would say to him. He kept himself away from her, fearing that he might betray Tai and Eri. But then when some Digimon interrupted his concert, Matt dug through the crowd, hoping to help the rest of the DigiDestined. But then a familiar voice cried that struck his head like a lightening bolt.


With no question, he followed the voice and found the girl about to be crushed under falling rocks. He flew in and shoved her with him, from sudden doom, but after he saved her, he made a shocking mistake in identity…the girl he saved was actually…Sora.

And since then, Matt decided to be her boyfriend, thinking that perhaps she gotten over Tai. His reason…Sora kind of reminded him of Eri…her voice almost sounded like hers…that's it…

…That was dumb of him…


A fainted voice cut off his vision into darkness. Blurs of light was what he saw next, followed by a blue sky. He raised his back, massaging his head. Further from him he saw the body of Gary lying motionless; perhaps unconscious like he was. How long was he knocked out…he just remembered that all he last thought was a blast that threw him off of Garurumon…



The blue dog Digimon was plowed by a fierce kick that made him fly into a canyon wall. The tiger-dog Pokemon ran for dear life from the thousand shots of Karatenmon's Ballistic Feathers. And also, most of the police, including Officer Jenny, awoken as well and send their Growliths on the attack. But they were swatted away like flies when they neared, and their Flamethrowers did no damage to either the tengu Digimon or the dark WereGarurumon.

Although he felt woozy, Matt struggled to get up. Oh man…Garurumon can't take any more punishment against these Ultimates…but we have to put an end to them…somehow…

The minute after Garurumon was peeled off of the wall, S.WereGarurumon lifted him up by the neck. "You might be a tasty treat, faker. Say good bye…!"

  No, it can't end like this….I'm not gonna let this creep kill my only friend…only…why did I say that…? I do have friends…but ones that I hurt…Sora…I'm sorry…it's all my fault I hurt your feelings…I shouldn't had agreed to go out with you…just because you remind me of Eri…that was wrong. And I'm sorry for you, Tai…I  knew you loved her, but I went with her anywise…I was so selfish…but not right now…I'm not gonna try to relive the memory of Eri on you…if I'm gonna be a better friend to you guys…then its happening right…NOW!

And just like you all expected, the blue crest of friendship shined hard from his chest. Under all that stress, his lost power has returned, and that power was coursing over Garurumon, which the light blinded S.WereGarurumon.


** Perfect Evolution music (Sonic Heroes soundtrack, Invincibility.) **




(End music)

A wave of amazement caught the conscious officers and Lara who finally got Rapidash under control. Never before had they seen such an evolution, and such a unique creature. It was the species as the evil werewolf, only with white fur and a heroic stance.

  "Incredible! Matt's Pokemon has evolved into a heaven colored version of the dangerous werewolf Pokemon."

  "Woo, hoo! More money for me!"


  "You heard nothing!"  

WereGarurumon stood tall, gazing back at his dark counterpart. "I'm not through yet, faker…we'll see who the real WereGarurumon is!"   

Grinning evilly, Shadow-WereGarurumon charged a dark energy ball from his hand. "That'll be easy…SHADOW BALL!!"

Quickly, WereGarurumon shifted to the side from the blast, and then rushed for his dark clone. "Eat this…WOLF CLAW!!"


CLANG!! Both of their slash attacks clashed into on another and bounced off. But stubbornly, they continued their attack, rapidly, slashing their claws about in hyper speed.

  "Yeah…! That's the way, WereGarurumon!" cheered Matt, but then his body took control as he almost got burned by a stream of fire. As he looked at his left, it turns out that he almost got burned by a Growlith that missed the flying Karatenmon.

As the tengu Ultimate stayed in the air, he commanded his three Saberdramon crew to strike at the Growliths, firing their Black Saber. The Growliths and Arcanine moved around from the shots as if they were caught in a crossfire war.

Meanwhile, the two WereGarurumons performed a number of martial art attacks, as it seems that it was S.WereGarurumon who was forcing his virtue counterpart to withdraw back. WereGarurumon escaped by leaping back and landing on a canyon wall, and then jumping away when a Shadow Ball by his dark copy blew a chunk of WereGarurumon's spot. Airborne, WereGarurumon fired an Ice Beam from his mouth, but the dark double backflipped away to safety and tossed another missed Shadow Ball.

WereGarurumon landed, printing his feet deep in the rocky floor, and charged for his foe. "ICE BEAM!!!"

The beam shot its way towards Shadow-WereGarurumon, but this time he just stood there…


…and created a force field of light, protecting him from the sub-zero beam.

  "Heh, heh…that won't help you now, copy cat…SHADOW BALL!!"

Another Shadow Ball was tossed, and again WereGarurumon evaded…but this time the blast was unintentionally heading towards another target…Matt.


BOOM!! The blast exploded, catching WereGarurumon's attention and fear.


The blonde boy felt his arms locked before his face, too afraid to remove them. But slowly, his mind just figured that he was still alive and unharmed…but how…

  "Wow, Matt appears to be saved by a Pokemon…but the smoke cloud is making it difficult…wait it's starting to clear up."

The smoke flowed away, revealing a large creature in a huge turtle shell. It has short but bulky blue arms and legs, and a brown shell. Soon, its head popped out of the shell, which was a wide little turtle head with ears. This creature appeared to have been coated by a blue aura, which now faded.

  "Oh, it's a Blastoise!"

  "And it used Protect to shield Matt Ishida. But who does this Pokemon belong to?"


Over its shoulder, twin cannon revealed from under its shell. With such power and pressure, it blasted powerful streams of water, which WereGarurumon jumped away for the blast to directly hit S.WereGarurumon. The blast shoved the werewolf afar, while his feet gripped and scratched the earth. But BOOM…the dark wolf stretched his body to break the blast apart, as the glow from his Light Screen shined brighter.

  "It appears that this raged Pokemon increased the power of the Light Screen to stop the Hydro Pump. I never had seen anything like it."

Matt was frozen at the fact that he was saved…by a giant turtle…but who does this Pokemon…?

  "Hey, Blondie…?" He should've known…it belonged to Gary who seems to have awakened up. "…you okay?"

  "Uh…yeah…I think…"

BLAM!! Sparking Gary's surprise, his Arcanine suddenly landed hard from the sky, all battered and bruised.

  "Oh no, I can't believe I forgot about Arcanine!"

  "Which will now lead to its demise!" said Karatenmon who slammed his talons deep in the floor for a land.

However, Arcanine was trained well to handle pain, and it quickly leaped back to its feet, still hanging strong to fight Karatenmon, and Blastoise moved by his comrade to help. A Hydro Pump and Flamethrower was fired, commanded by Gary, but Karatenmon took to the air from the attacks, and hurtled his Ballistic Feathers upon the Pokemon.

  "Hey Matt…"


  "Just want to let you know…I'm sorry for butting in your personal business."

  "You picked a good time for that, Gary."

  "Hey I'm trying to apologize, which is something I don't do well, and you act like a jack-ass from it?"

Matt sighed in defeat. "You're right, I'm sorry…but…can it wait?"

  "No…look…it's just that…well to put it short…I know how it's like to lose someone you love without a word of goodbye."

Matt gazed back at Gary with a surprised expression. "How…did you know about…?"

Gary hung his head, letting the shadow of his hair hide his eyes. "Her name is Sara…Green we call her…she moved away without even saying goodbye…"

  " know…it's too bad you never told me about this…we wouldn't had been in such a rough edge on each other…"

  "…Yeah…" to Matt's surprise, Gary was holding a blue D-Sphere by his face.

  "How did you...?"

  "Don't know…but I relies that nothing is gonna bring her back…at least I have my grandfather…and at least you and me are gonna bring a little authority against these Digimon losers!"

And with that, the crest of friendship shined heavenly on Gary's chest, which his D-Sphere was coated in the same light. In the screen of the device, the percentage stat rapidly increased till it reached to its two-hundreds. 

  **Digivolution energy: 200%...Enough for one Ultimate evolution

  **Possible subjects on field: Blastoise


  **Select Pokemon…

And Gary pointed his D-Sphere on one Pokemon that appeared more warn out than the other.

  Pokemon selected…Digivoltuion begin


** Perfect Evolution music (Sonic Heroes soundtrack, Invincibility.) **



The earth around him collapsed into the bright molten lava, leaving only one piece of rock for Arcanine to stand on and howl at the moon. Snake shaped flames towered around the canine, orbiting around till he was trapped. As he was carried up by the flames, his body mutated to what a sleek and long striped creature with an athletic feature for a dog. The manes on his head grew longer, and wilder as it spiked up. His face shifted to ferocious but more canine looking features and it had a red gem grafted into its forehead; which you can see lava within. The same gems were also grafted in its upper legs and on its back where black rocky shells with rocky spikes sticking out of the side. The same rocky spikes also were grafted within the back of its heels. Also its tail was longer, silkier, and glittered with fire color, as if it was almost fire itself.

A fire blur shaped like a four-legged creature raced through the lave river that poured out of a live volcano and flowed on the Great Wall of China. The flamed dog leaped to one of its towers and the flames were whisked away by its landing, revealing himself to be…


(End music)

  "Ladies and gentlemen…I believe we are witnessing history of the making…Gary's Arcanine evolved into a form we thought was impossible for Pokemon like Arcanine to evolve."

  "Yes, after researchers told that there are no more higher forms of Arcanine…but what do they know now?"

**D-Sphere Mon-Dex **

Hicaninemon: the Myth Pokemon; The evolved form of Arcanine. This Pokemon is but a myth of the Chinese culture. It is said that this creature once raced miles throughout all of China, thus leaving aged burnt trails that the Great Wall of China stands now. The gems grafted to it appear to have lava within, as if it is its blood, but it is only an illusion.

Type: Fire

Stage: Ultimate

Level: 96

Digimon attacks: Canine Rampage, Hi-Spirit Fireballs

(A/N: Hi is but a Japanese character for fire)

Whatever or however the Digivolution effected Gary, it sparked something within him. "What a…evolution…" He seen many Pokemon evolving within his training, but none like this Digivolution that is capable of unlocking different forms lied dormant within the Pokemon. "Hicaninemon…you look great!"

The fierce mutt grinned. "Hey…back at cha, Gary."

  "Oh, so you finally noticed, huh?"

  "Well, hey we good looking mutts need to keep up our reps; you know what I'm saying?"

  "Copy that, pal…"

And the two, who seem to have a lot in common, laughed, making Matt sweatdrop.

  Oh great, he's as conceded as his partner… '¬¬

Putting jokes aside, Hicaninemon's and Gary's faces turned serious as they gazed at Karatenmon who was in a grip lock with Blastoise.

  "Alright, enough play time. Show those losers the light, Hicaninemon!"

  "Light…? I'll show them the bottom of my feet!" stamping his front feet, flames burst around the body of the Ultimate Pokemon. "Ladies and gentledogs, please fasten your seat belts as we bring to you the hottest ride your kitten-kabutos will die riding for. I advise you puppies to please keep your paws inside the ride at all times!"

Finally, when the fire towered over Hicaninemon, it formed into the shape of a larger Hicaninemon, howling like a wolf.


Sprinting away, the flame dog charged like a bull, ramming Karatenmon within.

  "THE BUUURNSSS…I CANNOT BE DEFEATED LIKE THIIIIISSSSSssss….!!!" were his last words before he faded into data.

Hicaninemon skid through the dirt for a stop, as the fire dog disappeared. "Oh yeah…! And tha masta has done it again! Hoo-ha!" celebrating, Hicaninemon danced. "Who let tha dogs out? Roof, roof, roof, roof! Who let tha dogs out? Roof, roof, roof, roof!"

Matt sweatdropped at his weird behavior. "Gary…how in the hell do you train your Pokemon?"

  "Eh…intense exercise and what not."

'AROOOOooooo…' all eyes were up in the air, as they saw Shadow-WereGarurumon soaring high, which he seemed to destroyed the remaining Saberdramons, and absorbed theirs and Karatenmon's data.

  "Hey! Cut it out…you're stealing this dawg's thunder…MINE!!!" Hicaninemon shouted.

  "The thunder has already become mine…" with that, in the air, Shadow-WereGarurumon glowed once again. "SHADOW-WEREGARURUMON DARK MEGA DIGIVOLVE TOOOOO….!!"

The lighted creature hammered back on earth, transformed into a giant gorilla looking beast with an Australian style vest with silver balls lined up on the center. It has baggy black pants and its right hand is actually a triple cannon blaster. This creature was twice the size of a Snorlax.


**D-Sphere/Mon-dex scan**

Callismon: Synthetic Beast Digimon. It is said to be combined with the darkest creatures. Its gun power is enough to crumble canyon walls with ease.

Type: Dark

Stage: Mega

Level: 110

Attacks: Rodeo Bullets, Deep Forest

** Boss Music (Kingdom Hearts, Shrouding Dark Cloud) **

  "Ah cripes…he Digivolved to Mega…we're in trouble now." Matt gulped.

  "Ghahahah…my ultimate power is at hand…you have no chance today or ever, fools!"

Hicaninemon, though, was still filled with confidents as he crouched down for the attack. "Oh come on…you think turning into some freakin gun hand Donkey Kong is gonna save the day for you? Peh, you're dealing with tha dawg here, boy!"

With that, the gems around his body shined like lava lamps, while a slight pyro aura coated his body. Flaming sparks flowed like the gunk in lava lamps which then burst into flames and formed into different Chinese characters of fire.

  "Eat this, kitty-kat…HI-SPIRIT FIREBALLS!!"     

And then the characters dashed away into fireballs, slamming hard on Callismon. However, it only gave the beast some burnt marks.


Judging by the way the bullet ripped the earth, they were about as powerful or more than Blastoise's Hydro Cannons; The blasts were even enough to blow Gary and Matt off of their feet, but not fast enough to catch the speedy Hicaninemon as he leaped rock to rock, floor to wall, etc.

  "Come on, gorilla boy…Whoo…! Boo-ya…quit moving in slow motion, cuz…! Can't ya hit me?"

Gary quickly stood to his feet, gazing at the battle. Time to take charge. "Hicaninemon, Flamethrower!"

  "Took ya long enough, Gary-man…FLAMETHROWER!!!" Soaring in the air, the Pokemon blew a stream of fire, but it did nothing to the giant as Callismon marched through the fire. 

  "Comin at ya...GARURU KICK!!!"

Falling from the sky, WereGarurumon finally came to the field, hammering Callismon's face with a heel kick. But all he succeeded was pressing his face like a rubber ball, meaning it did nothing.

   "DEEP FOREST!!!"  With his large, mighty claws, Callismon slashed the werewolf Digimon, ripping a bit of his skin and making him crash into a canyon wall. 

  "WereGarurumon!!" Matt cried.  

Gary forced himself to remain calm as he tried to plan ahead. He could send forth another Pokemon, but with all this intensity against a high leveled monster, he won't be able to keep track of all his Pokemon, plus he has his strongest Pokemon on the field, and one of his favorite Pokemon Digivolved, so it should be enough. 

  "Okay…Blastoise, Hydro Pump! Hicaninemon, Fire Blast!"

Blastoise drew out his cannons again while the Ultimate Pokemon phased next to the water type. With their power ready, they released it in powerful blasts of fire and water, which smashed onto the giant Mega five times as hard as a fire hose and engulfed Callismon with a gigantic fire explosion that spanned as wide as three stories.

Their trainer and Matt shielded their eyes and kept their balance from the earthquake the two attacks produced.

Gary grinned in victory. I think that should finish him…


How wrong Gary was cause a gigantic beam plowed through the attacks and ripped the rocky earth like paper, with the rocks flying upward. It blew the Pokemon, Matt, and Gary completely off their feet, while engulfing the area in white light.


  "The only help we had is the police down there who're still powerless and can do nothing but watch."

  "Oh mah stars…!" Lara's heart beat harder than before her life as she watched in fear of the blast cutting the canyon land apart, and holding onto her Pokemon from the massive earthquake. As much as she liked to escape and finish the race with no competitors…she can't leave her friends alone like this.

CLANG!! Almost stopping her heart and scaring her Rapidash, Callismon dropped from the sky, landing near his ex-Tamer's rival.

  "Ah, my ex-Tamer's adversary…although my ties with him are through, it couldn't hurt to cause a little pain to you, human." He had gotten his point down by clicking his gun.

The size of this creature…the power…the evil…it affected the racer with fear…she felt so cold and small, and she can see her life flashing before her very eyes.

With a cry from Rapidash, the fire horse catapulted his body and flung his trainer far to safety. Lara hit the floor hard and rolled along the way. She didn't mind the pain, but she was too much surprised that her Pokemon did that. No…they've been friends for such a long time, ever since that her Rapidash was a little Ponyta and she was sixteen. So the only reason Rapidash would throw her off like that was….

  "~gasp~…NO, RAPIDASH!!!!"

With no time wasted, Rapidash bravely stood up to the powerful Digimon and launched a Flamethrower attack. To Callismon, as the flame spray shoved on the Digimon's chest, it felt like a blow dryer. Soon as the flames were swatted from his vision, he then saw Rapidash charging with his horn pointed ahead like a bull. He slammed into his gut with a Take Down attack.

  "Is that all you got, horsy?" Like child's play, Callismon lifted Rapidash by the next…then tossed him hard like a football… "Say hi to the keepers of hell for me…RODEO BULLETS!!" 

BLAM!! With a clean aim, he shot the poor flying horse, crashing it far ahead into some rocks. As Callismon laughed with all hell-evil, Lara dropped to her knees in emotional pain, with her mouth dry, and her eyes dilated. Everything felt cold and painful…so painful to see her dear friend…so many thoughts ran through her head; is Rapidash hurt…he's dead…no, Rapidash…you bastard, you hurt my friend…please don't… But finally, she gathered enough nerves to cry this random word.


  "Now…" Callismon growled with a gruff, deep, and sinister voice as he approached Lara with his gun aimed at her. "…where were we?"


All of a sudden, a pack of Growliths came out of nowhere and climbed on the giant Digimon. Down from the foot of the cliff that the fight took place, the group of police were there, led by Jenny, and tossed a number of poke-balls that released the Growliths. Also from nowhere, a large buzzard-like Pokemon called Fearow swooped in and towed the emotionally harmed Lara away. It then dropped the girl on the back of a large three headed bird with long legs called Dodrio, leaving the creature to carry Lara to safety.

  "Growliths!!" Jenny cried as she watched them get tossed off like dolls, and swatted hard like flies, which luckily the police recalled them back in their poke-balls.

Meanwhile, Dodrio made up to the body of the fallen horse, dropping Lara off of it. As if she awoken from an uncomfortable sleep, she then gasped at the sight at Rapidash. The horse lied on its side, burns painted around its skin, which was too painful for her to look.

  "No…Rapidash…!!" the woman was on the verge of tears, dropping to her knees again.

  "Lara!" the last person she wanted to see right now, Dario came, hopping on the rocks and nearly tripping on them. "Hey…y'all okay?"

Lara swatted his hand. "Go away…leave me alone…can't you see that Rapidash is hurt?"

If she could only see him, Dario looked uncharacteristically concerned. "Yes…and that's some gratitude for saving your life."  

This forced her eyes to shoot at her rival. "You…? But…I thought you scampered off?"

  "Yeah I did…but…that stupid feeling wouldn't let me go…I think it's called a conscience…" As Lara gazed at him with shock, Dario leaned next to her, studying the body of Rapidash. "Look, ah maybe a lot of things you think ah am, but a murderer I'm not; sides y'all think ah enjoyed letting Fangmon kill all those Digi-duds, well let me tell you something: I didn't, but I had to do what it takes to win."

Lara's gaze turned to a narrow one. "And look what it brought us: a rampaging monster y'all created!" 

Unexpected for her, Dario hung his head in shame. "Ah know…I didn't mean for this…I only meant for winning tha trophy and rubbing it in your face…I didn't mean for this madness, or having y'all Pokemon hurt like this…I mean…cheating races isn't so much fun without you and y'all pet pony there to piss off…I'm sorry."

This was unbelievable for Lara…Dario…the man who's the sleaziest…cheating con artiest ever…who made her life a living nightmare since day one…is apologizing for his mistake? Suddenly, one of her poke-balls glowed within a white light, slowly morphing into a grey poke-ball with some kind of a techno lock in the button's place, and with a digital screen in the middle of the lock.

In other words…she has a D-Sphere…

  "What in tar…?" she drew out her new poke-ball when she noticed the glow, studying the strange features. "…nations?"

Gasping at the poke-ball, Dario drew out his black-pokeball, similar to her D-Sphere, and held it near hers. 

BANG!! Jumping their hearts, Callismon hammered down from the air by the two racers, with a wicked smile that spelled 'kill'.

  "G'day ex-Tamer, rival by association…gehahaha… Today is you're lucky day as you two humans get to die!" Callismon pointed his large cannons, charging its energy.

Lara prayed for her life as she held onto Rapidash's body, ignoring the blood staining her, but Dario, for once in his life, stood up against the beast, along with Dodrio and Fearow, plus he drew out a poke-ball.

  "Ursaring, GO!!" tossing the device, he let lose a large bear with zero tattoo on its belly, and it charged for the Mega, along with Dodrio.

  "Oh is this all you can attack me with, ex-Tamer…? RODEO BULLETS!!

The powerful shots exploded as they hit the ground, splitting the rocky field in two and blowing away the two Pokemon. The force even reached pass Lara and Dario, splitting apart as the earth swayed away.


Not even thinking how much a jerk he is for not worth helping, Lara just held out a hand and grabbed his to pull him over the crater… but that did not happen…for when their hands touched, their D-Spheres shined as bright as the sun.

  "NOW WHAT…?!" Callismon shouted, blinded by the light.

Now what…? Well, let's explain it…when the D-Spheres glowed simultaneously, Lara's fallen Rapidash, and Dario's Fearow who hovered over its body did too…we all know what'll happen next, right?

**Jogress Evolution music (Digimon soundtrack, I'm going digital) **

(DNA Digivolution)




The fire horse bounced up to its feet and galloped like those horses in those cowboy movies. Its fur now gained brown feathers in the ends, its mane became feathers, in the same color as Fearow's, its tail is also the same as Fearow's, however, on its right breast seemed to be a metal plate that looked like a piece of a knight's armor, which was also carved to look like feathers. On its ankles were pink feathers sticking out, and of course the horse sprouted brown wings that were on fire. The horse now wears a silver mask, which doesn't protect its horn, deemed like the majestic Moltres, reflecting the colors of fire from out of nowhere, but half of it, above the sharp long beak, seems to be missing, revealing its Rapidash features. Yes, this fire horse combined with the buzzard Pokemon has transformed into a flame Pegasus called…


  "As if we have seen it all, we were wrong…Rapidash has somehow…fused with Fearow to evolve into another new Pokemon! Ladies and gentlemen, we…I'm speechless here folks."


The winged Pokemon cried in its horse cry as it stood on its hind feet, making Callismon step back. Dario and Lara were unable to close their jaws; they were flabbergasted about this abnormal event.

Meanwhile, Gary, Matt and their monsters finally awaken after that ferocious attack that knocked the wind out of them, and they were just in time to see the new Pokemon.

  "Another one…?" Gary said out loud as he checked his poke-dex and D-Sphere.

**D-Sphere/Mon-dex scan**

Hotenmamon: The winged horse Pokemon. The combined form of Rapidash and Fearow. It is said that, in medieval times, that this fused Pokemon's power was given by Moltres, due to the mask it wears. This Pokemon is a supreme protector, and the ultimate knight's horse.

Type: Fire, Flying

Stage: Ultimate

Level: 72

Digimon Attacks: Pegasus Wave, Gallant Charge

The new Pokemon, Hotenmamon, began its attack by flapping its flaming wings to lift above the floor. "Foul creature…begone…GALLANT CHARGE!!!" Ramming, with its long horn, Hotenmamon plowed hard on Callismon's gut and stabbed it, making the beast scream with pain.

Finally, Dario and Lara snapped out of their trance, watching the battle take place. But clasping her hands, Lara looked all girly.

  "Oh wow, mah Rapidash…a fairy-tale Pokemon… wow, I always loved those castle stories, dragons being slayed by knights, princesses being saved by her knight in shining armor…Ooooo!" ^-^

However, her rival sweatdropped in disgust. "So that explains why it turned into some kind of a wishy wash fairy tale thing…ugh!"


Its entire body burst into flames then the flames shot away, forming into the shape of a charging winged horse, smashing the creature hard, and fall off the rock it stood on. But a second after Callismon fell; he quickly got up and leaped after the winged horse which he led the Digimon on the cliff path that Matt and Gary stood, meters away from them.

Gary carefully studied the battle. He sees its trainers finally giving orders like Flamethrower and Drill Peck, but all its Pokemon and Digimon attacks aren't putting in much damage. Sooner or later, it'll get upper hand. All Gary can do is use Hicaninemon, but all its best qualities is his speed. That's still not enough…maybe if Blastoise…wait…

  "Matt…how's your Digimon?"

  "Uh…" looking over his shoulder, he found WereGarurumon slowly approaching him, but he looked very battered. "…doesn't look good for him. One powerful blow might de-Digivolve him."

  "Then you don't mind he take it to the bench, right?"


Not answering, Gary pointed his D-Sphere at Matt. "I wanna try something…point your little computer thing at my D-Sphere."

  "My Digivice…?" though baffled, he did as he was told. "…wait…are you…?"

All of a sudden, both Gary and Matt's crest of friendship shined at them same time. Blue energy was then sucked from Matt's digivice to Gary's D-Sphere, and because of that, WereGarurumon de-Digivolved back to Gabumon. Matt at first feared that Gary stole his crest of friendship, but after searching it in his soul, it was still there; Gary only took the energy Matt had to keep in WereGarurumon.

  "Thanks…" grinning, Gary pointed his charged blue D-Sphere at Blastoise. "You're turn…!"



Its evolution theme takes place as Blastoise leaps out of the water, surrounded in a vortex of its name in English, Japanese, etc. Lightening stuck the heavy tortoise, creating its metallic armor on its chest, making it look like a muscular front. Its legs became robotic, protected by bronze steal plates to protect it from water. Only its feet remained organic. Over its front legs, its shoulders were metal shoulder pads that spanned from its upper back shell to its chest. Its forehead gained a blue gem grafted into it, which look aqua, and it formed a metal beak. It received a pair of large humps on its brown shell, formed in each side, but then it opened to reveal long aqua cannons, that reached up to its head, and on the back of them, above the tail seemed to be exhaust parts for the cannons. This turtle, with his long pointy ears, has now been enhanced with advanced technology. Yes it seems that nature had the technology. She made it stronger…smarter…faster…okay, maybe not faster. Now Blastoise has evolved into…


**D-Sphere/Mon-dex scan**

Canntoisemon: The Aquatic Weapon Pokemon; the evolved form of Blastoise. Using advanced technology, a fallen Blastoise was revived into a super weapon of mass power. Its cannons fires powerful blasts of water, combined with chemicals that can make it explode on impact, like bombs. This Pokemon travels more efficiently on water.

Type: Steel, water

Stage: Ultimate

Level: 111

Digimon Attack: Hydro Explodia, Rocket Bulldozer

  "Nice going, Gary!" cried Matt, with amazement at the large super tank that's as large as two Blastoise. "This one looks like a powerhouse!"

  "Of course, I trained it, ain't that right?" Gary asked his Pokemon.

The big cybrog turtle tilted his head. "Hmm…perhaps…" it said with some kind of a rich-England accent. "Ah…so there's the ol' bloke with the massive hunger for bloody chaos. I do say, let us, how you say, get jiggy with it, my dear boy. Ha, ha, ha."

Matt sweatdropped at this unexpected choice of characteristics. He sounds like a snobby rich guy…that's odd…for a big monster.

  "Alright, Hicaninemon, you…?" Gary halted when he found his other Digivolved Pokemon still asleep."

  "Zzzz…mommy, can I have that bone…my mommy…you're so nice, mommy, thank you for sparking two bones for me…zzzz…" And Canntoisemon kicked him hard enough to wake him. "OW…! YO, WHO DID THAT…?!" He blinked when he looked up to the large Pokemon. "Oh, you too, huh…? Never thought you couldn't get any fatter!"

  "Now see here, smug-head; that is most foul of you to say."

  "GUYS…!!" Gary screamed, getting their attention. "Look…Digimon…fight…Now!"

  "Okay, okay, sheesh…" Hicaninemon muttered as he launched to battle while Canntoisemon marched with him, shaking the earth with each step. "People, be happy; Hicaninemon is here! HI-SPIRIT FIREBALLS!!!"

  "I shall aid you…PEGASUS WAVE!!!"

Both fire based attacks slammed and exploded hard onto Callismon, shoving him back a few feet. But the evil beast cackled, not letting the burns get to him.

  "Not bad…but still pitiful…" he aimed his guns at the fire Pokemon, but then the two leaped away, revealing the giant turtle charging its thrusters.

  "Good evening, ol' boy…may I fancy you a little hard pain…? ROCKET BULLDOZER!!!"

With the thrusters bursting with intense power, Canntoisemon rocketed over the earth and towards Callismon.

  "Fool…you won't get me that slow…RODEO BULLETS!!" Callismon fired shots, but after Canntoisemon ducked in his shell, its super armor deflected the powerful blasts.

BLAM, and he rammed as hard or more as a garbage truck, shoving and crushing Callismon to a canyon wall.

Finally, Dario and Lara climbed up the cliff, just in time to see Dario's ex-partner get crushed.

  "Fangmon…as the business world always say ta their losers…YOU'RE FIRED!!!"

And with that said and well, Canntoisemon aimed his devastating cannons to deliver the final blow.


BLAM!!! The double shot slammed hard in a gigantic explosion of water and dynamite blast that even crumbled the canyon on Callismon's now dissolving body.

  "And here comes my favorite part…" said Matt as he lip-synced with Callismon…


  "Ladies and gentlemen…boys and girls…despite the delay, we were treated to what the greatest Pokemon battle in history, followed by the look of new Pokemon and evolutions."

  "And thanks to ol lady luck, we'll get to see them up close and personal, cause here they come now!"

With the pack of police behind, the three Digivolved Pokemon ran ahead like a parade, with Lara and Dario on Hotenmamon in the lead. Gary rode on Hicaninemon while Matt and Gabumon rode on Canntoisemon. With the cheers of crowd roaring loud, Lara reached the finish line.

  "She's done it! Lara has won back the Poke-Coral Championship! Congratulations to you Lara and your new evolved Pokemon!"

Moments later, the gang stood together, waving to the crowd, with Lara by Hotenmamon's side with the trophy in hand. Canntoisemon stood out due to his size behind the group, waving to the crowd with humble manner…but he sweatdropped when he watched Hicainemon being surrounded by the female Growliths.

  "Yeah, well we kicked his butt…all thanks to me. Really, it was all part of my plan, running circles around the guy, and letting my lackey finish him off, cause I did owe him for always taking the glory."

  Arrogant smug-head…

Gary then thought of something as he stopped waving. "Hey Matt…Lara's Digivolved Pokemon is also a flying type, right…?"

  "Hmmm…judging by his wings…yup…so…?"

  "So, using flying types is against the rules."

  "Oooo…" He did have a point, but…looking at Gary's bag, he spotted the mind-bending creature, Mew, inside who must have teleported in there. And he knows what Mew's job is. "Hmm…they won't have to know."

Lara felt like the queen of the world, once again, now that she has the…wait…now that Dario has the trophy.

  "I'll take that!"

  "Hey, ah won that trophy! Get it over your thick head!"

  "Correction: it's mine…remember: Hotenmamon is also combined with MAH Fearow!"

  "You rotten sewer-rat…you're registered with Fangmon, which OH, cut off yah partnership!"

Soon, like second graders, the two played tug of war with the trophy, pulling with all their might, and calling each other names, till Lara got pissed off and tackled the boy.

  "Ooo…there's a future marriage that won't last." Said Gary.

  "Gary…don't say that in my presence."

At first baffled, Gary got what he meant. "Oh…sorry…"

  "Eh, after we do the MIB thing on these people, how about a cup of coffee? We'll talk about the loves we lost."

  "Eh…whatever…" the two partners walked off the celebration, letting Lara and Dario maul each other without a word of goodbye. "I wonder…you ever believe in reunions?"

  "Well…maybe or maybe not I won't get to see Eri…maybe or not you won't get to see Sara…but who knows, you can't guess everything right."  


Mahogany Town: 9:57 PM (yesterday)

  "Dude, are you sure she went this way?"

  "Hey, I had my Beedrill scout the area, and this is where he spotted her."

We find the second goggle-head and poke-boy wondering around a wide lone alley, searching for the girl who stole Hiro's money. It mildly dark and quiet, but the alley was about cleaner than any other alleys they ever seen in this town.

  "Hey thief-girl...come out, come out wherever you...!" But then Hiro quickly covered Davis' big mouth.

  "What's your damage? You want her to hear us?"



  "Oh yoo-hoooo!" ^_~

The arguing boys snapped their eyes forward, where they spotted none other than the brown haired girl sitting all fashion-like one level above on a fire escape.

  "Took you boys long enough; and they say girls take their sweet time."

Twisting his whole body towards her, Hiro shot an angry look while drawing out a poke-ball. "I had it with your big mouth! Give me my money back, now!"

The girl gave a mock scared look, holding up with fist by her chin.  "Ooo, I'm so scared! Please somebody save me from the bad man!"

  "Man, would you just give him back his money? He's driving me crazy with his whining and screaming."

Hiro then growled at his partner. "Yeah, Davis, just keep on talking…"

The girl then jumped off the fire escape, standing a few feet away from the boys, with a poke-ball handy. "Anger management, please, kid."

  "Hey, I'm probably the same age as you!"

  "Not to my standards. Alright, here's the deal: I'll give you a refund if both of you can defeat me in a Pokemon battle."

Both Hiro and Davis jumped in surprise of this.

  "You really are a conceded bimbo! You think you can beat both of us?"

  "In a way…Duh!"

Davis weakly held up a finger. "But…I'm not a trainer."

  "Oh yeah…then what's that on your shoulder?"

The goggled boy looked over at DemiVeemon who played stuffed-toy. "He's a Digi…Uhhh…I mean a toy…! Yeah…a toy I got from Toys R' Us!"

  "Aren't you a little old to be playing with dollies?"

Yes, indeed this damaging for his manly rep, but Davis has to keep the Digimon low from eyes. "Well...I have a sensitive side."

Smiling, the girl pulled out a gold wrapper from her skirt pocket. She opened it up to reveal a pair of chocolate bars. "Lookie what I have here, boy: Some creamy, chewy, crunchy cookie bars!"

Confused, Davis raised a brow. "Uh…I'm not hungry."


Davis practically turned completely white when he spotted DemiVeemon being fed by the thief, wagging his little tail like a puppy.

  "Mmm…that was good!"

The girl giggled. "So, it can talk too, huh? How cute…!" ^-^

Davis fought his shock to get back in control. "D-D-DemiVeemon, get back here; you know you're not suppose to take candy from strangers!"

  "Aw nuts…" the baby dragon ran back to his partner, despite his disappointment for not getting more candy. "But you get me candy after this!"

The girl cleared her throat for attention. "Alright, let's get started. Milotic, Jiggly…GO!!"

Sure enough after she tossed two poke-balls and when they landed on the floor, the beautiful water snake returned, ready to battle. Along with this giant creature was a pink, round creature that stood only over a foot tall. It had large shiny eyes, little cat ears, and a curly strand of hair on the front of its forehead.

  "Jiggly…!" it chirped as it did a one toe pose.

But Davis nearly choked in laughter by the sight of this harmless looking Pokemon. "~snicker~…what's this…? It looks like an In-Training Digimon."

  "That Pokemon isn't anything to laugh about, dude…" warned Hiro. "Its singing can put even the mightiest creatures to sleep."

That halted the boy's laughter. "Oh…that…changes everything, huh DemiVeemon?"

The little blue Digimon, however, was not fazed by the news. "No problem; I'll pop that walking balloon faster than you can say 'Caramel Cream'!"

Smiling with satisfaction, Davis drew out his D-3. "Now you're talking…Digivolve, DemiVeemon!"

The girl bewildered her head back when she heard that word. Huh…Digivolve?


  "DemiVeemon Digivolve tooo..!"


The sight of the little baby evolving into a larger blue dragon at the push of a button was enough to make her body stiff, and her mind worry. Hold up…how in the heck did that boy evolve that thing just with that gadget, huh…? No…no…calm down…maybe it was just his time to evolve…yeah that's it. Maybe that gadget is a fake; he's just trying to intimidate me.

** Mon Battle music (Pokemon Gold: Battle a Rival Trainer, Stadium Remix [MIDI]) **

  "GO, PIKA!!" Hiro shouted which awoken the girl from her thoughts. She then, just in time, saw Hiro's Pikachu already on the field. "Let's kick some snake butt, Pika!"

  "Pika pi chu! Chu pi!" I was born for this, Hiro! Let's get it on, waxy! Starting things off, the electric Pokemon threw a Thundershock at Milotic who arched away from the shot.

  "Yeah; let's…!" Veemon agreed as he began the battle by charging for Jigglypuff. "V-HEADBUTT!!" 

Head first; Veemon went like a cannonball, but the balloon Pokemon hopped over the attack to safety. Veemon rolled to land and then quickly hopped back to his feet.

  "Alright Veemon…uh…try that breath-attack!"

  "Dragon-breath…" Hiro corrected, nearly irritated by Davis.

Obeying, Veemon took a deep breath of air to his lungs. "DRAGON-BREATH!!"  And with that, Veemon fired a flaming stream of green fire.

  "Jiggly, Protect!" 

The flame hit dead on, engulfing the poor Pokemon. Davis' smile was wiped away when he discovered Jigglypuff unharmed and coated with a blue aura.

  "Jiggly...!" it happily chirped.

  "What the…?"

Hiro checked at Davis' stats. "It used Protect. It can protect your monster against any attack with no damage done to them."

  "Aw man, that sucks! Now that chick is gonna keep telling that puffball to…"

  "Don't worry; it usually fails even more if you keep on using it." 

This info brightened the boy's world. "Now that rocks…Veemon, show that beach ball who the real mon is!"  

  "You got it, Davis!"

On Hiro side, he already ordered his Pikachu to use Agility to zip around the tall Pokemon to confuse it. Milotic rapidly fired its Water Gun attack, but it could hit was the images that Pikachu made.

  "Now for the showstopper, Pika…Thunderbolt it!"

Pika managed to sneak up behind Milotic, DBZ style, while hovering over the floor.  "Now you're talking…THUNDERBOLT!!" The yellow rodent zapped a powerful blast of electricity…but…

  "Yeah right…Milotic, use Mirror Coat!"

At a split second, Milotic was coated in a silver aura, just in time before the Thunderbolt hit. The blast drilled on the water snake Pokemon, but it was impossible for it to break through the force field…so what did it do next…? Bounce right back at Hiro's Pikachu, shocking it with its own power.

  "Aw man…Pika!"

The girl smiled upon her success. "It's not fun for you if you can't get past my defenses, is it? You might as well give up; I can beat both of you blindfolded." 

Hiro growled. "In your dreams, bimbo…!"

That cocky grin that was planted on the girl's lips from the beginning suddenly wiped away to a angry frown.

  "The name is Green…and what I say…GOES!" 


end of part 24…god man we'll never see the end…

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Max: Come on, look at Misty! She was barely her angry energetic self as much as she was back in the day! And even if she did, she gasped for breath. It's that egg thingy's fault!


(Terra wipes her hands after giving Max a large bump on his head.)

Thanks...okay, second, in case you didn't know, in the Houen league, after Togepi finally evolves, Misty let it go so to protect a secret valley of Togepis.

Max: HA! So it can train them to conquer the world...


Uh...okay, Unknown, yeah I know about the parts in the new episodes; and I still say what Misty said is only barely half the truth, huh Misty? Huh? Huh? And yes, Ash and Brock's Pokemon: Treeko: The American Bad Ass Pokemon, Mudkip: The diplomat Pokemon, and May's Torchic: The...ditzy Pokemon.     

Lighting- Sure I'll tell her that....

Ash: WAAAAAAAA!!!!!! (Runs by from a lovesick Kuzaimon.) soon as she finishes chasing her trainer. And I don't think I can tell Dark that, but I think he's banging the floors in my head and is planning to destroy all that tries to oppose him...

SerpentTreize- Like you for instants. Don't worry, he is full of hot air. Since when did you get a Nexus Shard to kick Dark in the nuts? You do realize I feel his pain too, huh? I had a hard time to sit for weeks. As for Judecca Lance, Judecca Prison didn't fit the bill to me, so I borrowed reference from Epsilon's ShadowGallantmon.

Max Acorn- Hope you liked Max's short cameo. I might bring in more just for kicks.

Newbi- Ah my new favorite reviewer. Don't worry, I'll try to tie in the rest soon enough...I hope, but hey, Pokemon has a lot of characters. As for your second idea about the Clone Tamers, you're close, but not right. The real Tamers though will not appear.

Shadowblack- I'm sorry for putting in too much or not fix things, but my mind sometimes goes over bored or it gets too lazy to fix details. There will be Mega level Pokemon soon, and as for your Deillia showing up, Destiny increased the barriers. She said she's having headache with all these outsiders breaking through the forth wall without her permission.

Caro N, waynemon, QuestionDeca- Thanks all, and Deca, you should be scared for what will be, and D-Reaper will be part of it. Yes I haven't forgotten about that thing.

DigiDestined of Courage-Note: Destiny double secured the barriers of the forth wall, so your versions of the girls won't bring me more medical bills. Again, she gets headaches from those breaking in without her permission and healing me all the time.

(The door slams, and suddenly a white humanoid rabbit dressed in some kind of black leather gothic clothes with no sleeves, and a witch hat appeared.)

???: You've have ignored me for the last time, mortal cretins! 

Kari: She...looks familiar.

She should. She's an old Hunimal I created a while back: Rebella the rabbit witch.

Tai: Wasn't she the girl who put a spell on us for being in that awful Jennifer Love Hewitt fic you did once?


Tai: Right...never do that...

Rebella: (Grabs Tai's collar.) You think that was evil? You haven't begun to see my vilest deeds!

Jeri: Gee, wasn't she nicer before?

Yeah but something happened to her that drove her insane...

Rebella: Because of you, human! You've ignored me and placed your attention towards these...contagious freaks!

Chiller, Mallory, Max, Terra: WHAT?!!!!

Just what are you doing here?

Rebella: To broadcast my message to one of the reviewers...HI DC! I LOVE YOU! TELL BLACKTERRIERMON THAT I THINK HE'S SO DREAMY!!! ^_-*

Rika: OKAY, it's official; she is nuts! 

Get her out of here!

(Terra tosses an anti-magic cuffs on her to prevent her mystic powers, so Chiller and Max can tie her in a rocket, like so.)

Rebella: NO WAIT!! I HAVEN'T TOLD CHAOSMON THAT HE'S MY HERO!! LONG LIVE HIS EVILLLLL!!!!!! (And she blasts off...for the first time.)

Rika: You know...I almost missed Dark AnT after that. She almost makes Jeri's evil sock puppet seem sane.

Jeri: HEY!! (Sock Puppet: Ruff! Not funny!)

HellRavenmon- Thanks, and as for your stories, I wonder if you'll put in more Alexia/Koji moments. I was happy after finding out that you slid in my versions of Alexia's tude and relation with Koji.

Terra: What version would that be?

Um...sort of mischievous, likes to annoy those she can easily anger, has a high common sense on things, and can't stand Koji for some reason.

Magician of Black Chaos- As for the dibbed names, no only for the clones. Yeah, I forgot to mention Kamon/Jasmine. I also found a site that had a lot of Kamon/Jasmine fanart. Koot! Dark AnT, honastly, is still on the work of controlling his verity of powers. I still have no idea what he can really do without making him unfairly powerful, but the Nexus Shard thing shall keep him at bay. Yeah, Seth Turtle's; what a masterpiece.

Sonicmon- I know about the manga; with the appearance of Green explained it. Although I thought they ruined it by putting in Yellow. Sara is not Green's name; I just made it up, but did you know that she'll appear in the Red/Blue remix: Pokemon Fire Red, Leaf Green? Check it out in to find out her look, and Ash's new look for the game....great, now I got Misty drooling over Ash's new game look.

Misty: Mmm....hunky! :P'   

KingofCrossovers, The changer of ways, Digifan- Ha ha, very funny, KOC, thanks Digifan.

Grochek 1- I was wondering when someone figured that. Look it was a typo. I meant to say that in this battle, it's all Pokemon, but a three KO battle. Sorry.

Everyone else, thank you for the reviews. Now if you excuse, I need a rest. Good night!

  "You can take the evil out of the lake, but you can't take the lake out of the evil." ~Ron Stoppable

  "That doesn't make any sense." ~ Kim Possible

  "Oh does it…?" ~ Ron ~ Disney's Kim Possible

  "And remember: There's always a surprise waiting in every box." ~Anthony Yepes ~ Me