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Chapter Ten


And this was it. The moment Draco had been dreading since he first learned of this stupid engagement to the Gryffindor girl. He'd have to speak to her; face to face. About the engagement, all by himself.

There was no way around it, really. If he avoided the subject, the girl could over think it before he could even get the chance to manipulate her.

Draco was still somewhat cross with Pansy, but he should have know better then to let fire and fire be in the same room for too long.

The two girls would burn down the Forbidden Forest if they were not separated. Stubborn witches.

Now, the blond wizard was standing in front of the honey eyed witches' bed in the hospital wing. Said honey eyes gazed up at him curiously, if not cautiously.

"Draco?" She asked unsurely. A velvet book was in her hands, but that was to be expected with her. She looked slightly paler then usual, but everything else seemed fine.

He'd made sure her two goons had left the area before he came to talk to his fiancée. He'd seen them leave the room minutes before. Wouldn't want them around to effect opinions. Yes, now was the perfect opportunity.

"Hermione." Draco nodded. Hermione frowned up at him, as the silence grew longer. What were they supposed to say? Clearing her throat, Hermione began.

"Err- Pansy told me about the...uhh..."


"Yeah. That." Hermione looked down at her lap, the white blanket covering her. This was such an awkward discussion. She still couldn't believe that all this was happening. First with her parents and NOW THIS!

Merlin must hate her. Alot.

"That must explain your sudden attitude towards me, then?"

Draco's eyes danced. Grey storm clouds. "Yes, it does explain me being suddenly civil towards you. Though, I would have encouraged a relationship even if we weren't engaged."

Hermione looked back up at him then, scowling. "Are you saying this arrangement doesn't anger you? You do not feel betrayed? Or is it that you only want my parents' power?"

Time for the smooth talking.

"I feel betrayed by our family, yes. I would have appreciated if this engagement had been made on our own terms instead of on theirs. But, I am not disappointed in their decision for my bride-to-be. As for the power, I assure you my parents have enough of that." Lies.

Now the witch was curious. Was Draco Malfoy actually trying to butter her up, then? This ought to be interesting. "Go on." She said, feeling the Slytherin in her purr in agreement. "Somehow I do not believe you are telling me the whole truth."

Draco faltered. What else could he say?

"Lucius is in prison, yes?" Hermione asked after a few moments. "And you want to use this engagement to get him out of Azkaban? Gain Voldemort's favor?"

She was quick-witted indeed. But before Draco could respond, Hermione continued. "Well, Malfoy you would be much disappointed to learn I have no intentions of joining the dark side. Not now nor ever."

Maybe I should just run from all this? Hermione thought bitterly. To protect Harry, keep Voldemort from him and me. Forget all the lies. Plus, I don't want Malfoy trying to court me. It's kinda scary.

"I assure you, 'Mione that I have no intentions to use you in anyway." Draco's eyes darkened as a plan formulated in his brilliant mind. "I've always had a thing for you. But I never acted on it because of our...differences. Now it would seem all but natural."

"Oh, you lying git." Hermione warned. "That isn't at all what this is about, and you know it." Annoyed, Draco sighed and stared into her eyes. He'd have to seduce her, if it came to it.

She was down right stubborn.

He leaned in and closed the distance between the two, their lips touching. It felt like sparks of electricity erupted between the two. Surprisingly, Hermione kissed him back. It was more intense then the kiss they'd shared before, though they hadn't changed much. They were still the same people, so why was this...?

Draco Malfoy had had many a kiss. But this one, felt delectably different. He almost pouted when they parted for air. Hermione's face was bright pink, her eyes foggy. She looked kinda cute. Draco went in for another kiss, before Hermione smacked his cheek.

Draco suppressed a growl, and glared at the girl. He wasn't sure if it was his rage or hers he was feeling, but he was sure feeling something. He could feel the line separated their emotions blur.

"G-get out, Malfoy." Hermione stuttered, looking away. "We will speak of our predicament at a later time, whenever you learn to control your hormones." Draco's glare intensified.

After a few seconds though, he looked away as well. Without another word, the Malfoy heir left the hospital wing with wounded pride and a stinging, red cheek.

"How'd it go?" Pansy asked, tilting her head to the side. Draco had just arrived in the Slytherin common room, looking slightly annoyed. With herself or Hermione, Pansy had no clue.

The blond one grunted, and went to get his stuff for class. With a pout, Pansy waited for him, even as the other Slytherins left.

When he came back into the common room, Pansy watched him curiously. Draco glanced at her, a dangerous spark in his eyes.


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